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22 กันยายน 2018

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Rumors are going around of nuclear incident in the Arctic after Iodine-131 spike in Europe. U.S air force plane made inspection flight
[email protected]: "Here's the bottom line: We've got to keep our country safe... You look at what's happening in Germany."
[email protected]: RT @telesurenglish: [email protected]​ cables reveal the devious role of U.S. in Ecuador 2010 coup attempt that injured nearly 280 people. #Ecuad…
[email protected]: Campaign to release the EU files on the Greek debt crisis #TheGreekFiles them? See:
Ukrainian MFA: with order on recognition of DNR and LNR documents Kremlin fundamentally violated Minsk accords
Shelling in Krasnohorivka
Donetsk: report of "GRAD" to Pisky
[email protected]: Telesur: Ecuadorians Tell Presidential Candidates They Want Assange Safe
John Kasich: Honored to meet President @Poroshenko. The U.S. and Europe must remain steadfast in their support for Ukraine.
Avdiivka: hits to the west of city, before - hits at Vodyane
Russian military Magamurov Vadim Nazifovich "Maga" from Yekaterinburg previously fought at Donbas, recently killed in Syria
VP: In meeting with President Poroshenko today, I underscored U.S. support for Ukraine and full implementation of Minsk.
U.S. VP @Mike_Pence met with Turkey's Prime Minister @TC_Basbakan in Munich, Germany during MSC2017
Svitlodarsk can hear heavy incoming artillery. Outgoing fire reported from Horlivka.
Svitlodarsk: Flashes of salvos were clearly seen and sounds of explosions heard. Fell nearby
Again blackout in Avdiivka
Avdiivka: Artillery pounding the city and area
Lavrov and EU's Mogherini talk on sidelines of #MSC2017
#SurkovLeaks: Sergey "Khmury" Dubinsky at meeting with Surkov in Rostov last year
More than 160,000 people rally in the Spanish city of Barcelona to urge the government to accept more refugees
FM @sigmargabriel after #NormandyFormat meeting at MSC2017: all parties have to use their influence to reach ceasefire on Feb 20. Ukraine
[email protected]: Russian FM Lavrov to US VP Pence & others today at #MSF2017 citing CIA+NSA espionage See
Ukraine is among the priorities of the new presidential administration of the USA. - The President after a meeting with Vice President Pence
49 attacks of Russian forces on Ukrainian positions today before 6pm, soldiers wounded
Ceasefire agreement from Monday in eastern Ukraine: Russian FM
Press conference of Minister Pavlo Klimkin after the meeting in the Normandy format MSC2017
AndersFogh Rasmussen: Support for Ukraine is one of key issues at MSC2017 -Good exchange btw President @poroshenko and Friends of Ukraine @carlbildt @IlvesToomas
Behind the scenes of the #NormandyFormat meeting on Eastern Ukraine: Struggling for progress in implementing #MinskAgreements #MSC2017
Paris - Tensions at the Republic at a demonstration against police violence.
Poroshenko discussed with the NATO Secretary General the situation at the Donbass
FM Lavrov complains NATO unready to resume military cooperation with Russia
Expect more fake news from Russia, top NATO general says
Putin issued order to recognize documents issued by Rus. occupation authorities in Donetsk and Luhansk regions
President Duda: "We are waiting for President Trump's first steps". #MSC2017
Ukrainian Military Intel.: at least 10 Russian fighters killed as result of friendly-fire incident at Spartak, N-W of Donetsk
Belgium - Train accident near Leuven, several injured
Massive police presence today in Kyiv
Lavrov: Russia won't lift EU sanctions until full implementation of Minsk accord
Ukrainian military prosecutors get court warrant to investigate mobile calls of Kremlin propagandist Graham Phillips
Rally today in Donetsk "in support of Minsk agreements"
Rally today in Donetsk in support of Minsk agreements
Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov denies Moscow is destabilising peace, describes Nato as stuck in Cold War thinking
Russia calls for 'post-West' world order: Lavrov
Commemoration today at Maidan
[email protected]: RT @ProfessorsBlogg: Sweden bribed its way to #UN Security Council using millions from the public budget for aid to poor
[email protected]: RT @JulianAssange: How cool are Ecuadorians? "Ecuadorians Tell Presidential Candidates They Want Assange Safe" with @lombremono
[email protected]: RT @couragefound: End persecution of Zambian journalist Dr M’membe #PressFreedom #Zambia
Right now in Kyiv, Maidan (Independence square)
Four soldiers were injured due to the ignition of ammunition in Novorossiysk
Belarus bought 80K tons of oil from Iran. Logistics through ports in Ukraine or Baltics, from there via railroad
Meeting of @AndrzejDuda with @poroshenko.
Meeting of MFAs of Canada and Ukraine @cafreeland and @PavloKlimkin
Pence #MSC2017:Iran continues destabilising effort.Trump will ensure Iran never has nuclear weapons capabilities to threaten US allies
US @VP Mike Pence at #MSC2017: "The world today is in its most dangerous state since the fall of communism."
#MSC2017 Pence: “We will hold Russia accountable on the Ukraine even if we seek new ground.”
Russia must fulfill Minsk agreements - Pence at #MSC2017
Pence: freedom and peace only come threw force. And US will be stronger then ever #MSC2017
'I have great respect for journalists... Freedom of the press is a pillar of democracy' - Merkel, asked about US reporting at #MSC2017
Pence stressing common threat of Islamic terrorism as key challenge facing NATO. #msc2017
Vice President Pence at #MSC2017: "US will be unwavering in its support for transatlantic Alliance "
A message from President Trump: US strongly supports NATO. We will stand with Europe today and everyday - VP Pence at #MSC2017
Ukrainian hackers show new data exposing Putin's aide Surkov involvement in war in Ukraine
#MSC2017: VP Pence starts his speech now
John McCain met Ukrainian President at the Munich Security Conference, yesterday night.
Merkel at #MSC2017 supported the creation of a European defense union
Merkel: Russia is "actively engaged" in hybrid warfare, spreading fake news. #MSC2017
OSCE SMM concerned about reports of overnight fighting in Avdiivka-Yasynuvata area.Donetsk filtration station remains at risk
Last night around 10PM russian 122-mm artillery shelled Trudivske (near Volnovakha) from 2 directions, many vehicles were destroyed.
Buses brought people today to rally in Donetsk
Ukrainian volunteer was killed in attack near Kryms'ke
Russian militants attacked Maryinka checkpoint
Prosecutors investigating whether Russia behind fake allegation of German troops raping Lithuanian girl
Heavy outgoing fire from Makiivka now
Greece's Deputy Foreign Minister @TerensQuick enroute to the war scarred front line Ukrainian city of Mariupol.
73 attacks of Russian forces on Ukrainian positions yesterday, 4 Ukrainian soldiers were wounded
FBI Director James Comey briefed senators on Russia during a closed-door meeting
Defense Sec'y Mattis Warns of 'Arc of Instability' on Europe's
German Defense Minister Ursula von der Leyen at the @MunSecConf: 'The world needs a responsibly minded America'
Wang Yi: Of all regional cooperation projects started after WWII, the EU has the most remarkable achievements
Wang Yi: We will strengthen cooperation with the US and Russia to promote positive interaction with both countries
Ukrainian Paramilitary Held By Russian Border Guards While Trying To Infiltrate Crimea - Border Guard Directorate
Putin does not see Ukraine on the political map of Europe — Poroshenko
Polish President A.Duda: I want to see the EU as a Union, not as a group of countries
[email protected]: Russians are killing Ukrainians every day, this will be a test for the US administration
[email protected]: Russian separatists want to have a Ukraine in the Russian Empire [...] But I believe in the European Union
"Give @realDonaldTrump a chance", says @BorisJohnson at #MSC2017
President Poroshenko: easing of sanctions until Russia withdraws from the Donbass and the Crimea will only encourage Russia to further agression
Bert Koenders: The West can only do two things: Defend and change, and if we don't do both, I'm very pessimistic
Bert Koenders: We need a smaller European Union that responds to the concerns of our citizens
Dutch Foreign Minister Bert Koenders: I am deeply convinced there are movements in my country that want to destroy the West
SG @jensstoltenberg discussed how NATO can do more in the fight vs ISIL with US Homeland Security Secretary Kelly and US Senator McCain
[email protected]: Are we seeing the end of NATO? Absolutely not, we are seeing the beginning of reform
SG @jensstoltenberg has spoken twice with President Trump. The United States remains committed to NATO as it is in their interest
[email protected]: Does Brexit meant the end of the EU? Emphatically not
[email protected]: If one power annexes the territory of another, then we must remain absolutely robust in imposing sanctions
[email protected]: "Who needs the EU when you have NATO? I sometimes wonder"
[email protected]: This is not the moment for us to turn our backs on globalization
After last year's meeting with MFA Lavrov we had 3 meetings of the NATO-Russia Council in 2016 - SG @jensstoltenberg
UK Foreign Secretary @BorisJohnson: Don't call for the end of the West, deal with causes of decline: Bad governance, corruption
NATO is strengthening political dialogue with Russia, also through strengthening military lines of communication - SG @jensstoltenberg
[email protected] Softening sanctions before Russia pulls of Eastern Ukraine would be encouraging for Moscow
Supporting Ukraine to Stop Russian Aggression is the best investment in the international security - @poroshenko at MSC2017
[email protected]: Any deal with Putin without Ukraine would only aggravate the situation
[email protected]: Ukraine wants freedom, and "Russia wants to punish us for that"
[email protected]: The time to stop emerging Russia's revanchism is now, and the place is Ukraine
[email protected]: Putin hates Ukraine sincerely. He considers the Ukrainian identity is part of the Russian one
Ukrainian President @poroshenko: Appeasement toward's Russia's "appetite" would be "naive, wrong and dangerous"
Andrzej Duda: We need to be honest with ourselves, the West has enemies. They want us to be divided
Andrzej Duda: The UK is leaving the European Union, but it cannot leave the European security architecture
Andrzej Duda: The basis of our strength is the transatlantic bond, we must not recklessly put it in danger
Polish President Andrzej Duda on the future of the West: Unity is the bedrock of our strength and security
[email protected] I refuse to accept the demise of the West, I refuse to accept the demise of our world order
US Senator @SenJohnMcCain As long as there are men of good faith who believe in the West, it will endure
FSB again claims they detained Ukrainian saboteur in Crimea
US @SenJohnMcCain We must not never cease to believe in the moral superiority of our values
[email protected]: We cannot give up on ourselves and each other, that is the meaning of decadence. That's how world orders fall
US senator @SenJohnMcCain: These are dangerous times, but you should not count America out
The end of the West as we know it? @SenJohnMcCain at #MSC2017 says:these are dangerous times but don't count America out
US senator @SenJohnMcCain: Founders of the @MunSecConf would be alarmed that many in the US are losing faith in the West
[email protected]: RT @OttawaCitizen: United States asked Canada to help spy on candidates during 2012 French election: WikiLeaks
Vitali Klitschko, mayor of Kyiv at #MSC2017
Bono: 'I thought freedom and democracy were unstoppable' #MSC2017
UK Foreign Secretary @BorisJohnson and Minister @AlanDuncanMP attending #MSC2017 today
Sweden has sentenced a Syrian rebel to life in prison over his role in the executions of 7 Syrian Army soldiers in 2012. Haisam Omar Sakhanh, who fled to Sweden and successfully claimed asylum in 2013, was arrested last year over his role in the executions of seven Syrian government soldiers who were prisoners of war in Idlib province, Syria.
Civilians: 15 y.o and 20 y.o were wounded in shelling of Avdiivka
At least 2 thousands protesting today in Minsk
Minsk: some provocateurs near the crowd shouted "Glory to Russia!"
Avdiivka: Yubileynyy micro-district was hit, two civilians and one soldier wounded.
[email protected]: Mises: Assange en peligro #ElMundoConAssange #EcuadorDecide
People protesting against tax on unemployment
'It's a lie', France's Le Pen says as fake job scandal deepens
[email protected]: English language background to the Ecuadorian election from The Nation
Video: Big protest in Minsk, Belarus
Video: Big protest in Minsk, Belarus
Belarus opposition protesting in Minsk
A fire in a residential building in Norilsk, two people were killed
Minsk protest: protesters are marching down Praspekt Niezaleznasci towards the government HQ
Russian Navy Viktor Leonov AGI Spy Ship now 19 "miles" (likely nautical miles) off Virginia Beach
[email protected]: Ecuador: Guillermo Lasso, Cynthia Viteri y sus amigos al descubierto
President Poroshenko invited Rex Tillerson to visit Ukraine, discussed Russian aggression, territorial integrity of Ukraine
[email protected]: RT @JulianAssange: My new story: CIA conducted a 10 month espionage operation targetting the last French presidential election
[email protected]: After Assange exposes CIA penetration of French elections leading politician Lasso promises to revoke his asylum
#MSC2017 Timmermans to Poland: If you have a constitutional court you should follow it
Protest in Minsk now
[email protected]: "Russia is not the major power that it used to be, that Putin wants to be."
Hits at Avdiivka Industrial area - "evening shelling" just started
Russian spy ship previously seen 30 miles off Connecticut coast near submarine base, now off Norfolk, Virginia home to large US Navy base
NATO Maritime Group 2 Task Unit 2 in Romanian-hosted Exercise Sea Shield 2017 in the BlackSea. Canadian, Romanian and Spanish ships.
Mattis: Transatlantic links are our strongest bulwark, NATO exists to protect our way of life
Mattis: NATO's Article 5 on collective defense is a "bedrock commitment"
Mattis:"when it comes to security, no one goes its own way in this world... Article 5, bedrock principle". #MSC2017
Mattis: When it comes to security no one goes their own way in the world. Security is provided by a team
SecDef #MSC2017 American security permanently tied to security of Europe.
Fight against terror can't become war against Islam: Germany
Von der Leyen: The world needs a globally committed, responsible United States of America
Von der Leyen: 'NATO cannot be taken for granted', that includes burden-sharing, but also shared values
Germany warns US against threatening EU cohesion
Von der Leyen: Our American friends know their tone towards Europe and NATO has a direct impact on us
"A stable EU is as much in the US interest as a united NATO" - von der Leyen #MSC2017
Von der Leyen: We too owe our freedom to the protection of our allies
Von der Leyen: We Germans want to rise up to this challenge. We want to grow, we want to do it as Europeans
Von der Leyen: Germany must accept its share of the security burden, not rely solely on its American ally
Von der Leyen: Bots, trolls and fake news are undermining democratic institutions, our open societies are under threat
[email protected]: Core discussions will be about transatlantic links, but we cannot neglect other regions, especially the Middle East
[email protected]: But on international affairs and security, people want to see "more Europe, not less" according to polls
[email protected]: "The EU is under threat, from within and from without" by Brexit and "illiberal" parties
Officially opening #MSC2017 @ischinger underlines Europe and US needing each other and calls for more Europe to shape/defend liberal order
Ambassador @ischinger opens the #MSC2017 "We've never had a situation like we have today"
Merkel to meet IMF's Lagarde next Wednesday - spokeswoman
Op UNIFIER training Ukrainian soldiers in small team tactics at the International Peacekeeping and Security Centre in Starychi
China is firmly against rising protectionism; Chinese, Russian FMs meet in Germany
Spot checks confirmed the ability of A-D to effectively protect important targets from air and space attack - Shoigu
“Russian media free to determine own editorial policy, claims [we direct them] is fake news” — Putin spox Dmitry Peskov
[email protected] Aliyev attends roundtable of #MunichSecurityConference
Iraqi Prime Minister @HaiderAlAbadi scheduled to meet with US VP @Mike_Pence in Munich, Germany.
Russian lawmaker: Pres. Trump, Defense Sec. Mattis and Sec. of State Tillerson are not on the same page on Russia
[email protected]: Hope lies on a comprehensive European migration policy. Problem is rise of populism
Peskov: Zakharchenko words on the military operation to seize all Donbass — not in line with the "Minsk-2"
[email protected]: Common European migration policy is feasible
Lebanese MoD Yacoub Sarraf @BertelsmannSt debate on root causes of migration: "Education is the passport for integration!" #MSC2017
[email protected]: I believe migration will be the biggest challenge of the 21st century. We must address it immediately
[email protected]: #refugeecrisis EU pushing triangle of econ chances, governance, education
Two main left candidates in French presidentials hold talks, Socialist says
Many NATO Allies have started to move on defence spending and will spend 2% on defence in the near future - @jensstoltenberg
[email protected] "absolutely certain" the US will stay committed to NATO - this is good for both Europe and North America
Spending 2% of GDP on defence isn't a US demand; it's a decision by all 28 NATO Allies. This is in our interest - @jensstoltenberg
At MSC2017 @jensstoltenberg calls for dialogue between NATO and Russia to increase predictability, avoid incidents & reduce tensions
Turkish boats entered Greek waters in the Aegean Sea, it left the area following the intervention of the Greek frigate Nikiforos
We live at a pivotal moment for our security. We need a strong transatlantic bond more than ever - @jensstoltenberg
It would be a "non-military declaration of war" should Trump continue to advocate against the EU, MSC2017 head Ischinger tells DW.
Press at msc2017 waiting for NATO SecGen @jensstoltenberg.
Merkel meeting with Justin Trudeau now in Berlin before heading to Munich for #MSC2017
SecDef Mattis arrives #MSC2017 Lots of interest in what messages he will bring
Col. Oleksandr Motuzyanyk: National Guard Servicemen participated in firing drills
Ukrainian jets over Vasylkiv, Kyiv region
Chechen troops were told they would come home from Syria and be replaced by troops from Ingushetia. Now that's cancelled.
Chief of "DNR" group Zaharchenko at press conference in Luhansk: We are ready to war!
Joint press-conference of Zaharchenko-Plotnitsky in Luhansk
TASS: Russian Justice Ministry: Suspects in attack on Su-24 come under extradition agreement with Turkey.
Russian spy ship, no longer 'loitering' off Connecticut coast, heads south.
RQ-11 Raven operators after a flight over a multinational combined arms breach live fire exercise during BISON 17
RuAF An-124 CONDOR RA-82035 westbound, Gulf of Finland. Heading for Kaliningrad
A "Rex Go Home - peace protest" near the G20 summit in in Bonn. A mix of Pro-Russians and PKK supporters
A Rex Go Home - peace protest near the G20 summit in in Bonn. A mix of Pro-Russians and PKK supporters
Damage in Avdiivka after yesterday attack
Damage in Avdiivka after yesterday attack
3 Ukrainian soldier killed, 10 wounded in 66 attacks yesterday in Eastern Ukraine
President Trump: "I own nothing in Russia. I have no loans in Russia. I don't have any deals in Russia."
Russians making great efforts to get close to Pres. Trump and the people around him, U.S. intelligence officials say
[email protected]: RT @TheWindsorStar: United States asked Canada to help spy on candidates during 2012 French election: WikiLeaks htt…
[email protected]: RT @AristeguiOnline: #WikiLeaks revela órdenes de espionaje de la #CIA, para elecciones francesas de 2012
[email protected]: RT @Estadao: NSA e CIA espionaram eleições francesas de 2012, diz WikiLeaks
[email protected]: RT @elcomercio: #PlayEC | Candidata @CynthiaViteri6 retirará asilo a Assange si gana elecciones en Ecuador ►
[email protected]: RT @WLArtForce: Australians with questions for Julian Assange? Feb 18 Sydney/Brisbane, Feb 19 Melbourne—Tickets: #T…
Democrats, some Republicans rally around bill to prevent Pres. Trump from lifting Russia sanctions without Congress.
[email protected]: RT @WLArtForce: We are the @WikiLeaks Art Force—artists supporting and inspired by WikiLeaks. Join us! Find out more:
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