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18 กรกฎาคม 2018

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[email protected]_pifer : Russia's use of force is a significant challenge to the European security order
#Athens: Clashes with #antifa and police tonight in #Exarchia district. Molotovs, barricades and police tear gas.
FIFA Secretary General Jerome Valcke suspended amid allegation of scheming to profit off ticket sales
Slovenian police plan to send train carrying around 200 refugees back to Croatia
200 #refugees are on train to #Dobova, about to enter #Slovenia
Nationalist Nikolai Bondarik detained in St. Petersburg
Refugees clamber through windows to board train in Croatia
Croatian interior ministry now says 9,700 #migrants entered the country between 7pm last night and 7pm this evening.
Armored vehicles on the move in Donetsk
Croatia welcomes refugees, sets up emergency camp at Beli Manastir. Dep Mayor tells Hungary wrong to refuse entry.
ATO HQ denied report of head of Donetsk police about tank shelling of Krasnohorivka
Crowds wander the streets of Zagreb. "What's it like at the Slovenia border? We must go. The rules change quickly"
HR PM Milanovic slams GR for letting in thousands of migrants who come from safe Turkey
Trucks and armored vehicles in Donetsk
Russian authorities seize US Embassy’s American Cultural Center
Croatian Interior Minister says the country will close its border with #Serbia if another 8,000 migrants enter #Croatia in one day
Tanks in the center of Donetsk
Tanks in the center of Donetsk
Members of the "LNR" traveled to Syria to "conference"
The Obama administration strengthened missile defense in Europe
Canadian troops on urban operations training in #Poland last week. Working together with #NATO Allies for security.
Small groups of #refugees crossed the CRO/HU border at Illocska, bypassing fence
Refugees don't want to wait at #Tovarnik
Rada decided to lift immunity and to arrest MP Moseichuk
Swiss approve extradition of Uruguay's Figueredo to US in soccer probe
Russia's Northern Fleet fires Pantsyr-S1 air defense systems in #Arctic
Hamas Al-Aqsa Mosque Address: '#Europe Wants the Muslim Refugees as Labor; We Shall Conquer Their Countries'
#Tovarnik #refugees to break through a police cordon. Storms Buses.
Migrants camping on no-man's land of the border between #Hungary and #Serbia near Roeszke
Explosions are heard on the west of Donetsk
Migrants break through police barrier. Cops give up. Pandemonium as 1000's run/walk deeper into Croatia
Chaos at train depot in Croatia. 1000's of migrants force their way past police & fences, refuse to wait for buses
7300 #refugees entered Croatia by now. After Tovarnik, Ilok &Batina, additional border crossing opened in Bajakovo
Police Attacks Migrant Families With Baton At Macedonia-Greek Border
The editor of the Kommersant website was fired after publishing an interview with Navalny
Switzerland approves first extradition to US in FIFA case
UN says Hungary's treatment of migrants amounts to "clear violations of international law."
Russian MFA: Kyiv refuses to do dialogue with Donbas
Unable to get into Hungary, thousands of migrants try Croatia
Iraq-i refugee threatens to jump off registration building in Berlin
Russian supply convoy returned from Donbas
Russian defense Ministry summoned military attachés of Poland for clarification on the demolition of the monument to Chernyahovsky
EU's Tusk calls refugee crisis summit for Wednesday
RUAF group of Il-76s: 78790, 78776, 78733 departed possibly Tver
Croatian riot police escort toddlers out of the chaos at Tavernik station
NSDC agreed to exclude 6 journalists from blacklist
Russian air force 78847 Il-76 223 route Chkalovsky-Rostov-Crimea .
"Croatia cannot receive any more people," says Croatian interior minister
Russian MFA: Kyiv Sanctions undermine Minsk agreements
Police trying to resolve the tenses at #Tovarnik
Russia MFA: Poland opened the war on Soviet monuments
Russian air force IL-62 86496 from Syria over Europe
Confrontation in #Croatia - anger & exhaustion boiling over at Tovarnik Train station
IslamicState claims double suicide attacks in Baghdad
Russian MFA summoned the Ambassador of Poland because of the demolition of the monument to Soviet General
#Russian soldiers arrived in #Lugansk for rotation and register as "local militia"
Russian activists showed Putin's spox Peskov house for $7M
EU parliament backs refugee relocation plan
New Greek government is likely to toe bailout line
Drone captures the tear gas, tanks, tents and chaos at the Hungarian border
Freedom of the press for me is an absolute value. - The Poroshenko asked the Council to withdraw the names of the journalists of the BBC from the blacklist
13 further investigations have been launched into police corruption relating to historical child sex abuse claims
Prosecutors indict Romania PM on corruption charges
Refugees, they keep coming: yesterday cabs, today buses at #Šid #Serbia #Croatia
76.anniversary of attack of the Soviet Union on Poland
A migrant raft arrives at dawn near the airport on Lesbos island, one ad about 80 per day.
There are several thousand people here at Tovarnik, Croatia. Serious lack of water and a few portaloos
Last buses leaving Serbo-Hungarian border for the Serbo-Croat one. Few ppl staying till they hear the new route works
Head local government #Tovarnik: "We were told by 'Zagreb' there would only come a few hundreds. It's a catastrophe." More than 6000 entered.
Moscow journalists picketed the Investigative committee , demanding to interrogate customer of the attack on Oleg Kashin
Russian Sberbank CEO German Gref admits to having bitcoins
Israeli man who went missing in Uman three days ago has been named as Amir Ohana
In Moscow detained the employee of the "Committee for civil rights" Mayakov
Czech PM Sobotka says it is necessary to end unproductive debate about mandatory quotas for migrants
Zaka volunteers from Israel heading out to Uman, as search for missing Israeli man continues, command center being set up.
The Secretary of @NSDC_ua Mr Olexander Turchynov to make a statement on banned journalists in a recent hours.
ATO spox: Luhansk region: SBU located one of the largest caches of ammunition during the Anti-terrorist operation
Col. Oleksandr Motuzyanyk: Large-scale military exercises were held in the Mariupol sector
Col. Motuzyanyk: Two flights of enemy UAVs were recorded within the military operation area near Mariupol
Col. Motuzyanyk: Ukrainian Armed Forces did not incur any casualties; no single UA serviceman was wounded in action in last 24 hours
Status Horgos, 11:00 CEST: consolidating, 90% of refugees left & moving to CRO, no new transfers
Hungary plans 70km fence at Romanian border, says Szijjarto
Civil groups say accelerated asylum procedure “unlawful, inhumane”
Hungarian foreign minister: Hungarian police brutally attacked
France's Hollande condemns Burkina Faso 'coup d'etat'
Austria: refugees blocked at border bridge between Salzburg and Germany
U.S. assistance to Ukraine depends on successful reform effort - Pyatt
Since #Russia's occupation of #Crimea, the enjoyment of #HumanRights has deteriorated radically: new ODIHR report
Croatia warns it has limited capacities to accept refugees: PM
The @2dCavalryRegt build a bridge in Hungary during DragoonCrossing
Hungarian foreign minister says common EU refugee policy has failed and Hungary will propose alternative measures
EU commissioner @Avramopoulos says passing refugee problems from one country to another is no the solution
A makeshift refugee camp outside the Austerlitz train station in Paris, France
Bulgaria to deploy up to 1,000 troops at Turkish border
Denmark to take 1,000 refugees on voluntary basis
Austrian rail operator OEBB says train services to Hungary will resume as of Friday
Arseniy Yatsenyuk: Statements on illegal elections in Donetsk and Luhansk - a clear signal that Putin does not intend to perform Minsk
Russia for the month increased investment in the U.S. national debt by $9.7 billion now Russia is holding in government bonds of US $81.7 billion
Israeli missing in Uman, Ukraine since Tuesday
Serbian Prime minister urges EU to react to "brutal" Hungarian behaviour
Croatia sends army to help refugees, at the moment are building 5 tents with 120 beds near Serbia border
Refugee & migrant crew cleans remnants of burning barricade & trash from yesterday clashes at Hungary Serbia border
Police came to Russian nationalist and blogger Egor Prosvyrin
Thousands of refugees waiting for a train in Tovarnik, Croatia
In Libya detained a Russian tanker, presumably — "Mechanic Chebotarev"
Gyor area community welcomes US 2 Cavalry Regiment to Hungary for Dragoon Crossing
Croatia interior ministry confirms that by 8am 5600 refugees have entered the country
Station in Tovarniku. Red cross assisting arriving refugees
German Federal Police say the number of refugees who entered Germany on Wednesday was 7,266
Reinforced gate, new razor wire at Hungarian border this morning. Asylum seekers being told to travel via Croatia.
Russian army supply convoy entered Ukraine
Croatia: first train with cca 800 refugees has arrived in Zagreb at 6:30 am
In light of Ru aggressive action, USAFE Chief calls 4 F-22 base in Europe
Russian EU envoy: West and Russia involved in active information war - 'and Russia is winning'
EltonJohn "honored" to speak to Putin. Only it wasn't. Was Russia TV pranskers Vovan &Lexus
EltonJohn honored to speak to Putin. Only it wasn't. Was Russia TV pranskers Vovan &Lexus
BBC statement on Ukraine banning @BBCSteveR and @Emmawells1.
IS released 4 videos on refugees today. Message: Don't go to Europe, join the caliphate instead. It's better here.
Army at Győr allegedly at alert, soldiers called to base. Guard at base said almost everyone not partaking in cooperation actions are to go to border as reinforcements
Austria. Salzburg authorities say refugee pressure may shut down train station
In a few hours NATO Dragooncrossing convoy will cross Slovakian-Hungarian border. Tomorrow US and Hunagian army will work together
Croatian minister Ostojićn (interior): "People who don't cooperate (registration) will brought to other camp. Rest extra trained to Zagreb"
Spanish journos Antonio José Rodríguez Pampliega, Angel Sastre in Poroshenko's sanctions list. They're in Syria, kidnapped by ISIS
The State Security statement reg banned journalists by @NSDC_ua decision to follow in the morning
Commander Joint Task Force Ukraine marks start of Canadian soldiers training Ukrainian troops this week
70 full buses are waiting at the Serbian side of the border, acc Croat policeman. First group to train just left. To Zagreb. Tovarnik
Unknown location
Ukrainian MLRS at base
By 8:50 PM Croatia accepted 1191 refugees, 303 are currently present at Ježevo Registration Center
Rail transport of Russian military equipment in Novocherkassk
UN Secretary-General urges those "standing in the way" of refugees to "stand in their shoes" instead
Russian Mi-24 military helicopter crashed in Ryazan Region
Serbia's prime minister condemns 'brutal treatment' of migrants by Hungarian police.
Former US ambassador -Russia is recruiting fighters in eastern Ukraine to deploy to Syria
Moria Camp, Lesvos
Russia’s isolation may increase - U.S. Department of State
Hundreds of migrants avoiding Hungary, heading from Belgrade by taxi + coach to Croatian border, then walking across
Syrian refugees sharing maps on Facebook - Hungary 'CLOSED!'
Fire in Donetsk
Fire in Donetsk
Serb TV says its crew beaten at border: Horgos, Serbia
Hungary police "are holding the border and in control of the situation" acc to Hungary police
It's rumor, not confirmed information, possible fake or hoax
M1 says police identified and took away a known terrorist from the crowd at Roeszke yet unconfirmed
Poroshenko approved the decision of the national security Council on sanctions against persons involved in the annexation of Crimea and aggression in the Donbas
Hungarian military vehicles mounted with guns at Serb border
Poroshenko Held a Skype conference with @BillGates Discussed the issues of cooperation with the Gates Foundation.
Just mile away from far-right rally, Greece's communist party fills Athens main Sq. A vibrant, divided democracy
Slovenia says it won't provide corridor for refugees, will evaluate applications for asylum. Move effectively closes direct route north.
PM Viktor Orbán: Hungary to extend fence also in direction to Croatia
Hungarian military Humvees, mounted with guns, approach border with Serbia
Hungarian police fire tear gas at refugees at border
A girl caught up in the violence at Hungary's Horgos border crossing
Sea of Greek flags & black shirts at Golden Dawn election rally. The nationalists are Greece's 3rd most popular party
Two Russians claim to have pranked @eltonjohndotcom by posing as Putin and spokesman Peskov (who translated), will publish recording tonight
"Armed mob of illegal migrants" attacked, says Zoltán Kovács @zoltanspox at Roszke, FM Szijjártó using the same words
Hungarian police used teargas again
Serbia expresses `harshest possible protest' against Hungary for using tear gas at border.
Supporters of Greece's far-right nationalist Golden Dawn party assemble at an election rally in central Athens
Kharkiv journalists honored the memory of Georgiy Gongadze and other killed journalists
Romania summons Hungary envoy over border fence plans: ministry
Odessa - US & Ukrainian sailors train together
Serbia/Hungary border will be closed for next 30 days - Hungary
Croatian border police: 'Don't be afraid. Everything's gonna be alright.'
Jarosław Kaczynski, leader of Poland opposition, says refugees "take our culture" & EU politicians "hate our country"
Fires burning at Hungary-Serbia border
Situation at Serbia-Hungary border is worsening
Bavaria relieved as trains of refugees reach Berlin
Foreign minister Szijjártó officially asked Serbia-n authorities to act against "aggressive migrants" on the border.
A man has been charged with murder after a woman was found dead at her home
Hungary police fire tear gas at Roszke crossing
Fires burning at Hungary-Serbia border, scene of clashes between refugees and police
Refugees about to walk over the border to Croatia
7 cars burnt in Kyiv for two hours
Lenin was removed in Svitlodarsk
France 'won't hesitate' to restore border controls in migrant crisis: PM
The limitation of the right of veto in the UN security Council was supported by 73 countries - Y. Sergeev
Poroshenko urged the world to continue and expand sanctions against the Russian Federation for the decision to hold fake elections in the Donbass.
The refugees buildup on the bridge over the Saalach valley, some come on foot, by Bus, Taxi
Custom in Taganrog will create a riot squad against forbidden food
Refugees Throw Bricks And Debris At Police On The Hungarian Border
Slovenia to establish controls at its border with Hungary
Russian ambassador to the United Nations says there could be a special UN security council meeting on migration next week
Tear gas&water cannon attack on refugees at Roszke by HUN police
Zhebrivsky says it would take 1 week to establish Ukrainian jurisdiction on occupied territories if state border was controlled by Ukraine.
Crowds are chanting 'thank you Serbia' as an ambulance tries to move to the border
Gas is raining down everywhere. Children are choking. Horgos
Tear gas clearing the border gate at Horgos
Clashes at Hungary border-crossing
Clashes at Hungary border-crossing
"Allahu akbar" screaming young people throwing stones at the police. Heavy use of tear gas
Refugees Clash With Police On The Hungarian Border
Refugees attacked police who reacted w/ tear gas again. Crowd is fleeing. Riot police w/ shields and special forces also present.
The situation between refugees and police has “completely broken down” at the Serbia-Hungary border, @SkyNews reports
Police in Hungary bring two APCs as refugees break through the border fence
Hungary police fire tear gas at migrants at Serbia border
Austrian Interior Ministry says Austria will extend tougher checks at its border with Slovenia in the coming hours
A spokesman for the Austrian city of Salzburg says around 1,000 asylum seekers have set off on foot towards the border with Germany
Syrian tripped by Hungarian journalist heading to Spain
Hungary convicts migrant for illegally crossing border, 1st under tough new law
Sep. 2 video shows alleged Azeri missiles used on Karabakh frontline.
Germany's Merkel, Erdogan's Turkey talk refugees
Microsoft Zune services reach end of the road in November
Slovak PM Fico says 'nobody will dictate to us' over migration crisis, refuses refugee quota for Slovakia
Hungarian police detained a group of refugees for illegal bordercrossing
Unrest at Horgos, HU/SRB border, 15:00 CEST, police w water cannon lined up and facing to refugees.
Crowds have broken the gate at Horgos pepper spray, stones thrown
President Sargsyan states Armenia-Azerbaijan border destabilization not ruled out
Zacharchenko: "DNR is independent state and will have its own elections"
In Croatia the Right Party's Anto Dapic supports aid to female migrants + children but "not young men who look like they just left the gym."
Hug: extensive military movement, much of it away from the contact line, on the government-controlled side
Ukraine and Sweden have agreed on a currency swap for $ 500 million
"Federation" tower is on fire in Moscow
USS Wyoming (SSBN 742) in Scotland.
Federation tower skyscraper is on fire in Moscow
Croatia PM Milanović: refugees probably won't stay here, but we'll do whatever it takes to make them feel better than in Hungary
Rada has terminated the agreement with Russia on the construction of the Khmelnitsky NPP power units
Verkhovna Rada calls on the UN to do everything possible to stop the Russian aggression
PM says Croatia is "ready to receive or direct those people where they want to go, which is obviously Germany or Scandinavian countries"
Croatia's PM Milanović: "Won't forget the Pope called upon every house to host a family of refugees. We are humans & mostly Christians."
Rada urged UN to take all measures to stop the aggression of Russia vs Ukraine
Refugees who bought morning tickets to Munich prevented from leaving Vienna
LDPR in full force left the meeting of the state Duma
Milanović: I Believe that the policy of Budapest of building walls is dangerous and cruel. Wire in Europe is not the answer, is the threat
Denied entry to Hungary refugees blockaded a major Balkan highway
"Right sector" will support Crimean tatars in blocking Crimea
An empty Keleti last night, volunteers packing up remaining supplies for Röszke-Horgos
Croatia: Police captures refugees crossing the border through cornfields and take them to Tovarnik
More: 1000s of refugees trying to travel overland to Greece blocked by TK sec forces at a bus station in Istanbul.
Maps showing minefields at CRO/SRB border &warn refugees to only use highways & avoid walking cross fields
Refugees continue to wait after night at Hungarian border
Serbia: A 1st group of 60 refugees arrived this morning to Sid, some managed to reach Tovarnik in Croatia
Project 636, improved Kilo class submarine Novorossiysk transits northbound Bosphorus
Hungary police daily stats on people caught illegally crossing the border
Russian Navy Kilo Cls Sub is crossing the Bosphorus northbound at the moment. Escorted by TCSG 10 and P 1207
In Bratislava, Slovakia "Dragoon Crossing" deploys howitzers for show
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