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24 กันยายน 2018

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Çavuşoğlu: In Baku to attend IV. Trilateral Meeting of FMs of Turkey-Azerbaijan- Turkmenistan. After İstanbul, Ankara,Nicosia.4 cities in 15 hours
McCain: US must develop strategy to escalate price Russia will pay until it honors Minsk agreement - starting with Russia Sanctions
Press Secretary of the US Department of state responds to questions about "little russia"
Happening now: Molotovs, barricades and clashes with policemen in Exarchia neighborhood of Athens.
"Chain of Light" Protest in Częstochowie near local court
[email protected]: I will not sign the law on the "SN", if my "KRS" proposal will not be accepted
Presidential amendments to the law on KRS will come into force
Greece: Protest march in Athens city center in solidarity with Free Irianna and Free Periklis, banner says "Keep your hands off our lives"
Protesters are singing the Anthem of Poland
Rally in defence of Court power in Kalisz
Now people is marching to the Sejm
First day of MAKS2017 in Zhukovski - new Russian PAK FA
[email protected] counts number of Russian news agencies at State Dept. briefing: "See? Freedom of the press. It's a good thing, isn't it?"
From President palace crowd is going to march to the Sejm
"Chain of Light" rally in Zamość
Rally in Gliwice in defence of courts
Rally in Częstochowa
People gathered in Bydgoszcz
"Chain of light" in front of the Presidential Palace. Sang the Polish national Anthem
Demonstration this evening in Warsaw
Opposition rally this evening in Wroclaw
Rally in Gdansk, Poland
Big crowd has gathered for protest in Poznań
Ukraine has sent EMERCOM An-32P to Montenegro to help fight wildfires
Crowd in Warsaw demand from President Duda to veto controversial laws on courts
Big rally in Białystok
Rally near court in Łódź
Rally in Warsaw - many young people came
[email protected] on "so-called separatists" proclaiming new state in Ukraine-not going to dignify it with a response.
Rally now in Krakow
Rally in Szczecin
Katowice rallying in support of "Free courts"
Serious flash flooding in Coverack, Cornwall. @CornwallFRS has despatched crews to the area
Protesters are singing Anthem of Poland at Białystok
Rally at President palace in Warsaw
Opposition rally in Płock
"Chain of light" in Lublin
Thousands of Poles gathered at @AndrzejDuda palace to demand free courts
Crowd wants a veto on court law from @prezydentpl
"So-called separatists want to see a new state. That new state wld be in place of Ukraine. That would be of concern to us." @statedeptspox
Manifestation in Łódź
House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy says he plans to add North Korea to the Russia sanctions legislation
Convoy of Russian troops in Eastern Crimea
The 8th person at the Trump Tower meeting has been identified as Ike Kaveladze
Marines hit Ukraine beaches, in 'most realistic' drills
The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge with former Solidarity leader an ex-president Lech Walesa in Gdansk.
Putin's spokesman Dmitri Peskov refuses to comment on idea of creating a Malorossiya.
EU: No problem with Davis' swift exit from Brexit negotiations
Court of Arbitration in The Hague orders Russia to pay 5.5 million euros for seizing Greenpeace's Arctic Sunrise in 2013, jailing activists.
RBC: Russian Foreign Ministry threatens consequences for Poland if it demolishes Soviet monuments.
The initiative of the Malorossiya does not fit into the Minsk process - Russian Rep. Gryzlov
Belarus MoD said that Zapad2017 exercise would involve 12,700 servicemen 680 vehicles at 6 training sites
Russian Foreign Ministry: Poland understands how severe offense to the Russian people they did
Turkish FM: Turkish Cypriots also have rights to the resources around the island
Sea Breeze 2017 drill is ongoing
Montenegro has asked the EU civil protection force for help, as hundreds had to be evacuated due to a wildfire
Nothing on Russian compounds from @StateDept readout of high-level US-Russia meeting
Russia's state media promotes the "establishment of a new country—Malorossiya" as a successor state to Ukraine
IMF raises 2017 growth forecast for Spain to 3.1% from 2.6%
Orban meeting with Netanyahu in Hungary while government is facing accusations of anti-Semitic propaganda
It's propaganda
Russian state TV presenter: the new 'state' of 'Malorossiya' declared today by Donetsk rebels will "become the legal successor to Ukraine"
U.S. Navy SOF ReadyForces are conducting VBSS training with partners from Ukraine in the Black Sea at #SeaBreeze '17
Croatia Minister of Defense Damir Krstičević resigns.
Drills of 10th mountain storm brigade at Dnipro river
Maxim Panfilov, Tourette's sufferer in prison awaiting trial in Bolotnaya Square case of 2012, sent for forced psychiatric treatment.
Uncontrolled migration from Central Asia and the Caucasus is a much bigger threat to Russia than migration from Europe, Navalny says.
Navalny challenged Strelkov to come clean about who shot down MH17 at upcoming debate. "You were there, you know it"
Navalny challenged Strelkov to come clean about who shot down MH17 at upcoming debate. You were there, you know it
Photo now available of Russian Typhoon sub and nuclear-powered battle-cruiser sailing south outside Norway.
Moscow court orders Alexei Navalny and co-defendant Petr Ofitserov to pay 2.2 million roubles in Kirovles case.
MAKS Air Show takes off in Russia
93.9% of creditors approve International Bank of Azerbaijan's debt restructuring - 66% was needed
UK PM's spokesman: Theresa May told ministers there is a need to show strength and unity in the country and that starts in Cabinet
Theresa May's spokesman: Prime Minister told Cabinet that Government can make better decisions if there is open debate that remains private
Ryabkov said the diplomatic row with US was "almost, almost" solved. Now he warns the possibili'y of Moscow retaliating is "very, very real"
NSDC Secretary Turchynov: Moscow is attempting to expand its aggression in Ukraine
PM Orban says Hungary committed a 'sin' by not protecting Jews during WWII
#MAKS2017 airshow begins in Russia: air-defense on display
Egyptian FM receives John Paul Labord, Executive Director of the Counter-Terrorism Committee of the Security Council
Smart Wings A320 skidded off runway at Burgas Airport, Bulgaria
FM Klimkin: Just as the Ukrainian delegation is in Georgia, the Kremlin is trying to do in Donbas what it has done in Abkhazia, we will not let them
Zakharchenko's statement will block tomorrow's meeting in Minsk - Marchuk
Heavy police presence at Polish Sejm
Putin has arrived at Maks-2017 air show
ATO spox: Over the previous day of fighting, UAF incurred no combat fatalities, 2 servicemen were wounded
LNR group has denied participation in DNR group "Malorossiya"
The European Union needs Turkey more than Turkey needs the EU, Turkish Prime Minister Binali Yıldırım tells his party's MPs.
Russia's aim was to split Ukraine in half. The so-called "Novorossia" project failed completely
Chief of Staff Muzhenko: they have buried Novorossiya, will bury Malorossiya also
Dramatic photos of destructive fire entering eastern suburbs of Split, Croatia last night
[email protected] says Supreme Court law 2nd reading may be held today, right after 1st. Could be in Senate tomorrow
Shoigu has opened operative meeting of commanders of Russian army
Russian media: The DNR doesn't see contradictions between the creation of Malorossiya and the Minsk accords.
Today OSCE SMM, in coordination with JCCC, is monitoring ceasefire and facilitating power line repairs in Mykhailivka
Storchak: Russia will provide Belarus a loan of $700 million
"Zakharchenko is not a political figure, but a puppet transmitting the Kremlin messages" - President @Poroshenko at the presser in Tbilisi
The project "Novorossia" was buried. Ukraine will restore sovereignty over Donbas and Crimea - Poroshenko
Fire in a high-rise in central Moscow. This was supposed to become a hotel for World Cup 2018.
Malorossiya aim is to join Russia - statement
Ukraine and Georgia are stepping up the work in GUAM, as well as economic cooperation
Matusiewicz from @pisorgpl: we are not changing the structure of the State. We are changing the system of the courts
Montenegro asks for international help to fight fires
The signing of the Declaration on strategic partnership between Ukraine and Georgia
Head of Spanish football federation in custody: judicial source
Zakharchenko: We have a reintegration plan. Ukraine is a failed state. Instead, we will create a federative Malorossiya.
Ukrainian air-defense unit launched S-300 at "Shabla — 2017" drill in Bulgaria
Ukraine and Georgia signed an Agreement on cooperation in the field of education. In particular on the promotion of the study of the Ukrainian language in Georgia.
PiS abruptly moved reading on Supreme Court to today (not tomorrow). Parliament guard present
Big fire in central Moscow
Outgoing Russian ambassador to the U.S. Kislyak headed for a Fed Council seat, says Gazeta (UN job fell thru)
LNR and DNR groups to unite in one
Zaharchenko proposed introducing a state of emergency for three years to avoid chaos, banning the activity of all parties.
According to Zakharchenko, the capital of the Malorosiya is Donetsk
Chief of DNR group Alexander Zakharchenko announces the creation of a state of Malorossiya.
Flag of "Malorosiya" proposed by Zaharchenko of DNR group
Flames ravage hillside near Podstrana on Croatia's Adriatic coastline. Neighbouring Montenegro has appealed for help to fight the wildfires
17 attacks on Ukrainian positions yesterday, 2 soldiers were wounded
Earthquake measuring 7.4 on the richter scale hits Komandorskiye Ostrova region of Russia: USGS
Russian Dep Foreign Minister Rybakov says Russian government "almost" at a deal on getting back property seized by the US
GazetaRu: Moscow is loosing control in Transdnistria
Fire in Donetsk at Rybalko street as building was hit
Europe, "one country in particular, not fair to the United States," says @POTUS.
A doctor recently found 27 contact lenses "lost" in a 67-year-old woman's eye while preparing her for cataract surgery.
GCHQ says UK industrial control system organizations likely compromised by hackers, according to document
Governments of Mexico, Brazil, Chile, Argentina and Germany recognized Popular referendum in Venezuela
[email protected] references "DNC’s collusion with the Ukrainian government."
Morocco extradited a 40-odd y.o. French man living in Agadir to France because of his links to Islamic State
Nothing, as far as we know, to @DonaldJTrumpJr - Russia lawyer meeting beyond Magnitsky Act, asserts @PressSec.
Budapest today. At least 2 swastikas on main road from the airport to the city
[email protected] also defers to @StateDept on threats by Russia about return of their US compounds seized by last administration.
Video - Several Homes Are Threatened. Nearly 100 Hectares Ravaged According To The SDIS. Castagniers
India begins negotiations with France for the purchase of 31 grounded Jaguar attack aircrafts (previously in FrAF)
New Orleans, Louisiana shooting at 1600 Block of Spain St: 1 injured
Poroshenko has arrived in Tbilisi
Poroshenko has arrived in Tbilisi
Tusk welcome President Čović's commitment to reforms. Essential for Bosnia-Herzegovina's Euro-Atlantic path
In today's meeting of UNSC Ukraine recalled that UNSC demanded all states to cooperate fully to establish accountability for MH17 downing
[email protected]: "I suspect Warsaw might be interested in ground-launched cruise missiles."
A "tremendous display of capability" - the US ambassador to Romania lauds NATO drills
French Navy Horizon Cls Frigate Chevalier Paul D-621 approaching Istanbul, most likely for port visit since Nato hit tonnage cap in Black Sea
2 more objects looking like @siemens turbines driven out of Feodosiya
May to warn cabinet ministers over top-level leaks - PM's spokesman
EU, Britain to present post-Brexit plan to split WTO membership
The President of Poland legalized the demolition of Soviet monuments
OSCE’s Hug: Families of those who died in MH17 crash want not only answers; they want carnage 2 end that no more families suffer same loss
Hug: Restrictions of access to OSCE SMM are common in Eastern Ukraine as certain people refuse to respect agreed rules
IMF hails 'ambitious' France reforms under Macron
There will be restriction of maritime navigation in the area of construction of Kerch bridge – Russian Minister
President of Ukraine holds talks with Prime Minister of Moldova Pavel Philip at the border checkpoint Kuchurhan.
President Poroshenko: Ukraine strives to bring the issue of NATO Membership Action Plan back to the agenda
Lavrov just called Americans bandits for wanting something in return for diplomatic compounds.
Jeremy Corbyn has asked Theresa May to broaden the Grenfell fire inquiry team "with representation from those from minority backgrounds"
#RIAT17 U-2 Departure
Russia's Lavrov says anti-Russian feeling in the US means not certain that Russia and US can agree on global issues
USGS: an Earthquake of magnitude 6.5 struck the coast of Russia.
Russia must be held accountable over MH17 crash, Ukraine’s Poroshenko says on the third anniversary of the tragedy
Poroshenko believes that the Sea Breeze will be a step towards stability in the region
SNMG2 flagship UK HMS Duncan and Turkish TCG Yildirim arrive in Varna, Bulgaria to participate in Bulgarian exercise Breeze
Downing Street: UK PM will remind ministers of the importance of keeping their discussions private following a series of leaks
ATO spox: Over the previous day of hostilities, UAF incurred no combat fatalities, 1 serviceman was WIA
Colonel Andriy Lysenko: Donetsk sector: enemy opened complex fire with mortars and tanks against Avdiivka area
TASS: Volodin calls removal of Russian delegation's right to vote at PACE atavism.
"I will not accept it. We need to fight the causes of migration," says Merkel responding to the suggestion of refugee limit
Russia's @avtovaz, the maker of Lada cars, to dismiss 8,000 workers until 2019
"Time to get to work": Brexit negotiators start first round
Tractor hit landmine near Hnutove, 2 wounded
USAF RC-135W 62-4138 MARRY84 departed Mildenhall at 0504z - Eastern Poland and Southern Baltic mission
Important to "identify differences so we can deal with them" says Brexit Secretary David Davis ahead of negotiations
Putin signed a decree on the inclusion of Russian National Guard in the list of strategic enterprises
16 attacks on Ukrainian positions yesterday. 1 soldier was wounded
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