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22 กันยายน 2018

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Democrats demand briefing on Flynn's contact with Russia, along with phone transcripts
Report: Flynn denied Russia sanctions talks to FBI
[email protected]: UK, Australia, Canada & NZ tasked by CIA to use human spies (HUMINT) to penetrate last French presidential election
#USArmy: Soldiers, tanks and M88 recovery vehicles from 1st Battalion, 8th Infantry governmentnt have arrived at Kogalniceanu Airbase, Romania.
[email protected]: Video of @realDonaldTrump press conference today answering CNN questions on WikiLeaks, Russia, Flynn
"Russia is a ruse," says President Trump "I haven't made a phone call to Russia in years"
2 civilians wounded as building partially collapsed after shelling in Avdiivka
With Russian ship, "Hopefully I won't have to do anything but I'm not going to tell you," says @POTUS
Prague airport Terminal 2 closed
National Security Council of Ukraine ordered to de-block infrastructure at Donbas
[email protected]: RELEASE: Full text of CIA orders targetting French presidential election including Hollande, Sarkozy & Le Pen
[email protected]: RT @SMaurizi: EXCLUSIVE la Repubblica: @wikileaks reveals 3 @Cia spy orders to spy on 2012 #French elections (Italian )
[email protected]: RT @libe: Comment la CIA a espionné la présidentielle française de 2012
[email protected]: RT @mediapart: Les élections françaises de 2012 étaient sous surveillance de la CIA
[email protected]: RELEASE: CIA espionage orders for the last French presidential #CIAFrance
Comms for corps deployed in Russian southern military district, out from Stavropol. 49th Army signal corps.
At least 1 civilian killed, many wounded in Russian shelling on Avdiivka
3 Ukrainian soldiers killed, 4 wounded today in 35 attacks before 6pm
Avdiivka: hits at Gagarina street 1
Avdiivka: hits at Gagarina 12
[email protected]: RT @lombremono: We are using #ElMundoConAssange to stop the eviction of @julianassange from the Embassy of #Ecuador in #London please tarde…
EST, LVA, LTU and POL DefMins signed an agreement to simplify the procedures for Allied troops' movement
Putin: "The West is continually provoking us and trying to drag us into a confrontation, continuing to interfere in our internal affairs."
Police in Liege, Belgium on the site of suspicious object
[email protected]: RT @lombremono: @CynthiaViteri6 se paga la TT de #YaTocaUnCambioPositivo mientras pone en riesgo la vida del periodista @JulianAssange_ #El…
[email protected]: Nuevo video clip chévere solidario #ElMundoConAssange de Sarazino Ft Liliana Saumet (Bomba Estereo) - Frente Latina
[email protected]: RT @WLArtForce: Wall of War—Massive artistic installation visualizing the WikiLeaks War Logs of Iraq & Afghanistan, by @dchalpern:
[email protected]: #ElMundoConAssange
Oberhausen: 150 people have reportedly been injured
Hug: 20% increase in of ceasefire violations E and NE of Mariupol & Grad used in Stanytsia Luhanska for 1st time
Hug: No withdrawal or disengagement as there is no trust between the sides in eastern Ukraine
Lavrov says he did not discuss sanctions with Tillerson
Lavrov says he did not discuss sanctions with Tillerson
Despite commitments, sides haven’t withdrawn heavy weapons. Last week SMM saw 94 weapons in violation of agreed withdrawal lines
Hug: On 15 Feb SMM recorded 200 ceasefire violations – 200 too many. Every bullet, mortar, artillery round fired can injure or kill
SMM saw a 75% decrease in number of ceasefire violations last week Ukraine
Kosovo Sends Serb Leader Ivanovic for Retrial
Road accident reported with car with Russian diplomats in Bishkek
Tillerson says ready to work with Russia when it benefits US
Tillerson warns Russia's Lavrov to respect Ukraine Minsk accords
USS George H.W. Bush (CVN 77) commenced strike missions in support of OIR from the eastern Mediterranean Sea, Feb. 13.
Tillerson-Lavrov meeting in Bonn
Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine @PavloKlimkin opened the VIII Security Forum in Washington
Russia FM Lavrov on turmoil in DC a meeting with Tillerson: "You should know we do not interfere in the domestic matters of other countries."
Russia FM Lavrov at G20Bonn: "You should know we do not interfere in the domestic matters of other countries."
US not ready 'right now' for military collaboration with Russia: Mattis
Mattis on Russia: "There is very little doubt they have interfered or attempted to interfere in a number of elections"
SecDef Mattis: The US commitment to Article 5 collective defense clause is rock solid
Putin: in 2016 the number of cyber attacks on government agencies Russia has tripled
NATO and Georgia will continue to work together. The Alliance will help Georgia advance toward eventual NATO membership - NATO
NATO is committed to Georgia’s security and territorial integrity. Concerned by Russia’s deepening relations w Abkhazia &; S. Ossetia
NATO calls on Russia to reverse its recognition of Abkhazia and S. Ossetia and to withdraw its forces from Georgia.
Poroshenko in Munich will meet U.S VP Pence, Polish President Duda, NATO Chief Stoltenberg
A source from Russian state TV network tells @kvoneggert of new directive: "no more Trump."
Georgia is making progress on implementation of defence reforms resulting in more responsive, efficient and sustainable forces - NATO
Putin says the goal of the increased violence in Donbass is to disrupt the Minsk accords
Pic of Pollution in Paris
Russian MFA Lukashevich: Ukraine is not going to follow Minsk agreements voluntarily
Putin calls for 'restoring dialogue' between Russia, US intel agencies
Russian Su-24 jets were armed with FAB-250 bombs when buzzed near USS Porter in Black Sea
Putin: Ukrainian authorities bid on military solution of Eastern Ukraine conflict
Moscow is concerned about Ukrainian attempts to organize terror attacks in Russia - Putin
Toxic fumes have been reported in the western German town of Oberhausen following a leak from an acid tank
U.S Mission to OSCE: We call on Russia to release Ukrainian citizens it is holding on political pretexts, including Ukraine journalist Mykola Semena
ATO spokesperson: The Police disclosed a weapons cache in a private house in Lysychansk
Col. Motuzyanyk: Residential houses in Avdiyivka were again damaged by the enemy fire
ATO spox: Enemy continuously shelled Avdiivka from 3 pm until midnight. Militants conducted artillery attacks against Avdiyivka industrial area
Kyiv "can forget about heating and energy" - Zakharchenko
After Azerbaijan visit US chief of staff to come to Ankara,Turkey tomorrow
Damage in Avdiivka after shelling last night
Kurdish President @Masoud_Barzani to visit Germany and participate in the Munich security conference
NATO will increase naval presence in the Black Sea for enhanced training, exercises and situational awareness
I will never forgive politicians that making PR on the Donbas blockade - President Poroshenko
The Kremlin is not considering the introduction of visa regime with Belarus - Peskov
Belarus Successfully Tests its Upgraded 9A33-1B Air Defence
UK, Canadian, Polish, Lithuanian and US discuss ongoing support to Ukraine
Avdiivka: damaged houses at Kirova street 42,31,21,36 and Kirova st 12
49 attacks of Russian forces on Ukrainian positions yesterday, 1 Ukrainian soldier killed, 4 wounded
Austria to sue Airbus over alleged Eurofighter fraud: official
[email protected]: FBI releases file on investigation into racial discrimination by Trump management company in 1974; 389 pages
[email protected]: WSJ says US intelligence says it is intentionally concealing information from US president @realDonaldTrump
[email protected]: Get inspired. See @WLArtForce
[email protected]: Ecuadorian election Sunday. What do WikiLeaks cables say about leading opposition candidate Cynthia Viteri?
Sergey "Khmury" Dubinsky wrote that he drove a Peugeot 3008 in Ukraine. A black Peugeot 3008 accompanied the Buk that downed MH17.
[email protected]: Who will win the battle for control over the White House?
Ukrainian Marines on the front lines near Vodyane, Mariupol area, Ukraine [11 Feb 2017]
Ukrainian Marines on the front lines near Vodyane, Mariupol area, Ukraine [11 Feb 2017]
New @bellingcat MH17 report: Identifying Khmuryi, the Major General Linked to the Downing of MH17
"I expect all Allies to make good on the promise they made in 2014" and reach 2% of GDP on defence spending by 2024 – NATO Secretary General
Best weapon against terrorism is to project stability in our neighborhood by training local forces, says NATO Secretary General
"We'll continue to support the efforts of the UN" and Govt of National Accord in Libya – NATO Secretary General @jensstoltenberg
NATO Secretary General @jensstoltenberg on Secretary Defence Mattis' statement on spending: "a very firm message", reflects US political reality
NATO agrees to set up a 'hub for the south' to deal with challenges stemming from the region – Stoltenberg
We discussed Joint Intel, Surveillance and Recon capability. NATO surveillance drones in Italy will soon also contribute to this – Stoltenberg
Secretary General at Defence Ministers: NATO is responding to more complex challenges since end of Cold War
[email protected]: 81 WikiLeaks documents referencing reported new Trump replacement for NSA Michael Flynn, Vice Admiral Robert Harward
Irish PM calls for Brexit transition deal, warns against punishing UK
Clashes in Northern Donetsk, mortar mines hits near Avdiivka
[email protected]: Former NSA employee John Schindler on @RealDonaldTrump
[email protected]: RT @mtracey: These were the "smoking gun" reports that Very Serious people just spent the last 24 hours screaming about
'Russia Attacked Us': Dem Senator Calls for Probe Similar to 9/11
U.S. troops deploy in Bulgaria as Mattis meets NATO in Brussels
[email protected] weighs in on Dakota pipeline dispute: Native people have rights over their lands
Ukraine govt introduces the state of emergency in energy sector cause of Donbas blockade. Blackouts expected
Paul Manafort tells @MajorCBS, "I never had any contact ... with anyone associated with the Russian gov't or Putin."
Spanish Defence Minister @mdcospedal calls for more operational NATO presence in the South
Democratic senators to hold emergency meeting after Michael Flynn's resignation, Russia reports
NATO Secretary General: on fighting terrorism, my main focus is doing more training and capacity building. A key lesson learned in Afghanistan
Working the room NATO Defence Ministers: Minister Sajjan discusses with his US, German, Croatian, and Romanian colleagues
NATO's boosting cyber defences. Reports of Russia behind several attacks. 60% up in incidents vs NATO from 2015-6 [email protected]
Secretary General: US commitment to NATO is not just in words but in deeds, US is deploying new forces in Europe in many years
NATO Defence Ministers discussed boosting defence spending, "national plans and milestones" to ensure progress: @jensstoltenberg
Secretary General says Secretary Mattis expressed very strong commitment to NATO and transatlantic bond and Defence Ministers welcomed that
Secretary General says Defence Ministers discussed 'how we can better use NATO for the future" at Defence Ministry
At Defence Ministers' meeting, SecGen @jensstoltenberg says NATO has "untapped potential" in training partners, projecting stability
“Defence is not just about what we do at home. It is as much about what happens beyond our borders” – SG @jensstoltenberg
NATO Secretary General says Ministers agreed on importance of transatlantic relationship to meet security challenges at Defence Ministry
Brussels (ap) - Pentagon Chief Mattis Tells Nato Allies To Increase Defense Spending By Year's End Or Us Will 'moderate Its Commitment'
Russia is a problem President Donald Trump can't escape
NATO allies must pay more or US will 'moderate its commitment': Mattis
Independent @SenAngusKing on Trump campaign's Russia ties: "Republicans are really taking this quite seriously"
"[Russia] should not be allowed to weasel out of sanctions," Democratic Rep. Eliot Engel says
SBU found another cache of weapons in ATO area
Iranian Quds Force leader Qassem Soleimani is back in Moscow violating UN sanctions
The Rosselkhoznadzor has closed the transit through Belarus of import from 24 African countries
SecDef Mattis called NATO "my second home" in joint press statement with SecGen @jensstoltenberg
EU preparing early China summit in message to Trump: sources
Security Service of Ukraine: Russia is preparing provocations for 18-20 February
Meeting with NATO allies in Brussels, Pentagon chief James Mattis hailed alliance as 'fundamental bedrock'
McCain responding to Trump tweet: Yes, he was too soft - let's take a different course together: give defensive lethal assistance to Ukraine and keep sanctions on Russia
[email protected] says he doesn't think Russia's interests will ever aligned with U.S's. "Russia is a global menace"
Russian foreign ministry says meeting planned between Lavrov, U.S. Tillerson
Russia denies it violated a treaty by deploying a banned missile that's capable of carrying a nuclear warhead
Orzysz: Polish 2S1
Russian spy ship spotted 30 miles south of Connecticut
President Trump asks: "Was Obama too soft on Russia?"
Russia tells White House it will not return Crimea to Ukraine
Russian spy ship now located 30 miles south of Groton, CT home to a US Navy submarine base. Russian ship "loitering," US official
Steve King calls Russia election story a "CNN narrative"
Sen. Jeff Merkley lays out options for investigating Trump's Russia ties
Trump: Crimea was taken by Russia during the Obama Administration. Was Obama too soft on Russia?
There is agreement on Putin-Trump meeting, intensive preparation of its agenda underway - Matviyenko
US Secretary Defebce Mattis and General Secretary of NATO @jensstoltenberg in Brussels
IMF should stop making unreasonable demands from Greece - Tsakalotos
NATO chief concerned if Russia missile reports prove true
Trump denies talk of Russian connection as 'non-sense'
Kremlin denies allegations it violated U.S. missile treaty
NATO is 'fundamental bedrock' for US: Pentagon chief Mattis
SecDef Mattis at NATO HQ: NATO remains a fundamental bedrock for the United States and the entire transatlantic community.
Ex-PM of Crimea was detained in bribery case - Interfax
Interfax: Duma confirms Russia's plans to participate in strengthening of Serbia's defence.
[email protected]: The Leakers Who Exposed Gen. Flynn Committed Serious — and Justified — Felonies
"LNR" via Russian media claims that Ukraine used "Tochka" missiles
Montenegro: The two pro-Russian leaders of the Democratic Front alliance are in the parliament building awaiting their arrest, state media reports
Tensions high as Montenegro parliament lifts immunity for opposition leaders Andrija Mandić and Milan Knežević over foiled coup allegations
Rally of "NOD" against Trump in Moscow
EU Parliament approves landmark Canada trade deal
This morning in Minsk a meeting on Donbass settlement
OSCE: Unidentified armed “DPR” members @ checkpoint denied OSCE access to site. SMM ready/able to monitor, but needs access
OSCE SMM followed up on reports by protesters of an incident on Chekhova Street, Donetsk
ATO spox: The Police detained former "Oplot" militant in Volnovakha
Col. Motuzyanyk: Mariupol sector: Most tense situation in Vodyane and Shyrokyne. Militants repeatedly used IFVs
ATO spokesperson: Over the previous day, 18 enemy attacks, including 8 with heavy weapons
Col. Motuzyanyk: Enemy fired Ukrainian positions near Avdiivka for at least 12 hours
ATO spokesperson: Donetsk sector: Enemy opened mortar fire near Svitlodarsk, Horlivka, Novoselivka Druha and Kamianka
Col. Oleksandr Motuzyanyk: Luhansk sector: 3 enemy attacks over the day. Militants used no heavy weapons
ATO spox: Over the previous day of hostilities, ukrainian army incurred no casualties
Map. Situation in eastern Ukraine February 15, 2017, 00:00 EET
3 Minsk working groups just started their meeting
German police raided homes of 4 imams suspected of espionage on behalf of the Turkish government against U.S based cleric Gulen followers
Russia's Zvezda military channel says the US invented the Holodomor to turn Ukrainians into Russophobes.
Cotton: "U.S. should build up its nuclear forces in Europe"
Peskov: no one officially blamed Russia in INF
Russian FM spokesperson in response to @PressSec remarks: "We don't give back territories. Crimea is the Russian Federation's territory."
Russian Foreign minister Lavrov will meet U.S Secretary of State Tillerson tomorrow.
Russian foreign ministry says Crimea will not be returned to Ukraine
Russian aircraft buzzed U.S. Navy ship three times in a day, Pentagon says.
Rally in Donetsk against OSCE
Rally in Donetsk against OSCE
Flynn was reportedly probed by FBI over calls with Russian official
Demand of @PressSec that Crimea be returned to Ukraine is at odds with @POTUS's election promises-Russia's Duma speaker to @interfax_news
Russian readiness exercise: troops concentrated at least on Luga and Strugi-Krasnye (E from Estonia), Kirillovskoye (SE from Finland)
CNN says it has names of Trump campaign officials who got in touch w/Russia
52 attacks of Ukrainian positions yesterday by Russian forces
Image of Putin caressing a pregnant Trump appears on New York building
Trump's campaign made repeated contact with Russian officials before election: report
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