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17 ตุลาคม 2018

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At President residence in Hel
VIDEO: A car has been lifted up off the ground during a possible tornado in Hamburg, New York
The musicians on stage: maybe we have to sing "Highway to Hell" to President
Now the Office of the President of Poland
Rally at Sejm now
President of Belarus Lukashenko arrives in Ukraine
Slupsk, rally at one of the 5 courts in city
Now at Nowy Dom Poselski in Warsaw
Protest in Dabrowa Gornicza
Candlelight rally in Bielsko-Biala
The US State Department: "we are concerned about the pursuit of Polish Government to adopt laws that seem to limit judicial power"
Protest against court reform in Częstochowa
Rally in Tychy
A large demonstration in the centre of Kielce, in the protection of the courts
Protesters are going to the Sejm
Rally in Walbrzych
People are coming to the Sejm
Crowds of people gather in front of Parliament. "We want a veto!"
Candlelight rally in Lodz
Rally in Torun, Poland
Report of 10 thousands protesters came to the streets in Wroclaw to protest court reform
Rally in Rzeszow
Rally in Plock, Poland
The national anthem at the end of rally
The protest in defense of democracy and the independence of the courts in Wroclaw
Another protest at the district court in Katowice
About 2 thousand people protesting in Lublin against the reform of the judicial system
"Three times veto!" shout the citizens of Olsztyn
Gdansk: protests in front of courts
Panorama of protest in Gdynia
Protest in support of independent courts in Rybnik
People in Gliwice came to streets
Rally in Bytów
Rally in Zielona Gora
Bydgoszcz: "President, please try"
With candles in the hands and flocking to the district Court in Krakow the mob sings the Polish national Anthem
Rally in Białystok at District court
Rally in Opole this evening
Protest in Kielce
Protest in Bytom
Protest in Gdynia
Protest in Dabrowa Gornicza now
Just spotted Jared Kushner exiting @LindseyGrahamSC's office. Asked whether it was appropriate to attend Russia mtg last summer, no answer.
EwaKopacz: Bad people from PiS want to say that they are the owners of the Poland. I have a question-do you allow yourself to steal Poland? Protesters: No!
Rally at District court in Zabrze
Protest in Łódź this evening
Big protest at Plac Wolności in Poznań
Rally calling President to veto the judicial reform in Szczecin, Poland
Aerial view of protest in Warsaw
[email protected]: US condemns latest violence in eastern Ukraine and calls on Russia to observe the ceasefire.
Protest at Presidential palace
Began the meeting of the Senate Committee on Human rights
Big rally in Central Warsaw demands from President Duda to veto law on Supreme Court
Crowd on Krakowskie Przedmieście street. Joanna Szczepkowska reads the preamble of the Constitution of RP
Rally at Presidential Palace in Warsaw
Strelkov is asked if things are better in Ukraine as result of his actions: “nothing will get better until reunification of Russian nation”
Girkin: "We did not shoot down MH17 because we didn't have a BUK" I cannot give more comments because I did not take part in investigation
Girkin says re-annexing Poland and Finland is not feasible at this stage, but reclaiming at least Ukraine and Belarus into Russia is a must
Question to Girkin: Who funded your military activity in Donbass? Girkin: "My response would deprive me of my officer's honor"
Former BYU star center Eric Mika, who left school after his sophomore season, signs a deal to play for Pallancestro Pesaro, which plays in the top league in Italy.
Global Hawk UAV after Occupied Crimea to Donbas
Sir Vince Cable has become the new leader of the UK Liberal Democrats after nominations for the post closed without him facing any challengers
Turkish FM statement: It is obvious people being tried on terror accusations are not on same scale with our German guests
Turkish FM statement says TR has a serious state tradition not to mix material gains with threats against its vital interests
Der Spiegel: TR gave DE list of 68 German companies it accuses of supporting terror. Mercedes included
Treasury fines Exxon Mobil for violating Russia sanctions in 2014
Tusk says Polish government's judicial 'reforms' move Poland both in time and space - backwards and to the East
ATO Press Center: Clarification on the losses of the Armed Forces in the area of ​​ATO- 4 KIA 3 WIA, yesterday, 4 KIA 7 WIA 1 POW today
[email protected] has commented on situation in Poland, talking to Duda, proposed urgent meeting to avoid "Marginalization of Poland" in Europe
Germany: 5 leaders of major jihadist IS-supporting network charged, incl alleged top IS rep in Germany
Global Hawk UAV continues to monitor Crimean coast
Kosovo Specialist Chambers president promises new court will have no ethnic bias and deliver impartial justice
Situation at Sejm now
Polish lawmakers pass controversial Supreme Court bill
Sejm adopted amendments to the draft law on Supreme court
In Kyiv, Ukraine, about 200 people joined a rally to commemorate journalist Pavel Sheremet, killed 1 year ago
[email protected] urges Moldova’s gov to follow the recommendations of the Venice Com regarding changes to the electoral system
USAF RQ4 Global Hawk UAV drone at Crimea
3 reading of Draft law on Supreme court of Poland in Sejm now
Interior minister: Polish protesters will face charges
Head of Lithuanian courts sees events in Poland as threat to democracy
Russia says in talks with U.S. to create cyber security working group: RIA
The vote on court reform law is the first on agenda of voting which set to start at 2pm at Sejm
Protest now at Polish Sejm as vote on Court reform is about to begin
Turkey accuses Germany of 'great political irresponsibility' in escalating row
Putin to Alexeyeva: You've done the most important thing in life. Solzhenitsyn talked about protecitng people, he did it his way, you yours.
Ukrainian Airborne troops drill in Mykolaiv region
Ukrainian Airborne troops drill in Mykolaiv region
Military convoy on Romania-Bulgaria border
Paul Manafort was in debt to pro-Russia interests before joining the Trump campaign, Cyprus records show
[email protected] reassures doubtful reporters that the British government "takes seriously" its responsibilities in Brexit
"We are in the middle of extraordinary negotiations" - @MichelBarnier describes the extremity and unprecedented nature of Brexit
"Everybody knows that there are compromises you make in negotiations. But we aren't there!" - @MichelBarnier express frustration with Brexit
[email protected] describes GB decision to leave the EU as a "very serious" affair with "many consequences"
When asked if GB accepts that a net flow of money in Brexit will go to EU, @DavidDavisMP says he does not recognize the phrase "net flow"
"We are a country that recognizes its international responsibilities and rights" - @DavidDavisMP on GB and Brexit
Poland protests on the front page of today's New York Times
[email protected]: gather today at 8pm at Presidential palace in Warsaw, and at court in Wroclaw
[email protected] says that both EU and GB intend to keep the Good Friday Agreement in effect Brexit
UK Brexit negotiator @DavidDavisMP "we've had robust but constructive talkswe should't expect incremental progress in every round"
"We shouldn't expect incremental progress in every round" - @DavidDavisMP on Brexit negotiations
[email protected] says both sides want "certainty," but that EU and GB disagree on "how to get there"
[email protected] says he's encouraged by the progress that has been made on citizens' rights and financial discussions in Brexit negotiations
[email protected] says Brexit negotiations will only proceed more smoothly if each side's positions on various issues are clear
[email protected] says GB must figure out how it plans to maintain the common travel area after
[email protected] says that he and @DavidDavisMP focussed today on discussing the Good Friday Agreement and the common travel area
[email protected] underscores that the EU and GB have a common goal in Brexit: that citizens can continue to live as they do now
[email protected] stresses that citizens must be able to find legal certainty in their daily lives
[email protected] says he and Britain have been able to identify "convergences and divergences"
Brexit negotiator @MichelBarnier and his British counterpart @DavidDavisMP begin their press conference in the @EU_Commission
Significant damage in Krasnohorivka after last night attack
The UK Government says legislation to transpose EU law into UK law will next be debated in parliament on 7 September
Chisinau refused to accept planes with Russian Ministry Defense singers/performance artists
President Duda's Secretary of State has confirmed he intends to sign the Supreme Court bill if it contains his amendments.
Police in Kyiv are looking for 2 assailants in a car who killed a man near Chernyhivska
Chancellor Merkel says measures presented by German FM regarding Turkey are "necessary and inevitable in light of the development."
GB and EU flags noticeably placed on opposite ends of the stage in EU Commission, as opposed to standing together
Colonel Andriy Lysenko: Yesterday, 1 UA serviceman was KIA by enemy fire near Maryinka
Full house in the press room of the @EU_Commission ahead of press conference on Brexit
ATO spokesperson: Militants opened fire against residential areas of Krasnohorivka. 1 house was damaged
According to preliminary information, 4 UA troops KIA, 2 WIA. 1 UA soldier was KIA near Novhorodske
ATO spox: Today, at 4 am Russian proxies opened fire with mortars, 122-mm artillery, tanks and Grad-P rocket launcher at Krasnohorivka
A mine collapsed in Komi.
German FM Gabriel has issued new advisory with regards to visiting Turkey, but not formally issued a travel warning.
Polish Poprad Anti-Aircraft Systems Deployed in Lithuania
A court in Azerbaijan jails Israeli travel blogger Alexander Lapshin for 3 years for trip to the disputed region of Nagorno-Karabakh.
Turkey PM warns Cyprus on 'untimely and dangerous' energy moves
FM @sigmargabriel: Turkey wants to turn back the clock on the rule of law. Cases of detained Germans are attempt to silence critical voices
German Foreign Minister @SigmarGabriel: Arrest of German activist Peter Steudtner in Turkey was "obviously well-planned in advance."
Video: #SeaBreeze2017 drill
Social Democrat @MartinSchulz calls for action from Merkel and an end to EU pre-pre-accession aid from Brussels to Ankara amid Turkey dispute
UK Trade Minister Liam Fox to call for new round of trade liberalisation under WTO
Russian citizen Asif Mamedov was shot dead in Kyiv. On wanted list in Russia
Polish MPs are waiting session to resume
Israel has sent firefighting teams to Montenegro to help fight the forest fires raging in the country
Clashes near Maryinka yesterday
4 Ukrainian soldiers were killed, 3 wounded yesterday. 21 attacks on Ukrainian positions yesterday. 3 killed and 3 wounded in IED explosion near Novotoshkivs'ke
Video: bombardment of Krasnohorivka this morning
Video: bombardment of Krasnohorivka this morning
Tanks or howitzers are active at Petrovka, West Donetsk this morning. Also MLRS reported
Head of Czech Constitutional Court: Due to the situation in Poland I would suspend V4 cooperation with this country.
Germany’s federal prosecutor will hear witness testimony in a case filed by the Berlin-based European Center for Constitutional and Human Rights, which accuses six high-ranking Syrian officials close to President Bashar al-Assad of war crimes and crimes against humanity. The complaint was submitted by several Syrian ex-detainees.
"We weren't following him around with a stopwatch," says Sanders of Trump-Putin dinner chat, but it was brief: "certainly less than an hour"
“We weren’t following him around with a stopwatch…but it certainly wasn’t an hour,” says @SHSanders45 on length of @POTUS-Putin dinner chat.
@SHSanders45 says not aware subject of US stopping arming of anti-Assad rebels (allied with Russia) came up during Putin dinner chat.
Sanders says media has "Russia fever" and is creating a story about the Trump/Putin conversation "that simply didn't exist."
A 6-year-old boy was revived with Narcan on Tuesday after he was found unresponsive in a Manchester apartment. Detectives are continuing to investigate the incident.
@SHSanders45: “This was a social dinner and that was the nature of the evening.”
Q: @POTUS confident Kremlin translator was accurate? @SHSanders45: “I believe so.”
Trump is ending the CIA covert mission to arm syrian rebels against Assad.
#SaberGuardian Strykers air land on Bezmer, Bulgaria
PM @theresa_may has warned her warring Cabinet ministers that none of them are "unsackable"
Theresa May says there is no such thing as an "unsackable minister" but the Cabinet is together at the moment
PA sources say U.S. financial services company Morgan Stanley has chosen Frankfurt as the site of its post-Brexit EU headquarters
Russian lawyer who met with Trump Jr. "happy" to testify about the meeting before the Senate
Azerbaijani, Turkish and Turkmen officials met in Baku
The Kremlin is behind the latest announcement from Russia occupied territory in East Ukraine - former Russian Prime Minister.
UK Government has announced its intention to increase the state pension age from 67 to 68 from 2037 which is seven years earlier than planned
German govt says it wants to send a clear message to Turkey about the detention of German national Peter Steudtner and other rights activists
Brawl between MPs in Polish Sejm
Joint ED-CBI team is in London to brief and submit fresh proof to UK prosecution for extradition of liquor baron Vijay Mallya: Official
Protesters in wheelchairs block MPs' entrance to the Commons
Inglewood: A woman died and a man was shot multiple times in a suspected gang shooting in the area of North Manchester Boulevard. A couple were sitting in a car when they got into an argument
V4 and Israel to set up joint working group against terrorism
Savannah-Chatham: Shooting of Paris Robinson, 26, in the 1900 block of Skidaway Road. Officers responded to Chelsea Apartments and found Robinson suffering from non-life-threatening injuries. He was transported to the hospital for treatment
Conservative MP Ken Clarke asks @theresa_may about the economy, Brexit and the Labour opposition
[email protected] calls May the "interim Prime Minister" and Hammond "the temporary Chancellor", pushing them on public sector pay
"Austerity bites and kids don't get fed": MP Dan Carden asks the UK PM about poverty in his local area
Left Bloc activists blockaded the offices of censor Roskomnadzor in Moscow while the Duma was considering a law on messaging apps.
Corbyn says UK PM May’s talk of a strong economy ‘doesn’t remotely match the reality that millions of people face’
Kaczynski reportedly told a Nowoczesna (Modern) MP that every one of PO's politicians will go to jail
German Foreign Minister @sigmargabriel interrupts his holidays, Turkish ambassador was summoned due to detention of activists in Turkey.
MAKS Air Show continues in Russia - DAY 2
[email protected] on Poland: Coming "very close" to triggering Article 7, hand is still extended for dialogue, but dialogue won't stop action
EU Commission expresses grave concern about clear risks for independence of judiciary in Poland
EU commissioners to talk Poland at today's meeting. Some critics of PiS's actions hope it will "take the risk" with Art. 7.
The general François Lecointre is the new Chief of the general staff headquarters of the Armies 
Photos: Poroshenko in Georgia at Russian occupation barbed wires
NATO allies are worried about expanding Russian intelligence operations in Hungary
Tripartial contact group began meeting in Minsk
The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, Prince George and Princess Charlotte have arrived Berlin for the royal visit
Germany: 28 y/o convicted IS terrorist Harry S. from Bremen charged again for six counts of murder of prisoners in Syria
In St. Petersburg a rally in support of Crimean Tatars
ATO spox: Donetsk sector: invaders opened mortar fire at Avdiivka residential areas. 2 civilians wounded. 2 private homes damaged
V4 leaders host Netanyu. "Great threat facing all of us is threat posed by rise of militant Islam" and terror - Netanjahu
Putin's aide Surkov thinks it's useful talk about "Malorosiya"
Orbán: Netanyahu proposed Israel-V4 working groups on several topics and invited to Israel, we accepted
Netanyahu in closed meeting with V4 leaders: EU handling of Israel and linking relations to the Palestinian issue is crazy
Pavlovich to the opposition: both of you, shut up, as the chair said, you are vicious murders.
A pair of Turkish F4 fighter jets entered the Athens Flight Information Region at 10 a.m. on Wednesday between Lesvos and Lemnos and flew over the Fournoi islets at 8,900 feet.
[email protected] to Kaczynski: it's in your mind blood of Smolensk victims
[email protected]: all limits have been exceeded. We expect an apology for the shameful words of the President of the PiS
The UK Government has won its High Court bid to obtain a permanent ban on industrial action by prison officers
TVN24: Possible there will be collective action of members of oppositions against Jaroslaw Kaczynski words
Israel's PM @netanyahu welcomed by PMs of Poland Hungary Czechia Slovakia in Budapest ahead of V4-Israel Summit
Act on #SądNajwyższy directed to the Commission of justice and human rights
The Duma adopted a law on the oath of a Russian citizen and deprivation of citizenship for terrorism
TASS: Matvienko: The Russian Foreign Ministry is preparing retaliatory measures for the law on demolishing Soviet monuments in Poland.
Poroshenko: there are humanitarian catastrophe in Occupied Tskhinval region, people has no hope for progress in RF
Polish Sejm renewed meeting on act on Supreme Court
Russian Komsomolska Pravda: New U.S Amb. in Russia Huntsman is owner of Stirol in Horlivka and is interested to return control over the plant
Ukrainian National Guard commander is on official visit in China
LNR claimed they have detained Ukrainian saboteur
OSCE SMM UAV spotted mines and blocks on Shchastia bridge. Another failure by sides to fulfill their obligations
French military chief General de Villiers resigns after being rebuked by President Macron for protesting defence spending cuts
In Barnaul was detained the head of the Siberian center of Transparency International Stanislav Andreichuk
13-man delegation from EU arrives at the PNP Custodial Center in Camp Crame, Philippines to visit Sen. @AttyLeila De Lima
Ex-Presidents of Poland Wałęsa, Kwaśniewski i Komorowski wrote a letter urging no to "abolish democratic values"
French Military Chief of Staff has just resigned
Advertising in Luhansk threatens "Life is more valuable than likes"
3 killed in explosion of unknown object in Zarichne, Rivne region
Krasnohorivka last evening: audible fighting
LNR group says they are not going to discuss Malorosiya in Minsk today
Presidents of Georgia and Ukraine at Russian occupation line in Odzisi
Ukrainian firefighting AN32P in Montenegro
OSCE lost it's UAV near Metalist, Luhansk. Asking to return
Russian seismologists issued notice about possible major earthquake in Occupied Crimea in coming days
An ED and CBI joint team has left for London for hearing in Vijay Mallya case
23 attacks on Ukrainian positions yesterday, 2 soldiers were KIA, 4 wounded
[email protected]: The Fake News is becoming more and more dishonest! Even a dinner arranged for top 20 leaders in Germany is made to look sinister!
[email protected]: Fake News story of secret dinner with Putin is "sick." All G 20 leaders, and spouses, were invited by the Chancellor of Germany. Press knew!
J. Kaczynski to The opposition: Don't rub your mug with my brother, you have destroyed and murdered him, you traitorous scum.
White House announces Trump intends to nominate Jon Huntsman as ambassador to Russia — and spells his name wrong
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