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19 กันยายน 2018

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Kurdish refugees celebrate Newroz at Idomeni refugee camp
In Warsaw Belarus Freedom Day was held under white-red-white flags
Magnitude 6.6 earthquake hits near Russia's Commander Islands
Russian military convoy in Rostov region
Russian "court" to announce verdict for former Ukrainian pilot Nadezhda
Macedonian soldiers erect fence around stranded refugees
Screening "I am a Ukrainian" in Chicago.
A man in his 30s has been killed in a crash in County Meath
2 Ukrainian soldiers reportedly killed in Avdiivka in ATGM hit of truck
Passenger jet makes safe emergency landing at Moscow’s Vnukovo airport
Moscow Rally in support of Assad interupted by pro-Israeli protester
IHS: Russian fighters continue to flow into east Ukraine, US official states
Lesvos volunteers shout I Love You in Arabic, Dari to refugees sent to camps on Greek mainland
Foreign students dead in Spain bus crash
Russia can end Ukraine conflict in matter of days if not hours – @vBeckerath of @SwedeninUA
Newcastle Road in Stone closed in both directions due to car fire
Partial blackout in Simferopol
Also Il-76: 76577, 76767
Tonight RUS TV mixes celebration ('hero' soldiers back) and condescension ("As usual the US was sleeping & missed it")
Savchenko lawyers warned about possible provocations against them
RUAF IL76s atm w unusal encrypted comms covering their flight data: 78794 78797 78831 78815 76731 78805 78807 78838
RUS TV: West "dreamed" Syria would be "2nd Afghanistan" for Russia. "But with Putin you get no reckless adventures"
RUS TV on Syria: "Putin saw a fight was inevitable. He did what he'd learnt in Leningrad as a lad: he punched 1st"
Arson attack last night against Kurdish protest camp in Brussels near European Parliament. Kurds @HDPenglish
Russia plans drills in Baltic sea on 23-25 March near Kaliningrad
Refugees from Syria refuse food in protest at Tabanovce camp on Macedonia border with Serbia
Denmark: Massive brick thrown into kosher butcher shop in Copenhagen, no injuries, no arrests
Migrants still arriving in Greece as EU-Turkey deal enters force. Lesbos
Patriarch Kirill has called human rights a "global heresy"
Footage reveals fatal Flydubai flight FZ981 was on fire before crashing, killing 62
U.S., Canadian ambassadors condemn attack on LGBT activists in L'viv
Lviv mayor @andriy_sadovyi breaks silence, backs LGBT fest ban, calls attackers and organizers
Battle ongoing near Dokuchajevsk.
Hundreds rescued on Saturday between Libya and Italy
MPs from 'Euro-optimists' group blamed Lviv authorities which unable to protect LGBT-gathering
Firefighters tackle hanger fire at Norwich International Airport
Mine hit in Avdiivka industrial area
Severe winter weather in Eastern Ukraine
Poroshenko spox and some Ukrainian MPs will attend Savchenko "court" in Russia
Bank machine attached to "Central Bank" of Donetsk People's Republic. (The sign reads "NOT WORKING")
Russian Militants In Novoazovs'k
Tank T72B in Ukraine, presumably from unit in Ulan-Ude, Russia
Snow hit Eastern Ukraine - Mariupol
Lawyer defending Salah Abdeslam says he will sue French prosecutor for divulging Abdeslam's private admission he planned to blow himself up
The militants are planning a massive provocation on the South of Donetsk region – ATO headquarters
Russian militants in Styla
N. Sweden residents felt 4.0-magnitude earthquake that hit 60km SE of Piteå in the Baltic Sea late Saturday. No damage/injuries reported.
NWS2478 HKT-SVO departure delayed after Russian passenger says “it's not safe to fly.”
Reports of a huge explosion in Yasynuvata just some minutes ago
2 refugees died attempting to cross from Turkey to Greece earlier this morning
No KIA UA troops in the warzone in E Ukraine over the last24h,1UA soldier WIA in near Bakhmutovska line
Ukrainian artillery in Luhansk region
Ukrainian artillery in Luhansk region
Syrian refugees arrive in Italy by plane
Spanish authorities say 14 people have died after a bus carrying foreign students crashed on a highway in Spain's Catalonia province
OSCE: Increase in ceasefire violations in both Donetsk and Luhansk regions
In airplane crash in Rostov killed family of Yanukovych's prosecutor Pshonka
HMS Iron Duke in Oslo, Norway.
At #BrusselsForum, Belgium FA min: Salah has told us he wanted to organise a new terrorist attack. We found plenty of weapons w him
Russian nationalist group leader urges "Western states to impose real sanctions"
Russian nationalist group leader urges Western states to impose real sanctions
Tony Abbott: It is an honour to be in Kiev, Ukraine as a member of President Poroshenko's International Advisory Council.
A US combat medic coaches a Ukrainian soldier during medical training, part of international assistance to Ukraine
Lenin monuments toppled in 2 villages of Kharkiv region
32 attacks of Russian militants yesterday, Near Avdiivka used 152mm artillery
Migrants arrive on lesbos. Not all know of new rules. "Have mercy," begs one migrant from Nigeria.
#EUTurkeyDeal: Last ferry from Lesvos to Kavala. Refugees have no clue where to
Amsterdam debate on Ukraine referendum: Putin-friendly expert Richard Sakwa doubts that BUK downed #MH17
Ukraine MFA Klimkin condemn attack on LGBTi activists in L'viv
Hundreds of refugees arrive at the port of Mytilene
Canada Amb to Ukraine: A strong state should have a monopoly on violence. This also applies to dealing with thugs threatening LGBT events
Amnesty: the Authorities "encourage" aggression of right-wing radicals against the LGBT community
Burning house at Avdiivka suburbs on 17 March
Mytiline port on Lesvos, last ferry of refugees to stay in Greece after EUTurkey deal. Headed to Kavala.
Advertising today in Moscow on Crimea annexation
Russian militant in Staromykhailivka
Horlivka: Artillery salvos to north.
Lesbos: All Refugee camps should be evacuated within 24 hours
Syrians protesting in Frankfurt, Germany
Rally in Simferopol. "US fascism won't pass"
Monument to heroes of ATO in Kryvyi Rih
L'viv: clashes between far-right and LGBT activists and police
SBU seized $10M of drugs at Shehyni, L'viv region
Salah Abdeslam told Belgian officials he wanted to blow himself up in Paris but changed his mind - French prosecutor
Refugees at Pireaus, Greece, reception conditions are not consistent with standards
Blackout in Sevastopol
Blackout in Simferopol
4 killed in road accident near Volodymyr-Volynsky
Lviv: far-right protesters attacked LGBTi activists
Migrant demo in Athens now
Thousand of refugees protesting in Athens
Refugees stranded in Greece protest in Athens
Equity festival in L'viv, Ukraine
#BrusselsForum 50% of world refugees come from Syria, Afghanistan, Somalia. West can deal w/ 3 conflicts, not deals to keep refugees out
Alexei Venediktov: Kerry will be in Moscow for four days - unprecedented.
Up to 300 far-rights gath around the Festival of equality in Lviv Ukraine
Explosion of gas station in Dagestan wounded up to 50 people watching the fire yesterday
Germany's Foreign Office advises its citizens to stay indoors / in their hotels and wait for further information
People brings flowers to representative office of Rostov-on-don to Moscow
#CrimeanSOS in Prague prepares for the demo
Celebration of St.Patrick day in Moscow
Airport in Rostov-on-Don now
Russian investigative committee reported on discovery of the second black box of the crashed Boeing
@UKRinTR is strongly condemn the attacks in Istanbul. There cannot be explanation of terrorism
Poroshenko honored the victims of a plane crash in Rostov, among which eight Ukrainians
FlyDubai CEO Ghaith al-Ghaith says there is no suspicions that a bomb caused the crash
#BrusselsForum Poland FM Waszczykowski meets Ukraine FM Klimkin
Military convoy in the area of Luhansk airport
Lviv, Western Ukraine: local court bans LGBT festival, organizers promise to hold the event as planned
Russian tanks at Mospine
February 18 2016 Unidentified Flying Object entered Russian airspace. Recorded RU communications
Russia says human error or technical failure two main theories for plane crash - agencies
Ivanov: We never questioned integrity of Ukraine, Michael Turner: But you annexed Crimea #BrusselsForum
Now the crowd is openly and loudly laughing at the former Russian Foreign Minister Ivanov. #BrusselsForum
@PavloKlimkin at #BrusselsForum2016:Russia's goal-to kill off any possib. for democratic and European UA to success
Min. Waszczykowski: If there is a crisis in Ukraine it is initiated by Russia #BrusselsForum
"We're not in a Cold War situation, we are in a hot war situation." - @RepMikeTurner #BrusselsForum
Russia: nuclearweapons paradox, less weapons but higher chance of usage than in 80s. #BrusselsForum @gmfus
Igor Ivanov (Russia): If Poland will have misille defence we will locate missiles in Kaliningrad #BrusselsForum
[email protected] releases statement on EU-Turkey Migrant/Refugee crisis
EN route from Moscow to Rostov flight SU1166 "Aeroflot" has made 3 attempts to land, was diverted to Krasnodar
Canada announced additional sanctions on RU individuals and entities for activities in Ukraine
FlyDubai passengers: 44 Russians, eight Ukrainians, two Indians and one Uzbek. All died.
FlyDubai Boeing made several attempts to land
FlyDubai 981 tried landing in winds of 30-50 mph. Of 62 killed, 4 were children
7 citizens of Ukraine killed in crash of FlyDubai Flight 981 in Rostov on Don
According to FlyDubai FZ981 was carrying 55 passengers and 7 crew members.
Boeing 737-800 crashed in Rostov-on-don. On Board were 62
Boeing 737-800 crashed in Rostov-on-don. On Board were 62
Russian militants at Krasnyi Luch
Vladimir Putin expressed his condolences to the families of those killed in the crash of a Boeing in Rostov-on-don
RuAF strategic air force HF-net active (including W marker).
52 attacks of Russian militants yesterday
Head of Ingushetiya cut off part of boy hat with knife
In between FZ981’s 1st attempt and crash, SU1166 made 3 landing attempts before diverting.
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