Map. History of Europe conflict

21 November 2017
IS released 4 videos on refugees today. Message: Don't go to Europe, join the caliphate instead. It's better here.
Army at Győr allegedly at alert, soldiers called to base. Guard at base said almost everyone not partaking in cooperation actions are to go to border as reinforcements
Austria. Salzburg authorities say refugee pressure may shut down train station
In a few hours NATO Dragooncrossing convoy will cross Slovakian-Hungarian border. Tomorrow US and Hunagian army will work together
Croatian minister Ostojićn (interior): "People who don't cooperate (registration) will brought to other camp. Rest extra trained to Zagreb"
70 full buses are waiting at the Serbian side of the border, acc Croat policeman. First group to train just left. To Zagreb. Tovarnik
By 8:50 PM Croatia accepted 1191 refugees, 303 are currently present at Ježevo Registration Center
UN Secretary-General urges those "standing in the way" of refugees to "stand in their shoes" instead
Serbia's prime minister condemns 'brutal treatment' of migrants by Hungarian police.
Moria Camp, Lesvos
Hundreds of migrants avoiding Hungary, heading from Belgrade by taxi + coach to Croatian border, then walking across
Syrian refugees sharing maps on Facebook - Hungary 'CLOSED!'
Serb TV says its crew beaten at border: Horgos, Serbia
Hungary police "are holding the border and in control of the situation" acc to Hungary police
It's rumor, not confirmed information, possible fake or hoax
M1 says police identified and took away a known terrorist from the crowd at Roeszke yet unconfirmed
Hungarian military vehicles mounted with guns at Serb border
Slovenia says it won't provide corridor for refugees, will evaluate applications for asylum. Move effectively closes direct route north.
PM Viktor Orbán: Hungary to extend fence also in direction to Croatia
Hungarian military Humvees, mounted with guns, approach border with Serbia
Hungarian police fire tear gas at refugees at border
A girl caught up in the violence at Hungary's Horgos border crossing
"Armed mob of illegal migrants" attacked, says Zoltán Kovács @zoltanspox at Roszke, FM Szijjártó using the same words
Hungarian police used teargas again
Serbia expresses `harshest possible protest' against Hungary for using tear gas at border.
Romania summons Hungary envoy over border fence plans: ministry
Serbia/Hungary border will be closed for next 30 days - Hungary
Croatian border police: 'Don't be afraid. Everything's gonna be alright.'
Fires burning at Hungary-Serbia border
Situation at Serbia-Hungary border is worsening
Bavaria relieved as trains of refugees reach Berlin
Foreign minister Szijjártó officially asked Serbia-n authorities to act against "aggressive migrants" on the border.
A man has been charged with murder after a woman was found dead at her home
Fires burning at Hungary-Serbia border, scene of clashes between refugees and police
Refugees about to walk over the border to Croatia
France 'won't hesitate' to restore border controls in migrant crisis: PM
The refugees buildup on the bridge over the Saalach valley, some come on foot, by Bus, Taxi
Refugees Throw Bricks And Debris At Police On The Hungarian Border
Slovenia to establish controls at its border with Hungary
Russian ambassador to the United Nations says there could be a special UN security council meeting on migration next week
Tear gas&water cannon attack on refugees at Roszke by HUN police
Crowds are chanting 'thank you Serbia' as an ambulance tries to move to the border
Gas is raining down everywhere. Children are choking. Horgos
Tear gas clearing the border gate at Horgos
Clashes at Hungary border-crossing
Clashes at Hungary border-crossing
"Allahu akbar" screaming young people throwing stones at the police. Heavy use of tear gas
Refugees Clash With Police On The Hungarian Border
Refugees attacked police who reacted w/ tear gas again. Crowd is fleeing. Riot police w/ shields and special forces also present.
The situation between refugees and police has “completely broken down” at the Serbia-Hungary border, @SkyNews reports
Police in Hungary bring two APCs as refugees break through the border fence
Hungary police fire tear gas at migrants at Serbia border
Austrian Interior Ministry says Austria will extend tougher checks at its border with Slovenia in the coming hours
A spokesman for the Austrian city of Salzburg says around 1,000 asylum seekers have set off on foot towards the border with Germany
Syrian tripped by Hungarian journalist heading to Spain
Germany's Merkel, Erdogan's Turkey talk refugees
Microsoft Zune services reach end of the road in November
Slovak PM Fico says 'nobody will dictate to us' over migration crisis, refuses refugee quota for Slovakia
Hungarian police detained a group of refugees for illegal bordercrossing
Unrest at Horgos, HU/SRB border, 15:00 CEST, police w water cannon lined up and facing to refugees.
Crowds have broken the gate at Horgos pepper spray, stones thrown
In Croatia the Right Party's Anto Dapic supports aid to female migrants + children but "not young men who look like they just left the gym."
USS Wyoming (SSBN 742) in Scotland.
Croatia PM Milanović: refugees probably won't stay here, but we'll do whatever it takes to make them feel better than in Hungary
PM says Croatia is "ready to receive or direct those people where they want to go, which is obviously Germany or Scandinavian countries"
Croatia's PM Milanović: "Won't forget the Pope called upon every house to host a family of refugees. We are humans & mostly Christians."
Refugees who bought morning tickets to Munich prevented from leaving Vienna
Milanović: I Believe that the policy of Budapest of building walls is dangerous and cruel. Wire in Europe is not the answer, is the threat
Denied entry to Hungary refugees blockaded a major Balkan highway
An empty Keleti last night, volunteers packing up remaining supplies for Röszke-Horgos
Croatia: Police captures refugees crossing the border through cornfields and take them to Tovarnik
Maps showing minefields at CRO/SRB border &warn refugees to only use highways & avoid walking cross fields
Refugees continue to wait after night at Hungarian border
Serbia: A 1st group of 60 refugees arrived this morning to Sid, some managed to reach Tovarnik in Croatia
Hungary police daily stats on people caught illegally crossing the border
In Bratislava, Slovakia "Dragoon Crossing" deploys howitzers for show
Thousands of refugees are spending the night at the Hungarian border
20 buses from Presovo, Serbia picking up refugees& bringing them to Sid on the Croatia-n border. Buses are full now& on their way.
Vienna More and more refugees sleep outdoor at Hauptbahnhof Austria
Refugees in Traiskirchen
Serbian/Hungarian border. About 100 protesting. Police wearing mouth masks. Horgos "We are humans!"
2 boats capsized in Greek waters, killing 39 people, including 15 children + 4 babies
Romanian PM: "Hungarian officials are a disgrace for EU values, no better than their Syrian counterparts
The border at Röszke seen from Serbia. It's closed
Russia sides with new @UKLabour party leader @jeremycorbyn against PM & Leader of the @Conservatives
EU ministers to hold new migration crisis meeting next Tuesday
Several migrants pulled the emergency brake and left the MÜN-BER train to avoid registration and proceed to
Serbian border to Hungary
Different hurdle in store for migrants trying to skirt Hungary's border fence via eastern Croatia: landmines
EU, Jordan warn against 'provocation' at Al-Aqsa mosque
France to decide alone on Syria airstrikes targets
Austria to introduce tougher controls at its border with Hungary from midnight
Tusk: During my consultations some leaders requested an extra EUCO on migration. I will continue consultations & announce my decision Thursday
Austria, Germany & Slovakia proposed extraordinary meeting on refugee crisis
'If you are worried about refugees, stop supporting terrorists' - Assad
Malaysia to help arrange for Swiss to interview witnesses in 1MDB probe
Nickelsdorf in The afternoon another 500 refugees from Hungary arrived
The main migrant routes into Europe, recently introduced border controls and border fences
Now chanting "Germany!". Refugees behind fence, Hungarian police in front of fence
Refugees in Serbia have setup camp just meters away from Hungary's now sealed border
Germany and Austria call for EU summit on refugee crisis
Argentine soldiers were beaten, tortured and subjected to mock executions during Falklands war
Facebook ‘travel agencies’ are offering boat trips for migrants to Greece
Officials say death toll rises to 7 in avalanche in Alps near Pelvoux, France
Hungary plans anti-migrant fence along Romania border too: foreign minister
Five climbers have been killed and two are missing after an avalanche in the Pelvoux district of the French Alps
OSCE Ambassador says Moldova wants 'European Future'
French court debuts de-radicalisation programme
Serbian minister Aleksander Vulin at blocked Hungarian border. Says he's asked Hungarians to open. They've refused.
Officials: Hungary detains 60 migrants under new laws, plans to charge them
Tourist boat ride from Lesvos to Turkey costs €10 pp, the traffickers charge €1000 pp for a trip the other way
In Roszke, police blocking highway to Serbian border Hungary
Refugee camp in Roszke being taken down Hungary
Refugees coming to border crossing Horgos Serbia,trying to go to Hungary
Refugees locked out of Hungary by new fence launch hunger strike at the border
Refugees chant 'no food, no water, open the border' as they wait between Serbian and Hungarian border posts
Scenes on the Hungarian Serbian border as refugees sandwiched in no mans land between two countries
This is motorway on Serb Hungary border
Refugees stream along Serb side, Hungary frontier. Fence up, gates locked, illegal entry criminalised
Door on the border has opened. But only to pass out food and water. No one is going in.
Kuchyna airbase.NATO Dragoon Crossing convoy stayed here. Today a football match between both armies US and Slovak
First refugees detained by the hungarian police for crossing the border fence at roszke
Hundreds now pressing against single door surrounded by razor wire. Only (legal) way into Hungary
Passau: Refugees taken off Vienna train taken for processing. Message is border control, reality refugees let in.
Police: Border crossings at Röszke & Ásotthalom temporarily closed for traffic bc of the situation on the SRB side of the border
Germany only controlling Autobahn route. Smaller roads are open. "The smugglers know that," says local taxi driver.
Roszke border w Serbia closed. Refugee say "please we just want safety". 3 units of riot police arrive in reponse.
Total number of asylum seekers entering Germany by train since start of September - 91,823 - police.
First arrests after new Hungarian border rules introduced
At least 13 migrants, including four children, trying to reach Greece drown when boat from Turkey sinks in international waters
The refugee registration center in Vértesszőlős
Horgos The morning after the border closed - this is now the scene at Serbian-Hungarian border