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20 กันยายน 2018

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2 @RFERL investigative journalists tacked by Ukrainian Dept of State Security officials; injured hand, concussion.
Dodon: Positive changes in relations between Moldova and Russia exist and will be continued
President of Moldova Igor Dodon held a meeting with the head of Turkmenistan Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov
Report that only in the Los Castillos of Guayana there are 120 cases of malaria
Home Secretary says Government will suggest new security treaty to keep level of counterterrorism cooperation with EU after UK leaves bloc
UK Air Chief Marshal Peach named chair of NATO's military committee to replace Czech Rep.'s Gen. Pavel @CMC NATO, only 4th Brit to hold post
RuAF VHF traffic in Baltic Sea consistent with multiple IL76s
US signals softer stance on Paris climate pact: EU official
Four dead after crash on M5 in Gloucestershire involving lorry and several vehicles
Igor Dodon hands “Order of the Republic” to Turkmenistan President Berdymuhamedov
Helicopters for Zapad-2017 drill in Lenignrad region near Vyritsa
Helicopters for Zapad-2017 drill in Lenignrad region near Vyritsa
Tosno village of Leningrad region: combat helicopters for Zapad-2017
Clashes with policemen in Athens, Greece, tonight as demonstrators mark 4 years since Golden Dawn murder leftist rapper
In Odessa municipal guard prevented activists from setting up tents near city hall
German ambassador in Ankara summoned by Turkish ministry of foreign affairs.
Tensions near Odesa city hall today as rally of parents of children from burnt kids camp backed by activists protest
Helicopters for Zapad-2017 drill in Leningrad region
"Person hit by a train at LondonBridge train station prompting large emergency response" - reports
Athens, Greece: Molotovs, tear gas and clashes during protest march in memory of murdered antifa Pavlos Fyssas.
In Zawahiri's new video, he speaks to JNIM and tells them to "teach the French a lesson."
Belarus Ministry of Defense denied that 100 000 military taking part in Zapad drill
UK Royal Navy HMS Diamond (D34), HMS Duncan (D37), French Navy La Fayette and Greece Hellenic Navy Limnos in Montenegro port Bar.
In Yekaterinburg, Russia, up to ~10,000 supporters turned up at @Navalny's campaign rally today: @teamnavalny
Kurt Volker:Only place Russian-speakers in Ukraine are not safe are in those areas with Russian-troops
Fragments of 3rd body found at burnt kids camp in Odesa
Libyan Navy(GNA) is conducting joint naval exercises with Italian destroyer Andrea Doria and maintenance ship Tremetti outside Libyan waters
Kurt Volker:The conflict in eastern Ukraine is not an indigenous uprising; it's an externally driven conflict and Russia is responsible #YesUkraine2017
S-300 deployed in Sovetsk, Kaliningrad Region
Catalonia: as the mayors met inside thousands of people gathered outside to show their support to the mayors and the referendum
RuAF VHF traffic consistent with Su27 Fighter on low level mission. Possible Baltic Fleet related
Fulham Broadway tube station and shopping centre evacuated.
Navalny says he will dissolve parliament and announce new elections in which all parties can participate.
Billions of roubles are sent to Chechnya but the money doesn't reach the people, Navalny tells crowd in Yekaterinburg.
Navalny promises to open the archives of the NKVD and KGB.
Alexei Navalny says MP Natalia Poklonskaya inspired the terrorist attack in Yekaterinburg with her campaign against the film Matilda.
Seminarian in Yekaterinburg asks Navalny when the church will stop interfering in the state.
Crimean Tatar leader Chubarov raises the issue of his deputies being arrested in persecuted in Crimea right now #yes2017
Russia proposal re un is interesting in fact although in current form could be more divisive for Ukraine @SpecRepUkraine #yesukraine2017
Volker: time is not on Russia's side in eastern Ukraine. It is a hot war. #YES2017
Police say residential location evacuated and being searched in Sunbury, Surrey. Believed connected to London subway bombing terrorism case.
Kuchma: Budapest Memorandum was agreement that should have secured Ukraine's future. Those who signed it abandoned Ukraine #yesukraine2017
The U.S should provide lethal weapons to Ukraine [email protected] at #yesukraine2017
Bomb alert at Fulham Broadway.
Armed police at address at Sunbury, Surrey - believed to be related to investigation into Parsons Green Tube bombing
"We always thought Kazakhstan was a poorly-developed country, but now their average salary is higher than in Russia," Navalny says.
Rally in support of Bashkir language in Ufa
The @guardiacivil intervenes at print factory which produce posters for Catalonia referendum in Sant Adrià de Besòs
Video from Yekaterinburg, where Alexei Navalny's election rally is about to start.
Evacuation of trading malls in Kazan' cause of bomb threats
Russia: Bashkortostan organize a campaign in defense of the national language
Yak-130 crash site
Spain National Guard seized plates to print posters of the referendum
Navalny campaign rally in Yekaterinburg is about to start
Poland approves big jump in defense budget to reach 2.5% of GDP
The Arleigh Burke-class USS Oscar Austin in Stockholm
Hungarian Defence Minister István Simicskó observed operations held as part of a regional border protection military exercise near Allentsteig, in northern Austria, on Friday
US's Kurt Volker, @SpecRepUkraine, meeting in Kyiv with Yulia Tymoshenko. #YesUkraine2017
OSCE SMM Chief Monitor Ertugrul Apakan urged sides to prioritize protection of civilians in E Ukraine.
Yak-130 crashed near Borisoglebsk, Voronezh region. Pilots ejected and safe
Naftogaz CEO Kobolev: @Siemens refused to supply compressors for modernising Ukraine's gas transit under RU pressure
Lithuanian map showing Zapad-2017 as Russian practice to close Suwalki corridor and envelop the Baltic states.
Ukrainian volunteers launched balloons with Ukrainian flag over Kyivskiy district of Donetsk
Two residents of Lethem were on Friday charged in connection with the recent discovery of an abandoned aircraft on an illegal airstrip in the vicinity of Santa Fe, Rupununi, Region Nine (Upper Takutu-Upper Essequibo).
London police say he was arrested in the port area of Dover on Saturday morning
Police have arrested an 18-year-old man at Dover over Friday's train attack at Parsons Green
Zapad2017 at Borisovsky firing range, Belarus
Kurt Volker: Happy to be back in Ukraine for 4th visit in 2 months for consultations and remarks at #yes2017 conference.
2 children were killed in fire in kids camp in Odesa
Zapad 2017: Mi-35 CAS at firing range Luga in Leningrad region
Ukraine PM Groisman at yesukraine2017: Sign that corruption is not tolerated is that many MPs are stripped of immunity to be investigated
1 Romanian soldier killed, 2 other Romanian soldiers injured in suicide attack in Kandahar yesterday
30 attacks on Ukrainian positions yesterday. 1 soldier was wounded
Russian Military police at Zapad-2017 drill in Belarus
Recent migrant arrivals suggest Black Sea may be emerging as part of a new 'Romanian route' to western Europe
Fighter aviation trains to support strategic aviation during Zapad-2017 drill
Russian Mindef photo: March of 1st tank army to Borisovsky firing range in Belarus
Russian Mindef video: training of Balric sea fleet ground forces at Zapad-2017
Earthquake of magnitude 4.9 - 117km WSW of Druzhina, Russia
Addressing personnel at @JBA NAFW, Pres says America's hearts and prayers go to the people of London who suffered a "vicious attack today."
ISIS have released more detailed claim re Parsons Green attack. According to it multiple "soldiers" involved, and other devices planted.
ISIS issued a formal communique for the LondonExplosion, reporting 30 wounded
The terror threat level has been raised from severe to critical following the Parsons Green Tube bomb, PM Theresa May said
M/V Endurance discharging tanks in Poland
U.S. President Trump to meet President Poroshenko on 21 September
Islamic State claims detachment behind London bombing
@POTUS "means generally that this kind of activity is what we're trying to prevent," per McMaster re Trump tweets on London attack
WH's McMaster also warns of "revisionist powers who are threatening the sovereignty" in Middle East, Eastern and Southern Europe and East Asia
"The United States stand in solidarity with the people of the United Kingdom and France," per WH Nat'l Sec Adviser Gen HR McMaster
"France is one of our oldestandclosest allies andwe will certainly provide any support to their investigations that they request" per Sanders
US also aware of arrests in Paris following attack on France CT soldier and of attack in Burgundy, per WH's @SHSanders45
"The United States strongly condemns the cowardly attack in London todayour thoughts and prayers are with those injured" per @SHSanders45
Iceland PM calls for snap election after government collapses
Russian Mindef video: elimination of enemy at Zapad-2017 in Belarus
Russian Mindef video: artillery and aviation at Luzhsky firing range in Leningrad Region as part of Zapad-2017
Telecom provider for Åland (Ålcom) has been experiencing DDoS attacks origating from Russia and China since yesterday.
Secretary Tillerson comments on Russia during his remarks at the 9th @CommunityofDem Governing Council Ministerial.
Egyptian Foreign Ministry Spokesperson: The Egyptian Embassy in Paris and its Mission at UNESCO Hold a Great Celebration on the Occasion of the 200th Anniversary of the Discovery of Abu Simbel Temple
Egyptian Foreign Ministry Spokesperson: The Egyptian Embassy in Paris and its Mission at UNESCO Hold a Great Celebration on the Occasion of the 200th Anniversary of the Discovery of Abu Simbel Temple
French Foreign Affairs Ministry: Elevated risk of attack on public spaces in Lebanon in next 48 hours
"We have to be tougher, we have to be smarter," said Pres Trump of dealing with militants "Perhaps we're not nearly tough enough."
No US troops hurt in suicide attack on NATO convoy in Kandahar, Afghanistan. Local reports say 3 Romanian soldiers wounded
Secretary Tillerson opens the 9th @CommunityofDem ministerial @StateDept. @PolandMFA Foreign Minister Witold Waszczykowski in attendance
US Department of State: "We must reaffirm our commitment to the Warsaw principles," says Sec State RexTillerson at @StateDept
Prosecutors revealed in court on Monday that they'd wiretapped Manafort-linked oligarch Dmitry Firtash's phone
Grenadelauncher was found in Vladivostok
French journalist Loup Bureau to be released by Turkish authorities (lawyer)
Police have identified a suspect in the Parsons Green bombing after reviewing CCTV footage- Sky news
Theresa May condemns 'cowardly' attack - and rebukes Donald Trump over tweet ParsonsGreen
Sky sources: Police have identified a suspect in the Parsons Green bombing after reviewing CCTV footage
Trump says he will call British PM after London attack
Pres Trump calls London subway bomb incident "an absolutely terrible thing." Said he's about to call PM @theresa may.
UK PM says it is not helpful to speculate on a police investigation after President Trump said attackers were "in the sights of Scotland Yard"
British PM Theresa May says London train bomb intended to cause 'significant harm'
Theresa May says the UK's terror threat level will remain at severe meaning a terror attack is highly likely
UK PM May tells Trump not to 'speculate' on London train attack
Suspect with a knife-was arrested near railway station in British city of Birmingham, unknown if terror related.
Local police charged Evdokia Romanova with violating Russia's "anti-gay propaganda" law by posting articles from BuzzFeed News and other outlets.
Person carrying a knife near the train station in Birmingham was arrested
Man attacks and seriously injures 2 people with a hammer while shouting "Allah Akbar" in Charlon-Sur-Saône, NE of Lyon, France
18 substations in Moscow region out of power after tree hit power line
Chalon-sur-Saône, France - 2 women attacked with a hammer by a man. Attacker on the run
8 Russian citizens(from Chechya and Dagestan) were detained in Chornobaivka of Kherson region. Ammunition and explosives seized
After the Regini crisis - Egypt appoints a new ambassador in Italy
Putin, Macron agree 'negotiations' only way to defuse N.Korea tensions
"No specific credible threats" to US following London terror attack per @DHSgov spox "We remain vigilantandprepared for threats such as this"
Russian defense Ministry: Military communicators officers equipped command and control points within the framework of joint exercises Zapad
In the Crimea near the HQ of FSB, the police detained the activists, with their lawyer Emil Kurbedinov
In addition to the earlier disruption, there is no service High Street Kensington - Edgware Road while the police respond to an incident.
Sky sources: The Government's emergency Cobra committee will discuss the UK's terror threat level
A major manhunt is underway to find the person behind the ParsonsGreen terror attack, a total of 22 people were injured.
Spanish minister: Central government is taking over payments of essential services in Catalonia amid independence bid
Mayor of London @SadiqKhan says the Parsons Green terror incident was "an attempt by evil and cowardly individuals"
20 battleships and 10 subs from Russia's Northern Fleet now training very close to Norwegian border #Zapad2017
France says it condemns latest firing of North Korea missile - Statement from Foreign Ministry
Russian Finance Ministry wants to cut subsidies to east Ukraine separatists as annexed Crimea sucks up cash.
Sky sources: The device found at Parsons Green station in London was attached to a timer
TASS: MPs from Crimea consider EU prolonging of sanctions an "award".
NHS England says 22 people are being treated at four hospital trusts after London blast
The Washington Free Beacon: Russia and China have played a preponderant role in keeping Maduro's dictatorial regime afloat
Emir of Qatar in a press conference with Germany's Merkel: "We want a solution that satisfies all sides"
'Improvised explosive device' used in London Underground train attack: police
BBC understands the device that detonated on the Tube had a timer.
Hug: Sides need to withdraw heavy weapons, stop moving forward, disengage and ensure access for OSCE SMM everywhere, incl UA-RF border
Trump denounces attack in London "by a loser terrorist", says such attackers "were in the sights of Scotland Yard"
OSCE’s Hug: potential for more violence is present as the number of ceasefire violations is rising and flare-up is possible at any moment
OSCE’s Hug: Last week SMM was denied access 12 times in areas not controlled by the Government
Hug: 1st half 2017 SMM faced ab/ 480 restrictionsandimpediments (mines/UXOs not incl), 75 % in areas not ctrl by govt
Police say London subway fire was caused by detonation of improvised explosive device
OSCE’s Hug: SMM assigned to verify sides’ compliance with their commitments to withdraw and cease fire but sides continue to impede SMM’s work
Hug: Since recommitment, SMM recorded 4,856 ceasefire violations. 4,856 times orders to cease fire disobeyed; sides must discipline spoilers
"This was a detonation of an Improvised Explosive Device 18 are injured, most injuries are flash burns" says UK MET police
Spokesman for the Egyptian Foreign Ministry: A part of the Foreign Minister's meetings on the sidelines of the Sixth Ministerial Meeting on Libya in London. The Ministers of Britain, Italy and the UAE, Mr. Ghassan Salama
Hug: OSCE SMM UAV saw 3 howitzers near govt-ctrl Ptyche; 2 howitzers near non-govt-ctrl Zaichenko; 3 mortars near non-govt-ctrl Azov
Hug: Last week increase in No. of heavy weapons in violation: 66 (8 in govt; 58 in non-govt) comp to 11 prev week (4 in govt; 7 in non-govt)
OSCE’s Hug: last week saw 30% increase in the number of ceasefire violations compared to the previous week
2/2 Hug: While use of proscribed weapons is down, SMM saw increase in No. of ceasefire violations involving small-arms and light-weapons
1/2 Hug: Almost 3 weeks since recommitment to ceasefire: 8 explosions caused by proscribed weapons last week comp to 547 first week of AUG
18 patients were hospitalised after London blast.. Noone are thought to be in a serious or life-threatening condition
"It would have been a very packed carriage" says Stephen Hammond MP for Wimbledon
Media briefing by OSCE SMM Principal Deputy Chief Monitor Alexander Hug Ukraine
London Ambulance confirms 18 people taken to hospital. ParsonsGreen Statement
Colonel Lysenko: In Mariupol, police removed two RPGs from a civilian
ATO spokesperson: Over the previous day of hostilities, 1 UA serviceman was KIA, 2 were WIA
Colonel Andriy Lysenko: A total of 13 cease-fire violations were registered in the Mariupol sector yesterday
ATO spox: Matiupol sector: enemy engaged positions of UAF along the front line. In Pavlopil invaders fired 20 mortar bombs
ATO spokesperson: Donetsk sector: Russian proxies opened mortar fire at Avdiivka and Zaitseve as well as used small arms against Pisky
Colonel Andriy Lysenko: Luhansk sector: yesterday, 7 cease-fire violations were registered in Krymske
Qatar's emir says Doha ready to sit at a negotiating table to solve the crisis
Kremlin says Putin to attend Zapad war games in Russia on Monday
OSCE spotted 3 convoys with Pontoon bridges on H21 highway
London Mayor Sadiq Khan responds to terror incident at Parsons Green - "We will never be intimidated or defeated by terrorism"
Spain National Police receive BMR armor
British PM May is to chair a meeting of the Government's Cobra committee this afternoon to discuss the incident at Parsons Green
[email protected]: "We want Serbia in the EU. Accession process boosts growth, investment, jobs for citizens."
Trade representative of Russia in Netherlands Cherevko has died
Parsons Green explosion in London is being treated as terrorism
Downing Street say UK Prime Minister is receiving regular updates on the scene at Parsons Green
Former MoD head of counter-terrorism says images of "explosive" on ParsonsGreen Tube train 'doesn't look like a high-end explosive from IS'
The Moscow Patriarchate accused the NOD in the split of the Church
Kandahar blast targeted on Romanian forces. Three Romanian soldiers were wounded in the blast, sources say
John Kerry in Kyiv: "We should be careful that this is not a trap" about UN in Donbas
Ukrainian military carry out situational training drills with helicopter, hostile checkpoint as part of #rapidtrident2017 in Yavoriv
European Commission VP @MarosSefcovic: at 2015 YES, we worried about economical collapse; now - boosting growth, visa free, sectoral integration
"Avoid the area": London's Met Police say after reported explosion on London Underground at Parsons Green
London Ambulance Service has sent Hazardous Area Response Team and says initial priority is to assess level and nature of injuries at incident
President @poroshenko and L'viv mayor Sadovoi at YES #yesukraine2017
A number of people were injured in the explosion, most people suffering facial burns, some in the stampede as people fled the train
Merkel challenger @MartinSchulz faces historic defeat. Recent polls see Social Democrats at 20%
President Lukashenko won't go to Russia to observe "Zapad-2017" as previously planned
SBU foiled MDMA smuggling attempt in L'viv region. Drugs worth $30 000 seized
White container with some type of substance exploded on the train, emergency services in scene.
Reports of injuried people by an explosion in West London Metro Station
Police say they are aware of an incident and London ambulance service has said it is on the scene at Parsons Green station in west London
British media has reported people have suffered facial injuries after a container exploded on a London underground train
President @poroshenko recalls that Ukraine's own UN peacekeeping proposal on table for over 2 years, key to real ceasefire
We want to help EU members to join Eurozone said Commissoner @pierremoscovici But waiting room for Euro is empty so far
Sentinel on the scene as knife-wielding attacker tries to stab soldier at LesHalles train station in Paris. No injuries, suspect apprehended
NATO calls for 'global response' to 'reckless' North Korea missile launch
In last day in different locations OSCE found 50 howitzers, and 175 tanks out of warehouses
1 soldiers was killed, 2 were wounded in 28 attacks on Ukrainian positions yesterday
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