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21 กันยายน 2018

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Reports about artillery shelling near Toretsk after 1am
00:10 Kadiivka: Sentyanovka direction 'revived'. Intense outgoing rounds have started
The UK's Labour party faces difficult questions about how it plans to fulfill its pledge without large tax increases
UN condemns Hungary's new law targeting humanitarian agencies and charities
"Russia 24" aired today "How to avoid websites blocks" in response to Ukrainian decision
The Russian government today dismissed a Washington Post report that President Trump shared classified information with members of the Russian government
Vial Chios where 40+ children were transferred by police over the weekend
The website of the President is affected by an organized attack, – @dshymkiv, Deputy Head of the Presidential Administration of Ukraine
Russian Warlord Khodakovsky says 5 Rus fighters were killed in the area of Yasinuvata checkpoint today (SE of Avdiivka)
Heavy clashes near Avdiivka
A resident of Dagestan, accused of involvement in the militants group supply
Report from radio interception: Russian forces are preparing breakthrough near Pavlopil'
Horst Mahler, an 81-year-old far-right extremist wanted by police in his native Germany, was arrested in the western Hungarian city of Sopron on Monday. Last week, Mahler publicly expressed his hope that Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán would grant him political asylum.
Laptop ban on airplanes will 'likely' be expanded to other areas, could include countries beyond Middle East, Europe: DHS official
The Senate intelligence committee is seeking information on Trump’s meeting with Russians
AP Source: CIA director to brief House intel committee Tuesday on Trump sharing classified information with Russians
National security adviser: Information Trump shared with Russians 'wholly appropriate.'
Rally against blocking of Vkontakte in Kharkiv
Turchynov: new sanctions against Russia are already in force
Austria Snap Elections Set For October 15: Parties
EU sets June deadline for Poland, Hungary to take migrant share
Finnish #DefMin in Estonia at #SpringStorm17 inspecting bridge built by Finnish combat engineers
Verkhovna Rada banned "George ribbon"
"George ribbon" is banned in Ukraine, - those who wear will face a fine
Warmongering, anti-Albanian slurs in Serbian media increasingly resemble 90s propaganda, Serbian journalist says
Spanish AF F-18 intercepted Russian Sukhoi Su24 over Baltic Sea
A giant wind turbine blade fell across a German motorway when it was being transported by a lorry on Tuesday.
European official to AP: Country might stop sharing intel with US if Trump gave classified info to Russian diplomats
The Church of England (the ‘C of E’) is on the brink of breaking up over the vexed question of gay priests as conservative and progressive Anglicans fight for supremacy in the Church.
Russia's government's total investment in the US Treasury Bills reached nearly $100B
President Donald Trump disclosed highly classified information to Russia's foreign minister about a planned Islamic State operation.
Meeting with the President of Malta: Malta can become a powerful maritime hub for Ukraine
Syrian combat experience, defense of Russian territory demands rearmament – Putin
French cabinet announcement delayed to Wednesday
Russian Navy Submarine Kilo Сlass in transit from the South to the Northern Bay of Sevastopol Today
Romania: Police detain 27 on Serbian border
Czech PM: Country needs to set a date for adopting the euro following the presidential election in France, upcoming ballot in Germany
Kremlin: Russia could retaliate to Ukrainian ban
Two people died as a result of collapse of buildings in Volgograd, at least 4 injured
Gas explosion partially destroyed a house in Volgograd, Russia
Volgograd, Russia: explosion partially destroyed a house
Russian Navy Smetlivyy outbound from Sevastopol to Bosphorus for regular Med-deployment
Russia's Defence Ministry has reportedly spent over nine billion roubles in the past three years on housing for troops in Crimea.
Informed PM Modi about discussions with Russian President who is showing interest in support for peace efforts in our region: Palestine President
Russian officials who've blocked 1000s of websites react to Ukraine's sanctions by saying blocking websites pointless.
Russian FM spox, Maria Zakharova, publishes response to 'Trump blagging-the-gaff to Russia Wash Po story' via FB
Col. Oleksandr Motuzyanyk: Donetsk sector: militants opened mortar fire in Pisky. They also used mortars in Avdiivka and Zaitseve.
Col. Oleksandr Motuzyanyk: Over the previous day, UA Armed Forces did not incur any fatalities, 2 UA servicemen were wounded in action
ATO Spox: Donetsk sector: areas of cease-fire violations were Horlivka, Avdiivka & Donetsk airport areas – where enemy applied mortars
Turkey PM says Germany must choose between Ankara and alleged coup plotters
Armenian journalist shot by Azerbaijani sniper in Nagorno-Karabakh
Armenian journalist shot by Azerbaijani sniper in Nagorno-Karabakh
ATO HQ: Russian forces seized new positions near Pisky
Turkey-Ukraine defense industry ties are booming. Kyiv is ready to compensate western cooperation stoppages
Ukraine's new sanctions list includes, for example, Italian MPs who illegally visited
The Verkhovna Rada has deprived Artemenko the mandate of MP
EU court says Singapore trade deal needs national
Poroshenko decree on Russian web-resources
Ukraine bans whole range of Russian sites and software from VK and Odnoklassniki to Yandex and
Brussels is moving to regulate small drones amid a huge increase in sightings of them flying near airplanes in Europe.
ATO HQ: 37 attacks on Ukrainian positions yesterday, 2 soldiers were wounded
Russia's internet regulator @roscomnadzor reportedly threatened to block @telegram messenger in Russia
Azerbaijan opened fire on an Armenian military vehicle today, Nagorno-Karabakh has warned that this will not remain unanswered.
Italy presents 4 patrol boats to the coast guard in Tripoli to strengthen efforts against illegal immigration
@POTUS revealed "highly classified information" to Russian foreign minister, ambassador, reports @washingtonpost.
Trump revealed classified information to Russian officials during White House meeting, US officials have told the Washington Post
Ukrainian military found damaged ownerless octocopter near Kryms'ke, Luhansk region
Clashes near Avdiivka this night
Russian 1st tank army of Western Military district received more new T-72B3 tanks
President Poroshenko: Ukrainian at occupied territories who changed their citizenship will face problems with visa-free regime
President Poroshenko: Ukrainian at occupied territories who changed their citizenship will face problems with visa-free regime
[email protected] vessels show up at Port of Tallinn Estonia
In Berlin, French President @EmmanuelMacron warns against taking the EU for granted
German Chancellor Merkel and French President Macron are ready to change EU treaties if necessary
[email protected] on Russia investigation: “There’s frankly no need for a special prosecutor.”
Documentary: '4,000,000 Ukrainians affected by Russia's war in Donbass' by Bryce Wilson @brycewilsonAU
Documentary: '4,000,000 Ukrainians affected by Russia's war in Donbass' by  Bryce Wilson @brycewilsonAU
Ka-52 during Russian East Military District drills
RUAF Il-76 76612 unloading Baltic Fleet troops after Chkalovsky-Chernyakhovsk flight 13MAY17. Additional Il-76 on background.
Azerbaijan Armed Forces destroyed an Armenian 9K33 OSA air defence system
Jeremy Corbyn signing off in Leedsn "We. Can. Do. This. Together."
In Mykolaiv SBU exposed drug dealers network
Police seized a boat from Venezuela with some 2.5 tons of cocaine near the Canary islands, Spain
Zarui Postanjian and her daughter Lilit Drampian were forced out of the campaign office of incumbent Mayor Taron Margarian.
Protests against President Zeman and FinMin Babis will take place in 8 cities on Wednesday again.
Angela Merkel said on Monday that Germany may move its soldiers to another country if Ankara does not grant permission to members of the German parliament’s defense committee to visit staff currently serving in a NATO mission at İncirlik Airbase in southern Turkey.
After big rally against housing demolition in Moscow yesterday, TASS claims over 60 districts of city support the demolition in voting.
European Union foreign ministers urged Venezuelan authorities to hold elections and release political prisoners to help end six weeks of demonstrations against President Nicolas Maduro that have killed dozens of people.
New JIT MH17 magazine confirms the involvement of Finland in the MH17 investigation, looks like a warhead test
Ruling Party Calls Yerevan Elections ‘Serious Step Forward’
Newly elected French President Marcon appoints Edouard Philippe as the countries new Prime minister
Ahead of Macron's Berlin visit, Merkel says she has "no intention of telling France what to do" as he tries to revive country's economy
German police says 13 people injured in explosion at Schaeffler
Merkel says: we must consider alternatives to Turkey's İncirlik base, Jordan a possibility
Package looks like a bomb was found at the office of Ukrainian nationalists organization "National corpus"
Golden Dawn MP ejected from Parliament for verbal assault
The impact of the ransomware attack in Britain is much the same as it was but the government is monitoring the issue and will hold a meeting of its emergency committee at 1600 GMT (12am Singapore) on Monday (May 15).
German Chancellor Merkel says wants to bring dynamism into European project with new French president
German Chancellor Angela Merkel says CDU/CSU manifesto will be ready by the beginning of July, concentrating on jobs, education, security
Italian authorities arrested 68 suspected members of leading clan of the Italian ‘Ndrangheta mafia that made millions of Euros from gambling and the migrant reception business has been dismantled.
Marine Le Pen becomes president of the Front Nationale instead of Steeve Briois.
In Minsk gathered a tripartite contact group
SBU: Group of Mykola Dul'sky also attempted to destabilize Odesa region with "Budyak republic"
SBU: Group of Mykola Dul'sky also attempted to destabilize Odesa region with Budyak republic
Ukraine PM Groysman is on visit in Israel
"Nazhdak" - organization of Mykola Dul'sky (behind "Poles protest") attempted to create "Rivne People Republic" in Rivne region
Cyber attack not limited to Windows XP, numbers using XP in NHS have dropped - UK PM Theresa May's spokesman
SBU foiled attempt to gather anti-Ukraine rally in Rivne
SBU foiled attempt to gather anti-Ukraine rally in Rivne
US, EU meeting on airline security, electronic devices to take place Wednesday - EU commission spokesman
SBU reporting today on counter-saboteur work
SBU reporting today on counter-saboteur work
Putin to question: "Isn't there a risk that China could swallow Russia economically?": Russia isn't a country that is afraid of anything.
Putin said that his country has "nothing to do" with the recent cyber attack that hit computers and organizations in 150 countries
Turkey denies German MPs access to troops at Incirlik base, cites asylum grants to FETÖ-linked ex-officers
A cyber attack on health service: Security Minister Ben Wallace said on Monday that British technology experts worked through the night to patch the computer systems of the health service after the ransomware worm forced dozens of hospitals to cancel some operations and appointments.
Minister of Defense Stepan Poltorak arrived at Berlin with an official visit to consolidate Germany's support for Ukraine's military reform
PM Groysman in Israel urged to consider recognizing Holodomor as genocide of Ukrainian people
Turkey denies German lawmakers access to troops at Incirlik base
Burlington. someone shot at a home. Officers responded to 119 North Ireland Street and found an apartment had been struck by gunfire. No one was home during the shooting
The body of an Armenian army junior sergeant, with a gunshot to the chin, was discovered today at a military outpost
Volnovakha: Clashes are audible near Volnovakha
49 attacks on Ukrainian positions yesterday, 6 soldiers were wounded
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