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25 กันยายน 2018

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UC Berkeley student, Nicolas Leslie, missing in the Nice, France attack is confirmed dead.
Missing California student Nicolas Leslie confirmed dead after Nice, France, attack
0:40 am at Petrovsky district of Donetsk
Moscow: armed man opened fire on police during documents check, 1 policeman wounded. Suspect detained
Yasinuvata, Maryinka, Krasnohorivka, Kirovsky and Petrovsky districts of Donetsk - many reports of renewed artillery fighting after 1am
Donetsk, Petrovskyi district, "landings in the area of mine 1"
Donetsk, Petrovskyi district, landings in the area of mine 1
Donetsk Kirovskyi: RU opened fire from Lidiivka. It booms heavily
Donetsk. Fighting hears near school 107
Maryinka: Many hits after midnight
Fields on fire near Donetsk
Fires engulfed the Ukrainian front near Svitlodarsk
Fires engulfed the Ukrainian front near Svitlodarsk
French PM @manuelvalls convinced ISIS inspired Nice Attacker to act
In Armenia detained 200 people to check their relationship with members of an armed group that seized a police building
On the 2nd anniversary today of the shooting down of MH17 the passenger list was taped to Russia's London embassy.
Officials push to bar Russian Olympic delegation if doping allegations
The UK is planning to withdraw from the EU in 2019
Terrorist from Nice has been planning its attack for a few weeks and practiced on the beach
The famous Kazantip burned down in Crimea
Russia continues to conduct drilling on the sea shelf of Ukraine
Hero stopped Nice killer's rampage by jumping into lorry and wrestling with him
@edwardlucas: Russia’s Gazprom has been brought to heel by the EU Commission
The UN declared their readiness to bring to justice those responsible for the tragedy MH17
Helicopter crashes at Breighton Aerodrome in Yorkshire, UK with five causalities reported
Donetsk: Nonas by Kalmius gang
The epidemic in Russia: every hundredth has AIDS
Donetsk: Heavy smoke to the north/east-north to Biryuzova
U.S. Ambassador to the @OSCE, @danbbaer: "Those involved in the shoot down of MH17 must be held accountable"
Heavy fire at Kazantip beach in Crimea
Heavy fire at Kazantip beach in Crimea
Ukrainian coast guard note Russian oil rig brought in to the Ukrainian economic zone in the Black Sea
BTR in Armenia Yerevan seems to be Russian peacekeeper markings on it.
Erebuni Armenia: Sarkisian In Emergency Meeting On Yerevan Hostage Crisis
Avdiivka Promka: mortar hits+shooting
At Sofiyska square Moscow church procession signing "God save the Tsar"
At Sofiyska square Moscow church procession signing God save the Tsar
Opposition MP Nikol Pashinian has posted a video he made while visiting the captured Police HQ in Yerevan
Opposition MP Nikol Pashinian has posted a video he made while visiting the captured Police HQ in Yerevan
Bi-elex in Ukraine tdy. @alexrbchn shows Luhansk ballot w/107 candidates. Only 10 real. Rest to distract +confuse
Armoured vehicles are brought close to seized police base in Yerevan Armenia.
Column of smoke in the area of Mineral'ne-Yakovlivka, north to Donetsk
Albania Parliament Speaker, key gov ally, wants new government of experts and new elections
Armenia: Police units outside the seized police station
Armenia: Police units outside the seized police station
Arrests at Yerevan Freedom Square, Armenia police station stand off continues
Arrests at Yerevan Freedom Square, Armenia police station stand off continues
Citizens removed frm Erebuni Police hq area, many detained. Now Nikol Pashinyan is meeting Jirayr Sefilyan
Police detain dozens of opposition supporters in Yerevan's Freedom square and elsewhere, Armenia
Erdogan, Putin to meet in first week of August, Turkish presidential source says
Turkey reclaimed the helicopter and flew it back to its territory around midnight, Anadolu reports, citing diplomats
Situation in pictures in Armenia Yerevan
A group of armed men seized a police station in Armenia's capital Yerevan along with hostages 
Officials accepted that 1 policeman is dead and 2 injured during armed attack in Yerevan, Armenia
Deputy head of Armenian police, Deputy head of Yerevan police are among those taken hostage
In front of the captured Police HQ right now. Security services still hold negotiations Armenia Breaking
Yerevan riot: ongoing evacuation of nearby district
An opposition party head Petros Makeyan is taken to police. Yerevan
Krasnohorivka, 2, Radianska St. Jul16-17 night shelling aftermath
VIDEO of new Ukrainian “CORSAR” light portable missile system
VIDEO of new Ukrainian “CORSAR” light portable missile system
MP Pashinian: 7 hostages in occupied police unit including deputy chief of pol, 1 wounded from opp. group. Armenia
Gyumri-Yerevan highway is closed
Nar Dos street right now.A armed group attacked the governmentnt of the patrol area. Armenia, Yerevan
Image posted showing snipers moving into position on armed political group's siege in Yerevan Armenia
Armenia: army deploying to the the police station, seized by rebels
Snipers on the roofs in Yerevan
Armenia rioters: we have many weapons, seized police station, go to the streets and riot
Group of armed people seized police station in Yerebuni district of Yerevan, declared riot
Fighting in Yasinuvata last night
77 ceasefire violations by Russian forces on Saturday
8 pro-coup soldiers who fled to Greece are being brought back to Turkey: Greek officials
Donetsk: civil woman was wounded at Trudovskie
Fighting to the East - smoke seen from Mariupol
Small-engine plane crashed during takeoff at Valdai
Artillery and mortars heard at Shchastya around 10PM.
Krasnohorivka also loud now.
Mariupol hears canonade from Sartana.
France calls up reserves, boosts security measures in wake of Nice attack
Anti-austerity protest London: Thousands join march against cuts, racism and the Tories
Loud battle at Shyrokyno now
Mortars working near Mariupol, Shyrokyno-Talakivka-Kominternove.
Wildfire in Chornobyl exclusion zone: 15 Ha 0% contained
Part of ATGM at Petrovsky district
French minister calls all willing citizens to become army reservists
8 traitors who escaped to Greece following failed coup attempt to be extradited as soon as possible: FM
Marine Le Pen calls on French interior minister to quit after attack
Ukrainian women can now serve in military combat roles
Merkel condemns attempted military coup in Turkey , urges rule of law
Police arrest three in Nice as Islamic State claims truck attack
French interior minister says truck attacker `seems to have become radicalized very quickly'
Food in "DonMak"
SBU: National guard fighters among attackers on cashiers in Zaporizhie region
McDonalds in Donetsk became "DonMak"
Turkey: Video of Golcuk base where pro-coup military have taken frigate, allegdly heading to Greece
China calls for greater global cooperation against terrorism
Turkey FM Mevlüt Çavuşoğlu demand from Greece to return rebel soldiers and helicopter back immediately
Cruiser Aurora arrived at dock place in St.Petersburg
Turkish military helicopter landed in Alexandroupoli, Greece. 8 people onboard. Detained by police. Requested asylum
Helicopter sent distress signal before getting permission to land, 8 ppl on board arrested, request political asylum in Greece
No KIA, but 6 WIA among UA servicemen in the war zone in E Ukraine over the last 24h - official
Turkey this morning
Turkish helicopter which carry 6 Turkish military personnel has landed in Alexandroupoli, Greece.
A military helicopter landed at the airport of Alexandroupolis, Greece has 1 civilian, 5 soldiers onboard
People seized tanks at Bogazici bridge, Istanbul
Erdogan's personal power will only strengthen after attempted coup in Turkey - Pushkov - RIA Novosti.
French prosecutor's office: 5 people in custody in wake of deadly truck attack in Nice
The city of Nice is announcing the reopening of the Promenade des Anglais to the public at 11:45
Avdiivka: house was hit by Russian forces
ISIS via Amaq agency claimed Nice, France attack
Ukraine's @poroshenko overnight ordered extra security at airports and borders in response to Turkey coup attempt.
Kharkiv: Medevac helicopter
People in Sarajevo, Bosnia gather to support Erdogan
Bulgaria Bolsters Patrols On Border With Turkey - Government Statement
Small gathering of people with Turkish flags chanting for democracy outside the BBC in Central London
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