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16 สิงหาคม 2018

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NYPD moves "highly trained high profile locations" around the city following Berlin market incident
White House on Berlin incident: "We stand together with Berlin in the fight against all those who target our way of life..."
German police say a truck plowed through a Christmas market in Berlin, killing 9 and injuring at least 50 people
Graphic video shows the assassination of Russia's ambassador to Turkey by a man who shouted, "Don't forget Syria!"
Berlin Mayor Michael Müller, on the fatal Christmas market attack in the city: "It's terrible to see this scene"
Prince Harry speaks movingly about Princess Diana in new documentary: "I never really dealt with what had happened."
Police in Berlin are asking people to remain at home
Russian ambassador killed in Turkey was a "hospitable professional," says British counterpart in Turkey
Several people injured in shooting at mosque in Zurich, Switzerland, and the suspect is on the run, officials say.
Berlin mayor says situation under control. Calls for quiet
Police spox: can't say whether attack or accident. Suspect possibly the driver, investigations ongoing
State Department avoids calling Russian diplomat's assassination "terrorism"
Berlin state interior minister says background of truck crash at Berlin Christmas market still unclear, could be accident or attack
Scene in Berlin
Polish media has reportedly made contact with owner of truck used in Berlin market attack. Says was enroute to Italy, no reason to be there
Berlin police remind people not to spread videos from the scene of the attack out of respect for the victims and their families
German Public Prosecutor General takes this case. Terrorist could have killed driver before attack
No indication of further danger in Berlin after deadly truck attack at Christmas market, police say
[email protected] chief Ban Ki-moon condemns "senseless" act of terror that killed the Russian ambassador to Turkey
Turkey PM says three people, including a foreign national, also wounded in assassination of Russia envoy to Ankara
[email protected]: Deeply saddened by news of deaths at Breitscheidplatz Christmas market. My thoughts are with the victims. Europe stands ready to help
After Police in Berlin said they believe it was a terror attack, German interior minister de Maizière says to early to determine
Owner of the truck company from Poland says truck was supposed to be driven by his cousin, but is convinced it was hijacked
Police in Berlin say the truck drove about 80 meters all g the Christmas market before stopping, truck was Polish, driver arrested
A suspect has been apprehended in Berlin truck incident, according to police
3 people injured in a shooting at an Islamic center in Zurich, Switzerland, police say.
"I saw the top of a truck coming towards the crowd. People just dropped everything," describes witness in Berlin
German government spokesman calls Berlin attack "terrible", says Chancellor Merkel is in contact with officials
ISIS takes credit for fatal truck attack on Berlin Christmas market
Berlin police telling drivers that all road accesses to Breitscheidplatz are closed
Berlin police confirm driver of Christmas market attack has been arrested. Passenger in cabin has died of wounds
Russian accounts reporting that LNR terror group launched another offensive near Svitlodarsk
Video shows several ambulances and police cars after truck plows into Berlin Christmas market, killing at least 9.
Latest after truck plows into Christmas Market in Berlin; up to 9 dead, dozens injured, police say
The truck driver was caught by police near the local zoo after fleeing, the passenger in be truck is dead
Police in Berlin have arrested the truck driver that plowed into a group of people at the Christmas market killing at least 9
Berlin police advises residents to "stay at home" and urges people not to spread rumors
Erdogan says Putin agrees that shooting of ambassador was a provocation
Police say there were 2 people inside the truck during the attack, both fled, police arrested 1 person,checking if he was involved
Putin calls for 'strengthening' of war against terrorism following Karlov shooting
NATO chief condemns assassination of Russian ambassador in Turkey Ankara
Erdogan: Turkey-Russia joint commission to investigate Russian envoy’s murder
Truck ploughs into Christmas Market: nine people dead, at least 50 injured (police), driver reportedly still at large
Police in Zurich say based on current info, unknown man fired shots at praying individuals at Islamic centre and fled the scene
9 killed at Breitscheidplatz, many wounded
Several dead, at least 50 injured in Berlin market attack: police
The Polish truck driver fled the scene after hitting many people at the Christmas market in Berlin, manhunt underway
Police spokesperson says truck plowing into crow at Berlin Christmas market is probably an attack
Pres Erdogan speaks live, doesnt blame any particular group, organization, says "this is a clear provocation against Turkish-Russian relations"
Video: Aftermath of truck that ran into a Christmas market in Berlin, Germany.
Erdogan says he agreed to Russian request to send officials to participate in investigation of murder of its ambassador to Turkey
Police in Berlin say they are unsure whether it was a deliberate attack or a traffic accident on the Christmas market
People start gathering near Turkish embassy in Moscow after murder of Russian ambassador in Ankara earlier today
We have to know who gave orders to the assassin – Putin
Absolute carinage after a truck plows into the Christmas market at Breitscheidplatz in Berlin, at least 1 dead and multiple injured
Russian flag flies at Texas Capitol prior to #ElectoralCollege
Scene at the Berlin Christmas market after semi truck plows into crowd. Several injured.
At least one dead and multiple others injured after a Truck plows into the Christmas market at Breitscheidplatz in Berlin
Multiple deaths and injured after truck slams into Christmas Market in Berlin
Truck ploughs into Christmas market in Berlin Germany. Many injured
Again heavy artillery in Northern Donetsk
Savchenko: administration of the President of Ukraine received the order to destroy me physically
White House releases statement on assassination of Russian Ambassador to Turkey Andrei Karlov
Counter-terror operation in Brussels, Belgium
[email protected] called on UN member states to vote in favor of the draft resolution on Crimea
President Erdoğan calls Putin to brief him about the assassination of Russian ambassador to Ankara
4 wounded soldiers evacuated to Dnipro city today
Turkish FM on way to Moscow for Syria talks as Russian envoy killed in Ankara
Large anti-terror operation in Belgium
Head of the Security Committee of the Duma, Leonid Slutskiy has said Turkey-Russia relations will not be impacted.
Protest of opposition in Katowice
Report: 3 people are injured in a shooting at an Islamic center in Zurich
The man to the right with the gun in his hand is the gunman, he was dressed and claimed to be a police officer, situation ongoing
Ambassador Karlov shot while giving a speech at an art exhibition, attacker might still be in building
Reports that the gunman was shouting and mentioning Allepo while shooting the Russian ambassador Andrey Karlov at the art gallery
A Number of people were shot besides the Russian ambassador, gunman is still in the art gallery with special forces on scene
Russian Ambassador to Turkey, Andrey Karlov has been shot at opening of an art exhibition in Ankara and is in critical condition
IMF chief Christine Lagarde convicted by French court over payout to businessman
Another suspected cyber attack on Ukrainian electrical grid, Kyivska GAES was turned off
Assad's UN man speaking now at the UNSC - he's not happy and accused U.K. and France of only wanting to "protect terrorists"
Heavy clashes renewed near Svitlodarsk
Promka is now under artillery shelling. North-West to Donetsk
European Union extends economic sanctions on Russia by six months, until 31 July 2017
China and Norway have reached consensus on normalization of ties. Chinese Premier Li Keqiang and Norwegian Foreign Minister meet on Monday
At least 33 die in Russian city from alcohol poisoning
Death toll of counterfit "Boyarishnyk" in Irkutsk hit 41
Mikhail Khodorkovsky says Vladimir Putin is savoring the widespread belief that he influenced the US election
ATO spox: Near Pokrovsk, UA policemen confiscated a small arsenal: 2 hand grenades, 150 Kalashnikov rifle ammo and “Fort” rifle
Col. Lysenko: Yesterday, UA serviceman, “cyborg” from Donetsk airport, Taras Kolodiy returned home after 2 years of enemy captivity
ATO spokesperson: In Maryinka, a local resident was wounded as a result of enemy shelling
ATO spokesperson: In Maryinka, a local resident was wounded as a result of enemy shelling
Col. Andriy Lysenko: At the frontline stretching from Hnutove to Shyrokyne, enemy applied heavy weapons against UA servicemen
ATO spox: Mariupol sector: military situation remains intense at the same level as before
Col. Lysenko: Donetsk sector: in addition to Svitlodarsk hostilities, militants were active in Avdiyivka industrial area
ATO spokesperson: Luhansk sector: near Troitske, militants shelled UA positions with mortars; in other areas, small arms were applied
Col. Andriy Lysenko: Enemy losses: about 50 militants dead and wounded in action in Svitlodarsk area
ATO spox: Over yesterday hostilities near Svitlodarsk, 5 UA servicemen were killed in action, 6 - wounded in action, 10 incurred concussion
Col. Lysenko: As a result of enemy actions, in Svitlodarsk, Myronivske and Luhanske, electric network broke down
ATO spokesperson: In total, during yesterday`s fighting near Luhanske, militants fired at UA positions over 700 mortar mines
Col. Lysenko: After 5 PM, enemy militants struck UA positions for the third time – intensity of enemy fire was multi-fold larger than before
ATO spox: In the afternoon, militants performed 2nd attempt of assault, but also unsuccessfully
Col. Lysenko: Having shelled UA positions, enemy infantry started an offensive that lasted over 6 hours, but in vain
ATO spokesperson: Early in the morning, enemy started actively shelling UA positions in Svitlodarsk area with mortars and cannons
Col. Lysenko: Yesterday, mil situation in the area of Svitlodarsk deteriorated: enemy planned to capture UA positions after cannon shelling
Map. Situation in eastern Ukraine December 19, 2016, 00:00 EET
Germany arrests alleged Turkish spy
Eight die of alcohol poisoning in Russia after consuming bath lotion, 10 others hospitalized
Russian Ministry of Defense: everyone alive in Il-18 crash in Yakutiya
ATO HQ this morning reports about 24 attacks by Russian forces at Donbas yesterday. All day fighting near Svitlodarsk
Military Il-18 crashed in Yakutiya, Russia. 27 killed, 5 survived
Russian police shoot dead seven militants in Chechnya
Horlivka: artillery still works
German security forces arrest a Turkish spy in Hamburg who was to assassinate 2 high ranking Kurdish officials in Bremen and Brussels
McCain: Russian election-related hacks threaten to 'destroy democracy'
Swiss Airlines executive said "Muslim" in-flight meals can be used to profile passengers.
Olexander Shlapak, ex-minister of finances - New head of Privatbank
'Boycott Bocelli': Fans React to Possibility of Italian Tenor Performing at
An Irish politician's speech was interrupted by the holiday tunes emanating from his musical tie
Ukrainian government ordered to nationalize biggest commercial bank Privatbank
Queen Elizabeth II's portrait unveiled today features a determined look ahead and perhaps a Mona Lisa smile.
Russian Airdefense unit from Novosibirsk carried out firings with «Pantsir-S» at Ashuluk
Grzegorz Schetyna: We are in the Sejm and will be here untill demands are met
Poroshenko will reportedly have an emergency meeting of the Council of National Security and Defense of the country tonight
ATO HQ: Russian forces pushing more weapons to the Svitlodarsk, shellings not stopping
More footage from the fighting in the very heart of Grozny today. FSB sources called it a "coup".
More footage from the fighting in the very heart of Grozny today. FSB sources called it a coup.
4 senators, including John McCain and Lindsey Graham, call for a select committee to investigate Russian hacking
Priebus: Trump would believe Russia hacked election if US officials released official report
Svitlodarsk area - Mironovskiy 9.26 pm - "No electricity, battle is very loud"
Leak reveals Rex Tillerson is director of Bahamas-based US-Russian oil company, reports @guardian
Now Stakhanov is also witnessing artillery fire
About 1,400 Israelis protested tonight in front of the Russian and US embassies in Tel Aviv in solidarity with the Syrian people
1 civilian was wounded in Maryinka in explosion
United Launch Alliance Atlas 5 rocket flight to deploy the EchoStar 19 satellite for high-speed Internet connectivity.
Bipartisan group of senators creating panel on Russia hacking
It's propaganda
"News agency of Novorosia" just emitted an Urgent message saying Poroshenko could start a major offensive tonight.
Mironovka, Svitlodarsk sector still doesnt have power because of the fighting, flashes still seen in the skies Ukraine Donbas
Head of PiS blocked in his car near Wawel Castle, protesters hit it with eggs
Russian artillery pounding Ukrainian positions near Svitlodarsk
Largest amount of wounded in Dnipro city military hospital in last 2 years
Ukraine's POW Taras Kolodiy "Cyborg" released after almost 2 years captivity in "DNR"
Russian state tv accuses CIA of planning "a coup" against Trump, accuses NYT of being "in front row" of those wanting to overthrow him
Podesta suggests Trump campaign may have colluded with Russia
Clashes with security forces reportedly in Avtury village near Grozny
TSN reporting about 26 wounded Ukrainian soldiers near Svitlodarsk
Intel shows Putin approved election hacking, according to sources familair with the US Intelligence assessment
5 Ukrainian soldiers killed, 6 wounded in Russian attack near Svitlodarsk today, Attack as for now is repelled
Police try to remove protesters in Krakow blocking Kaczynski's car to pass
Big police presence near Wawel castle in Krakow amid protests
Police removes protesters who blocked road for PiS politicians to Wawel Royal Castle in Krakow
Kraków. Activists staged anti-PiS lay down, police intervened
The Eiffel Tower has reopened to the public after a five-day closure
Former Defense Secretary Robert Gates on Rex Tillerson and Russia: "Being friendly doesn't make you friends"
Ukrainian songs in the heart of London
President Obama has vowed to "send a clear message" to Russia over its hacking but has few ideal options
Former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger tells @FaceTheNation "I hope we're doing some hacking" in Russia
Russian Ambassador says France UNSC draft resolution on Aleppo is "unworkable and dangerous"-another veto looming in emergency session
Priebus: Trump ready to accept Russia hacking, if CIA, FBI release consensus report
Russia says ready to veto UN measure on Aleppo observers
Clashes near Kalynove, Luhansk region near Popasna
Hull Prison under lockdown after riots result in injured staff
Bengaluru: 500 Kg London Bridge and 7.5 Feet Chinese dragon themed cakes among major attractions at 42nd annual cake-show ahead of Christmas
Poll: 55% of Americans are bothered by Russian election hacking
Power is now shutdown in Svitlodarsk and incoming artillery rounds still raining down. Ukraine
New TV tower on Karachun mount near Slovyansk
Russian accounts in social media spreading rumors about Ukrainian offensive near Svitlodarsk, claimed that Ukraine already secured Svitlodarsk reservoir
8 killed in Irkutsk after drink hawthorn tincture (instead vodka)
"Funeral of Polish democracy" banner
Pro-Russian accounts spreading rumors about Ukrainian offensive in the Debaltseve area, could be false-flag for Russian forces attack on Svitlodarsk
Yakovlevka hears artillery shots and small arms shooting
Sen. McCain: President Obama "has no strategy and no policy" to deal with Russian hacking
Ukraine: Intensive small arms firing in Horlivka.
Sen. John McCain says "we need a select committee" to investigate Russia involvement in US election
Sen. John McCain says that President Obama has "no strategy and no policy as to what to do about these various cyber attacks ..."
Heavy clashes in Butivka area
Report: House intelligence chair ignored CIA calls about Russian interference in the election
UK faces strike-hit Christmas by post, train and air
Russia president's special envoy on Syria Alexander Lavrentiev today met Iran's SNSC Secretary Shamkhani and adviser to the leader Velayati
No casualties yesterday among Ukrainian soldiers
Poland: Protest of opposition near the Constitutional court
Debal'tseve, Vuhledarsk, Svitlodarsk - many reports of sound of artillery
Meanwhile in Moscow: Embassy of the Independent Republic of California
Grozny police are seeking three "ISIS militants" who were involved in last night's shootouts
Novska radio posted this picture on social media and reported that the driver of the van was from Bulgaria
Alexei Korneyev: FIFA ethics committee starts preliminary investigation into Russian sports minister Vitaly Mutko.
Russian forces used GRAD missiles against Ukrainian positions near Syze village in Luhansk region near the border of Russia
Russian forces used GRAD missiles against Ukrainian positions near Syze village in Luhansk region near the border of Russia
Robert Gates: US response to Russia hacks has been "laid back"
Possible explosion of a meteorite near Murmansk was filmed
Possible explosion of a meteorite near Murmansk was filmed
Police hunting for militants who fled after attack on police in Chechnya.
New Russian T-50 jet
Emergency services worked through the night, deploying 17 ambulances from as far away as Zagreb and taking them to hospitals across the region
Police find 63 migrants freezing and starving in van near Croatia's Novska, 14 hospitalised suffering carbon monoxide poisoning, four critical
Azerbaijan reportedly signs deal to purchase Israel's Iron Dome
Russian forces shelled Pavlopil', Vodyane, Talakivka, Lebedyns'ke, Starohnativka, Shyrokyne with 122 and 152mm artillery
Attack in Grozny last night. 6 killed, according to Dozhd TV
Attack in Grozny last night. 6 killed, according to Dozhd TV
Destruction in Vodyane after recent shellings
UNSC in emergency meeting on Aleppo Sunday- France resolution calling for international monitoring of evacuation
Ship of Interest: Antigua Barbuda flag cargo vessel Esbjerg transits Bosphorus en route from Burgas to Umm Qasr, possibly transporting arms
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