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18 กรกฎาคม 2018

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Refugee is going to train in Šentilj (Slovene) to Austria , by foot on the train to the border
Almost 2200 people at Thügida march in Altenburg Germany, 900 at counter-match
#Slovenia police fire tear gas to keep back #migrants at #Trnovec border crossing
#Zakharchenko has called all transactions with @poroshenko void (as part of sanctions)
#refugee children keeping warm by burning teddybear after 20 hours stuck in Trnovec at #Croatia #Slovenia border
#Russia Foreign Ministry protested to French Amb that French fighter buzzed Russian jet carrying Duma leader. Turns out fighter was Swiss.
Pegida rally at Theaterplatz.
Tonight at #Moria Lesvos. Violence and chaos
Pictures from anti immigration and anti muslim protests in Germany tonight
Sky News: For migrants at the Croatia-Slovenia border, conditions are "hellish"
Clashes between police and Pegida protesters in Dresden
Swiss say military plane flew close to official Russian jet in routine check
Police ask protesters to clear the road. Am Zwingerteich.
"We're not a stage for xenophobia", the famous Semper Opera's message to the #Pegida protesters tonight
Policeman harass reporter during crackdown near Dresden Opera House
#refugeesGr help clean up mess caused by #refugeeCrisis at northern shore of #Lesvos.
Secretary @JohnKerry: It’s essential that all parties implement their Minsk commitments in full, now. #Ukraine
Ukraine’s credit rating lifted to B- by S&P after reaching a restructuring agreement with its creditors
Barricade on the small Packhofstraße
800 people protest in #Wuerzburg against #Pegida
Picture of @Ruptly producer's damaged camera after he was pushed to the ground and beaten by #PEGIDA protesters
Theaterplatz, Dresden is packed with PEGIDA
The newest frigate "the Admiral of Fleet of Soviet Union Gorshkov" was released in the White sea
Thousands still waiting to be let out of this freezing cold limbo between borders at Trnovec. 5 degrees C here
Anti-racism rally takes over #Dresden
Police with dogs on the way to rally in Dresden
Pegida rally in Munich
"President" of Occupied South Ossetia Tibilov has offered to hold a referendum on joining RF
A migrant's child sleeps as it is seen in a rain cover at the border crossing from Slovenia in Trnovec, #Croatia
An Afghan #migrant jumps off a raft onto a beach at the Greek island of #Lesbos
Hundreds #refugees stuck at #Slovenia #Croatia border. No getting in,no going back. 17 hours in rainandscold no shelter
The anti fascist movement dedicated to an ironic #HappyBirthday to #Pegida on 1st anniversary in #Dresden.
OSCE UAV recorded at least 6 tanks in Komsomol'ske
People arriving at rally in Dresden
OSCE UAV was jammed near Zaichenko, East to the Mariupol
Rally in Dresden
Refugees wait in #Berkasovo to cross from Serbia to Croatia
Paris dismisses claims French military jet flew 'dangerously close' to jet carrying Russian officials
Prince William speaks about illegal wildlife trade
Theaterplatz was well filled for #Pegida rally
2000 people at the Pegida demo at Schlesischen Platz, Dresden
Russian Komsomolskaya Pravda Radio starts program "Vozhd" dedicated to Putin
PM @JJansaSDS says Hungarian migration crisis management is right.
Polish and US F-16s, & Italian Tornados land in Tripani, Italy for Exercise Trident Juncture
Stalin portrait in the centre of Donetsk today:
3 more bodies found at Ivolga ship
The French Ambassador to Russia was summoned to the Russian foreign Ministry in connection with the dangerous convergence of an aircraft in the French air force with aircraft transportation.the delegation of the Parliament of the Russian Federation-Ministry of foreign Affairs
Head of DNR Zakharchenko has imposed sanctions against Poroshenko and the oligarchs Kolomoisky, Lozhkin and Kurchenko - decree
September in Russia: real wages -9.7%;retail turnover -10,4%;real income - -4,3%;investments -5,6%; ind.output -3,7%
The ship "Ivolga" raised. Will be delivered to the shore to explore.
Refugee Demonstration in Graz, Austria
Refugee Demonstration in Graz, Austria
The flagship of #Russian Navy aircraft carrier Kuznetsov has begun to implement the planned tasks of combat training in the Barents sea
In the Krasnodar region prevented a terrorist attack
A little girl in a once white jacket. Now drenched, shivering and covered in mud at Serbia-Croatia border
Buses have arrived on Slovenian side - everyone's rushed to the metal barriers
Azerbaijani military shell Armenian base in retaliation for cross border incdent
Tensions rise fast as #Austria only accepts 1500 #refugees a day from SLO, #Slovenia 2500 from CRO, but #Croatia wants to send 5000 a day.
Sister of Nadezhda Savchenko Vera was allowed to enter Russia
Lavrov: supporters of Russian culture are oppressed in Ukraine
First Deputy head of the Krasnogorsk shot in his office
Yanukovych filed a lawsuit in the ECHR in connection with the violation of his rights by Ukraine
Opening of Nato Exercises in Tripani
Driving rain, ankle deep mud, no shelter and the constant sound of babies crying. 3000 people on Serbian border.
Man wounded after explosion in Mykolaiv' apartment block
Uladzimir Nyaklyaeu said that street rallies in Belarus will continue
Slovenian police let around 100 people through early this morning but no one else
Many are taking cover under this old Croatian passport-check shelter
Dnipropetrovsk court obliged the regional prosecutor’s office to open criminal case against Vice PM of Yanukovych times
Ex-minister William Hague warned against listing EU demands, just before British PM did that
Spain, US sign new accord on nuclear accident clean-up plan
Croatia-Slovenia border now. Many refugees also further in distance stuck in rain. For twelve hours now
Channel tunnel @LeShuttle passenger services resume after earlier platform 'intrusion' in France; delays expected
ATO spox: Weapons withdrawal process continues: OSCE observers completed verification of withdrawn weapons
ATO spox: Ukrainian Armed Forces did not incur any casualties; no single serviceman was wounded in action in last 24 hours
Refugees and migrants stuck at the Serbian-Croatian border in Bapska
The Latest on migrants/refugees: Migrants stuck at Serbia-Croatia border fan out into fields to seek new crossings:
In Kryviy Rih SBU seized arsenal of weapons
In Kryviy Rih SBU seized arsenal of weapons
Polish artillery "Boga wojny" fire during Exercise #Dragon15 'Demo Day'
Registry of banned websites is proposed to create in Ukraine
#Poltava. Peat is burning near the town
Poltava. Peat is burning near the town
Michel Platini admits no written contract for FIFA payment: report
NATO Exercise Trident Juncture - factsheet #TJ15 Biggest ex since 2002
Refugees in Trnovec, Slovenia
Street musician on the promenade evening in Occupied Yalta performs the anthem of Ukraine
Street musician on the promenade evening in Occupied Yalta performs the anthem of Ukraine
Ukrainian armed forces has completed the preparation for second phase of the withdrawal of weapons
For the last day, 7 wounded fighters delivered to hospital Mechnikova - Chief of hospital
Putin aide Ivanov said that Relations with Ukraine today has fallen through the floor, but not Russia's fault. Not Kremlin have organized the coup in Kyiv
Soon Vira Savchenko will try to enter the territory of the Russian Federation from Ukraine - lawyer
Civil house was hit with RPG this morning in Mariupol. No casualties
The police said that they are keeping order near the Akhmetov printing house in Mariupol
Ukraine will be able at any time convene a meeting of the UN security Council - Poroshenko
Girkin: "#Novorossiya" is closed. We have lost
Mig-29 at #Malbork air base
A documentary about #Maidan "Winter on fire" now available
A documentary about Maidan Winter on fire now available
Serbian bus driver charged each migrant €10 euros to drive 4 miles back to camp they had been moved from earlier.
Under the Lavra protested through participation Onuphrius in campaigning for pro-Russian Vilkul
Protests in Podgorica is over for today, no serious incidents
#Volnovakha today Rus #propaganda mass SMS: 'You will perish for Poroshenko's gold reserves'
Rally in Podgorica at Square of the Republic
Rally in Podgorica at Square of the Republic
Poroshenko insist to open monitoring post of the OSCE will in Avdiivka, Pisky, Gorlovka, Debaltsevo
Cologne stabbing victim, Henriette Reker, elected mayor, according to early results
Large rally in Podgorica
Montenegrins gather for the biggest anti-govt rally in 26 years after yesterday's police brutality
Poroshenko: For the first time in the history of the UNSC next to aggressor will sit object of aggression
Flares at protest in Podgorica, Montenegro
#Slovenia rejects #Croatia request to send second train on Sunday, and says it will only accept 2,500 #refugees per day from now on
Drills at Alchevsk outskirts
#SecKerry is wheels down in #Madrid. #Spain is third country today after #Italy and #France.
Davutoglu said he hoped that the visa-free entry for Turks comes in force in the Schengen area in July 2016.
Russian tank in Solntsevo
Volunteers, activists, and "democratic forces" ask Poroshenko to postpone the election in #Mariupol
#Montenegro police barricades highways across the country to stop cars from coming to @SlobodaTrazi
In Moscow region derailed freight train
Drills of militants in Donetsk
Drills of militants in Donetsk
Slovenia map for refugees
DNR is against arrest of minister Lyamin in LNR
Militants placed tail of shotdown Ukrainian plane in Horlivka night-club
Militants placed tail of shotdown Ukrainian plane in Horlivka night-club
Fire in Donetsk for few hours
US Sec of state Kerry will meet Israeli PM Netanyahu in Berlin this week, & Palestinian leader Abbas with King Abdullah in Jordan
Mariupol police urged residents not to react to calls for unrest
#Montenegro Police official response regarding yesterday's allegations of over-stepping use of force
Leader of terror group "LNR" Plotnitsky has suspended the "head of the state security"
Syrian activist with a #FEMEN activist. "Stop #Putin war against Ukrainians and Syrians"
Explosion and column of smoke near Donbas arena in Donetsk
Explosion and column of smoke near Donbas arena in Donetsk
Mohammed& wife Dilan +4 kids #refugees Kurds from #Iraq fled #ISIS. Loves #Sweden. Stuck at yet a border #Slovenia
Advertising at Occupied territories - "Thank you for help, Russia"
Ukraine meet Slovenia EURO 2016 play-off
Something is burning in Donetsk
Ukrainian Emergency minsitry reported a total of 22 pockets of smouldering peat near Kyiv
Dramatic drop in the number of #refugees entering #Hungary: 870 on Saturday, after the #Croatia-n border got closed.
Hungary gvt spks @zoltanspox at presser: "the latest news is that there is no news, no migrants from Croatia since green border closure"
Titushki in Chisinau today
Saakashvili: owner of boat that sank disappeared, his son - captain is detained. Boat was overloaded 3times, didnt send SOS signal
Canadian soldiers training in #Poland with #NATO #Allies earlier this month as part of #OpREASSURANCE
Train w 1200 #refugees has been here since @ least 7am
#Slovenia: A train is expected here soon from #Croatia with 100s of desperate on the run seeking safety in #Europe
Police continues to seize arsenals of weapons in Donetsk region
China's cable layer ship arrived in Crimea for laying underwater "energy bridge"
#Donetsk airport area - tank shooting. In the area of the #Butovka mine heard the sound of heavy machinery
ATO press service: Around 8PM #Russia|n forces opened fire with small arms on #Ukraine positions at #Shyrokyne
#Luhansk, Arrest of 'LNR minister of fuel and energy' Lyamin
Luhansk, Arrest of 'LNR minister of fuel and energy' Lyamin
Police dispersed protest camp in Podgorica, Montenegro
Police dispersed protest camp in Podgorica, Montenegro
Protest camp in Poltava
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