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20 กันยายน 2018

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Police explode suspicious object at London station, launch terrorism inquiry
Thousands of men convicted under Britain's past anti-gay laws to receive posthumous pardons.
Spanish Top Court Overturns Catalonia's Bullfighting Ban
Syrian rebels preventing evacuation of Aleppo: Lavrov
Theresa May pledges to 'work closely' with EU after Brexit
ECB annuls Brussels appointment after complaints of favoritism
Aleppo truce extended as Russian warships en route to Mediterranean
Amid tension, Moscow deploys naval fleets, conducts missile drills near border
Andrei Năstase retreats from the Presidential race
Central Electoral Commission asks to remove Inna Popenco from the Presidential race of Moldova
British PM May says no way out of Brexit as rift with EU chiefs flare
French trio jailed for Serbia toddler kidnap
Robbers wield tear gas in Paris luxury watch raid
Gardaí ask children to name their newest recruit
Austrian rightwinger riles former EU boss Barroso in testy debate
Theresa May 'objects to attempts to sideline UK at EU summit'
Poll: Igor Dodon to get 27% of the votes, Maia Sandu-9,3%, Marian Lupu-7,5% at the Presidential elections of Moldova
Populism in Europe stoking violence, say gay activists
Colombia's Santos to visit N. Ireland to study peace process
The chief executive of British Cycling Ian Drake is to stand down and will leave the governing body in March next year
Police protests grow in France
Tiny wooden clog charm resurfaces at Auschwitz
A-bombs transport convoy near Saratov today
China, Germany to discuss forex, investment at Hamburg
Eight messages today by Russian "UVB-76 Buzzer"
Heavy shelling in Avdiivka
Donetsk: shelling near Donetsk airport
EU steps up calls for deals with Africa to curb migrants
Poroshenko: Ukraine will follow Minsk, but not at the expense of own interests
The best response to Russian aggression is strong Ukraine w/ effective defense reforms aimed to achieve Western standards – @Poroshenko
RuAF Il-76 from Serbia to Syria
Bilohirsk reservoir in Crimea will be out of water soon
Ongoing anti-fascist, anti-war pro-refugees demo in Athens, marching to US Embassy, passing by EU offices
4 x F-15s in the North Sea right now
SBU exposed "Republic of title sovereign people of Ukraine" in Chernihiv region
Family photo at the EPPSummit in Maastricht
Counter-terrorism police in London carry out controlled explosion after suspicious item found on #NorthGreenwich Underground station
Romania/BlackSea Nato07 LX-N90448 E3CF Awacs heading 47.0°
Intels appeal of €1bn EU anitrust fine should be reviewed, Advocate General says
Mayorsk-Zaytsevo - skirmish ongoing, small arms, mortars
Russian government hackers attacked anonymous Shaltai-Baltai hacker group
Russian State Duma invited DNR commander Zaharchenko for talks
It's propaganda
Today's report by DNR:80 military from Italy, France appeared At Kramatorsk. Also 100 Polish+Georgian near Mariupol previously
Seven NATO warships now east of Scotland/Wick, heading SSE.
Russian Buzzer is active. AZOTOLEShch. ATOMOVKUS. ATOMOVKUS in this messages translates as "Atomic Taste"
Russia refused to leave Debaltseve as per Minsk-2 agreements
Norway Considers U.S. Marine Presence as Europe Steps Up @WSJ @julianbarnes
Russian President Vladimir Putin Thur says Russia is ready to extend humanitarian pause in the Syrian city of Aleppo as long as possible
European scientists puzzle over Mars lander's radio silence
Russian Mindef: Belgian F-16 that hit Hasjik village in North Aleppo launched from airfield in Jordan
Peskov: Putin agreed on OSCE armed mission at Donbas in general
Deutsche Bank Spikes 4% On Report Of Possible New Investment By Qatar, Abu Dhabi And China
Russian and Belarus paratroopers held drills near Brest
Tory MP Andrew Rosindell wants blue British passports back and… imperial measurements
Spain's top court overturns Catalan bullfighting ban
Europa League : Inter Milan manager Frank de Boer faces final frontier against
A fleet of Russian warships is sailing down the British coast
Top EU lawyer backs Intel on record fine appeal
RuAF Tu-95MS (strategic bomber) got fire last week at Belaya AB (Irkutsk region). Looks like one of 4 engines was damaged
UK to pardon thousands of gay men convicted under defunct laws
China, Luxembourg pledge to strengthen financial
The third attack of Stanytsia today, one civilian was wounded
The BPP initiated changes to the regulations OF Rada about bringing deputies to criminal liability
Rada adopted a joint Declaration with Poland on memory and solidarity
Swedish Air Force Gulfstream 102003 is over the #AdmiralKuznetsov carrier group
[email protected] on Poland-Lithuania declaration: attempt to split our relationship failed
Rada adopted Declaration of memory and solidarity between Ukraine, Poland and Lithuania. PL is expected to vote later today.
3 killed, 2 wounded in train-truck crash in Vinnitsa region
Ukrainian parliament adopted declaration of "memory and solidarity" blaming both Nazi Germany and Soviet Union in launching WW2
European Space Agency: Still no signal from Mars lander
ATO spox: 58 snipers compete with each other in NGU Training Center in Lviv region
ATO spox: Over the previous day, no single UA serviceman was killed in action, 3 UA soldiers were wounded in action
ATO spokesperson: In Kherson region, from a house of a local resident, police confiscated 2 grenades and ammo brought from ATO area
Hollande, Merkel not excluding sanctions against Russia over Syria
France’s Hollande warns Mosul's IS group fighters could flee to Raqqa
Su-33 jets on Kuznetsov aircraft carrier
Russian militant from Rusich gang Yan Petrovskiy arrested in Norway
Memorial to "local Donbas rebel" Trundaev opened in Chulki-Sokolovo village of Moscow region
IS attack foiled in Tatarstan
Merkel says Putin was slapped with “blunt language” on Syria role after a meeting in Berlin
Ukrainian military deployed 1,5km pontoon bridge over Dnipro during drill
FM Steinmeier opens the @GER_OSCE Tolerance and Diversity conference w tough words on manifestations of intolerance toward refugees in Europe.
There’s a stable majority in @Europarl_EN to approve EU-Ukraine Visa Liberalization – @poroshenko and @MartinSchulz
Bern, Switzerland: RU Matvienko came yesterday, who is on sanction list too
Iraq forces are advancing faster than expected on Mosul: Iraqi PM @HaiderAlAbadi tells Paris meeting
ATO HQ: Russian forces 30 times violated ceasefire, shelling with 122&152mm artillery in Vodyane
A roadmap should be approved at the level of foreign Ministers in November – @Poroshenko
Poroshenko: discussed security questions, troops withdrawal, access of OSCE to border
Russia supported the military mission of OSCE – @poroshenko
Poroshenko: we have agreed on "Road map", until the end of November MFAs will approve the basis of it
President Poroshenko is about to talk in Berlin
Normandy talks ended. Poroshenko left, now talks on Syria
Before Berlin talks Putin had a phone call with Assad
Heavy fighting reported near Krasnohorivka, small arms at Maryinka
Turkish fighter jets entered Greece air space Wed., prompting response by 2 Greek aircraft, leading to a dogfight
Hits in Avdiivka, caliber over 80mms
Shyrokyne, Vodyane - explosions
Battle at Stanytsia Luhanska, grenade launchers, small arms
Admiral Kuznetsov naval group in Norwegian Sea
Euro-Russian craft enters Mars orbit, lander's fate unknown: ESA
Berlin talks still ongoing, exceeded 1.5 hours limit twice
France’s Green Party has a knack for surprise presidential nominee picks
London festival uses humor, magic and satire to highlight refugee plight in puppet show
One police officer has died after a shootout during a police raid in Georgensgmünd Germany (@focusonline)
Motorola funeral from above
Motorola funeral from above
Finland wants security cooperation to be part of Brexit talks: PM
David Hockney makes a splash at Frankfurt fair with art book
Russia is reportedly set to deploy a new ground-launched cruise missile in violation of the INF Treaty
Breaking US intel id one of the Paris attacks suspected masterminds Abu Suleyman as Moroccan Abdelilah Himich, 26
Uzbek military helicopter crash kills nine
Italian judge sends 23 to trial in Berlusconi sex bribery case
French former minister Cécile Duflot knocked out in first round of Green Party primaries
Germany approves controversial nuclear waste deal
Normandy talks in Berlin
Bulgaria Amends Aircraft Tender Criteria With F-16 in Mind
Russian lawmakers back Putin’s suspension of plutonium deal - The Washington Post
Putin, Surkov and Lavrov vs Poroshenko and Klimkin at Normandy talks
Prague Police Detain Russian Suspected Of Hacking By U.S. - watch @RFERL report
Merkel welcomes Putin to Berlin for #NormandyFour talks
Putin arrived in Berlin
Fire and suspected explosion at EastSheen flat blows out windows and leaves a man in hospital
President Poroshenko arrived to Berlin for talks
Syrians, Ukrainians, Chechens protesting Putin's visit in Berlin
About 100 people protest Russian support for Assad aerial bombing in Syria
Battle in Mayorsk-Zaytsevo area now
[email protected], @ManfredWeber and @RebHarms urge @donaldtusk to initiate sanctions against Russia on Syria
"Syria can only have freedom without bombs". Loud protest in front of the chancellery as Putin makes his way to Berlin
Putin has dismissed Mutko the Minister of sports
Housebuilder Barratt says police have arrested its London boss
Fresh calls for a public inquiry into the state of jails following the death of an inmate at Pentonville Prison
Theresa May hopes Peter Bone's wife is going to treat his birthday 'in the appropriate manner'
62-year-old Spanish woman gives birth to a healthy girl, encourages women to imitate her if they want to. odd
Finland sees propaganda attack from former master Russia
Theresa May told to 'come clean' about why she did not act on concerns about child sex abuse inquiry
A Russian hacker wanted by the F.B.I. has been arrested in Prague, the Czech police say.
Russia accuses US-led coalition airstrike of killing six civilians in Aleppo
Russian aircraft carrier conducts training flights off Scottish coast
The Dutch ambassador to China, involved in a 'love affair' with a Chinese embassy employee, suspended
Russians flipping over arrested hacker in Czech Republic, demand his return home
Russia: No breakthrough on Ukraine at Berlin talks
Zaharchenko: when we will seize Slovyansk, we will put a monument to Motorola on Karachun
Prior to Normandy Four talks, President @Poroshenko will hold separate meeting w/ President @fhollande and Chancellor Merkel
Ex-Minister of Transport of Poland Sławomir Nowak was appointed as head of Ukrainian Roads company UkrAutoDor
Houses damaged yesterday in Avdiivka
TASS: Crimea welcomes the recognition of the Russian status of the peninsula by Syria.
Russia's Foreign Ministry promises the US a "painful" response to new sanctions.
Fenerbahçe football team’s plane makes emergency landing in Budapest after its windscreen
Jet over Kramatorsk
Aftermath of Oct18 evening shelling of Avdiivka
Russian state Duma adopted the law "plutonium agreement after money for sanction"
Karachun: TV tower now at 159meters
Ukr fighter jet flying low over Kramatorsk
DNR group commander Zaharchenko is crying at Motorola funeral
EU believes free trade deal with U.S. unlikely: source
Ukr Gen Staff: Yesterday russian forces shelled Vynohradne village - it is right on Mariupol outskirts.
Howitzer in central Donetsk at Motorola funeral
ATO spox: In Toretsk, UA police confiscated 2 Simonov rifles that were used by militants to seize governmental buildings in April 2014
ATO spokesperson: Militants shelled checkpoint “Hnutove”
Col. Lysenko: In Hranitne, militants assaulted UA position, but in vain
Col. Andriy Lysenko: Over the previous day, one UA serviceman was killed in action, one more soldier was wounded in action
ATO spox: Mariupol sector: Hostilities in the frontline from Pavlopil to Shyrokyne lasted occurred at day and night
LifeNews: 10,000 people are standing in a queue to say goodbye to Motorola in Donetsk.
Syrian Parliament recognized Crimea as part of Russia
Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine condemned Russian war actions in Syria
Funeral of Motorola in Donetsk
Liftoff of SOYUZMS02 to ISS
T-5 mins to the launch of #SoyuzMS02 crew Borisenko, Rizhikov and @astro_kimbrough to the ISS
Verkhovna Rada extended the mandate of the JIT mission #MH17
Russian forces air defense is alarmed, said their systems spotted UA aviation
Ukraine sued Russia over $2.6b stolen UA energy assets in Crimea.
Two Ukrainian fighter jets just buzzed over Kramatorsk at extremely low altitude
Live view of crew onboard #SoyuzMS02 ready for launch
L~30 min.: Access gantry to Soyuz rocket is now fully retracted, final operations begin for #SoyuzMS02 launch
SOYUZMS02 removal of the tower-of-service H-40 min
Inside mission control Houston. Everything is ready for the launch of SOYUZMS02 to ISS
L-1 h. Launch personnel told to retract service structure from underneath Soyuz rocket with #SoyuzMS02
Russian channels broadcasting funeral of Russian militants commander "Motorola"
#SOYUZMS02 sitting on the launch pad in Baikonur. Ready for liftoff at 08:05 GMT. ISS T-1h 10min
#SOYUZMS02 The 3 astronauts are on board
Russian Central Bank says the demise of middle class may lead to uncontrollable inflation
ATO HQ: RU forces 57 times violated ceasefire, 44 times – in Mariupol direction. Shelling with 82&120mm mortars, 122&152mm artillery in Vodyane, Shyrokyne&Lebedynske
Bulgaria hands over total 72 Turks fleeing Erdogan crackdown, including journalists and academics.
There was heavy shelling east of Mariupol last night, people woke up due to some shells landing 'very near' to the city
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