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23 มิถุนายน 2018

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Bulgarian PM Borissov has left #EUCO because of a shootout at the Turkish-Bulgarian border
In Krasnoyarsk civil activist Roman Romanov was attacked with an axe
Poroshenko has proposed to make English the second working language in Ukraine
Croatia legalises marijuana for medical use
Report: #Russia exercises invasion of #Finland, #Baltic states, #Poland in 2009, 2012, 2015. p.11-12.
Ambasssador Power: Very strong vote count in today's election for #UNSC seats shows international community’s recognition of all #Ukraine has to offer.
Poroshenko: Each vote for Ukraine in UNSC is a vote for our sovereignty and territorial integrity
Proud #Ukraine team after #UNSC vote, when 177 countries supported membership
A film crew of VGTRK was detained at the exit from Estonia — they were taken the documents, phones and equipment
Moments of joy of Ukrainian delegation at UNSC
#Ukraine wins #UN Security Council seat
Two Libyans identified as suspects in ongoing investigation into Lockerbie bombing
#Hungary has completed its border fence on border with Croatia, will decide in coming days whether to close border to migrants. Lazar says.
Voices counting at UN
4 more drowned off Lesbos--woman, baby, 2 children--More missing. collission w coast guard
German authorities to order recall of 2.4 mn VW diesel vehicles
Poland to actively participate in China-proposed #BeltandRoad initiative
Ballot paper at #UNSCelection
PM Orban says #Hungary is able to close Croatian border in an hour if its needed #EUCO
Hungary says work complete on Croatia border fence
Germany orders VW to recall 2.4 million cars affected by the emissions scandal
Germany orders VW to recall 2.4 million cars affected by the emissions scandal
Protesters against #EU summit at a police checkpoint in #Brussels. Helicopter in the air.
British band, the Beatles, are coming home to Liverpool, as a stunning work of art
Mayor of London Boris Johnson knocks over 10-year-old boy during rugby match
The staff of the Center for combating corruption are in the Parliament
Moldova: 79 votes for removing Filat parliamentary immunity
Vuhlehirsk today - near Debaltseve. Large parts of town still badly damaged
Kosovo MPs keep setting off tear gas in parliament
Volkswagen has suspended the head of its Kassel transmission plant
Police investigate gunfire in Haggerston amid reports officer shot and taken to hospital
UK delegation to OSCE demand from Russia to tell how TOS-1 appeared in Ukraine
The middle phone on desk of Belarus' central bank chairman connects straight to President Lukashenko's office
US Army soldiers conducted an aerial assault training exercise in Germany with UH-60 Black Hawk helicopters.
Refugees at Lesvos
Police at parliament of Moldova
Ukrainian frigate took part in joint exercises PASSEX with U.S. Navy warships, Bulgaria, Romania and Turkey
The day after tomorrow in Moscow agreed rally against the Russian military operation in Syria
Protesters rally as Bundestag readies to vote on asylum laws
8 missing after Greek coastguard vessel hits migrant boat
EPP Vice President Michel Barnier arrives at the #EPPSummit
Kyiv is concerned with an Oxford University Press geography textbook that refers to Crimea as a part of #Russia
Poland signs deal to pipe gas to Russia-dependent Baltic states
In Stanitsa Luhanska landmine killed 2 civilians
OSCE Spox: Last week SMM recorded 5 explosions in #Ukraine outside conflict zone: 2 in #Kharkiv region, 1 in #Lviv region, 2 in #Odessa region
Anti TTIP protest just started in Brussels, near the EU summit venue.
European court says Turk had right to deny Armenia genocide
Spox: #OSCE Special Monitoring Mission continued to observe a relatively calm situation in the east of #Ukraine
Russian supply convoy arrived in Donetsk and Luhansk
Zakharchenko has proposed to cancel the results of elections of Poroshenko in 2014
Russia Today expose sinister Jewish/Illuminati forces at work on Hillary Clinton's campaign. Mind-bogglingly insane.
Russia Today expose sinister Jewish/Illuminati forces at work on Hillary Clinton's campaign. Mind-bogglingly insane.
Protest against the visit of Stoltenberg in Podgorica #Montenegro
Tear gas set off again in #Kosovo's assembly. Opposition MPs are protesting an EU-brokered accord with Serbia
Tear gas set off again in Kosovo's assembly. Opposition MPs are protesting an EU-brokered accord with Serbia
SNP Conference starting. Already Labour's U-turn on fiscal charter is being trumpeted on stage as an SNP victory
Kremlin: Ukraine's debt to Russia has government status. Non-payment of it will lead to Ukraine's default.
Police near the Parliament and outside the Parliament of Moldova
People starts to block streets in Chisinau
Russian tanks at Donbas in Karlo-Marksove
In Ivano-Frankivsk Ukrainian-Polish training "the Safe sky — 2015"
Calais migrant killed on motorway close to Channel Tunnel
Militants holding drills across occupied Donbass - Donetsk, Pereval'sk, Luhansk
Russian government supported the idea to classify government purchases of law enforcement agencies
Poltorak and Muzhenko promoted to rank of general.
Ukraine Passes Debt Deal in 13 Bonds
Peskov surprised by Ukraine's plans to receive from Russia $1 trillion for Crimea and Donbas
General prosecutor of Moldova accused leader of Libdem party in huge corruption Filat
Russian Mindef: More than 1,5 thousand of the airborne troops near Pskov on training alert
Rally in Chisinau
Anti-government rally in the capital of Moldova
The third phase of withdraw of weapons - mortars caliber 82 mm - starts today on the Lugansk direction.
Ukrainian border service: 41th supply convoy brought parts for heavy military vehicles
Ukrainian border service: 41th supply convoy brought parts for heavy military vehicles
Ukraine will demand from Russia $1 trillion for destruction and losses at Crimea and Donbass
3 Ukr servicemen are wounded: hit a mine when patrolling nr Krasna Talivka close to Rus border
Swiss banks closing Russians account
#SBU found two cache of weapons in the Maryinsky district of Donetsk region
HSBC reportedly cuts pay of hundreds of investment banking employees in London
European Parliament lifts Hungarian MEP's immunity over Russia spy probe
Counter-terrorist operation declared in Derbent district of Dagestan
Heavy traffic jam on road Bakhmut - Horlivka
Albanian media: bomb placed on high tension electricity tower near Kruja.
In the morning 41th supply convoy from Russia will enter Ukraine
Parade in Ivano-Frankivsk today
#Dnipropetrovsk celebrated the Day of defender of Ukraine in two marches
In St. Petersburg burns the building of the interior Ministry in the Primorsky region
#refugeswelcome in #Hamburg
US defense chief: we will deter Russia's 'malign and destabilizing influence':
Putin Signed A Decree Awarding Medvedev With The First Degree Order Of Merit To The Fatherland
SMM revisited 8 heavy weapons holding areas; observed recovery of human remains from #Donetsk airport
Poroshenko will consider the petition for the granting of citizenship to foreigners fighting in ATO
No place for #refugeesgr to sleep in #Moria camp #Lesbos. Still not enough tents, with 1000s arriving every day
The head of a large construction company was killed in Omsk
Russian MIA: detained dozens of Caucasus natives, which fought for ISIS in Syria
U.S Defense Secretary Carter Says Soldiers Must Be Prepared For Traditional, Hybrid Warfare To Combat Russian Aggression
Defenders day in Chernyhiv
[email protected]_aivaras: Ukraine hopes for IKEA
About 5 thousand people at march in Kharkiv
Kremenchug. The procession of the memory of the dead defenders of Ukraine
#Kharkiv - Celebration of Ukrainian Defender Day
"Boom" at Kyiv march
Boom at Kyiv march
Police looking for bomb in the center of Moscow
RUAF Su-34s noted fying from southern direction towards Saint Petersburg yesterday
March in Odessa with flares
Scene at Suntrup Ford on Manchester Rd in Kirkwood. Driver falls asleep and crashes into parked cars on lot
#Lavrov: #Russia will not allow the blockade of #LNR and #DNR and controlling the borders by Ukrainians
Several "pirate" website are banned in Russia
Convicted of espionage citizen of Ukraine tried to buy the secret components for s-300 - FSB
Putin's war in Syria costs $2.5 million per day
Poroshenko said about the need to strengthen Ukrainian positions along the entire border with Russia and Transnistria
March in Zaporizhie
The column started to move to the detention center. There are small groups of 3-5 people in masks
Russian officials were forbidden to fly with foreign airlines
Soldiers of the 173rd who came to Kyiv for the Defenders of Ukraine commemoration
DSB #MH17 report says the "jet" identified by the Russian MoD in their radar data was part of MH17 as it broke up
March in Kyiv chanting "Revolution!"
[email protected]: "Under conditions of truce, we have a chance to return the Donbas by political and diplomatic means"
Exercise Joint Warrior 2: Anti-air warfare live firing exercise against a sub-sonic towed target.
President @poroshenko fly at Su-27 in Zaporizhie
Image from City "Vockerode" in #Germany. "No! Mrs. #Merkel we can not do this". #refugeeswelcome #refugees
#Marsh near the jail. Chanting "Freedom to political prisoners!"
RossAviation: "Not a single proof of bow-shaped schrapnel"
Police preparing to met nationalists march near jail
Savchenko outraged by the ban on entry into the Russian Federation for her sisters
Nationalists March in Kyiv
Someone blown small petard at the March. But all calm
President Poroshenko check the upgraded su-27
March in Kyiv
Poroshenko at refurbished Su-27
Memorial in Kharkiv
CEO of Russia's second-biggest bank says doesn't matter who shot down #MH17. More important who started war: Ukraine
"If it wasn't the missile the Dutch say, what kind was it?" Russian official: "We're continuing investigation" #MH17
75 percent of Russians say Western countries are enemies of Russia.
Russian official claims Dutch told investigators #MH17 Buk had launched from "Schnitze," they misheard as "Snizhne"
Russian aviation's Storchevoi: Dutch #MH17 report "last attempt to justify previously made statements & conclusions"
'DNR' head Zakharchenko on #MH17:- Dutch investigation not comprehensive- DNR didn't shoot down plane and didn't have any BUK systems
Head of Russian Customs Service says Russians are allowed to buy sanctioned foreign food products online
Civilian killed by landmine in Luhansk region
Defenders day in Slovyansk
First Lady Maryna Poroshenko in Mariupol
Opened a criminal case on the beating of the defenders of the Park of Friendship
Monument to Russian MFA Lavrov was opened in Zaporizhie
March near Mykhaillivsky Cathedral
Near St. Michael's Cathedral in Kyiv
In Simferopol police removed the cordon from the Shevchenko monument
Foreign Ministry: Russia urges Armenia and Azerbaijan to resume dialogue on Nagorno-Karabakh
Right sector is going on the Maidan to join the other participants of the "March of Heroes" at St. Michael's square
In Moscow grenade explosion hit a car
In Moscow grenade explosion hit a car
Six people died in a fire in an apartment house in Perm Krai
#Canada-designed, #Ukraine-built: Streit/KRAZ Shrek + Fiona armoured transport vehicles displayed, #Kyiv
The Battle of Ilovaisk flag made famous at the UNGA reappears on Kyiv's St. Michael's plaza.
Russian President Vladimir Putin chides officials for delays in space center construction:
Ukrainian flag, shot by the Russian invaders near Illovaysk. Which met Putin in new York
[email protected]_russia's Zakharova rolls eyes at Dutch MH17 report, has "serious doubts" that report was unbiased. Says point from start to blame Rus.
"Russia finds itself in another stage of information aggression," adds MFA spokeswoman Zakharova, re: MH17.
Russia sounding off on Dutch MH17 report. @mfa_russia spox says US reax misleading, meant to distort public opinion.
Russia's Investigations Committee won't question Kadyrov in Nemtsov case.
Poroshenko: Ukraine has started to receive non-lethal defense weapons from foreign countries
Nemtsovs lawyer: Head of the Kadyrov battalion ordered the murder of Russian opposition leader
Russian militant with new mortar near Alchevsk
Ukrainian immigrant, Lieutenant of the U.S. army Ivashchenko arrived to train Ukrainian soldiers
Europe - ICC to investigate Russia-Georgia war
5.9 magnitude quake strikes off Russia's Kuril Islands - USGS
It's rumor, not confirmed information, possible fake or hoax
Some reports that Russia massing SOF in Petrovsky district of Donetsk
Paris startups map
Putin arrives in Amur region to inspect construction work at Vostochny spaceport
#ICC prosecutor explains investigation request into 2008 #Georgia #Russia war @hrw statement
ICC prosecutor explains investigation request into 2008 Georgia Russia war @hrw statement
Three foreigners injured in St Julian's fight
Poroshenko congratulate with the Day of defender of Ukraine
Poroshenko congratulate with the Day of defender of Ukraine
Yandex will be the default search engine on Windows 10 devices in Russia, Turkey and Ukraine
#Bear in a shopping centre in Khabarovsk
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