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18 กรกฎาคม 2018

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Thousands of refugees are spending the night at the Hungarian border
Canadian soldier salutes Ukrainian flag during launch of OpUNIFIER, Canada's military training mission in Ukraine
20 buses from Presovo, Serbia picking up refugees& bringing them to Sid on the Croatia-n border. Buses are full now& on their way.
Vienna More and more refugees sleep outdoor at Hauptbahnhof Austria
Refugees in Traiskirchen
Serbian/Hungarian border. About 100 protesting. Police wearing mouth masks. Horgos "We are humans!"
In Odessa refugees from Luhansk region organized tent camp
Strelkov: Russia will hand over the Crimea to Ukraine if step down at Donbas
GRAPHIC. Russian propaganda agency "NewsFront" showed movie "American Provocation. MH17". Blames US and Ukraine in Boeing shotdown
GRAPHIC. Russian propaganda agency NewsFront showed movie American Provocation. MH17. Blames US and Ukraine in Boeing shotdown
Drills of Ukrainian armed forces near Mariupol
2 boats capsized in Greek waters, killing 39 people, including 15 children + 4 babies
Romanian PM: "Hungarian officials are a disgrace for EU values, no better than their Syrian counterparts
The FSB detained three Ukrainian fishermen near Crimea
'Alarming' Russian Arms Buildup Said To Have Closed Gap With U.S.
Putin flew from Dushanbe to Sochi with Lukashenko and Nazarbayev: went to the residence of Bocharov Ruchei to continue communication
The border at Röszke seen from Serbia. It's closed
Head of FSB Patrushev: US is to blame for hostility between Russians and Ukrainians
Russia sides with new @UKLabour party leader @jeremycorbyn against PM & Leader of the @Conservatives
EU ministers to hold new migration crisis meeting next Tuesday
Peskov: Putin haven't talked to Elton John
Dmitry Peskov: Putin is open to dialogue with Barack Obama
UA C/p at Debaltseve attacked: 2 KIA, 1 WIA, 2 captured by DNR
Several migrants pulled the emergency brake and left the MÜN-BER train to avoid registration and proceed to
Recently Modified Russian Tanks Filmed This Week In Gorlovka.
Serbian border to Hungary
Different hurdle in store for migrants trying to skirt Hungary's border fence via eastern Croatia: landmines
EU, Jordan warn against 'provocation' at Al-Aqsa mosque
Smoke over Mariinka
France to decide alone on Syria airstrikes targets
Rosh Hashanah in Ukraine's Uman
Austria to introduce tougher controls at its border with Hungary from midnight
Tusk: During my consultations some leaders requested an extra EUCO on migration. I will continue consultations & announce my decision Thursday
Austria, Germany & Slovakia proposed extraordinary meeting on refugee crisis
'If you are worried about refugees, stop supporting terrorists' - Assad
Malaysia to help arrange for Swiss to interview witnesses in 1MDB probe
A train wagon with razor wire was set as a barricade on Hungarian-Serbian border:
Nickelsdorf in The afternoon another 500 refugees from Hungary arrived
OSCE Sec. General Zannier tells that Russian-backed militants may have shot down OSCE drone
Romania criticizes Hungarian plan to extend border fence
The main migrant routes into Europe, recently introduced border controls and border fences
Putin calls on world to support Syrian government in battle against ISIS
230 Russian soldiers & 30 vehicles "take" remote Arctic island
Hungary declares migrant crisis
Russia must fully recognize themselves as a party to the Minsk agreements and Norman agreements - Yuriy Sergeyev
Now chanting "Germany!". Refugees behind fence, Hungarian police in front of fence
Serbian court kicked out public from trial against activist Natasa Kandic
Turkey: Hundreds of refugees marching to Edirne near Greek border.
Refugees in Serbia have setup camp just meters away from Hungary's now sealed border
Country-themed bookstand at CSTO press centre in Tajikistan includes Azeri work casting doubt on Armenian genocide
Germany and Austria call for EU summit on refugee crisis
Macedonia parties linch deal on special prosecutor
Argentine soldiers were beaten, tortured and subjected to mock executions during Falklands war
Facebook ‘travel agencies’ are offering boat trips for migrants to Greece
Officials say death toll rises to 7 in avalanche in Alps near Pelvoux, France
Hungary plans anti-migrant fence along Romania border too: foreign minister
Trial of Ukrainian men who allegedly fought w/ Chechen rebels and killed Russians in 1990s has begun in Grozny
Spokesperson for Sir Elton John confirms to the BBC that Vladimir Putin called Sir Elton yesterday to offer to meet following BBC interview
Five climbers have been killed and two are missing after an avalanche in the Pelvoux district of the French Alps
OSCE Ambassador says Moldova wants 'European Future'
French court debuts de-radicalisation programme
Serbian minister Aleksander Vulin at blocked Hungarian border. Says he's asked Hungarians to open. They've refused.
Russian Court Extends Nadezhda Savchenko's Detention By Another Six Months.
Officials: Hungary detains 60 migrants under new laws, plans to charge them
Militants reporting about Ukrainian artillery near Donetsk
Tourist boat ride from Lesvos to Turkey costs €10 pp, the traffickers charge €1000 pp for a trip the other way
In Roszke, police blocking highway to Serbian border Hungary
Refugee camp in Roszke being taken down Hungary
Refugees coming to border crossing Horgos Serbia,trying to go to Hungary
Refugees locked out of Hungary by new fence launch hunger strike at the border
Refugees chant 'no food, no water, open the border' as they wait between Serbian and Hungarian border posts
The founder of theory of "economic proposals", famous US economist Arthur Laffer became an adviser to Minister of Finance Natalia Jaresko.
Scenes on the Hungarian Serbian border as refugees sandwiched in no mans land between two countries
This is motorway on Serb Hungary border
Refugees stream along Serb side, Hungary frontier. Fence up, gates locked, illegal entry criminalised
Russian military convoy in Donetsk
Russian military convoy in Donetsk
Hungary declares state of emergency in 2 southern counties because of migration crisis
Door on the border has opened. But only to pass out food and water. No one is going in.
Kuchyna airbase.NATO Dragoon Crossing convoy stayed here. Today a football match between both armies US and Slovak
Report of mortar shelling near Pavlopil'
First refugees detained by the hungarian police for crossing the border fence at roszke
Hundreds now pressing against single door surrounded by razor wire. Only (legal) way into Hungary
Passau: Refugees taken off Vienna train taken for processing. Message is border control, reality refugees let in.
Police: Border crossings at Röszke & Ásotthalom temporarily closed for traffic bc of the situation on the SRB side of the border
Germany only controlling Autobahn route. Smaller roads are open. "The smugglers know that," says local taxi driver.
About 150 units of military and special equipment , electronic warfare, take part in Russian Center 2015 drills
Roszke border w Serbia closed. Refugee say "please we just want safety". 3 units of riot police arrive in reponse.
Total number of asylum seekers entering Germany by train since start of September - 91,823 - police.
First arrests after new Hungarian border rules introduced
At least 13 migrants, including four children, trying to reach Greece drown when boat from Turkey sinks in international waters
The refugee registration center in Vértesszőlős
SBU detained members of a subversive group in Odessa region
In road accident in Dnipropetrovsk region killed 2 members of Right Sector, who took part in "Mukachevo events". Also 2 soldiers
Russian Airborne units practiced landing operation at the Khmelevka range in the Kaliningrad Region
In Dushanbe CSTO meeting
Horgos The morning after the border closed - this is now the scene at Serbian-Hungarian border
Senator John McCain: Appreciate invite from Russia-backed rebels in E Ukraine, but I don't monitor elections of imaginary countries
Turkey won't be considered as a safe country for migrants - EU interior ministers.
The EU is still not ready to sign an agreement on joint aviation space with Ukraine - minister
Ukraine’s Antonov breaks ties with Russia
A Proton rocket has lifted off from Kazakhstan with a new Russian communications satellite.
For the last week to Dnipropetrovsk were delivered 56 wounded and 6 dead from ATO zone
Two hand grenades were found at Slavyansk Railway station
Crater from the explosion of a militants in Makiivka
Tension at Slovakian-Czech border as riot police arrive
Border closed by a wagon in Hungary Röszke
Police seal off border at Roszke – Update
Border closed at Röszke Hungary
Charlie Hebdo published a caricature of the drowned Syrian boy
Protester dress as Putin at Slovakian-Czech border.For this people NATO "dragoon crossing" convoy is no welcome
All kind of flags at the Slovakian-Czech border. Waiting for the No Welcome of NATO Dragoon Crossing convoy.
PM Orban said police will face aggression (from refugees), the job is to protect 'our culture, way of life, our sovereignty"
Dragoon Crossing coming to Slovak Republic
Refugees cheer as they are let in to Hungary at the old border crossing point in Roszke&sent w/ buses to camps. Until midnight.
Poland, Sweden sign deal to boost military ties
Tajik, Kazakh Presidents meet In Dushanbe ahead of CSTO summit
Hungarian police block main migrant crossing point from Serbia
Dozens of Hungarian police block main crossing point for refugees on border with Serbia
EU interior mins announce they've agreed on relocation of 40000 refugees
Babies and children who drowned off Greek coast were trapped in hold of boat sank
Reports of artillery shelling in Krasnohorivka
Fake elections at not controlled Ukraine territories threaten the peace - Poroshenko
Hungary police announce they have started increased controls in the whole country to prevent crime
Federal police on the boundary of Austria now also with weapons. Also this refugees are rejected, and must repent
SACEUR, General @PMBreedlove: Terrorism, Russian Aggression Concerns NATO
President Buhari leaves for France on a 3 say official visit
Porsche and Audi unveil electric cars to take on Tesla
Foreign companies have declared deep interest in broadening ties with Iran in water & power
Deutsche Bank is closing all of its Russian operations
Pope says risk that militants could sneak into Europe with refugees
Train service between Austria and Germany was restored on Monday
Berliners welcome hundreds of refugees to the German capital
Traffic slowing almost to a halt at Germany-Austria border - occasional van pulled off for checks.
Greece's Terna JV wins $335 million contract for road project in Qatar
Hasidic Jewish pilgrims for Rosh Hashanah to Uman, Ukraine donate money for Ukrainian
Fire in Yevpatoriya
Polish PM Kopacz says Poland will not accept EU's automatic quotas, will start to control its borders in case of any threat
NATO’s Submarine Warfare Exercise DYNAMIC MANTA 2015 is underway off the Sicilian coast
Activist fears police will close Roszke for most jurnos&volunteers as sec. situation deteriorates
Navalny car this morning in Kostroma
S​aakashvili says Ukraine run by 'shadow' oligarchic government
Russian Nuclear scientist Stepan Borovitsky tried to breakthrough into US Embassy in Moscow to ask political asylum
Austria will follow Germany's lead and temporarily reinstate border controls to cope with a surge in refugees, minister says
Hungarian Gripens intercept Russian Air Force An-26 over Baltic Sea
German Vice Chancellor says country can expect 1 million refugees and migrants this year
2 Ukraine soldiers killed, 2 wounded and one missing since yesterday - ATO spokesperson
The opposition in Moldova announced the picketing of state institutions and the organization of marches across the country
Serbia now says its prepared to take in more asylum seekers if people are unable to enter Hungary
British jets were last week scrambled for the seventh time this year to intercept Russian bombers near the UK
Germany expects 1 million migrants this year
Slovak interior ministry says Slovakia is introducing temporary border controls on borders with Hungary and Austria
2 soldiers were killed, 2 were wounded and 1 was missing in ATO area over past day, – speaker of ATO
NSDC convene a meeting on defense
The PARNAS party won about 2% of the votes in the elections to the Kostroma regional Duma. Processed 91% of the vote
Yashin: PARNAS could not overcome the five percent barrier due to the active opposition of the authorities
Today exercises SilverArrow starts in Latvia – troops from Denmark Canada US Germany UK improving conventional ops
Poroshenko: Ukraine will refuse to exchange Sentsov and Savchenko on the Russians Alexandrov and Erofeev
Col. Lysenko: UA tank troops` exercises continue in the Mariupol sector
ATO spox: UA reconnaissance officers found & deactivated 14 hostile mines near Hnutove village in Mariupol region
ATO spokesperson: Enemy sniper attacked UA servicemen near Maryinka
Army trucks in Nickelsdorf
Austri Vice-chancelor says "Dublin is finished" as country to send 2.200 soldiers to Slovenian border.
FEMEN demo at Muslims conference in France
In Crimea continue to spoil Putin's portraits
Hungary is calling for a Europe-wide effort to defend the borders of Greece, first point of entry into the E.U.
Austrian police expect 20.000 refugees to flock to border with Hungary today - and they can't let them in anymore
Röszke camp is being built down. Almost all refugees been sent by buses towards Austrian border, volunteers say.
Faymann announced the assistance mission of the armed forces
CZ FM Zaorálek says agreement on voluntary refugee quota is not impossible
In the Donetsk region SBU found a hiding place with lots of weapons
EU approves military action against Mediterranean people smugglers: sources
UK's Cameron pledges 20 million pounds a year for 3 years to support Syrian refugees in Lebanon
AT-HU border: 3000 migrants at Heiligenkreuz, +500 by buses every hour. 1500 migrants waiting at Nickelsdorf
F-22 Raptors returned home Saturday after completing their inaugural European Training Deployment.
US Army General Allen blames Putin & Assad for Refugee Crisis in Europe
Supply convoy from Nogino went to Donetsk and Lugansk regions
Over 29K of Hasidic pilgrims came to Uman to mark Rosh Hashanah. That's a record number
Austria opens border with Hungary
Russia begins "Center 2015" drills with 95 thousand troops, more than 7 thousand units of military equipment, up to 170 aircraft and 20 ships
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