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18 กรกฎาคม 2018

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Champagne in Donetsk shop
#Mayorsk (close to Zhovanka) AGL fire
St. Mykolay day in Dnipropetrovsk
Opening of Christmas tree in Kyiv
US not looking for confrontation with Russia over Ukraine - Kerry
Swedish #ISIS followers threaten to behead non-Muslims #Sweden
New Year ball in Moscow
St. Mykolay day in Kyiv
Ex-Spanish carrier 'Príncipe de Asturias' to be sold as scrap (cost of refurbishing put potential buyers off)
Russian militants in Rozdol'ne
Wall Painting in honor of dead Russian pilot in Syria in Novi Sad city - Serbia
In Yekaterinburg Grebenshchikov concert. Openly anti-war. Full house
Russian militant in Frunze, Luhanska region
Trucks of National guard in center of Kyiv
Large demo in Poznan'
Rally in Wroclaw
Anti-terror raid in Mariinka
Anti-terror raid in Mariinka
Valencia: Demonstration against the foreigners detention center (#CIEsNO)
Doctors try to revive a baby after a boat with refugees sunk while was crossing from Turkey to the island of Lesbos
Demo in Lublin today
Putin says russia has caught / identified more than 320 spies this year
Protesters at Kyiv city prosecutor office
Hundreds join #refugee solidarity rally in Madrid, slamming #NATO invasions
Kurds rally in Stockholm, Sweden
Flares at March in Kyiv
People are chanting "Revolution!"
March for the release of suspects in "the case of the Buzina"
Common sense has left European politics a long time ago, Viktor Orbán told @lidovky
Russian foreign Ministry announced that there is a high probability of terrorist attacks in Indonesia and recommended not to leave the tourist areas
Rally in Donetsk
Rally of Right Sector in Kyiv
Rally of Right Sector in Kyiv. Demand to free "political prisoners"
Sharp increase in enemy UAV activity yesterday over #Horlivka, #Mariupol, #Yalta (near Mariupol), #Shyrokyno
Rally in Warsaw
Vladimir Putin the President of Turkey: Nothing is eternal under Moon
Wall Street Journal: in Syria killed nine Russian contract servicemen who belonged to a "Vagner" closed military group
Now in Piraeus. Demo in solidarity with #refugeesGr and immigrants. Under Golden Dawn offices
Fitch affirms #Serbia credit rating at 'B-plus', upgrades outlook to positive as country emerges from recession
Protest in Warsaw
Rally of "Committee of Democracy defense" at Sejm, Warsaw
The #Armenia-#Azerbaijan summit concluded with a toast to 2016 to work towards a negotiated settlement. #NKpeace
About 13 000 people at Rally near Sejm
Quran reading competition in #Kyiv #Ukraine
Patrol police starts its work in #Lutsk
Rally in support of Ildar Dadin in Moscow
Two more infants saved in the Aegean Sea and are now in #Lesvos island
The 11km boat journey from #Turkey to #Lesvos is ~€1000 per person. A flight from Istanbul to London is ~€250
Map of Radiation levels in Finland. 0,219µSv/h at Kotka
In Finland no changes in background radiation after the accident at the LNPP
18 refugees drowned after their boat sank in #Aegean sea - #Turkey
59 attacks yesterday, 40 last night. GRAD-P several times used
Shooting in Donetsk tonight
Shooting in Donetsk tonight
Heavy fighting audible in #Mariinka tonight, heavy machine guns and strong explosions
#Petrovka, heavy battle still ongoing, people are hiding in basements, flashes in the sky, heavy pounding.#Donetsk
#Yasynuvata Outgoing again.
Helicopter reported. Avdiivka-Nevel'ske. Possible Medevac
Christmas tree in #Luhansk tonight
#Mayorsk - two WIA's
Shelling in Mariinka
TSN news filming group got under shelling in Shirokine
Students, leftists, anarchists as well as anti-racist groups rally for #InternationalMigrantsDay in #Athens #Greece
Steam at 2nd unit of Leningradska TPP
Fire service still investigating a fire alarm at North Terminal of Gatwick airport
Kommersant reports: EU sanctions to continue for another six months
Evacuation of North Terminal at Gatwick airport due to fire alarm
Russian fighter at Novoazovs'k
What sounds like a tank or a 120mm mortar in the Airport area #Donetsk
Clashes over church control in Rivne region
Monument to Stalin opened in Luhansk
Steam over Leningrad Nuclear power plant today
At Moscow Airport. Holiday reading "Let's learn judo with Vladimir Putin".
Echelon with military vehicles on the way to Ukrainian border in Rostov region
President Erdogan met Ukrainian MP and leader of Crimea's Tatars Dzhemilev today
Storchak: Ukraine has no chance of winning this court case.
Russia did not give Crimea "a penny" of the promised 15 billions - Aksenov
#Georgia meets criteria for #visaliberalisation
Leningradskaya NPP: No release of steam in atmosphere. Radioactive background is normal
Romania-Major components of Aegis Ashore Missile Defense System completed; shows success of US-RO cooperation
No reason to evacuate population after stopping of 2nd energy block at Leningradskaya nuclear power station.
Miners pictured underground during final #Kellingley Colliery shift
Leningrad Nuclear Power Plant unit 2 emergency shutdowned
EU leaders vow 'uncompromising fight against terrorism,' call for wide-ranging countermeasures
Small arms shooting at Opytne-Spartak
At least 3 hit of 120mm mortars mines near Ukrainian positions in Mayorsk
NATO Head Renews Calls on Russia to Remove Forces From Ukraine
#Donetsk. Volleys started again. Sounds like from Balka - Smolyanka
The release of steam at LPP is radioactive. Wind to the West - Finland
If we get EU reforms right, the best future for Britain is in reformed EU - UK PM Cameron
[email protected] "This Morning @EU_Commission Adopted Positive Reports On Progress On Visa Liberalisation For #Georgia, #Ukraine And #Kosovo."
#Albanian #parliament bans criminals from public office
Russian MLRS GRAD from Horlivka hit school in Novhorods'ke. No casualties
Houthi delegation decides to return to Geneva talks
In Mariupol detained 17 people with grenade launchers and machine guns
Sberbank drops below 100 RUB as Ukraine moratorium also applies to $500mln owed to Russian banks
Police in #Berlin #Germany carried out anti-terror raids on 2 homes and made arrests, 1 refugee was arrested in North Rhine-Westphalia
#SaudiArabia could buy 30 An-178 cargo aircrafts
100 helmets for Ukrainian pilots
The fire in the hostel of the Sevastopol: seven rescued, one is in the hospital with poisoning
Poroshenko: European Commission confirmed Ukraine has met all the criteria of Visa Liberalisation Action Plan
The European Commission recommended the abolition of the visa regime for Ukraine
#Hungary: no "migrants caught" by authorities yesterday - via
AFK Sistema sells reported 10% stake in Russian Detsky Mir toy store chain
Fire extinguished at Tech university in Dolgoprudny
In Mariupol SBU detained a group with a large Arsenal of weapons
Kids of fighters who were killed in Donbass war at Rada
1 Azerbaijani soldier killed yesterday
#Kharkiv On Constitution square entrepreneurs rally against tax reforms
The government is introducing a moratorium on the payment of $3 billion 75 million of Russian bonds.
#Ukraine says it won't repay $3B owed to #Russia by this weekend. Ukraine PM announces 'moratorium' on any debt repayments to Russia.
Russia has decided to expel the journalist of the Polish newspaper "Gazeta Wyborcza"
Moscow tech university is of fire in Dolgoprudny
Ukraine Defaults on $3 Billion Bond to Russia
ATO spox: In Mariupol, police enforcers located huge arsenal: many rocket launchers, grenades, land mines, TNT
Col. Lysenko: National Guard demonstrated combat performance of light infantry unit in exercises near Kyiv
Col. Andriy Lysenko: Trainings in MLRS-firing of UA servicemen took place yesterday in Lviv region
ATO spox: UA intelligence reports, militants occasionally by mistake perform uncontrolled launches of BM-21 Grad
ATO spokesperson: No Ukrainian serviceman was killed in action in last 24 hours, 4 soldiers were wounded yesterday
Johannes Hahn: #Albania: I welcome adoption of the #decriminalisation law. It demonstrates that constructive cross-partydialogue best way 2 pursue reforms
USAF Lockheed C-130 Hercules in Ukraine
Mother Teresa of Calcutta is to be made a saint, Vatican announces
Russia Western Military District held chemical, biological, nuclear pollution drills
Putin spox Peskov: only volunteers from Russia fought at Donbas.
#Germany @DeirEzzor_SS intel led police to arrest Syrian #ISIS suspect in a refugee center
Russian musician Yuri Schevchuk singing for protesting truck drivers
[email protected] reports #Russia has officially asked #Canada to close @InformNapalm servers
20 attacks on Ukrainian positions since 6 pm yesterday till morning
20 attacks on Ukrainian positions since 6 pm yesterday till morning
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