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22 กันยายน 2018

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Czech Republic defense ministry suffers from daily hack attacks, but successfully pushes back, said minister for @RESPEKT_CZ
Europe's tallest skyscraper under construction in Grozny
Interference with upcoming Czech elections is not hypothetical, it's real threat - CzechRepublic MoD @stropnickym
Todays special flypast at #RIAT17 by @AFGlobalStrike @airtattoo along with 2 F15 Eagles from Lakenheath
Todays special flypast at RIAT17 by @AFGlobalStrike @airtattoo along with 2 F15 Eagles from Lakenheath
Bulgaria: Georgian Infantry Company undergoing MEDEVAC Training in Novo Selo Training Grounds.
Protest at the Supreme Court of Poland
Tonight Russian state TV warned the US: give us back our compounds or we'll expel your diplomats. Here's what anchor Dmitry Kiselev said
Rally at Wolnosci square in Poznan
Full Wolności square of people in Poznan'
Square in Warsaw where Trump spoke. Tonight Poles gather with candles to protest against planned changes to Supreme Court (in background).
Russia TV:if US won't return seized RUS diplo compounds, Moscow to expel "3 dozen US diplomats", conditions will worsen for US diplos left"
"There are limits of decency" - rally at President secretariat in Warsaw
A peaceful protest in Warsaw against the PiS Sejm taking over Poland's judiciary branch
Romania: Danube crossing at Bordusani - joint large maneuvers of U.S. and the Romanian army
Paris, Kentucky shooting at 713 Main St: 3 injured
Gen @Kostarakos at #SABERGUARDIAN17 in Romania today observing River Crossing Exercise at Bordusani
Russian forces shelled Lebedyns'ke area with 2S1 Gvozdika
Russian forces have attacked Avdiivka with tank
Russia's state TV: If Ryabkov-Shannon talks fail, things will get so bad for US diplos and their families, they may ask for pension increase.
Belgium should take frigate out of migration mission off Libya: minister
Ukrainian border guard stopped a shipment of RU army cockades meant for Donbas
Massive rally in Krakow
Rally today in Warsaw
Polish state TV is describing a peaceful demonstration as a "putsch."
Yellow duck at Anti-PiS protest in Poland
Spokesmen for National Judiciary Council is reading a letter from all the judges in Poland
Jerzy Stepien, former president of Constitutional Court is speaking
Destruction, Construction and Visiting Generals Week 5 ends @Proud_Sappers #ExResoluteCastle
[email protected]: I promise joint, hard work, election victory
B2 over #RIAT17
On whether Trump would rule out pardoning key figures in Russia probe, Sekulow says, "I have not had the conversation with the president."
Odesa Port, Ukraine. USS Carney (DDG-64).
Massive protest in Poland today in front of Parliament and major cities.Govt TV panicking for a coup
B2 bomber landing at Fairford
Rally near Sejm
Basurin said that the Ukrainian nationalists brought human sacrifices to Perun
France was responsible for WWII-era roundup of Jews, Macron says
Euro zone needs joint budget, Germany must do more: SPD leader
After new law giving it control of hiring judges, Poland govt drafts bill to forcibly retire Supreme Court judges
Tony Blair admits he "feels sorry" for Theresa May, saying she is surrounded by people who are waiting "to throw her off the ledge"
Social media is creating "polarisation of politics", which would be "dangerous for democracy long-term" says Blair
"We're nowhere near articulating an agenda for the future" - Blair criticises "out-of-date" ideologies of current political landscape
"It's better to provide the answers than ride the anger" - Blair says there is still a place for centrism in politics
"I've got to pay tribute to his temperament during the campaign" - Tony Blair praises @jeremycorbyn's General Election campaign
"I was surprised by the result" - Tony Blair admits he didn't expect Labour to do as well as they did during the General Election Ridge
The idea of a 'jobs first' Brexit is a "contradiction", says Tony Blair
Brexit "distracts us" from real issues of globalisation, says former UK PM Blair
"It's possible now that Brexit doesn't happen. It's absolutely necessary that it doesn't happen," says former UK PM Tony Blair
Indian Air force chief to begin his 4-day official visit to France on Monday
Australia says MH17 perpetrators may be tried in absentia
Start of Venezuela popular Referendum day in Madrid #ConsultaPopular16J
Damage in Dokuchaevsk and Petrovsky district of Donetsk cause of clashes
Photos from #RIAT17 yesterday
26 attacks on Ukrainian positions yesterday, 1 soldier was killed, 1 wounded
Clashes near Shyrokyne at night and in the morning
Artillery can be heard east of Mariupol
Russia: The Kurds need to be included in intra-Syrian talks in Geneva.
Riad Hijab: The Russian ambassador's claim in Geneva that the opposition made "concessions" is purely media fraud and is contrary to professionalism and credibility.
DNR group has suspended their "investigation" into MH17
Ukrainian SU-27 'Flanker' on Day 2 of #RIAT17
Soldiers from NATO conducting zodiac training for the river crossing #SaberGuardian
New Orleans, Louisiana shooting at 1300 block of France Street: 1 injured
Ukrainian #Su27 at #RIAT17
Moscow limited Georgia airlines flights to Russia
Dokuchaevsk: shell with leaflets
Soldiers train to assess wounded and evacuate them during Exercise #GeticaSaber in Cincu, Romania
Horlivka: heavy explosion reported at Korolenko district
Sea Breeze-2017 drill in South Ukraine
Controlled demolition of under construction building in Kharkiv
Controlled demolition of under construction building in Kharkiv
Ukraine’s army to receive new main battle tanks and armoured vehicles
Court on MP Mykhailo Dobkin in Kyiv
Germany confirms two nationals killed in Egypt resort attack
Woman killed in grenade attack in her house at Pokrovs'ke village of Bakhmut district
ATO HQ: Russian forces have increased activity along frontline. Battle clashes near Novotoshkivs'ke
35 attacks on Ukrainian positions yesterday: 1 soldier was killed, 3 wounded
Constanta based Romanian Border Guard @FrontieraRO Neustadt class vessel MAI 1101 patrols Chios Strait for @Frontex human trafficking
Fascinating glimpse into what is happening inside the Chernobyl NSC, the largest moveable, land-based structure ever built.
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