Map. History of Europe conflict

23 ตุลาคม 2018
Troops in Luhansk practice crossing of river
Troops in Luhansk practice crossing of river
HMS Ambush suffered damage to conning tower after collision
Video. Protestors closed traffic on Tigran Mets Ave, one of the busiest in Yerevan
HMS Ambush had collision with merchant ship off Gibraltar around 13.30 today. Minor damage.
Massive military exercises of so-called Lugansk People's Republic
Police injured in clashes with protesters in Yerevan
Ppl keep throwing stones, if police don't contain, situation spiral out of control. Erebuni
Ppl keep throwing stones, if police don't contain, situation spiral out of control. Erebuni
Ppl keep forming barricade in Erebuni while others keep throwing stones and other items
Ppl keep forming barricade in Erebuni while others keep throwing stones  and  other items
Merkel says accepts Britain's decision to delay triggering Brexit
MP Pashinyan tries to calm the sides down in Erebuni
Use of tear gas, more detentions in Erebuni, Armenia
The Head of Ukrainian railway Wojciech Balczun negotiated for target US assistance
Displaced Ukrainians rally appeals to see their problems under the Cabinet of Ministers
Theresa May: We are not walking away from our European friends
"Ukroboronprom" gave the army 10 new armored cars
Ukraine and Belarus flags in memory of Pavel Sheremet on Maidan this evening
The Central election Commission: Shakhov won in district №114 in Lugansk region
The EU mission will help in investigation of murdered Sheremet
Two Kyiv policemen engaged in drug trafficking
People honor the memory of murdered journalist Pavel Sheremet on Maidan Nezalezhnosti
People honor the memory of murdered journalist Pavel Sheremet on Maidan Nezalezhnosti
Transnistrian police acted against the leader of the republic
27 Ukrainian soldiers were killed, 123 were wounded since the beginning of July
British Prime minister T. May takes first step to Brexit ahead of German Chancellor A.Merkel talks @tobiasschwarz
[email protected] confirmed to @chastime that they will assist in investigation of the murder of journo @pavelsheremet in Ukraine
The Russian Rospotrepnadzor asked the experts to check Pokemon GO
Sea Breeze-2016 drill in Odesa
Zakharov: NATO is still not show concrete examples of Russian threat
Carter: U.S.-Russian airstrikes in Syria 'not in the cards'
Ukrainian ministry of internal affairs on Moscow church march: we know about possible provocations, could use "unpopular measures"
Sheremet car evacuation
Shakhtarsk. Banners read "no to armed mission". Protest drill
Shakhtarsk. Banners read no to armed mission. Protest drill
Chief-editor of Forbes.Woman Ukraine Maria Rydvan was stabbed in Kyiv park yesterday night. Light injuries
Training of NABU special forces, under the command of instructors from the FBI
Russian Olympic Committee head categorically opposes boycott of Rio games.
Photos: First prototype Mi-28NM
[email protected] confirms that FBI investigators will assist their Ukrainian counterparts with @pavelsheremet murder case in Kyiv.
Explosion in Berlin, Germany. Tractor trailer is on fire resulting in sounds of explosion
Shakhtarsk: "anti-OSCE crowd" drill
Berlin: Truck or bus is on fire
Explosion and fire in Berlin
Putin and Erdogan will meet in early August in Russia, says Kremlin
Police in action in Brussels centre: man arrested with thick winter coat and wires coming out of it
Explosion in Berlin
The Ukrainian military got 10 new combat vehicles "Dozor-B"
Police arresting the suspect they were looking for, he was reported to be carrying device resembling a bomb
Emily Thornberry appointed Shadow Secretary Of State For Exiting EU as well as Shadow Foreign Secretary
Police are hunting for a suspicious person seen near the Place de la Monnaie, Police operation ongoing
Police are raiding a number of properties across the city of Brussels with heavily armed units seen at numerous locations
Pro-Russians claim, the Ukrainian army uses 152 mm artillery rounds vs. western Donetsk city.
The house collapsed in Odessa. Eyewitnesses say under blockages there can be people
Turkish post-coup attempt crackdown 'flouts rule of law': Germany
Big police operation underway on rue d'Arenberg in Brussels Belgium It is still unclear what exactly the raids relates to
2 versions: @pavelsheremet murdered for journalistic activities/destabilizatiщn in the capital – Prosecutor General
2 versions: @pavelsheremet murdered for journalistic activities/destabilizatiщn in the capital – Prosecutor General
IOC to decide on Russia Rio Olympics ban within a week
The FBI will help the Ukrainian police to investigate the murder Sheremet
Donetsk: a truck 55 in triangle, went along Illicha Ave westwards over Kalmius bridge
Military truck in Donetsk
Russian journalist Ganapolsky was granted Ukrainian citizenship
Russian Media Watchdog Rospotrebnadzor asked the psychologists expert opinion on Pokemon Go
Shortage of fuel in Transnistria. Tiraspol' blame Ukraine and Moldova
Intense and unusual flash traffic on RU strategic networks. Same as last year this time. Possible due to exercises
Azerbaijan closed Caucasus University with reported links to Gulen movement
SBU found ammunition cache in Lisichansk
Crowd-offense drill in Luhansk
Shevchenko monument painted in the colors of Ukrainian flag in Simferopol
CCTV video of explosion of Pavlo Sheremet car this morning
CCTV video of explosion of Pavlo Sheremet car this morning
President Poroshenko held meeting with security services. Ordered to protect Ukr. Pravda owner Olena Pritula
LifeNews: Peskov: No matter what, Russia is preparing to hold the 2018 World Cup.
French President Francois Hollande says boosted reserve force could form 'National Guard'
Russian Energy Minister: Forget about coordination with OPEC on oil output
[email protected] is holding a meeting with security officials, Olena Prytula of @ukrpravda_news will get a protection
UK unemployment falls to 4.9%
For the last day no Ukrainian soldier was killed and 0 was wounded, - the speaker of the ATO
SBU: For security and order during the procession of Moscow church there will coordination council
Anti-tariffs rally in Kyiv
At construction site of new FSB building found a package with a skull and bones
German interior minister says security situation in Germany is serious and the country must expect attacks possibly from people acting alone
Ukraine president demands action after car bomb in Kyiv kills well-known pro-Western journalist Pavel Sheremet
Top German security official says investigation indicates train attacker acted alone
Russia's Finance Ministry proposes reducing the cost of the World Cup by 15 billion roubles.
Latvia detects one more Russian warship near its borders
Col. Lysenko: Luhansk sector: In Stanytsia Luhanska, militants fired 3 mortar shells at UA positions and attacked with rocket launchers
Col. Andriy Lysenko: RU-backed militants continue actively applying electronic warfare equipment against UA servicemen
ATO spokesperson: Near Svitlodarsk, militants fired at UA positions for 20 minutes with BMP armaments
The scene where Belarusian journalist Pavel Sheremet was killed when the car he was driving exploded in Kyiv
Trolling By British Bookmakers Outside The Russian Embassy In London This Morning
Demonstration in Kyiv
[email protected]_RFoM OSCE media freedom representative Mijatović condemns murder of journalist Pavel Sheremet in Ukraine
Erebuni Public Council is ready to assist “to resolve the situation without turmoil”
"Partisans" Kovtun and Nikitin acquitted by the court
The death of Pavel Sheremet qualified as premeditated murder – police
Moldova troops at Sea Breeze 2016 drill
Zakharova murder Sheremet:Ukraine (not a country, but the system) becomes mass grave of journalists and journalism
Box for delivery of the Olympic medals were installed near the Russian Embassy in London
Security Service of Ukraine with police investigators at scene where @pavelsheremet killed. Officials say "murder."
Security Service of Ukraine with police investigators at scene where @pavelsheremet killed. Officials say "murder."
RUAF strategic AF sw net active with voice traffic
Poroshenko: a Terrible tragedy in Kyiv. Shock – no other words. Knew Pavel personally. Condolence for all the families and friends
Gen. attorney Lutsenko: explosive device killed journalist Pavel Sheremet
Explosion that killed Pavel Sheremet
Images of the site of car explosion in Kyiv where journalist @pavelsheremet was killed this morning
Journo @pavelsheremet killed in car blast in Kyiv this morning
54 ceasefire violations on Tuesday, 19 July
Toretsk: doors in houses shaking cause of fighting
Blackout in Avdiivka, also at Coke coal plant
Yenakiieve: DPR militants are gathering in the town with URAL trucks now. Time: 1:04 AM
1AM fighting in the area of "Old Dam" in Dokuchaevsk. Mortars, small arms, machine guns
One officer and two other people injured after being stabbed at Hyde Park when crowd at water fight turned hostile & bottles thrown at police
Fighting at Yasinuvata-Promka
00:30AM many explosions/booms reported in Donetsk - artillery works
Artillery fighting at Yakovlivka, North to Kyivsky
US-Georgia talks in Defense and Security have started in DC
2 French special forces troops died after militants shot down a helicopter near Benghazi, Libya, @AP reports July 19
Yerevan: The opposite side of the Erebuni hostage area, a group of people from the Sari Tagh neighbourhood
Protest at Khorenatsi Street in Yerevan
Hits in Shyrokyne
@nikolpashinyan Trying to diffuse the situation: "We must prevent further bloodshed"
Horlivka: Battle at Zhovanka. Assault rifles, grenade launchers, machine guns, SPGs.
Consequences of today's attack on Popasna, Mayorsk, Zaitseve
Zaitseve: machine guns, mortars
Rumors in Yerevan that police station with "rebels" will be stormed by Russian SOF Alfa
Rumors in Yerevan that police station with rebels will be stormed by Russian SOF Alfa
19 years old boy killed in attack by fighters in Avdiivka
The box to return Olympic medals have established near the Russian Embassy in Britain
Würzburg: German police say they will increase their presence on the streets around Germany, Riayad was gunned down by police forces
Four policemen injured in new clashes in Yerevan
An armed man tried to seize the hotel in France
Bosnia's Pokemon Go players urged to avoid wartime mine fields
Sea Breeze 2016 drills kick off in Ukraine
The General Prosecutor of Ukraine called for questioning Lyashko
Crowd smashes police cars, tries to turn them upside
The Minister of sports of Russia Mutko was denied accreditation for the Rio Olympics because of doping
Rally against illegal construction in Sevastopol
French airstrike in Mosul
Khorenatsi street right now. Erebuni Yerevan
Erebuni: More shots
Erebuni: More shots
Warning shots fired, public attacking police cars(some causing damage some trying to stop damages) Erebuni
Russian sports minister Mutko says it's ready to cancel plans to attend Rio games: Tass reports
Scuffles in Erebuni Yerevan as shots fired.
Groysman met with President of the European Commission Jean-Claude Juncker
PM Groysman met with President of the European Council Donald Tusk
Evacuation from Bakhmut, Donetsk Oblast of WIA from MFH by helicopter
Bollene: standoff ended, the Armed man did not want to pay his hotel bill. The Suspect was arrested
Avdiivka: 19 year old man killed - shot in the head near frontline
Bollène: Highway A7 blocked at Piolenc
Bollène: Highway A7 blocked at Piolenc
Donetsk, Topaz: both "incoming and outgoing" booms
A part of the A7 motorway remains blocked. Bollène
Many reports of unusual fighting in Donetsk, mobile networks down
NSDC to consider the introduction of martial law in Ukraine cause of Donbas situation – Turchynov
International Olympic Committee asks all Olympic winter sport federations to freeze preparations for major events in Russia
Russian senator calls to postpone anti-terror laws for 5 years: not enough data centers in Russia to hold user data.
IOC to explore `legal options' regarding possible total ban on Russian team from Rio Olympics
Putin and Medvedev had a chat about the ruble
John Kerry had some trouble navigating the door at London's 10 Downing Street
Ukrainian reporter asks @PaulManafort about @joshrogin report re Ukraine and GOP platform at presser
More police forces are consolidating in Erebuni
Armed man intrudes on the Formula 1 hotel in the commune of Bollene, France. Possible hostage situation
Germany: Amaq Agency has released video featuring IS "soldier" responsible for the attack
Britain refused to begin the procedure of exit from the EU in 2016
OCCRP Investigation finds that Kremlin trolls organized White House petition to try to repeal Magnitsky Act
Reports of an armed man holed up at a hotel in southern France, motives not known yet
Fire in electrical box at Princess Hospital . Madrid. No one gets hurt.
The Russian #mousehole #Sochi
IMF: Brexit to cost Britain nearly 1% growth in 2017
Deputy head of Investigative Committee arrested by FSB for ties with mafia bosses
Knife attack on family in the Hautes-Alpes, France
Fire in Hospital de la Princesa in Madrid
An armed man hide in a hotel in Bollène, the intervention of the GIGN. In this moment
Rally in Glendale, Los Angeles in support of the rebels in Yerevan
[email protected] meets Sheikh @ABZayed, FM of the United Arab Emirates
Mali : armed men attacked the military camp in Nampala
ATO spox: UA mil intel reports, 30 railway platforms with tanks and self-propelled guns & 16 fuel tanks arrived to so-called "DPR" from RU
Col. Andriy Lysenko: SBU found a cache with 19 anti-tank missiles, 36 shells for a cannon and over 700 ammo
ATO spox: Sea Breeze 2016 drills started. Ukraine, the United States, Georgia, Romania and Moldova to train together
ATO spokesperson: Yesterday, 7 UA servicemen were killed in action, 14 Ukrainian soldiers were wounded in action
ATO spox: Border Guard and police detained one militant. One more absolved from criminal liability after cooperation with law enforcement
ATO spox: Intelligence: Names of wounded militants: Vladimir Klenots, Alexander Barin, Oleg Dmitriyev
ATO spox: 7 Ukrainian servicemen KIA, 14 WIA on June 19
ATO spox: Militant casualties: 3 KIA, 14 WIA yesterday
ATO spox; Ukrainian troops detected 5 flights of hostile drones yesterday
ATO spox: Mariupol sec: 22 truce violations. Most by Krasnohorivka, Maryinka. Other spots: Novotroyitske, Starohnativka, Hranitne, Hnutove
ATO spox: Ceasefire violations close to Donetsk airport resumed. Militants deployed 30 mortar mines, 8 artillery shells
ATO spox: Militants deployed 20 artillery shells at Ukrainian positions by Myronivky. Used 122 mm howitzers near Kalynove village
ATO spox: Intelligence: Militants used new Russian electronic warfare equipment R-330 “Zhutel”, “Svet-KU”
ATO spox: Avdiivka area: Number of attacks decreased to 5. Militants keep using heavy weapons
ATO spox: Donetsk sector: 8-hour-long military action on Zaitseve-Mayorsk front. Militants targeted Border Guards c/p
ATO spox: Russia-backed militants violated ceasefire 13 times in Luhansk region. Hot spots: Popasna, Krymske, Stanytsia Luhanska
Drunk pilots who were going to make the flight with 250 passengers on board detained In Scotland
Three people dead in firearms incident near swimming pool in Spalding, Lincolnshire, police say
USA will provide assistance to Ukraine for $355 million until the end of September
Map. Situation in eastern Ukraine July 19, 2016, 00:00 EET
Azerbaijan shuts TV channel over Gulen interview, whom Erdogan blames for plotting coup
Turkey's Justice Minister says pilots who shot down Russian jet have been arrested for role in coup attempt
Opening of #SeaBreeze2016 in Mykolaiv region
A huge number of rubber boats are in distress off Libya. All available rescue boats have been called
A volunteer, MoD aide Rychkova to be MP, winning elections in Dnipro agnst pro-Kremlin thug
ISIS media arm Amaq claims the attack in Germany
Moldova to supply wine to Russia by the sea - press
IS says "fighter of the islamic state" has led the attack with the axe in Germany.
Sterling softer ahead of UK inflation
23-year-old airport driver was arrested in Val-de-Marne, southeast of Paris, police found explosives and an IS flag in his apartment
Iran to finalize project to export gas to Georgia in weeks
Main building of Odesa movie studio is on fire
Five people were injured when a gas explosion in a residential building in the Kuban
Activists protests against Moscow Church march(East) near Mhar
Activists protests against Moscow Church march(East) near Mhar
Lightning killed a man in Odnorobivka village, Kharkiv region
The attack in Nice: 19 people are still in critical condition
Russia and Egypt will prepare the agreement in the field of civil aviation security
Piles of garbage in Simferopol
IMF to cut global growth forecasts following Brexit vote
The Russian delegation will prepare to sign agreement on the joint group of troops in Yerevan
Hand-painted IS flag found in room of Wüerzburg train attacker: minister
78 ceasefire violations at Donbas on 18 July, 2016
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