Map. History of Europe conflict

22 November 2017
Denmark Results forecast (96% counted) "Dansk Folkeparti" the right-wing populism party got 21,1%
Tusk convene an emergency summit of the EU through Greece
Pro-austerity protest covers steps of Greek parliament after no deal reached at debt negotiations
John Kerry praises Pope Francis’ climate change encyclical
U.N. extends Geneva peace talks on Yemen
France opens manslaughter probe into Germanwings crash
NATO just held a major training exercise 100 miles from a Russian base
EU condemns jailing of Bahraini opposition
Airbus wins $57 billion of aircraft orders at Paris Air Show 2015
Anti-austerity protest grips Athens as thousands rally
Spain court probes fraud case against Barca's Neymar
France is considering making 2017 a year free of income tax
#Hungary may build fence on border with #Serbia to keep out migrants, foreign minister says.
Allergan is buying a biotech company for $2.1 billion
Swiss prosecutor confirms searches in Iran talks spy probe
European stocks mostly lower as investors remain cautious amid Greek default risk
Greece will likely exit euro and EU without bailout deal
Boeing sold $33.5 billion of jets in first two days of #ParisAirShow
German anti-Islamic group Pegida says "we need a leader" like India’s Modi
Russia will expand its nuclear arsenal this year, as the U.S. plans more firepower in Europe
The government of Moldova has resigned
Russia will add more than 40 intercontinental ballistic missiles
UNHCR calls for urgent European support for Greece amid worsening conditions for refugees
Germany reports first death from MERS virus
Afghan, Taliban delegates attend Oslo talks on ending conflicts
Greece continues to haunt European markets
#ParisAirShow seen from a drone: #PAS15
Tensions are rising as authorities begin evicting migrants in #Ventimiglia, #Italy
Threat reported on #Delta flight from London at #Newark airport