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18 กรกฎาคม 2018

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According to Hungarian public TV Channel #M1 3000 #refugees are waiting at #Letenye border station to cross from #CRO to #HUN
Refugees that came from #Croatia & #Hungary start to arrive in #Heiligenkreuz #Austria.
PM of France criticised PM Orbán
Hungarian prime minister ordered attack on refugees – says former PM Gyurcsány
Time lapse of huge queue of #migrants from earlier, as thousands wait for buses to leave #Tovarnik #Croatian border
Campaigning ends ahead of Greek vote
[email protected]_Commission chief @JunckerEU spoke and offered help to #Croatia PM Milanović
Militant leader #Zakharchenko calls for readiness for new war in Donbas
Official twitter of Croatian gov - tweet says "not one CR policeman was arrested"
At the spot in Magyarboly train station; HR police wait to be transported back to Croatia after border incident.
France Cut To Aa2 From Aa1 By Moody's, Outlook To Stable
Norway is 'ready to impose border controls' over refugee crisis
40 Croatian buses full of migrants at Letenye by Hungarian border now
#Slovenia to mobilize its army, accord. to National Security Council decision
Orbán's political chief of cabinet, Antal Rogán says HU will block Croatia from joining Schengen because they're clearly not ready
10,000 unaccompanied children have sought asylum in Sweden since beginning year; by far highest number in EU
United States will be steadfast in supporting Georgia’s territorial integrity – U.S. Ambassador
1500 #refugees walk from #Gyékényes to #Nagykanizsa - Hungarian police escorting them
1500 refugees walk from Gyékényes to Nagykanizsa - Hungarian police escorting them
40 Croatian policemen were disarmed and arrested by Hungarian, while accompanied 1000 migrants arrived by train in #Magyarboly
Tusk: Refugee crisis a test of our humanity & responsibility. Blame game must stop. Need to rebuild unity & solidarity
#Hungary arrested 40 Croatian policemen, said Orban's spokesman
Putin & Berlusconi drank a 240-year-old bottle of wine in Crimea. Stolen from Ukraine. Now case opened
Austrian int. min: All #refugees will be registered in Hungary. They do not have to file asylum requests there
Apple pledges 'substantial donation' to help refugees fleeing to Europe
Slovenia PM Cerar: I regret that Croatia let things go out of their control
One of the busses with #refugees overtaken from #Croatia is probably going to the refugee camp in #Bicske
Entire group - a few hundred - turns around, now heading for border crossing on main A3 highway police say.
"DNR" ready to organize elections on October 18 in conformity with international standards
2 Germans Arrested for Launching Drone over Kremlin
Croatia can not accept the 'burden' of migrants, says PM
Tovarnik. Only 2 coaches arrive, causing a panic among queuing families not wanting to be separated
,@zoltanspox: Croatian govt says they agreed with Hun govt on "free passage" for illegal migrants; THAT'S A LIE! They break all relating EU regulations.
In Slovenia. Just spotted two armoured vehicles moving towards border, followed by speeding police trucks.
Russian Foreign Ministry: Estonia’s language policy violates rights of national minorities
Hungarian gov will "receive" #migrants that are taken by bus,from Croatia, to border. After registration,they can leave.Until fence is built
4 killed in drowned BTR-80 at drills in Kazakhstan
#Slovenia about to close #Croatia border. #refugees without valid documents directed to Zagreb
Few hundreds of #refugees at #Pálmonostor #Hungary
Russia's Favorite Beer-Eating Patriot Has Now Burned, Eaten, and Stomped foreign currency
Russia's Favorite Beer-Eating Patriot Has Now Burned, Eaten, and Stomped foreign currency
2-300 #refugees stuck between #Serbia & #Croatia on Danube bridge near #Bezdan for 21h now. No food/water/shelter. Only press allowed.
Serbian ambassador to Russia says there should be no military solution to EU migrant issue
Hungary minister: Croatia is pushing migrants to break law
#Refugees wait in the sun for #Hungary to bus them from #Croatian border, some dehydrated
#Zagreb Fair used as a registration center. Once refugees get the paper, they can move freely in Croatia
Menczer: organised attack of aggressive migrants against the border at #Roeszke, it was terrorism
#Slovenia also started to letting groups of #refugees enter from #Croatia, cca 300 are crossing the Bregana border.
15,400 people have now crossed into #Croatia - PM says, 'we can't cope'
75-year-old Russian activist Vladimir #Ionov faces 5 year sentence for peaceful protest
Hungarian special forces at the border with Croatia.
Russian opposition activist Navalny asking for excuse of Putin's spox. Peskov, cause underestimate his house price- almost $16M not $7M
On the highway in between the Croatian and Slovenian border: 'Nothing will stop us.'
Rus. Council on Hum. Rights asks MoD explanation after worried parents told soldiers hear they will be send to 'a warm country'
#HUN #CRO border at #Beremend - Strong Hungarian police & military presence
Greece is registering less than 10% of the migrants entering & crossing its territory onwards to other EU counties
#Hungary border crossing Beremend. cca 1000 #refugees look very afraid.
The registration process at Zagreb fairground. Police keeping media being outside this fence.
More buses of refugees arriving at Zagreb fairground, now a registration centre. Word out that Slovenia border closed
A group of refugees broke away and ran across a field next to border post. Chased and stopped by police
Standoff. Hungary's made very clear they don't want these people. Baranjsko Petrovo Selo
Hungarian special forces have lined up on their border. They are all armed and have riot shields
Some Refugees have been turned around but more coming all the time
More heading to #Slovenia border at #Bregana. Few got through early AM but now police here blocking entry
The conflict in Mukachevo provoked by law enforcement authorities – report FAC
MP Igor Mosiychuk was brought to the courthouse
Fire in Dnipropetrovsk
Large fire in the center of Dnipropetrovsk
Sweden MFA: Russia's endorsement of mock elections in Donbas is grave breach of Minsk agreements. Respect for OSCE standards and Ukrainian law vital.
'We want to go' shout refugees on railway track at #tovarnik station as Croatian police surround them
Armed hungarian soldiers on border with Croatia
Zaka &rescue services continue searching for missing Israeli man since Tuesday in Uman, no leads.
#Lukashenko: There are some pundits say about the reverse of Belarus to the West. There is no reversal! No one needs it
Croatian Serbian border -and the very thin blue line. Helicopter overhead - two policemen blocking the pavement route
#Croatia: a train and 10 buses full of #refugees are on their way to #Hungary border
This group wait at Zagreb train station not sure what to do or where to go
#Croatia's interior ministry says by 9am 14,000 #refugees entered country.
Vatican takes in first Syrian refugee family
Croatian prime minister says country to redirect migrants to Hungary and Slovenia
Slovenian older women: "I want to cry! I was so worried about them,gave them water & they throw it back at me."
New fencing and security at #Horgos border post
Helicopter over Slovenia border
Vladimir Putin wished Alexander Lukashenko success in the presidential election
Dutch arrest two Syrians for smuggling hundreds into Europe: official
The not very secure borders of Slovenia - from Croatia, a group of 30 walked across. On a pavement. No police.
Crossing into #Slovenia from #Croatia - some relieved refugees. No police. Yet.
Military parade in Donetsk
Green men at parade in Donetsk
#Croatia PM Milanović: From now on, we'll be more flexible. No more documentation of #refugees, we'll just help them move on.
ATO spox: In Poltava, SBU blocked another Internet communication channel of militants with their Russian curators
ATO spokesperson: Next stage of Fearless Guardian 2015 military exercises began in Lviv region
Col. Lysenko: Soldiers of 2 UA battle teams were blown up by land mines near Mayorsk & Starohnativka: 2 servicemen were killed, 5 – wounded
213,200 New Asylum Seekers In EU From April- June, Up 85% Year On Year
PM Orbán: Immigration situation exposes crisis of "hypocratic" liberalism
High-ranking French intel official: "At this stage we have no indication that jihadists are mixing with refugees
Moscow shows understanding for announcement of fake DNR election - a crystal clear violation of #Minsk agreement.
OSCE: Thousands in #Ukraine at risk of freezing this winter because of damaged infrastructure
Migrants continue to flood into Croatia despite border closures, seek new route because of #Hungary fence
[email protected] state of emergency is already declared in 6 counties (Bács, Csongrád, Baranya, Somogy, Vas, Zala)
A man who recently returned from #Syria and is suspected of planning attacks against various concerts was arrested in Paris #France
The Czech Republic ratified the Association of Ukraine and EU
Hungary deployed 600 soldiers on Croatian border
Map being shared by #refugees in Croatia
The threat to Russia from migrants fleeing Syria to Europe is big – first Deputy Director of FSB
During Exercise Northern Coasts, Norway's HNOMS Hinnøy found a WWII sea mine & destroyed it
Amsterdam: Man arrested aboard a train heading to Paris after making a bomb threat midway & locking himself in toilet
#Syra man electrocuted at #eurotunnel 10th person to die while trying to cross from France into UK
#Hungary starts building fence on border with #Croatia - PM
Almost all border crossings to Croatia are closed for now
#Russia's FSB security service says there are about 2,400 Russian nationals fighting with #IslamicState militants
Migrants wait at Istanbul's Esenler Bus Terminal in front of a police barricade.
Red Square marks 1,000 days before the launch of the 2018 World Cup in Russia
Another train full of #refugees left Tovarnik, #Croatia at 9:45. It is expected in Zagreb at around 13:15
Ionian Sea, Italy - Helicopter operations as part of #NATO’s submarine warfare exercise Dynamic Manta
UA journo posts doc. from For. Min., gives reason for ban of BBC reporters as "anti-Ukrainian character of coverage."
#Orbán: "The attack on the #Roeszke border was organized & led in English & arabic langugages.#Hungarian authorities caught a terrorist"
Hungary, the most vocal opponent of refugees, needs migrant workers the most
Russian contract soldiers don't want to go to Syria, believed they were sent to Donbas
Germany online growth of News-offers in the 12-month
Refugees in train in Slovenia have just been deported to Postojna camp
[email protected]_pifer : Russia's use of force is a significant challenge to the European security order
#Athens: Clashes with #antifa and police tonight in #Exarchia district. Molotovs, barricades and police tear gas.
FIFA Secretary General Jerome Valcke suspended amid allegation of scheming to profit off ticket sales
Slovenian police plan to send train carrying around 200 refugees back to Croatia
200 #refugees are on train to #Dobova, about to enter #Slovenia
Nationalist Nikolai Bondarik detained in St. Petersburg
Refugees clamber through windows to board train in Croatia
Croatian interior ministry now says 9,700 #migrants entered the country between 7pm last night and 7pm this evening.
Armored vehicles on the move in Donetsk
Croatia welcomes refugees, sets up emergency camp at Beli Manastir. Dep Mayor tells Hungary wrong to refuse entry.
ATO HQ denied report of head of Donetsk police about tank shelling of Krasnohorivka
Crowds wander the streets of Zagreb. "What's it like at the Slovenia border? We must go. The rules change quickly"
HR PM Milanovic slams GR for letting in thousands of migrants who come from safe Turkey
Trucks and armored vehicles in Donetsk
Russian authorities seize US Embassy’s American Cultural Center
Croatian Interior Minister says the country will close its border with #Serbia if another 8,000 migrants enter #Croatia in one day
Tanks in the center of Donetsk
Tanks in the center of Donetsk
Members of the "LNR" traveled to Syria to "conference"
The Obama administration strengthened missile defense in Europe
Canadian troops on urban operations training in #Poland last week. Working together with #NATO Allies for security.
Small groups of #refugees crossed the CRO/HU border at Illocska, bypassing fence
Refugees don't want to wait at #Tovarnik
Rada decided to lift immunity and to arrest MP Moseichuk
Swiss approve extradition of Uruguay's Figueredo to US in soccer probe
Russia's Northern Fleet fires Pantsyr-S1 air defense systems in #Arctic
Hamas Al-Aqsa Mosque Address: '#Europe Wants the Muslim Refugees as Labor; We Shall Conquer Their Countries'
#Tovarnik #refugees to break through a police cordon. Storms Buses.
Migrants camping on no-man's land of the border between #Hungary and #Serbia near Roeszke
Explosions are heard on the west of Donetsk
Migrants break through police barrier. Cops give up. Pandemonium as 1000's run/walk deeper into Croatia
Chaos at train depot in Croatia. 1000's of migrants force their way past police & fences, refuse to wait for buses
7300 #refugees entered Croatia by now. After Tovarnik, Ilok &Batina, additional border crossing opened in Bajakovo
Police Attacks Migrant Families With Baton At Macedonia-Greek Border
The editor of the Kommersant website was fired after publishing an interview with Navalny
Switzerland approves first extradition to US in FIFA case
UN says Hungary's treatment of migrants amounts to "clear violations of international law."
Russian MFA: Kyiv refuses to do dialogue with Donbas
Unable to get into Hungary, thousands of migrants try Croatia
Iraq-i refugee threatens to jump off registration building in Berlin
Russian supply convoy returned from Donbas
Russian defense Ministry summoned military attachés of Poland for clarification on the demolition of the monument to Chernyahovsky
EU's Tusk calls refugee crisis summit for Wednesday
RUAF group of Il-76s: 78790, 78776, 78733 departed possibly Tver
Croatian riot police escort toddlers out of the chaos at Tavernik station
NSDC agreed to exclude 6 journalists from blacklist
Russian air force 78847 Il-76 223 route Chkalovsky-Rostov-Crimea .
"Croatia cannot receive any more people," says Croatian interior minister
Russian MFA: Kyiv Sanctions undermine Minsk agreements
Police trying to resolve the tenses at #Tovarnik
Russia MFA: Poland opened the war on Soviet monuments
Russian air force IL-62 86496 from Syria over Europe
Confrontation in #Croatia - anger & exhaustion boiling over at Tovarnik Train station
IslamicState claims double suicide attacks in Baghdad
Russian MFA summoned the Ambassador of Poland because of the demolition of the monument to Soviet General
#Russian soldiers arrived in #Lugansk for rotation and register as "local militia"
Russian activists showed Putin's spox Peskov house for $7M
EU parliament backs refugee relocation plan
New Greek government is likely to toe bailout line
Drone captures the tear gas, tanks, tents and chaos at the Hungarian border
Freedom of the press for me is an absolute value. - The Poroshenko asked the Council to withdraw the names of the journalists of the BBC from the blacklist
13 further investigations have been launched into police corruption relating to historical child sex abuse claims
Prosecutors indict Romania PM on corruption charges
Refugees, they keep coming: yesterday cabs, today buses at #Šid #Serbia #Croatia
76.anniversary of attack of the Soviet Union on Poland
A migrant raft arrives at dawn near the airport on Lesbos island, one ad about 80 per day.
There are several thousand people here at Tovarnik, Croatia. Serious lack of water and a few portaloos
Last buses leaving Serbo-Hungarian border for the Serbo-Croat one. Few ppl staying till they hear the new route works
Head local government #Tovarnik: "We were told by 'Zagreb' there would only come a few hundreds. It's a catastrophe." More than 6000 entered.
Moscow journalists picketed the Investigative committee , demanding to interrogate customer of the attack on Oleg Kashin
Russian Sberbank CEO German Gref admits to having bitcoins
Israeli man who went missing in Uman three days ago has been named as Amir Ohana
In Moscow detained the employee of the "Committee for civil rights" Mayakov
Czech PM Sobotka says it is necessary to end unproductive debate about mandatory quotas for migrants
Zaka volunteers from Israel heading out to Uman, as search for missing Israeli man continues, command center being set up.
The Secretary of @NSDC_ua Mr Olexander Turchynov to make a statement on banned journalists in a recent hours.
ATO spox: Luhansk region: SBU located one of the largest caches of ammunition during the Anti-terrorist operation
Col. Oleksandr Motuzyanyk: Large-scale military exercises were held in the Mariupol sector
Col. Motuzyanyk: Two flights of enemy UAVs were recorded within the military operation area near Mariupol
Col. Motuzyanyk: Ukrainian Armed Forces did not incur any casualties; no single UA serviceman was wounded in action in last 24 hours
Status Horgos, 11:00 CEST: consolidating, 90% of refugees left & moving to CRO, no new transfers
Hungary plans 70km fence at Romanian border, says Szijjarto
Civil groups say accelerated asylum procedure “unlawful, inhumane”
Hungarian foreign minister: Hungarian police brutally attacked
France's Hollande condemns Burkina Faso 'coup d'etat'
Austria: refugees blocked at border bridge between Salzburg and Germany
U.S. assistance to Ukraine depends on successful reform effort - Pyatt
Since #Russia's occupation of #Crimea, the enjoyment of #HumanRights has deteriorated radically: new ODIHR report
Croatia warns it has limited capacities to accept refugees: PM
The @2dCavalryRegt build a bridge in Hungary during DragoonCrossing
Hungarian foreign minister says common EU refugee policy has failed and Hungary will propose alternative measures
EU commissioner @Avramopoulos says passing refugee problems from one country to another is no the solution
A makeshift refugee camp outside the Austerlitz train station in Paris, France
Bulgaria to deploy up to 1,000 troops at Turkish border
Denmark to take 1,000 refugees on voluntary basis
Austrian rail operator OEBB says train services to Hungary will resume as of Friday
Arseniy Yatsenyuk: Statements on illegal elections in Donetsk and Luhansk - a clear signal that Putin does not intend to perform Minsk
Russia for the month increased investment in the U.S. national debt by $9.7 billion now Russia is holding in government bonds of US $81.7 billion
Israeli missing in Uman, Ukraine since Tuesday
Serbian Prime minister urges EU to react to "brutal" Hungarian behaviour
Croatia sends army to help refugees, at the moment are building 5 tents with 120 beds near Serbia border
Refugee & migrant crew cleans remnants of burning barricade & trash from yesterday clashes at Hungary Serbia border
Police came to Russian nationalist and blogger Egor Prosvyrin
Thousands of refugees waiting for a train in Tovarnik, Croatia
In Libya detained a Russian tanker, presumably — "Mechanic Chebotarev"
Gyor area community welcomes US 2 Cavalry Regiment to Hungary for Dragoon Crossing
Croatia interior ministry confirms that by 8am 5600 refugees have entered the country
Station in Tovarniku. Red cross assisting arriving refugees
German Federal Police say the number of refugees who entered Germany on Wednesday was 7,266
Reinforced gate, new razor wire at Hungarian border this morning. Asylum seekers being told to travel via Croatia.
Russian army supply convoy entered Ukraine
Croatia: first train with cca 800 refugees has arrived in Zagreb at 6:30 am
In light of Ru aggressive action, USAFE Chief calls 4 F-22 base in Europe
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