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23 มิถุนายน 2018

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#Trump responds to #Putin's warm words by doubling down on love-in. #Russia
Trump On Putin Remark Says "great Honor To Be So Nicely Complimented"
Dutch protesters riot over plans to build refugee center in small town of #Geldermalsen
Paris: 14 Jewish women fell ill as result of an anti-semitic attack, after a local synagogue lock was coated w/chemical substance on Monday.
INS Rahav Dolphin-class submarine left its port in Germany and started the journey to Israel.
Russian military aircraft violated Estonia’s airspace
Russian school listening to Putin's Q&A
UKrainian Land Forces conduct mounted gunnery training on their BMP-2 IFV
Mortar shelling near Horlivka
Ukraine President visited SHAPE, he met with troops from all 28 #NATO nations
#Russia is boosting military presence in eastern #Ukraine - Poroshenko
#Turkey under cyberattack by #Russia: Report
In Donetsk curfew canceled for New Year's night
Poland, Hungary, Slovakia and Czech Republic jointly reject any British EU demand that is discriminatory or limits free movement
In Moscow searches in a Turkish Bank "Garanti Bank"
Presidency chairman Dragan Čović announces #Bosnia will formally apply for #EU membership in January
#Chelsea have reportedly sacked manager Jose #Mourinho, Just 7 months after winning the English premier league.
French court orders IMF head Christine Lagarde to face trial over credit Lyonnais/Bernard Tapie affair - french media
[email protected] gave certificate on 5mlnCAN$ for equipment/training for Patrol Police
Top leadership of Russian anti-doping agency resigns: official
Ukr. Intelligence: Russian saboteur group hit own landmines near Mariupol
France's Hollande says 'unacceptable' for Cameron to roll back EU principles
Preston shopping centre bomb alert: Police say device was planted deliberately to endanger life
Poroshenko: Security mechanisms of UNSC were destroyed by Russian aggression
Poroshenko: Security mechanisms of UNSC were destroyed by Russian aggression
Poroshenko: Russian President for the first time admitted the presence of Russian military in Ukraine
#Sweden to offer military transport instead of #Gripen jets to help France against ISIS
Stoltenberg: Ukraine should regain control over its border
Stoltenberg: Ukraine should regain control over its border
In Mariupol police seized a large Arsenal of weapons
10 people being questioned after series of terrorism-related raids in Belgium, no link to Paris attacks - prosecutors
Albania is our home! Don't leave #Albania asking asylum in EU, just stand up and fight for your rights!
Tsipras, Davutoglu meet in Brussels
State Duma speaker Naryshkin proposed the dissolution of NATO
Russia will close ferry route between Crimea, Turkey
Armenia’s and Greece’s defense ministers jointly accused Turkey of aiding ISIS in Syria & condemned it for shooting down a Russian warplane.
Belgium missed chance to nab Paris attacks suspect due to law limiting raids, official says
NATO fighters intercepted military aircraft of Russia near the border of Latvia
#Putin on #Trump - "colorful, talented, absolutely the leader in presidential race." #Russia #PutinPresser
Putin says suspended FIFA president Blatter deserves Nobel Peace Prize
Russian Air Force #RuAF SIGINT #RA64514
Prime Minister Löfven welcomed Ukrainian President Poroshenko at PR of Sweden to EU today
Putin admits Russian forces in Ukraine, but "not regular forces"
Putin admits Russian forces in Ukraine, but not regular forces
Putin: “The Turks decided to lick the Americans in a certain place."
Man stabs himself in the head in Heathrow Airport
More firepower to Estonian @Kaitsevagi, new generation @byMBDA Mistral M3 missiles have arrived
16 #Syria migrants found alive in train container at #Macedonia border with #Serbia after being tricked by smugglers
#Opposition #MPs stopped from entering #Kosovo Assembly session currently taking place
Kyiv, final preparations for the St. Nicholas Day - December 19
"Special region Slobozhanshina" separatists forum in Kyiv
I have never spoken to Ramzan #Kadyrov about #Nemtsov murder investigation and don't plan to, #Putin says. Investigators must do their job.
A question about the murder of Boris Nemtsov. Basically: was it Kadyrov?
Poroshenko: For Ukraine its cooperation with #NATO is a critical vehicle in strengthening country's defence.
Russia's Putin says it is impossible to reach an agreement with Turkey, says Turkey acted in an hostile way
EU's Tusk says some British reform demands 'unacceptable'
#Soyuz rocket is ready to fly from #Kourou with #Galileo satellite duo
European Council President Donald Tusk says parts of UK's renegotiation settlement demands for its EU membership seem unacceptable
Poroshenko meets @PMBreedlove
Putin asked about his daughter, Katerina Tikhonova. Is it his daughter?
European Parliament approves probe into Volkswagen cheating scandal
#Jewish cemetery in #Poland gets vandalised by group of thugs.
Prokopchuk: It's appaling that Russia and militants engage in illegal coal business, depriving people in #Donbas of fuel ahead of winter frost
In the Kherson region truck with food caught on fire
In #Pavlograd court on head of flight of IL-76, in which killed 49 fighters
Avakov on Putin's words on Saakashvili: It's our own business, not yours
In Russia, a "journalist" asks Putin a question. "Vladimir Vladimirovich, as a woman I can't help comment that you look so well and sporty, and you are an example for all our boys"
Protest at Verkhovna Rada. Cattle heads
Finance Minister Yaresko presents budget in Rada
Unusual suit of Xenia Sobchak at the press conference by #Putin. #Moscow #Russia
Putin says Kerry's recent visit shows US is ready to move toward mutual solving of problems.
Putin: Russia not to impose sanctions against Ukraine
Putin #Moscow: "Kiev deals with the manipulation of implementation of Minsk Agreement, and in question of special status of the #Donbass."
Col. Andriy Lysenko: Spec Ops Patrol Police Servicemen Started Serving In Mariupol Safeguarding Public Peace
Col. Lysenko: Near Lviv, National Guard of UA servicemen performed trainings to use chemical protection kits
Col. Lysenko: In Novoaidar village, Luhansk region, SBU found a huge arsenal: RPG-22, more than 40 grenades, ammo
ATO spox: In an abandoned house in Nyzhnioteple village, Luhansk region, UA police found 10 mortar shells and 13 grenades
Col. Lysenko: Not a single UA serviceman was killed yesterday in action in ATO area, 2 Ukrainian servicemen were wounded in action
Russian musician Boris Grebenschekov in Minsk
Putin response to question on corruption of General Prosecutor Chaika
Putin says that Ukraine is ruled by foreign overlords who have appointed Saakashvili.
Putіn: We are ready to cancel visa regime with Georgia
Putin says Sakkashvili was sent to Ukraine by the Americans. Calls it "spitting in Ukrainians' face."
#Putin:"It's good that journalists investigate corruption in Russia,but it's up to government to find out the truth"
Putin defends controversial lorry drivers' road tax and suggests critics of system have "quasi-political aims"
Putin: We did not say that in the Donbass we have not our people in the military sphere
Ukrainian journalist Roman Tsimbalyuk conveyed greetings detained GRU officers to Putin and asked to "forget about Ukraine"
In Dnipropetrovsk, near the mall killed a woman with 9 shots
"We never said that there were not people [in Donbass] carrying out out certain tasks, including in the military sphere."
Summary of Putin's new Ukraine line: they weren't soldiers, but certain people carrying out certain tasks of a certain military nature.
Putin just hinted that Russia has advisors in Ukraine
No perspective to cooperate w/Turkish leadership on highest level - #Putin
No perspective to cooperate w/Turkish leadership on highest level - Putin
Putin: There are fighters hosted in #Turkey who originate from the North Caucasus - that is not how we would treat our Turkish partners
Disney pay £24,000 to turn Nelson's Column into a lightsaber
#Putin: Turkey hid behind allies' back when shot down our plane
Last night activists occupied a university building and opened a social center in #Leipzig
London man convicted of plotting #ISIS-inspired attack
A Lot Of Protestors In Tirana To Rally Against Goverment In Front Of Parliament
People watching Putin Q&A in Sevastopol
Putin starts with anecdote: What looked black last year now looks white. Even $50/barrel of oil now looks optimistic
#Zurich: Police dispatched to Jewish school: Streets in the area closed after Suspicious man seen
Putin annual Q&A
Zurich police say road blocks in place near jewish school
French far-right leader Le Pen takes James Foley pictures off Twitter
Tusk: Ukraine has made good progress with regard to visa liberalisation
47th Russian army supply convoy arrived at Donbas
Azerbaijani soldier killed on the border with Nagorny-Karabakh
In #Tirana second rally against government, mainly about gov policies, growing unemployment, criminals in Parliament
A resident of Tver attempted to burnt himself on the Red Square
Nadezhda Savchenko declared hunger strike until the end of the court
In Kharkov the SBU detained the MDMA smuggler
DDG 71 USS Ross of @USNavyEurope left the BlackSea after 2 weeks. Heading south towards the Dardanelles
Fire at MIA culture house in Moscow
20 violations of ceasefire last night
The President of Poland @AndrzejDuda in Gdynia, Poland: the Executioners of #Grudzień70 gone unpunished. Today, with shame, I bow my head over this #IIIRP.
Postcard from Russia "Gifts from Ded Moroz(Santa Claus)"
In Minsk agreed to a truce in the Donbass for the new year holidays and Christmas(until 7th Jan)
In Minsk agreed to a truce in the Donbass for the new year holidays and Christmas(until 7th Jan)
Anti-asylum seekers protest in the Netherlands turns violent
Spanish PM Rajoy was punched in the face during a campaign event in his home region of Galicia. #Spain.
Spanish PM Rajoy was punched in the face during a campaign event in his home region of Galicia. Spain.
Winter uniform of Russian militants in Luhansk region
Protest against asylum seekers center turns violent in Geldermalsen, Netherlands, warning shots fired
And the drownings continue. Big boat sank off Lesbos in bad weather, one man and a child drowned, dozens rescued.
Poroshenko in Brussels will show evidences of violation of Minsk agreements by Russia
[email protected] on #Ukraine visa liberalisat. "If Ukraine stands by commitments made, @EU_Commission will do the same"
[email protected]: Free Trade Agreement with Ukraine brings a new opportunities
Fire at Moscow's district court
Kyiv police defused a bomb hidden under a truck
Tagan' district court is on fire in Moscow
Yesterday failed launch of cruise missile in Arkhangelsk region
It's rumor, not confirmed information, possible fake or hoax
Some sort of armed response car blue lighting it towards Waterloo station via Westminster bridge
A Refugee Boat Carrying 75 Has Capsized In The Freezing Water Off Lesbos. Drenched Survivors Shiver On The Dock.
Putin has signed decree cancelling free trade area btw Ukraine and Russia starting from Jan.1
21 year old arrested for plans to blow up the Israeli Embassy in Berlin
In center of Moscow killed a man. One of killer wounded
German prosecutor charges two German men of Palestinian origin for alleged ISIS inspired plot to attack Israeli embassy in #Berlin
Commander: US missile defense System cannot counter Russian Strategic missiles
Avakov published video of his conflict with Saakashvili
Trump remarks 'divisive, stupid and wrong': British PM
Austrian prosecutors say police have arrested two people suspected of terrorism and possible links to the attacks in #Paris
#Russia's Deputy FM Meshkov: #Turkey should guarantee that situation mirroring jet's downing will not be repeated
Car attempted to force entry at the Invalides in Paris, police fired shots and stopped the car, driver arrested. Motive unclear
Bomb threat at plane in Pulkovo
Czech Central Bank leaves key rate unchanged at 0.05%
Cuba's Raul Castro to visit Paris in February: French government
In Turkey detained 27 Russian ships
In #Novoaidar SBU found arsenal of weapons
More of the remains from yesterday's opposition protest in Prishtina.
A car tried to force the entrance of the Invalides. A policeman open fire. Driver arrested
Bosnia Arrests Six Serbs for Sanski Most Abuses
The Cabinet proposed 2016 plan for cooperation with NATO. Ultimate goal - join NATO
Avakov: Found archive Yanukovych, it will assist in the investigation into his crimes
Ukraine will impose food embargo on Crimea in 30 days - PM Yatsenyuk
In Odessa really at to the city Council. Police and National guard on the site
Order to block entry at #Kosovo border for #Serbs residing in territory has been suspended
#Italy to send 450 troops to protect #Iraq’s Mosul dam
ATO spox: Militants performed dozens of armed provocation near Horlivka
Col. Motuzyanyk: Yesterday, one UA serviceman KIA, one more Ukrainian serviceman was wounded in a land mine blast
Romania lifts sheepdog limit after shepherds' protest
On the border of Zaporizhye region spotted 4 Russian Mi-8 helicopters
UK Supreme Court rejects US presidential candidate Donald Trump's bid to stop wind farm near his Scottish golf course
In Krasnoarmeysk there was an explosion at Auto service
MFA of Ukraine outraged cause of violation of International Sea laws by Russia in Black Sea
Marines practice recovery of personnel w/ #NATO allies near Albacete, Spain
German Luftwaffe supported attacks on ISIS for the first time on Tuesday with A310 MRTT tanker
The existence of the EU is at risk - European Parliament President Martin Schulz
Last night there was a fire at the gas station In Dnipropetrovsk, two cars burned
1 killed 6 wounded in Mi-8 helicopter crash in Kamchatka
Russia illegally deploy a drilling platform in the waters of Ukraine
[email protected]_russia spox Zakharova: #Russia is now stating publicly what was saying in private about its disagreement with #Turkey over #Syria
ATO press center: 20 #ceasefire violations overnight. After midnight #Pisky was shelled with 82-mm mortars.
Formerly pro-#Putin director of battered #Yalta zoo: #Russia turned #Crimea into a ghetto.
"I'm not afraid of a guy riding around on a horse without his shirt." - @LindseyGrahamSC on #Putin
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