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18 กรกฎาคม 2018

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Belgium anti-terror raid: 2 brothers were arrested in Molenbeek
Spain's ruling conservatives win elections, Socialists second, according to partial results
Last update: #Greece 802,786 arrived by sea in 2015. 151,249 in November 2015
Koltsovo airport in Ekaterinburg is on lockdown after bomb threat. 2nd time during day
ATO press center released a video of 4-hour militant attack on Ukr troops on outskirts of Maryinka
ATO press center released a video of 4-hour militant attack on Ukr troops on outskirts of Maryinka
Electrical cable hit oil truck in Moscow. Rescuers on the scene, trying to avoid blast
#Donetsk Petrovka GRAD salvo from the brick works
35 attacks on Ukrainian positions by Russian militants today. 120mm mortar used at Stanitsa Luhanska
Train Nizhnevartovsk-Adler stopped in Chelyabinsk cause of bomb threat
Slovenians vote against gay marriage in referendum, according to near-complete results
Police in #Brussels #Belgium have carried out a anti terror raid in connection with the #Parisattacks, 1 person was arrested.
Slovenians reject same-sex marriage in referendum, preliminary results show
#RuAF Russian Air Force #RA85655 Canadian airspace, close to #US border
Spain's conservatives ahead, but lose absolute majority, according to exit poll
Tent protest camp in Podgorica, Montenegro
Anti-terror searches in Molenbeek-Saint-Jean, Brussels. 1 person summoned
Novak Djokovic Foundation delivers New Year presents to 175 foster children in #Serbia cities Krusevac and Cuprija
This gentleman at Madrid's main shopping street has a message "those who don't vote can't complain"
5 bodies found in Volgograd house after blast
Big opposition rally in Podgorica
Rally in Podgorica, Montenegro in front of Parliament
Trump: "Nobody’s proven" Putin killed journalists
Flares at march in Mariupol
Dividing into sectors A, B, S, M revoked. Now there are OTU [=operative territory grouping] Mariupol, Donetsk, Luhansk
[email protected] on Putin's praise about Trump: Not since WWII have we seen a candidate feel so warmly about a Russian leader.
Christmas Market and ice rink in central Katowice #Silesia
About ten people were detained in the Lubyanka in Moscow
Kharkiv. New Year festival
Activists in Mariupol gathering for "March of courage"
NATO's new #GlobalHawk-based Alliance Ground Surveillance unmanned aircraft had a successful first flight yesterday
Air France Ceo Says Suspicious Device On Diverted Flight Af463 Was A False Alarm
President Poroshenko interview today at 9:45 pm Kyiv time
Massive participation at #SpainElection #EleccionesGenerales2015 queues of people waiting to vote
Russian firefighters checks the information about the fire in the temple of Christ the Savior
#AF463 Kenya Airports Authority edited their post to erase mention of ‘bomb'
Putin: Kyiv will be Given visa-free entry into the EU? But this is not a work visa. But if working, then what?
It's propaganda
Putin: there Is complete de-industrialization of Ukraine. The standard of living dramatically decreases, GDP declined
Flights Air France #AF6753 and #AF671 from La Reunion to Paris CDG are cancelled
Putin: the West's position on Ukraine is connected with an attempt to prevent the restoration of the USSR
About a thousand people were evacuated from the shopping center "Aviapark" in Moscow
It's propaganda
Hopefully Global War Will Not Happen, That Would Be Planetary Catastrophe - Putin
Putin: We can give at the mercy of the Nationalists those people who live in the south-eastern Ukraine
It's propaganda
Putin: Russia will improve its nuclear arsenal as deterrent and security protection, but won't wield "nuclear big stick"
It's propaganda
Russia Cannot Leave People In Southeastern Ukraine To Nationalists - Putin
French security officials say the suspicious package found on board flight #AF463 from Mauritius is a dummy bomb.
It's propaganda
Euro winning place of world reserve currency - Putin
It's propaganda
Putin's spox Peskov: same technology of destabilization used both in Ukraine and Syria
Squawking #7700 #DE155 from Antalya to Hamburg
Columbus mall in Moscow is on lockdown due to bomb threat
Condor #DE155 has declared an emergency inbound to Hamburg
Putin: a lot of people in the world is on our side. If leaders criticize us, not necessary that ordinary people do
Investigative committee of Russia no exclude terror attack in Volgograd
Bomb threat in mall "Prague passage" in Moscow
#Macedonia police detains three ID card forgers, media reports that one of them is an SDSM party official
Gas explosion in Volgograd: 2 killed, 9 wounded
Gas explosion in Volgograd: 2 killed, 9 wounded
Fire in exploded house is extinguished
Images reportedly show the device discovered on an Air France flight from Mauritius to Paris
Emercom head: emergency situation declared in Volgograd for authorities
Kenya: Bomb found onboard Air France plane heading to Paris, Police investigating.
Kenyan security service examining 2 suspicious passengers from Air France #AF463
Volgograd Gas explosion: firefighters using ladders
Kenya Authority confirming the package found on board Air France #AF463 was a bomb
Another explosion in house in Volgograd
House in Volgograd is seriously damaged by gas explosion
Several aftermath explosions in house in Volgograd
Russian government concerned over quality of Crimean "authorities" work
Fire after gas explosion in house in Volgograd
9 storey house is partially destroyed and is on fire in Volgograd
Grenade explosion In Zaporozhye near the restaurant
9 storey apartment block partially collapsed cause of gas explosion in Volgograd, Russia
Gas Explosion in 9 storeys apartment block in Volgograd.
#Avdiivka now. Anti-terrorist operation ongoing, SBU searching for RU 'militants'.
London bound Virgin Atlantic flights affected in Christmas/NYE Hong Kong cabin crew strike
RuAF IL-76 76779 landed on Dzhankoi about 08:10 UTC
Militants shelled Ukrainian positions at Hranitne
#AirFrance #AF463 Landed In #Mombasa, Kenya Due To Suspected Device Found In Lavatory
As a precautionary measure, the #AF463 has been diverted to #Mombasa. Suspicious object on board. All passengers safe
In Podol'sk shot and killed cafe visitor
#Donetsk. In the airport area machine guns and tank pounding.
The #AirFrance that made an emergency landing at #Mombasa: 459 passengers and 14 crew members
Boeing 777 Air France flight had 459 passengers and 14 crew, suspected explosive found in bathroom - police
63 attacks on Ukrainian positions yesterday
Volunteers waited for another refugee boat to come near the beach. #Lesvos
An Official says a suspected bomb has forced an #AirFrance flight from Mauritius to #Paris to land in Kenya
Champagne in Donetsk shop
#Mayorsk (close to Zhovanka) AGL fire
St. Mykolay day in Dnipropetrovsk
Opening of Christmas tree in Kyiv
US not looking for confrontation with Russia over Ukraine - Kerry
Swedish #ISIS followers threaten to behead non-Muslims #Sweden
New Year ball in Moscow
St. Mykolay day in Kyiv
Ex-Spanish carrier 'Príncipe de Asturias' to be sold as scrap (cost of refurbishing put potential buyers off)
Russian militants in Rozdol'ne
Wall Painting in honor of dead Russian pilot in Syria in Novi Sad city - Serbia
In Yekaterinburg Grebenshchikov concert. Openly anti-war. Full house
Russian militant in Frunze, Luhanska region
Trucks of National guard in center of Kyiv
Large demo in Poznan'
Rally in Wroclaw
Anti-terror raid in Mariinka
Anti-terror raid in Mariinka
Valencia: Demonstration against the foreigners detention center (#CIEsNO)
Doctors try to revive a baby after a boat with refugees sunk while was crossing from Turkey to the island of Lesbos
Demo in Lublin today
Putin says russia has caught / identified more than 320 spies this year
Protesters at Kyiv city prosecutor office
Hundreds join #refugee solidarity rally in Madrid, slamming #NATO invasions
Kurds rally in Stockholm, Sweden
Flares at March in Kyiv
People are chanting "Revolution!"
March for the release of suspects in "the case of the Buzina"
Common sense has left European politics a long time ago, Viktor Orbán told @lidovky
Russian foreign Ministry announced that there is a high probability of terrorist attacks in Indonesia and recommended not to leave the tourist areas
Rally in Donetsk
Rally of Right Sector in Kyiv
Rally of Right Sector in Kyiv. Demand to free "political prisoners"
Sharp increase in enemy UAV activity yesterday over #Horlivka, #Mariupol, #Yalta (near Mariupol), #Shyrokyno
Rally in Warsaw
Vladimir Putin the President of Turkey: Nothing is eternal under Moon
Wall Street Journal: in Syria killed nine Russian contract servicemen who belonged to a "Vagner" closed military group
Now in Piraeus. Demo in solidarity with #refugeesGr and immigrants. Under Golden Dawn offices
Fitch affirms #Serbia credit rating at 'B-plus', upgrades outlook to positive as country emerges from recession
Protest in Warsaw
Rally of "Committee of Democracy defense" at Sejm, Warsaw
The #Armenia-#Azerbaijan summit concluded with a toast to 2016 to work towards a negotiated settlement. #NKpeace
About 13 000 people at Rally near Sejm
Quran reading competition in #Kyiv #Ukraine
Patrol police starts its work in #Lutsk
Rally in support of Ildar Dadin in Moscow
Two more infants saved in the Aegean Sea and are now in #Lesvos island
The 11km boat journey from #Turkey to #Lesvos is ~€1000 per person. A flight from Istanbul to London is ~€250
Map of Radiation levels in Finland. 0,219µSv/h at Kotka
In Finland no changes in background radiation after the accident at the LNPP
18 refugees drowned after their boat sank in #Aegean sea - #Turkey
59 attacks yesterday, 40 last night. GRAD-P several times used
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