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19 กรกฎาคม 2018

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In March 2014 former Ukraine president Yanukovych asked Putin's Russia to send troops into Ukraine to restore his power
President Obama on WikiLeaks-Russia hacking: Intel community "not conclusive whether WikiLeaks was witting or not"
Obama on Russia sanctions: "Russia continues to occupy Ukrainian territory support surrogates who violated international laws"
If @realDonaldTrump able to restart nuclear talks with Russia "there's a lot of room to reduce those stockpiles," says @POTUS.
Senate panel has approved President-elect Trump's pick of Gen. James Mattis to become the next Secretary of Defense.
Russian S-400 in Crimea
Tu-214SR comms relay near Vyshny Volochyok
Xi Jinping: With steadfast efforts, int'l community can make a multifunctional “Swiss army knife” to solve the problems troubling mankind
Xi Jinping: Trade protectionism and self-isolation will benefit no one
Xi Jinping: We should not only think about our own generation but also take responsibility for future ones
Xi: Terrorism is the common enemy of mankind, fighting terrorism is the shared responsibility of all countries
Xi Jinping: Nuclear weapon is Sword of Damocles that hangs over mankind, should be completely prohibited and thoroughly destroyed over time
Xi Jinping: Major powers should respect each other's core interests, major concerns, keep differences under control
Xi Jinping: Countries should foster partnerships based on dialogue, non-confrontation and non-alliance
Xi: Essence of sovereign equality is sovereignty and dignity of all countries, big or small, strong or weak, rich or poor, must be respected
Xi Jinping: Until today, Earth is still the only home to mankind, so to care for, to cherish it is the only option for all of us
Xi Jinping proposes to build a community of shared future for mankind and achieve shared and win-win development
Nikki Haley on US sanctions against Russia: "I certainly think they should be preserved."
Police operation in Moscow after shot fired on car
Earthquake of magnitude 4.7 - 8km NW of Amatrice, Italy
UK Supreme Court ruling on Article 50 appeal will be on Tuesday 24th of January
M3.8 earthquake strikes 19 km NW of L’Aquila (Italy)
Already 11 felt earthquakes in Central Italy in the last 5 hours
Earthquake of magnitude 5.2 - 4km N of Montereale, Italy
Felt earthquake M4.2 strikes 46 km East of Terni (Italy) 13 min ago
Joe Biden tells Davos: Russia 'trying to collapse' liberal order
Crimea informs Amsterdam court of plans to continue legal fight for scythian gold
Biden at Davos: Russia is greatest threat to liberal world order
3 large earthquakes hit central Italy in an hour
PM Narendra Modi met UK Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs Boris Johnson in Delhi
PM Naremdra Modi met UK Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs Boris Johnson in Delhi
Russia extends residence permit for Snowden
Earthquake of magnitude 4.7 - 2km SSW of Arquata del Tronto, Italy
Pres. Gauck: Germany must do more to stabilize the EU and counter attempts to split it from within and without
Edward Snowden has legal grounds to become Russian citizen: lawyer
German pres. Gauck: "No other system can respond as effectively and as robustly as democracy"
UK Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs Boris Johnson, speaking at Raisina Dialogue in Delhi
Third earthquake today hits Italy, this time a magnitude 5.7, epicentre 110 km north east of Rome
Russia granted asylum to ten Berkut officers, who are accused of murdering 48 Euromaidan activists
Earthquake of magnitude 5.3 - 6km SW of Amatrice, Italy
German pres. Gauck: "Liberal democracy and the political normative project of the West is under attack"
Earthquake of magnitude 4.6 - 0km ENE of Montereale, Italy
Earthquake of magnitude 4.7 - 4km SSE of Amatrice, Italy
Earthquake of magnitude 5.7 - 5km WSW of Amatrice, Italy
German pres. Gauck: This is the most democratic Germany that we've ever had
Joachim Gauck has final address as President of Germany
Germany general election to be held on Sept 24, says government
German general election to be held on September 24: government
Earthquake of magnitude 5.3 - 7km WNW of Amatrice, Italy
Cabinet has given ex-post facto approval to MoU signed between India and Serbia in field of IT and Electronics
We will make sure that demand is reintroduced: Jacques Audibert, Diplomatic Advisor To Pres,France on resolution against Masood Azhar in UN
Chief of the General Staff of Ukraine - Chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine @VikMuzhenko met with @CMC_NATO P.Pavel
ATO HQ: RU forces 61 times violated ceasefire, shelling with 82&120mm mortars
Delhi: United Kingdom foreign secretary Boris Johnson arrives in India for a two-day visit
With Russia, India's relationship has grown very strong in the last two years as with the bonding of the two leaders: Foreign Secretary
Russian mobster and key member of Mogilevich's crime family, David Bogatin, owned 5 separate condos in Trump Tower
Assange lawyer @themtchair on Assange-Manning extradition 'deal': "Everything that he has said he's standing by."
2 people died during this morning's power outage that hit the Dutch capital of Amsterdam, officials say
US Ambassador to Bosnia-Hercegovina Maureen Cormack explains the decision of Dodik ban
US Ambassador to Bosnia-Hercegovina Maureen Cormack explains the decision of Dodik ban
US Treasury confirms Dodik is on its 'Specially Designated Nationals and Blocked Persons' list
Democrats demand Jeff Sessions recuse himself from Russia probe
Deutsche Bank agrees to pay $7.2 billion in U.S. settlement over mortgage securities misconduct
U.N. ambassador says Trump shouldn't repeat Obama's Russian reset
Putin: @RealDonaldTrump attackers are 'worse than prostitutes'
“We have seen an increase in harassment of our diplomats” in Russia, says @statedeptspox
About 250 US soldiers arrived in Ukraine this week to train two battalions
Putin dismisses the Trump dossier as "rubbish"
Russia claims it found Airbus Direct Target drone downed in the Black Sea
Prime Minister Theresa May signals UK will make clean break from EU and its single market
On possible Trump-Putin talks @AmbassadorPower says “high level contacts…should happen” but shouldn’t paper over the facts and history.
China is willing to play a constructive role in the political settlement of the Ukraine crisis: President Xi Jinping
To counter Russia @AmbassadorPower calls for "a wholly different scale of investment" in @VOANews, @RFERL
"Kremlin’s aim is to convince our people that the system is rigged,” contends @AmbassadorPower in speech at @AtlanticCouncil. #RussiaFactor
"We also cannot give up engaging with the Russian Government,” says @AmbassadorPower
As the Kremlin closes off US outlets for reaching the Russian people, "we must find others to take their place,” says @AmbassadorPower.
Josh Earnest responds to Putin's criticism of the Obama administration and the intelligence community
US needs to train independent reporters globally to counter the likes of @RT_com, says @AmbassadorPower
US must reassure allies twe have their backs, "and we must ensure that Russia pays a price for breaking the rules,” says @AmbassadorPower.
“Russia’s actions are not standing up a new world order, they are tearing down the one that exists,” says @AmbassadorPower
Officer who fled to Russian army sentenced for 8 years for treason by Ukrainian court
LifeNews firing 80% of it's Saint-Petersburg office
Ukraine banned entrance for Mayor of Przemysl
LNR and DNR groups commanders in Crimea: Crimea is an example which we are following
31 attacks of Russian forces on Ukrainian positions before 6pm today
Ukraine got UN document with Yanukovych request to Russia to send troops to Ukraine
John McCain: "I question the recipient of a friendship award with Putin"
Spreaders of "fake" Trump news "worse than prostitutes," says Putin
US imposes sanctions against Bosnia Serb President Milorad Dodik
Putin says "can't imagine he (Trump) would run off to meet women with low esteem in the (Moscow) hotel"
Putin says Obama Administration has been trying to undermine Trump's legitimacy
Putin says he does not know Trump on a personal basis and has no reason to attack or protect him
Russia is an abiding friend. President Putin and I have held long conversations: PM Modi
Dodon: We learned mistakes of past, hope we could solve Transdnistria issue with the help of Russia
Kyiv asks UN's top court to make Moscow pay damages for MH17, shelling civilians
Dodon: Today is historical day, before leaders of Moldova went to Brussels
300 US Marines landed in Norway for a 6-month deployment, first time since WW2 that foreign troops have been allowed to be stationed there
Ukraine files case at UN's top court accusing Russia of sponsoring 'terrorism'
Even before Election Commission announced order, I had said I am not on any side, I'm in London. Also,I am expelled and I accept it: Amar Singh
PM May: "I want customs agreement with EU. New? Associate member? I am open-minded about it"
PM May says she will not be part of the single market but seeking greatest possible access to single market with new free trade agreement
PM May says she will seek immediate guarantees for EU citizens living in the UK now and British citizens living in EU countries
British Pound jumps more than 1.5%, the best performance in over six months, as Theresa May outlines Brexit strategy
PM May says will retain common travel area with Irish Republic. Calls it a priority
British parliament will vote on final Brexit deal: May
British PM May says The government will put the final Brexit deal to a parliamentary vote
EU success is in Britain's national interest: May
Meeting of President of Moldova and Putin started in Moscow
Putin expects Dodon to pay the way for Russia-Moldova cooperation
Counterterrorist operation declared in two districts of Dagestan
TASS: The Serbian president is prepared to go to war in Kosovo if they start killing Serbs there again.
USAF RC135W Rivet Joint monitoring Kaliningrad
China's President urges the world to reject protectionism and avoid a trade war
Azov protest near house of deputy head of appeal court of Poltava region
News Front video where their positions hit
News Front video where their positions hit
ATO spokesperson: In Pokrovsk district of Donetsk region, SBU found a cache of explosives
ATO spox: Over the previous day, UA Armed Forces did not incur any fatalities, 2 UA servicemen were wounded in action in Popasna area
Col. Oleksandr Motuzyanyk: Mariupol sector: enemy was active in Maryinka district and Azov sea coastal areas
Col. Motuzyanyk: Yesterday, 31 enemy shellings of Ukrainian positions occurred in the Mariupol sector
Col. Oleksandr Motuzyanyk: Luhansk sector: militants fired at UA positions only in the hours of darkness; no heavy weapons applied
At Davos, Xi Jinping positions China as a champion and defender of globalization.
4 wounded as explosives producing plant exploded in Biysk, Russia
Lavrov: West claims about the Russian cyber threat: Vranie i Tufta(Lies and bullshit)
In Chisinau today, teachers protest, demand: to raise wages by 50% the rally is peaceful
Video of meteor In Omsk, Siberia
Video of meteor In Omsk, Siberia
NATOCHoDs discuss recommendations to improve NATO Command Structure + defence and deterrence + projecting stability
Consumer prices in the UK rose by 1.6% year-on-year in December, the highest inflation rate in 2.5 years - official
The Russian Federation has no intentions to rewrite the Minsk agreements - Lavrov
Aerial view of fog/smog today in Kyiv
President Poroshenko holds talks with President of China XI Jinping
Germany top constitutional court rejects bid to ban far-right NPD party
Russian Mindef: Parachute training of astronaut rescue teams
"Evidence" of Russian cyber attacks on Western countries are "sucked from the finger" - Lavrov
Germany's Constitutional Court rejects attempt to ban the far-right National Democratic Party (NPD)
Russia test-fires Topol-M silo-base ICBM from the Plesetsk Cosmodrome
Lavrov: Trump administration invited to attend Astana talks on Syria - hopes invitation will be accepted
During the raid operation five residents of Kurchaloy were detained
Russian Foreign Ministry has sent an invitation to the incoming Trump Administration to attend Syria talks
Russian FM Lavrov suggests West give up its values and work with Russia pragmatically.
Chief of General Staff of Ukraine - Chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine @VikMuzhenko arrived to @NATO HQ
Turkey's chief of general staff will attend NATO's conference for defense heads between Jan. 17 and Jan. 18 in Brussels
A major power outage that plunged the Dutch capital of Amsterdam into darkness has been resolved
Kremlin organ Russia Today host Manuel Ochsenreiter exposed as neo-Nazi propagandist
[email protected]: "Walked into elevator and there was Adam Delimkhanov. Chechens in the city, fully equipped" - says a friend in Damascus, Syria
ATO HQ: RU forces 41 times violated cease fire; one UA serviceman WIA
Japanese stock market index Nikkei 225 down 232 points (1.2%) as investors await Brexit speech from British Prime Minister May
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