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25 กันยายน 2018

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Today St.Petersburg: Russian SOBR unit with AS Val rifle
Heavy artillery fighting in Horlivka-Zaitseve
Heavy volleys in Horlivka: Shiroka Balka, Stroitel, Glyboka Balka
Kaddivka: incoming shelling from Pervomaisk
Ukraine: Ukrainian Mi-24 Hind helicopter flying over the waterfront in Zaliznyi Port, Kherson
Yenakiieve: Fierce incoming arrivals
Donetsk: heavy artillery at Petrovsky district
Russia builds barbed wire fence on border with Poland
Makiivka: fire and smoke
Protesters have clashed with motorists during a rush hour demo on London Bridge
Avdiivka - Ukrainian army is returning the fire. Now both sides use heavy guns there.
North of Donetsk: hits and starts. Heavy artillery
Russian Ambassador in Moldova summoned over military drills in Transnistria
Military echelon in Vladimir region of Russia
Horlivka: outgoing artillery shelling at North-West
07 Aug: Echelon with Buk-M2 SAM at Salsk station, Rostov Region
Novorosiysk: loading of vehicles into Landing ships
6 trucks with self-propelled artillery in Krymsk, Krasnodar region
Shells hit railway car at Skotovata station
Avdiivka: UA return fire started
Avdiivka: UA return fire started
First Kalashnikov store opened in Sheremetyevo Airport(SVO)
Dokuchaevsk: Artillery fighting
Russia is building on the border with Poland, a fence with barbed wire – media
Two Su-27s of the 831st Tactical Aviation Brigade on duty over Myrhorod Airport, Poltava Oblast, East Ukraine.
Pavlo Klimkin: Russia trying to totally block the activity of the OSCE
Poland confirms first cases of Zika
Russian forces kill 4 suspected fighters as they storm apartment in St. Petersburg in counterterrorism raid
Russian APCs in Kerch
Russian militant with Orsis SE T-5000 rifle in Khartsyz'k
Mil Mi-8 'Hip' and two Mil Mi-24 'Hind' helicopters fly along the coast Bil'shovyk, Kherson region
Russian militants account threatening massive shelling of Donetsk urge people to take cover
Russian jamming complex SPR-2M Rtut-BM in Donetsk
Makiivka: like 152mm artillery working from the area of Gvardeyka-Vostochny
45 ceasefire violations before 6pm today at Donbas
Tributes to 'beautiful' teenager found dead in tent at festival
Double hits in Industrial area of Avdiivka
Breitbart journalist was paid $500 to write positive articles abt Ukraine's Party of Regions
Briton fatally stabbed for public urination in Cyprus, woman tells court
One of the killed today in St.Petersburg recruited fighters to Syria
Ukrainian Mil Mi-24 Hind helicopter flies low over a beach in Lazurne, Kherson oblast
Avdiivka: Report from industrial area - 2 killed, 4 wounded
Consequences of last night attack on Stanitsa Luhanska
Bosnia's leaders approve key measure sought by EU to grant the country candidate status
Russia shut down radiostation "Govorit Moskva" of famous journalist Sergey Dorenko
Preparations of Ukrainian army for Independence Day parade
Court on "Tornado case" just began in Kyiv
Consequences of Russian attack on Chermalyk
Consequences of Russian attack on Chermalyk
Mojaysk district of Moscow region: 1 man of Tajikistan origin killed, 2 wounded in attempt to attack police
Consequences of Russian attack on Rybyns'ke near Volnovakha
Consequences of Russian attack on Rybyns'ke near Volnovakha
4 killed in police operation in St.Petersburg
Russia has invited Sweden to a meeting on the security situation around the Baltic Sea. Swe Defense Dep is of doubt to a meeting
Russian police special forces killed militants in St.Petersburg
German police arrest man suspected of planning attack at festival in eastern town of Eisenhuettenstadt
Novaya reports two Central Asians attacked Russian cops outside Moscow, both killed
Paul Manafort is accused of sabotaging US interests in Crimea in leaked memo to [email protected] @thetimes
Police patrol attacked near Moscow. At least 1 dead
Tusk: Spoke to President Poroshenko. We have a similar assessment of the situation in Crimea and Donbas. Russian version of events unreliable.
The fires in Donetsk
North Caucasus mufti calls on all Russian women to be circumcised to "prevent debauchery."
AP: Trump campaign chief Paul Manafort helped pro-Russian party in Ukraine secretely funnel $2.2MM to US lobbyists.
Ukrainian frigate Nerei-class 'U-130' Hetman Sahaydachniy has returned to Odesa
North Korean diplomat who disappeared from London embassy has defected to South Korea
Germany has hinted at EU 'special status' for UK in post-Brexit deal
Two Ukrainian Sukhoi Su-25s 'Frogfoot' make a low pass over the Dnipro River in Ukraine
Russia will extend the number of personnel of the Russian military hospital in Tiraspol, Transnitria. Moldova
Video shows a train loaded w/ Ukrainian T-64s, Bulat MBTs and BMP-1 infantry fighting vehicles - Ukraine.
Number of explosions in Donbas increased - OSCE
German inventor has created a bike for the blind people
Foreign investors increased investment to Ukraine to $44.7 billion
Ukrainians from 35 countries will arrive at the world forum in Kiev
Russia checks readiness of military aircraft in Urals, Western Siberia
South Korea says senior North Korean diplomat based in London has defected.
Russian forces destroyed agricultural firm in Chermalyk
1 policeman was wounded in security operation in St.Petersburg
Russian foreign ministry rejects allegations Russia's use of Iranian military base violates any UN sanctions on Iran
Russian foreign ministry rejects allegations Russia's use of Iranian military base violates any UN sanctions on Iran
ATO spox: SBU detained 2 militants, one of which used to be one of “Prizrak” militant and fought against UA servicemen in Horlivka
Col. Oleksandr Motuzyanyk: UA Armed Forces did not incur any casualties yesterday, 8 UA servicemen were wounded in action
Col. Oleksandr Motuzyanyk: Luhansk sector: Militants were active near Popasna and in Stanytsia Luhanska
Police detained 3 militants in St.Petersburg, 1 policeman was wounded
Publisher of a pro-Russian web portals detained in Estonia
Moscow city hall has banned opposition rallies on the anniversary of 1991 coup
Someone was taken away by the ambulance from the scene of the special operation in St. Petersburg - reports
Transnistria and Russia troops had another joint military
The special operation in the St.Peterburg is on behalf of FSB in Kabardino-Balkaria
FSB is conducting the operation with shooting and explosions in St. Petersburg
Klitschko has filed a lawsuit against Fury for the delay of the rematch
Medvedev asked the Russian governors "not to talk about the difficulties of life"
The SBU detained the native of Russia, who worked for the terrorists of the "Vostok" for $ 100 per month
UK to build world's largest wind power plant
"No such attacks last 1,5 years" - Novoselivka
Angela Merkel and @fhollande: Our unwavering position – non-recognition of the occupation of Crimea
Man In hazmat suit in the house where explosions occurred in St.Petersburg
Map. Situation in eastern Ukraine August 17, 2016, 00:00 EET
Explosions and shooting in St.Petersburg. National guard on the site
Heavily-armed National Guard cordon off apartment block in St. Petersburg
FSB: security op in St.Peterburg against North Caucasus gang/ militants
Putin to visit annexed Crimea this week
The agro sector of Akhmetov shelled in the Chermalyk village
Rally in support of natl anti-corruption bureau in Kyiv after Ukraine's key anti-corruption reform failed to
Migrants have increased attempts to illegally cross Macedonia since 'Balkan route' closed
PHOTO: Russian Baltic Fleet air-cushioned landing craft 782 «Mordovia» and 770 «Yevgeny Kocheshkov»
Kosovo politician caught on wiretap resigns following series of anti-corruption protests
BTR capsized near Yalta
Heard explosions close to Mariupol – reports
Rally in support of @nab_ukr near the Prosecutor General's Office
Kyiv: protest outside prosecutors' office after clash with anti corruption police NABU
Heavy explosion near Shyrokyne
June 2016. Rus forces bomb Ukrainian Shyrokine village. Pic by military reporter D.Muravskiy.
ATO HQ: Russian forces violated ceasefire 52 times yesterday
Russian RBK says that Putin will visit Crimea late this week
One more train arriving with some military hardware in order to cross to Kerch, Crimea
Military echelon in Krasnodar region on 14 Aug
Joseph Biden said that the United States opened a new Chapter in relations with Serbia
Massive wildfire in Donetsk region 100% contained
SBU searches apartment of pro-Russia journalist Miroslava Berdnik
34 houses were damaged in heavy shelling on Chermalyk village last night
Heavy fighting between Ukrainian and Russian forces in Mariinka
Heavy fighting between Ukrainian and Russian forces  in Mariinka
Fire near Kadiivka
Heavy explosion reported in Kadiivka
Construction of new TV tower at Karachun - 30% done
Britain's most notorious hate preacher Anjem Choudary found guilty of terrorism offence, faces up to 10 years in prison
Bulgarian Border Police Chiefs Quit in Migrant Scandal
Pic from army store in Simferopol Crimea
Armenian Mindef supported "humanitarian operation" in Aleppo
Nazarbaev met Putin in Sochi: I think Poroshenko is open to search compromises
Shoigu visit to Armenia
Putin thanked Nazarbayev for mediating the restoration of relations of Russia and Turkey
8 Ukrainian military injured in ATO today - headquarters
The Russian forses drove tanks and APCs in Ilovaisk
Nazarbayev at meeting with Putin: Poroshenko called me, said he has not enough votes
ATO spox: In Mykolayiv region, UA Airborne troops performed parachute training jumps from helicopters into water
ATO spox: Servicemen of Special Operations Forces underwent heavy drills on parachuting
Col. Motuzyanyk: Another former militant of so-called “DPR”`s “Vostok” was detained in Ternopil region
Col. Motuzyanyk: Over the previous day, Ukrainian Armed Forces did not incur any casualties, 8 UA soldiers were wounded in action
Col. Oleksandr Motuzyanyk: UA mil intel reports: FSB delivered 200 sets of UA Armed Forces uniform for committing provocations
ATO spokesperson: At dawn, ATO forces repelled back enemy attack near Bohdanivka village: 2 UA servicemen were wounded in action
Two injured in stabbing attack in train between Feldkirch and Bregenz Austria
Crimea: helicopters over Feodosiya beach
Russian Guard arrests foreigners filming nuclear power plant in Leningrad Oblast. Their nationality not reported
French Navy Panther helicopter hot refueling by French troops in Djibouti
"Tornado case": heavy police presence near court
Russian Tu-22M3 long-range bombers bombed Syria from Iranian base
The two Russian Be-200 amphibious aircrafts deployed in Portugal grounded after serious incidents
Heavy armed police presence at Ai-Petri near Yalta, reports of armed men before
60 year old mentally ill man stabbed 2 people on a train by Sulz-Röthis on the Austrian border with Switzerland, he was arrested
Pokrovsk: at least 1 jet reported over city
Russian strategic bombers preparing for flights - OCHISTKA station active
2 heavy explosions in Yasinuvata
48 ceasefire violations yesterday at Donbas
Avdiivka 6am: The night was not quiet, very intense artillery duel, now sporadic mortar shells falling at Promka.
Heavy artillery fighting in Tel'manove area last night
1 killed 3 wounded in attack on Ukrainian positions in Chermalyk
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