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21 กันยายน 2018

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US Ambassador to the #OSCE, Daniel Baer, warned of the possibility of Russian forces offensive on Mariupol and the surroundings.
NATO: Stoltenberg says has had 'good talk' with Trump on NATO future - AFP
Photos from today's Christmas lights switch-on event in Harlow Market Square
Consequences of Russian attacks today in Krasnohorivka, West to Donetsk
Krasnohorivka photos: GRAD missiles parts just on the road
Makiivka: heavy outgoing salvos, audible in center, Krasna gorka, Zapadnaya
Donetsk: shelling audible in Kuybishevsky, Oktabrskiy districts, area of Donetsk airport
Artillery hits audible in Vuhlehirs'k
D-30 howitzers shelling near Debaltseve
Russian plane carrying journalists,officials accompanying Putin on his travel to Peru approached by 2 F-18 when flying over Switzerland
German prosecutors charge two Syrians for Ahrar al-Sham membership
Prosecutor says jailed Kosovo activist killed himself, no foul play
Swiss F-18 flying close to Russian Il-96
Swiss F-18 flying close to Russian Il-96
Polish president says he was reassured by phone call with Donald Trump
Theresa May vows to 'keep pressure' on Russia amid fears over Donald Trump alliance with Vladimir Putin
President Obama "can’t pardon" Snowden unless he goes before a court
Polish PM sees link between party's rise to power and Trump's triumph
Trump and NATO chief hold phone call, agree on alliance's importance
Russian SOF Sergey Pechal'nov was killed in Syria in June, 2 Russian operatives who was with him died in Moscow from wounds
Donetsk frontline is active tonight: reports of mortar and Self-propelled artillery shelling near Donetsk railway station
Putin will run for another term, campaign manager - Sergey Kirienko
Macedonia: 10 intelligence staff suspects in wiretap
Report: "Utes" silo-based coastal missile complex in Crimea restored to combat readiness
Preparations for #IronSword2016 in Lithuania-4000 troops from 11 NATO states: Lithuania, US, UK, Germany, Poland, Canada, Romania, Slovakia, Latvia, Estonia, Luxembourg
British PM's changing vocabulary signals shift from 'hard Brexit'
Evacuation still ongoing, bomb squad on site at the Pompidou hospital in Paris
The hospital is being evacuated in Paris
Video from hospital in Paris
Bomb squad on site according to a source there Paris
Part of the George Pompidou Hospital closed in Paris due to a bomb scare
Basurin of DNR: we have shot down Ukrainian UAV with Yarosh signature
Basurin of DNR: we have shot down Ukrainian UAV with Yarosh signature
Another Russian army supply convoy went to Donbas
U.S. says concerned over Russia blocking access to LinkedIn
SBU video of operation to free Boghdanov
SBU video of operation to free Boghdanov
Putin, Obama likely to talk on sidelines of Lima summit: Kremlin
Trump leaving the Paris deal won't help anybody
Winsum: one Person was taken to a hospital, several people were slightly injured
Last night's France 2 broadcast (Complément d'Enquête) on France's war against Islamic State.
Last night's France 2 broadcast (Complément d'Enquête) on France's war against Islamic State.
General Prosecutor of Ukraine Lutsenko: Russia is planning terror attacks in Ukraine
4,621 migrants presumed dead after attempting to cross the Mediterranean Sea this year, per UN
European leaders, Obama say must maintain NATO cooperation: White House
European leaders, Obama agree to keep up Russia sanctions over Ukraine
[email protected] cover "The New Nationalism"
Head of @ServiceSSU Hrytsak confirmed that Medvedchuk directly flying to Moscow
Train crash at Winsum, Netherlands media reports several injured
Ilya Boghdanov is safe and alive at SBU briefing
SBU foiled attempt to bring Ilya Boghdanov to Russia by FSB
Biden to visit Ukraine before end of this year
Ukrainian artillerists exercising in Luhansk region
Col. Lysenko: Near Mariupol, NGU servicemen detained a so-called “DPR” official
ATO spokesperson: Volnovakha policemen detained a militant of so-called “DPR”
ATO spox: Enemy losses: 1 militant was killed, 2 – wounded in action, 1 APC was destroyed
Col. Lysenko: Yesterday, UAF did not incur any fatalities; 1 UA serviceman was wounded in action
Col. Andriy Lysenko: UA positions near Svitlodarsk, Zaytseve and Pisky were shelled by enemy mortars
ATO spox: Donetsk sector: hostilities occurred all across the frontline; most intensive hostilities were recorded in Avdiyivka area
Col. Lysenko: Overall, militants violated cease-fire government for 16 times in the Luhansk sector
ATO spokesperson: Enemy intensified hostilities in the Bakhmut road area where mortars were widely applied
Col. Andriy Lysenko: Luhansk sector: militants continue shelling UA positions near Stanytsia Luhanska
Map. Situation in eastern Ukraine November 18, 2016, 00:00 EET
Opposition leader Zoran Zaev was wiretapped 1.150 days, says the Special Prosecutor. #Macedonia
Unknown location
Video of combat helicopter somewhere at Donbas
Novak: OPEC has invited Russia to cut oil production.
Tank war games in occupied Luhansk region
Tank war games in occupied Luhansk region
Russia'n spy plane Tu-214R above Saraqib town in Idlib
Russia'n spy plane Tu-214R above Saraqib town in Idlib
Russian citizens Eduard Shirokov and Vladimir Popov named as plotters of attack on Montenegro PM
[email protected] says NATO represents many diverse nations. Has been a a feminist since birth thanks to mother's influence
NATO is good for Europe and for the United States, says @jensstoltenberg
German finance minister: UK could pay into EU for another 10 years
NATO allies stand together and defend each other, says @jensstoltenberg
Aleppo after massive Russian or Syrian jets airstrikes
SG @jensstoltenberg expects to talk to US President-elect Donald Trump "very soon", to discuss need to continue to adapt NATO
[email protected]: I will tell Trump as I told Obama that my priority is to make sure European allies increase def spending
2 world wars and a Cold War gives us the idea the security of Europe relies on the US @jensstoltenberg
NATO SecGen @jensstoltenberg encouraged by first signs of increased defence spending
"Peace and security in Europe cannot be taken for granted." @jensstoltenberg @gmfus
SecGen @jensstoltenberg: when EU and NATO work together we can deliver real security
[email protected] After brexit non-EU allies will account for 80 percent of NATO's spending
NATO SG @jensstoltenberg on defence spending: We need to spend more and we need to spend better
SG @jensstoltenberg: Europe must do more on defence and nsecurity. An important part of that is closer cooperation between NATO & EU
GMFNATO: @jensstoltenberg: Strength, security and prosperity of US and Europe inextricably intertwined through strong transatlantic bond
Searches at Central Bank of Russia in case of liquidation of 1 commercial bank
GMFNATO @jensstoltenberg "US continues to support European security. EU has been America's best friend and closes ally."
SG @jensstoltenberg: Since NATO was founded, America has had no more steadfast or reliable partner. Europe is America's best friend
OSCE: 30,000 soldiers in military uniform crossed into Ukraine from Russia at two monitored border checkpoints
SBU found 3 Russian ATGM Fagot positions near Popasna
Again rally near NBU today
Croatia marks 25th anniversary of fall of Vukovar
Russian forces now using MLRS Grad and Self-propelled artillery - Head of Donetsk region Zhebrivsky
Mariupol hearing 82-mm and 120-mm mortars fire towards east.
40 ceasefire violations yesterday at Donbas
Amb. @WaschukCanUA: Heading into briefing on Exercise #MapleArch2016: Canada with #LitPolUkr Brigade
Maryinka: Damaged grain storage
Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov: John Kirby must be disciplined
Russia and US discuss Aleppo airstrikes at Peru summit
Heavy artillery shelling in the area of Shyrokyne
FSO - Federal security service drill was announced early today
Police cordoned off Red Square in Moscow, Russia
Russian cyberattacks on US to continue: intel chief
[email protected] investigates Medvedchuk trips to Moscow, Russia
.@cxemu investigates Medvedchuk trips to Moscow, Russia
Russian artillery shelling Ukrainian positions near Horlivka
In Dnipro city opened forum "Success story of ATO veterans in peaceful life"
Hungary, EU defend commissioner over visits
LNR group conducted sudden check of combat readiness of its units
Merkel: EU-US trade deal 'cannot be concluded now'
Kremlin: No date discussed for possible Putin-Trump meeting
Greeks march to commemorate anti-junta uprising
The Russian foreign Ministry said about the first contacts with the team of Trump on Syria
Merkel reacting to Assad comments on Trump: Most Syrian refugees in Germany fled from Assad, I do not see him as an ally
Several reports of "clearly audible war" from Mariupol
Artillery volleys can be heard in Debaltseve
15 ceasefire violations before 6pm today at Donbas
Maryland Rep. Elijah Cummings calls for an investigation into Russia's role in the US election
Obama on rise of populism: With speed and effect of globalisation, "people are looking for some means of control"
Merkel asked about her potential candidacy for a fourth term: I will decide at an "appropriate time," and it is not today
Obama urges Trump to stand up to Russia when it deviates from US `values and international norms'
Merkel: "Russia is our neighbor," so we have an interest in keeping a good relationship
Obama says hopes Trump will 'stand up' to Russia
"NATO is a commitment that does not change, encouraged by @realDonaldTrump's statement" – @POTUS
"I would vote for Angela Merkel if I were here and I were German in the next election" – @POTUS
First question for Obama at Berlin press conference is about Trump's policy towards Russia
"I commend Angela and the German people for their extraordinary leadership and compassion in the face of the migrant crisis" – @POTUS
Obama: "The achievements of the EU remind us of how important it is that we work together"
"We are putting ISIL under tremendous pressure" – @POTUS
"I expressed the hope that brexit negotiations with the UK will be conducted in a smooth and orderly fashion" – @POTUS
"The US has a fundamental interest in Europe's stability and security" – @BarackObama
Merkel at presser with Obama: "This is the end of an 8 year cooperation that was very close indeed."
Merkel says TTIP trade deal won't be concluded
"The relationship with the US is the cornerstone of our place in a united Europe. I will continue to work with new president" – Merkel
"We have cooperated in many ways on Syria. We cooperate on NATO" – Merkel
US keeps up pressure on Ukraine over anti-corruption: asks officials to grant NABU key wire-tapping powers
"Without Barack Obama's help, the Paris agreement on climate change would not have been possible" – Merkel
"What connects us is a belief that globalisation must be managed in a way that respects human dignity" – Merkel
"Our bilateral relationship is very close. The US is our most important trading partner" says Merkel
[email protected] holds a joint press conference in Berlin with Chancellor Merkel of Germany
Spectators watching Obama arrive for his farewell visit at the Chancellory. First presser with Merkel, then state dinner with Ger celebs
OSCE SMM: Number of Donbas truce violations 150% up last week
McCain: On 7th anniversary of his murder by Russia, America must draw strength from Sergei Magnitsky's example and stand by all fighting for freedom
Lukashenko concerned over growing arms smuggling from Ukraine to Belarus.
Car exploded in Krasnodar
US approves sale of 26 Reaper drones to UK for $1 billion
[email protected] gave "green light" to visa-free travel for Ukrainians
Poroshenko office claims FSB and Kyrgyzstan MFA helped Russian prankster who fooled Ukrainian president into thinking he was on phone with Atambayev.
Russian Foreign Ministry's Zakharova says US journalists will have to sit separately at briefings if State Dept. doesn't change policy on RT
Visas: Council agrees its negotiating position on visa liberalisation for Ukraine
EU states give conditional approval to visa-free travel for Ukraine - diplomatic sources
LifeNews: Head of Ingushetia fires government.
Incident at Berlin Schönefeld Airport, runway closed until 1700 local time.
Putin to discuss disputed islands with Japan's Abe at APEC summit: aide
Protesters in Kyiv already gone. All quiet today
Putin's foreign policy adviser says after 30-min phone call w/ Trump, the Kremlin's still not entirely sure what his position is on Ukraine
Russia is preparing military excercises at Dhzankoy railway station - Ukrainian border guards
ATO spox: Over the previous day, 1 Ukrainian warfighter KIA, 1 UA warfighter WIA
Azerbaijan: 7 jailed for joining IS extremists
Kosovo police say they have foiled ISIS attack on Israeli football team
Russian activity in North Sea last night
The European Court of Human Rights ruled her case inadmissible as she had not exhausted the appeals system in Turkey
France's Juppe, Sarkozy seen contesting center-right presidential primaries runoff: poll
President Obama returns to Berlin facing questions about the future of a liberal global order
OSCE’s Hug: After 2+ years of violence – we hear one consistent message from people of Donbas: Stop the violence, Stop it now
StateSec Ederer and @brett_mcgurk open meeting of @coalition against ISIL at @GermanyDiplo: Focus on liberation of Mosul and Raqqa
French PM Valls says 'possible' Le Pen could win in 2017
French PM Manuel Valls says he fears that Europe is at risk of breaking apart
More reports of searches and kidnapping by FSB coming from Crimea
St Petersburg Varshavyanka class/677 Lada submarine launched cruise missile from Barents Sea
Crimea Tatars homes are searched again
Protest near National Bank of Ukraine
Zvezda TV: 20th army of Eastern military district is on battle alert
Russia begins process to block Linkedin website
Calm at Verkhovna Rada today
1 killed in anti-terror operation against suspected ISIL members in Nizhny Novhorod
Boris Johnson ridiculed by European ministers after prosecco claim
Military drills in occupied Luhansk region in eastern Ukraine. All arms, vehicles from Russia
Military drills in occupied Luhansk region in eastern Ukraine. All arms, vehicles from Russia
APC crashed with a truck in Southern Moscow
Armenian president says ready to meet Azeri counterpart
Scottish politician says Brexit changed Toblerone and government should fix it
'Europe will lose entire nation' says Turkish spokesman
The UK is facing a £100bn black hole in its finances over the next five years due to Brexit
ATO HQ: RU forces 37 times violated ceasefire, shelling with 152mm artillery on Shyrokyne&Borodynske
Russian strategic Air Forces still active since last night
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