Map. History of Europe conflict

21 November 2017
Dutch protesters riot over plans to build refugee center in small town of #Geldermalsen
Paris: 14 Jewish women fell ill as result of an anti-semitic attack, after a local synagogue lock was coated w/chemical substance on Monday.
#Chelsea have reportedly sacked manager Jose #Mourinho, Just 7 months after winning the English premier league.
French court orders IMF head Christine Lagarde to face trial over credit Lyonnais/Bernard Tapie affair - french media
France's Hollande says 'unacceptable' for Cameron to roll back EU principles
Preston shopping centre bomb alert: Police say device was planted deliberately to endanger life
#Sweden to offer military transport instead of #Gripen jets to help France against ISIS
10 people being questioned after series of terrorism-related raids in Belgium, no link to Paris attacks - prosecutors
Belgium missed chance to nab Paris attacks suspect due to law limiting raids, official says
Putin says suspended FIFA president Blatter deserves Nobel Peace Prize
Man stabs himself in the head in Heathrow Airport
EU's Tusk says some British reform demands 'unacceptable'
European Council President Donald Tusk says parts of UK's renegotiation settlement demands for its EU membership seem unacceptable
European Parliament approves probe into Volkswagen cheating scandal
Disney pay £24,000 to turn Nelson's Column into a lightsaber
Last night activists occupied a university building and opened a social center in #Leipzig
London man convicted of plotting #ISIS-inspired attack
#Zurich: Police dispatched to Jewish school: Streets in the area closed after Suspicious man seen
Zurich police say road blocks in place near jewish school
French far-right leader Le Pen takes James Foley pictures off Twitter
Anti-asylum seekers protest in the Netherlands turns violent
Spanish PM Rajoy was punched in the face during a campaign event in his home region of Galicia. #Spain.
Spanish PM Rajoy was punched in the face during a campaign event in his home region of Galicia. #Spain.
Protest against asylum seekers center turns violent in Geldermalsen, Netherlands, warning shots fired
It's rumor, not confirmed information, possible fake or hoax
Some sort of armed response car blue lighting it towards Waterloo station via Westminster bridge
21 year old arrested for plans to blow up the Israeli Embassy in Berlin
German prosecutor charges two German men of Palestinian origin for alleged ISIS inspired plot to attack Israeli embassy in #Berlin
Trump remarks 'divisive, stupid and wrong': British PM
Austrian prosecutors say police have arrested two people suspected of terrorism and possible links to the attacks in #Paris
Car attempted to force entry at the Invalides in Paris, police fired shots and stopped the car, driver arrested. Motive unclear
Czech Central Bank leaves key rate unchanged at 0.05%
Cuba's Raul Castro to visit Paris in February: French government
A car tried to force the entrance of the Invalides. A policeman open fire. Driver arrested
#Italy to send 450 troops to protect #Iraq’s Mosul dam
Romania lifts sheepdog limit after shepherds' protest
UK Supreme Court rejects US presidential candidate Donald Trump's bid to stop wind farm near his Scottish golf course
Marines practice recovery of personnel w/ #NATO allies near Albacete, Spain
German Luftwaffe supported attacks on ISIS for the first time on Tuesday with A310 MRTT tanker
The existence of the EU is at risk - European Parliament President Martin Schulz