Map. History of Europe conflict

23 ตุลาคม 2018
FSO officially announced on Nov 16 at 16:00 the Red Square will be closed to due Counter Terrorism drill in Kremlin and around the perimeter.
RUAF strategic AF sw net up with voice traffic
Clashes with police at "Potap and Nastya" concert in Kyiv. Several detained and injured
[email protected] wheels down Berlin and enroute to meet Merkel—Final overseas visit
Marine LePen says 'world peace' would result from a Trump-Putin-LePen trio
President of Ukraine Poroshenko had phone talk with @VP Biden
Photo: Russian officers in Donetsk
Russian PM Medvedev wants to rename Americano coffee to Rusiano
European leaders and President Barack Obama will discuss on Friday an extension of the sanctions imposed on Russia
Nationalists rallying against "Potap and Nastya" concert in Kyiv
Latest from OSCE SMM, 15/11: SMM recorded more ceasefire violations in Donetsk reg, incl nearly 190 explosions
Hostile sniper shot Ukrainian positions in Pavlopil – Ministry of Defense
At Sartana shelling, mortars or something heavy
EU ambassadors tomorrow will give green light to the council to start talks with the EP on Ukraine free visa regime – press
Theresa May faces international and domestic pressure to bring order to her Brexit strategy
Obama says will urge creditors to give Greece space for recovery
Loud incoming direction Shyrokyne, something similar to 120mm. #Mariupol
[email protected]: "Power and progress will always come from the demos, from we the people"
[email protected]: "Most important title in any country is not president or PM, it is citizen"
"In our communities there is more of what the Greeks all philotimo" - @POTUS
"History doesn't move in straight lines. Civil rights in US, democracy in GR didn't move in straight lines" - @POTUS
"All institutions in Europe have to ask how can we make sure people's voices are still being heard" - @POTUS
"EU remains one of the great achievements of human history" - @POTUS
"What an irony it is that at a time when we can reach out to anyone anywhere so many citizens feel disconnected from their govs" - @POTUS
"Faced with this new reality where cultures clash, some will inevitably seek comfort in nationalism, tribe, ethnicity, sect" - @POTUS
Theresa May won't deny Nigel Farage could get a peerage
German Chancellor Angela Merkel hints at rethink of freedom of movement rules
"Democracy is simplest wherever everyone is the same. Democracy becomes more difficult when there is diversity" - @POTUS
"When our economies don't work, our democracies become distorted and sometimes break down" - @POTUS
SNP MP George Kerevan asks if any talks re Nigel Farage peerage. PM says such matters not made public
"IMF have said debt relief will be crucial to getting Greece back to growth. They are right" - @POTUS
Tory Philip Davies says prisoner release halfway through sentence is an "outrage" and plan must be reversed
"I encourage creditors to put Greece on a path to sustained economic recovery" - @POTUS
"I want to commend Tsipras for the v difficult reforms his gov is pursuing" - @POTUS
PM May doesn't want to force laws on "trolling haven" sites
"The world doesn't appreciate or aware of the tremendous sacrifices Greeks have made" - @POTUS
"First step in Greece has been to build a foundation that allows you to return to robust economic growth" - @POTUS
PM May backs up Professor Alexis Jay - has "absolute confidence", after Jay's leadership questioned in reports
"We declared that healthcare in America was a right for all, not a privilege for a few" @POTUS
Tory Julian Lewis urges for BBC not to close monitoring dept. PM says Govt is in discussion with BBC on this
"People need to see the benefits of trade in their own lives, not just large multinationals" - @POTUS
Tory MP Alberto Costa puts pressure on PM to guarantee rights of EU migrants in UK. PM says she'd like to
Theresa May refuses to guarantee that EU nationals living in Britain already can stay after Brexit
"We know that we have to invest more in our people, education and skills to compete in global economy" - @POTUS
PM told to drop grammar school plans - you can probably guess her response
May joins MP's attack on “tank-chasing lawyers” after Iraq
"We can't look backwards for answers, we have to look forward" - @POTUS
"Even the poorest child in our countries know how others live, so there is increasing inequality and more awareness of it" - @POTUS
Tory MP Johnny Mercer furious at investigations into war crime allegations... PM says personnel must have support
"World elite, living by other rules, avoiding taxes, manipulating rules, that creates a sense of injustice and inequality" - @POTUS
"If you could choose one moment in time to be born without knowing, blindly, that moment would be now" - @POTUS
"Around the world closer cooperation have all improved the lives of human beings" - @POTUS
Speaking in Athens, Obama says "Democracy…is imperfect. Can be slow. Can be frustrating. Can be hard. Can be messy."
"Democracy remains the most effective form of government devised by man" - @POTUS
"It's important for young people in particular to understand that progress follows a winding path" - @POTUS
"As you may have noticed the next POTUS and I could not be more different but US Democracy is bigger than people" - @POTUS
'And if you hadn't noticed, the next American president and I could not be more different' @POTUS
"As long as we retain our faith, don't waver, then our future will be ok as it remains the most effective form of government devised by man." @POTUS
PM won't halt Special Relationship with US - even with a Muslims ban
"It is important, particularly for the young, to understand that progress follows a winding path." @POTUS
"But American democracy is bigger than one president. That is how democracy has to work." @POTUS
"After an election, democracy depends on a peaceful transition of power. The next American president and I could not be more different." @POTUS
"Democracy can be complicated, believe me, I know but it's better than the alternatives" - @POTUS
Referring to climate change and his gov's moves to tackle this, Obama says: Democracy is connected to science
"Democracy can be slow, frustrating, hard, messy. Democratic politicians tend to be unpopular. Compromise is needed." @POTUS
"We are going to have to take collective action to deal with problems. Debate allows us to shape our collective responses" @POTUS
"We have opened relations with Cuba, we signed the world's biggest agreement to stop climate change" @POTUS
Theresa May bats questions from Scotland away by hammering SNP desire for independence
"Greek generosity to refugees has moved the world, but you should not be left alone" - @POTUS
"We also believe that cooperation and dialogue is the best way to address conflict between nations, in a way that does not result in war" @POTUS
"The Greek people's generosity towards refugees has inspired people around the world. But you should not be left on your own" @POTUS
"That committment will continue. We are stronger than fighters who cannot tolerate difference, ideas that vary from their own" @POTUS
"More democracy is good for the world but it is also good for US security. This is why we stand by NATO, the world's greatest alliance" @POTUS
"History has shown us that countries with democracy are more stable and successful" - @POTUS
"Countries with democratic governments tend to be more just, open and stable." @POTUS
Corbyn finishes with a furious attack on the PM and her top team
"Our trajectory has been to support countries that believe in self-governance. Not just idealism - it is practical for the US to do this" @POTUS
[email protected]: "we have a Chancellor with no fiscal strategy," and "a Brexit team with no plan for Brexit"
"I have seen that the basic longing to live with dignity, control our lives and be part of determining its course are universal" - @POTUS
"This is why people threw off the yoke of colonialism, why the Iron Curtain was torn down, why we support Ukrainians, Tunisians, Myanmar" @POTUS
"But the basic longing to live with dignity, to control our lives and future and determine the course of our communities is universal" @POTUS
[email protected]_may tells PMQs "we're getting on with the job, he's not up to the job"
"We have been told these are western ideals, some cultures not equipped for democracy and prefer authoritarianism." @POTUS
"The flame first nurtured here in Athens has never died" @POTUS
[email protected] mocks @BorisJohnson for calling Brexit a "titanic success"
"There has been a different concept of government that says might makes right" @POTUS "Those beliefs used to justify conquest"
Theresa May doesn't have a plan for Brexit, says Corbyn
Boris Johnson guffawing as Jeremy Corbyn mocks comment that Britain would make 'titanic success' of Brexit
[email protected] says the government is making a "total shambles" out of Brexit PMQs
[email protected]_may insists the government does have a plan for Brexit PMQs
Tory MP Wendy Morton kicks off PMQs with employment figures - you can see all the numbers here
Boris Johnson offering ‘intellectually impossible’ Brexit vision after customs union claim
Theresa May is preparing a draft bill to authorise Brexit in case the UK government loses its Supreme Court appeal
LifeNews: Pushkov calls Russia's refusal to participate in the International Criminal Court logical.
German spy chief says far-right extremists ready to commit violent acts,are networking with similar groups in EU, US
Putin signs the decree to withdraw from @IntlCrimCourt
Searches at RosNano corporation of Anatoly Chubais
ATO spox: Cadets of Marines unit of Odesa military academy successfully completed field training
Col. Lysenko: Yesterday, Ukrainian Armed Forces did not incur any fatalities, 2 UA servicemen were wounded in action
Another flight test from missile range on Shagani estuary. Video by Yuri Birukov
According to report by @Vedomosti, Russia's Deputy PM Dvorkovich is under investigation by security services
Demonstrators clash with Greek riot police, throw Molotov cocktails, as protests against Obama's visit turn violent.
Greek police use tear gas, stun grenades to quell anti-Obama protesters in Athens
On his last overseas trip as US president, Obama addresses a divided Europe
Organized rally gathering near Khreschatyk metro station in Kyiv
Russian Navy Ropucha class LST Korolev Eastbound STROG abeam Europa Point Gibraltar
Russian media reporting that another armed Ukrainian "Crimean Saboteur" detained in Simferopol
Pres. Obama to tour Greece's Acropolis before heading to Germany for next leg of his final foreign tour as president
Ukrainian Amb. to UN Yelchenko: Belarus position in UN is anti-Ukrainian
ATO HQ: 37 ceasefire violations yesterday at ATO zone
[email protected]_Farage: "I found the President-elect to be reflective, thoughtful, full of great ideas."
[email protected]_Farage: "I believe that the people should be in charge of the decisions that affect their lives."
Prince Harry meets with London health workers helping members of minority communities struggling with HIV and AIDS
Naval and Air Forces of Turkey,NATO,US,Bulgaria,Romania,Pakistan are participating for joint exercise in Eastern Mediterranean
Resolution of human rights in occupied Crimea is adopted
Disneyland Paris sees record low attendance amid terrorism concerns
The UK remains deeply concerned at the persecution of the Crimea Tatar minority. @martin_shearman
[email protected]: @UKRinUN introducing resolution on humanrights in Crimea to General Assembly
US officials 'concerned' as Iran, Russia plan $10 billion arms deal
Ukraine's newly created cyber police have closed up one of the country’s major pirate websites
Ex-President Kuchma wants to resign as Ukrainian representative to Minsk contact group
International Criminal Court on Crimea and Russia's invasion on Ukraine
Poroshenko agreed to meet with Trump
In phone call Poroshenko invited Donald Trump to visit Ukraine
Poroshenko had a call with U.S. president-elect Trump
35 instructors graduated from the Training Center of the Special Operations Forces of the Ukrainian army in Khmelnytskyi today, Nov. 15.
Russian military from Severomorsk in Donetsk
French President Hollande proposes to extend state of emergency until May, after the end of the presidential election - AFP
Russian gunmen from Rostov in Donetsk, Nov 15
Novobakhmutivka: Nov14 agricultural enterprise came under shelling, no injuries
French President Francois Hollande urged the Trump administration to respect the Paris agreement
TASS: Putin relieves Ulyukayev of his post in connection with loss of trust.
Increased security measures at Metalist stadium in Kharkiv, Ukraine-Serbia game tonight
Newly elected Moldova President Dodon visited Gagauziya
Ulyukayev sent to house arrest.
President Obama cautions against "us vs. them" mindset: 'Future will be defined by what we have in common'
Belarus no action motion Rule 116 is defeated by impressive 101 votes. Belarus opposed consideration of hr resolutions including on Crimea
Belarus proposed to remove Ukrainian resolution at UNGA on Crimea, but failed
Latest,14/11: OSCE SMM recorded fewer ceasefire violations in Donetsk reg, incl about 160 explosions
President Obama: “I was surprised by the election results.”
Obama says the future will be "defined by what we have in common" instead of our differences
"They may opt for change even if they're not entirely confident what that change will bring," said Obama
[email protected]: We must "guard against rise of a crude sort of nationalism...built around an us or a them"
Pres. Obama: "Healthy majority of American people agree with my worldview," but many wanted to "shake things up"
President Obama: "I think it's fair to say that I was surprised by the election results"
[email protected]: I feel responsibility for a smooth transition, but "don't feel responsible for what the president-elect says or does."
Obama: GOP rhetoric is "troubling," but it’s being "used effectively to mobilize people"
President Obama reflects on lessons learned from the outcome of the US election
Obama responds to a question about U.S. parallels to Brexit at a news conference with the Greece PM
[email protected]: More effectively we deal with economic fears, less they can be used to "pit people against each other."
Obama discusses lessons learned from economic hardships that touched the US and Greece
Obama calls Greece a "reliable ally" in its commitment to NATO, even under strain from the debt crisis
Obama praises Greece's 'extraordinary compassion' for refugees
Obama: I want to thank the Greek people for their "compassion" during the migrant crisis
President Obama thanks Greece for their partnership and support as he closes out his speech alongside the Greek PM
"We are proud to count Greece as one of our closest allies and one of our greatest friends. Efharisto." —@POTUS
"I want to thank the Greek people publicly for their humanitarian response to the crisis of so many migrants and refugees" —@POTUS
Obama says hard road ahead for Greece.
President Obama: The US is "profoundly grateful for our friendship and alliance with Greece"
Obama praises Greek islanders who have shown "extraordinary compassion" towards refugees
"To this day, the United States is profoundly grateful for our friendship with Greece," said @POTUS
"We cannot simply look to austerity as a strategy" —@POTUS on Greece's economic recovery
Obama praises Greece for spending 2% of GDP on defence
"We cannot simply look to austerity as a strategy" —@POTUS on Greek's economic recovery
Obama: "Economic crisis has had concrete and devastating impact on Greece."
"The ideas of ancient Greece helped inspire America's Founding Fathers as they reached for democracy." —@POTUS
Obama "Always wanted to come to Greece. World owes an enormous debt to Greece + people."
Greek Prime Minister: President Obama's visit comes at a "critical time" for decision-making
Pic of Ulyukayev entering court
Greek PM Alexis Tsipras praises President Obama's handling of the 2008 economic crisis
President Obama holds press conference with Greek Prime Minister during final overseas trip as president.
Tsipras: Greece welcomes a president who has fought for people's rights regardless of color, religion or sexual orientation Obama
President Obama arrives in Greece ready for questions on Donald Trump
Ulyukaev alreadi in court, proceedings will be shotrly
[email protected] and EU defence ministers continued work on implementation plan on security & defence today and discussed cooperation with @NATO
Obama offers Greeks reassurance about US commitment to NATO
U.S. President @BarackObama visits Greece and receives a welcoming ceremony at the Presidential Palace in Athens.
Russian minister Ulyukaev at court
Russia's FSB detains five ISIS-linked terror
The leader of France's far-right party Marine Le Pen says Trump's win "shows people are taking their future back"
Clashes with police at protest in Brussels
U.S Patriot anti-air system deployed in Romania
Detained minister Ukulyaev doesn't recognize him as guilty in court
Dodon: President can't be pro-Russian or pro-EU, President defends interests of Moldova. Will keep ties with EU
General Prosecutors office commiting searches at L'viv city hall
Kremlin says Russian president Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump are not due to meet before the U.S. President-elect assumes office next year
Many advertising on the web attracting people to protest in Kyiv for $5 on 15,16,17,18 November
Ukrainian minister Chernysh informed NATO ambassadors on situation in Donbass, Crimea, IDPs and detainees. Strong humanitarian concerns.
Lyashko: Shuhevich could be assassinated, asking Poroshenko to protect him
Car is on fire at Sumsky market in Kharkiv
Kyiv: 6 thousands protesters, 5 thousands policemen
KyivEnergo says customers got high bills cause of "system failure"
[email protected]’s 3rd Armored Brigade Combat Team prepares to head to Europe
Russian forces jamming cellular network in Komsomol'ske, some military movements
Ministry of Defence: 6 Ukrainian soldiers were wounded in Avdiivka
RT's UK operation has reportedly hired Katie Hopkins
Protest near National Bank of Ukraine
Protest near National Bank of Ukraine
Protest at Russian Embassy in Kyiv
Police seized several non-lethal guns at checkpoints near National bank of Ukraine
Protest near Verkhovna Rada - view from Rada building
Some elderly people, worryingly many suspicious young men, a lot of police and high security alert-protest in governmental district. Artificial and payed.
Col. Motuzyanyk: Recently, NGU servicemen from Kryvyi Rih underwent tactical field military exercises
Rally at Maidan now
Kyiv on heightened alert with protests underway around the Ukrainian capital today. Khreshchatyk and center streets closed, police everywhere.
Col. Oleksandr Motuzyanyk: Mariupol sector: the number of hostilities sharply decreased to 8 shellings, including 6 with heavy weapons
Moldova elections comission denies rumors that they will recount votes
Young men from Mariinski park are moving towards Rada
Ulyukayev was caught red-handed recieving $2mln on 14/11 thanks to @RosneftEN complaint - Investigative Committee
EU Defence Ministers start discussion on EU NATO cooperation with @jensstoltenberg
Moving arc at Chernobyl NPP
SBU seized cache of ammunition near Horlivka
Participant of rally near National Bank: i'm paid, and it's my way to earn money, i don't want to hide it
Ex-FSB officer Ilya Bagdanov, who was fighting of Ukraine disappeared - report
UKRTRANSGAS: Russia lowered gas pressure at the gas distribution station Sudzha, Russia
Kyiv: Young men gathering in Mariinski park
Some criminal elements at rally near Rada
Turkish FM during presser with German FM: We are fed up with the condescending attitude in accession talks with EU
German FM says they stand together with TR in fight against terror, not just against ISIS but also PKK
Obama arrives in Athens, first stop on his final foreign tour
Obama arrives in Athens, Greece, on first stop of his final foreign tour as president
Propaganda, fight against democracy: Minister de Maizière bans Salafist Group "True Religion". 140 activists left Germany to support ISIS
Worrying and electrified atmosphere in governmental district. National guard& dogs
Rally of "Mykhailivsky bank clients" near Verkhovna Rada
Yesterday ICC in Hague: "situation in Crimea and Sevastopol is equal to international armed conflict between Russia and Ukraine".
Russia's economy minister detained after allegedly receiving $2 million bribe.
Police raid mosques, flats across Germany as government bans Islamist group
Merkel 'has probably been my closest (international) partner', – Obama ahead of his final trip to Europe
5 ISIS-linked terror suspects planning attacks in Moscow and southern Russia detained by FSB
Obama says US must continue to be 'beacon of hope'
Kyiv: Fence and metal-detectors at Institutskaya street
EU slaps sanctions on 18 Syrian officials
A lot of police deployed on Institutska street
Traffic jams in Central Kyiv cause of protests
Implementing Substantial NATO-Georgia Package: NATO - Georgia Exercise 2016 gets underway
USAF UAV RQ-4A Global Hawk over Ukraine last night
The FSB's arrest of Ulyukayev is "brilliant work", according to Rosneft spokesman Mikhail Leontiev
The TV strap reads "Battle against corruption". Russia's Economic Development Minister Alexei Ulyukayev detained on suspicion of $2m bribe
Medvedev and Putin discussed the detention of Ulyukaev
Russian Economy Minister Alexei Ulyukayev has been detained over a $2-million bribe
21 ceasefire violations in Eastern Ukraine on 14 November
Kremlin (Dmitri Peskov) cheers Ulyukaev's arrest as "very serious."
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