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19 กันยายน 2018

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US officials tell NBC News that Turkish President Erdogan is reportedly seeking asylum in Germany
Turkey Erdogan in airplane, refused landing at Istanbul, now trying to seek asylum in Germany, US defense officials say, @MSNBC
First pictures emerging: Istanbul
Eiffel Tower to be lit in France’s colors after NiceAttack
President Obama: The hatred and violence of a few is no match for the love and decency of people of goodwill
Rally in Horlivka
Rally in Horlivka
Police/SBU repelled attack on cashiers in Zaporizhie region, 1 attacker killed, 2 wounded
Maryinka: ongoing clashes
"Summer Storm 2016" - Ukrainian air forces
White House says NiceAttack still believed to be a terrorist attack
Police arrested the man who launched drone near the Administration of President
Police arrested the man who launched drone near the Administration of President
Headquarters: The Russian forses fired at the Ukrainian military 26 times today
The number of wounded in the attack in Nice has risen to 202
The police found 1 ha of poppy soporific, cost 5,5 million UAH
Paris Prosecutor confirms #NiceAttack driver Mohamed Lahouaiej Bouhlel through fingerprints.
Paris prosecutor: 202 people wounded in Nice truck attack: 25 on life support, 52 in critical condition.
Archaeologists have found 23 ancient shipwrecks in the Aegean sea
Russian military shells Crimean coast in massive exercise
Russia's Lavrov and US's Kerry jointly visited the French Embassy HQ in Moscow to extend condolences
Witnesses of the attack in Nice talking about how it happened
The Kyiv cityzen honored memory of victims of the terrorist attack in France
State Dept: Authorities believe likelihood of terror attacks in Europe will continue. Remain vigilant and exercise caution.
The procession of Moscow Patriarchate is already in Zhytomyr region
About 50 people are in critical condition after the attack in Nice - Hollande
[email protected]: Many French citizens among the casualties, but many foreigners as well Nice
French President @fhollande says about 50 people are still fighting for their lives after yesterday's attack in Nice
The victims of the attack in Nice become citizens of eight countries: USA, Russia, Armenia, Ukraine, Morocco, Germany, Algeria and Switzerland.
Shevchenko was elected as head coach of Ukrainian football team
Photo reportedly showing NiceFrance terrorist Mohamed Lahouaiej Bouhlel resident permit with photo of him
Officials dismissed from posts in Crimea
Traffic jam on Zabolotnogo street in Kyiv
The Ministry of foreign Affairs will present a collection of poems by Shevchenko in Arabic
Alert at Nice airport lifted, passengers allowed back into the terminal to pick up their bags.
Poland's interior minister blames the attack in Nice on multiculturalism and political correctness.
Poland's interior minister blames the attack in Nice on multiculturalism and political correctness.
Theresa May will discuss with Minister of Scotland about Brexit
British Prime Minister convene a meeting of the Committee for Emergency Situations of the terrorist attack in Nice
The Verkhovna Rada has gone on vacation until September 6
Unknown location 28 students from Berlin, who did not get in touch after the terrorist attack in Nice
Passengers ordered out of Nice Airport, military seen inside closed terminal building
Evacuation at Nice Airport
US to deploy tanks and troops in the North of Germany
On 15 July head of Russian Orthofox Church in Kyiv Onufriy took part in "Sinod" meeting in Moscow
Nice airport being evacuated
VIDEO: Police shoot at truck during fatal Nice terror attack
Eco-friendly and practical. The Interior Ministry showed new police crossover
Young man fighting for life after being stabbed in the neck in late night attack
Moment police in Nice fired into cab of truck that had just mowed down dozens of people
OSCE SMM: Orchestrated farce: Marshalled, encouraged and filmed by “DPR” members, people prevented monitors working in Horlivka
OSCE’s Hug: Sides in e Ukraine claim they are adhering to Minsk commitments, incl. withdrawal of all heavy weapons. This is simply not true
Bomb squad searching a truck to the north of Nice, local buildings evacuated
Police: Promenade Anglais and beaches area LENVAL - ALBERT 1er, closed due to investigation
Pro-Islamic State Social Media Accounts Posters Celebrating NiceAttack,Threatens Attack On Germany
Russia deploying S-400 to Feodosia, Crimea next month. Increasing A2/AD capabilities over Black Sea
Russia: Operational trials of BMD-4 AFVs in course of military production acceptance
Russia: Operational trials of BMD-4 AFVs in course of military production acceptance
Two Americans killed in Nice attack: US official
Col. Andriy Lysenko: In Mykolaiv region, Navy cadets underwent military exercises
Col. Lysenko: In Bakhmut district, Donetsk region, UA police found a cache with explosives
ATO spox: Yesterday, Donetsk police confiscated 6 hand grenades and 130 ammo from citizens in the Donetsk region
Col. Andriy Lysenko: Yesterday, 1 Ukrainian serviceman was killed in action; 4 other soldiers were wounded in action
The identity of 31-year-old truck driver: Mohamed Lahouaiej Bouhlel. A French Tunisian descent who lives in Nice
ATO spox: Intelligence: Ukrainian troops detected 3 flights of militant drones in Mariupol sector
ATO spox: Berezove-Hranitne front: militants used grenade launchers, machine guns, armored vehicles
At least 50 children hospitalized after France truck attack: hospital
The trail of terror in Nice, block by block
Sergei Shoigu held Single acceptance day in National Defence Center
NICE: the French Council of muslims condemning the "attack of extreme gravity" and called on muslims to pray for the victims
Helicopters during "Summer Storm-2016" in Konotop
The truck driver involved in #NiceAttack is named Mohamed Lahouaiej Bouhlel, acc. to Nice Matin
Very bad conditions at Serbian/Hungarian border. Volounteers try to calm conditions
NiceAttack: 1 British citizen is among the dead, @BBC reports
London mayor says 'reviewing our own safety' after Nice attack
Operational Environment in E. Ukraine as of July 15, 2016, 00:00
Police special forces at Nice driver house.
Nice wakes up in shock, disbelief
France PM Manuel Valls announces three days of mourning after #NiceAttack
French PM Valls: We are faced with a war we have to be united, 17-18 JULY will be 2 days of national mourning, reserve gendarmerie called up
French PM @manuelvalls: France should learn to live with terrorism
[email protected]: We are facing a war that terrorism has started against us
France PM Valls: We're working to return to bodies of victims to their families
Russian South Military district held SAM Buk-M2 /Patsyr-S1 drill
Alchevsk tap water
Attack in Nice: 1 citizen of Ukraine killed, 1 wounded
FRANCE: 54 children have been brought to the Lenval Hospital after the Nice attack
Lavrov and Frank-Walter Steinmeier discussed Minsk Package of Measures implementation 14/07
Lavrov and @JohnKerry paid tribute to the victims of the terror act in Nice before the talks started
How events unfolded during the BastilleDay terror attack in Nice last night
Son of Chernovetsky was arrested without the right to bail
Attack in Nice: The truck was rented a few days ago
Verkhovna Rada: 1 minute of silence before session to honor Nice attack victims
Moscow today been slapped with "Orange Danger" threat level due to heat of up to 35 degrees
Russian MFA spox Zakharova: let's focus on threat like Nice, not imaginary "hybrid threats"
Chllr Merkel: "Together with many others we stand side by side with France in the fight against terrorism.“ #Nice
Over ten children were killed in the attack in Nice
A state of emergency in France was extended for 3 months
64 ceasefire violations yesterday at Donbas
Brent crude on Friday fell to accounting period by $47.09 per barrel
World leaders and intellectuals respond to Nice attack
Death toll in Nice attack rises to 84, while 18 are in critical condition — French interior ministry
French president: response to attack is to step up fight against those wanting to do harm
Attack In Nice: 84 Dead
French minister says 80 dead, 18 critical after Nice attack
Nice hospitals launch appeal for blood donations in wake of truck attack that killed at least 80 people
Eyewitness videos capture moment of truck attack in Nice
World reacts to French attack horror Nice, France
Fighter jets are on high alert in Western Russia for flight exercises Su27 MiG31BM
Three Australians have been injured as a result of trying to escape the Nice attack
Stoltenberg: I am appalled and saddened by the cowardly terrorist attack in Nice. NATO stands in strong solidarity with the people of France.
President #Hollande Presser| 'France is afflicted but I assure you, she will always be stronger than the fanatics that struck her today ...'
[email protected]: "We will strengthen our actions in Iraq and Syria"
President Hollande says will extend state of emergency by at least 3 months
President Hollande: "We have seen extreme violence and it's obvious we must do everything to fight this terrorism"
Marie L. Yovanovitch confirmed by Senate as US ambassador to Ukraine replacing @GeoffPyatt at crucial juncture in country's history
US Senate just confirmed @GeoffPyatt as ambassador to Greece; ending historic role in Ukraine during revolution, war and initial rebuilding
Nice: @fhollande will speak live from the Elysée palace soon
Death toll in the truck attack in Nice has risen to 77, French official says
Local Nice newspaper says attacker was a local resident of Tunisian origin, 31-year old
Boris Johnson: Shocked and saddened by the appalling events in Nice, and the terrible loss of life.
Truck in Nice attack loaded with 'heavy weapons': official
French defense and security council to meet on Nice truck attack at 9 a.m. (3 a.m. ET) - Elysee
President Obama releases a statement condemning 'what appears to be a horrific terrorist attack.'
Nice attack: Death toll rises to at least 74 with more than 40 others in critical condition
Celebration of 14 July in Cannes halted "for respect for the victims in Nice, and as a precautionary measure"
SUSPENDED Acct which was among first in IS social media networks to begin posting photos and vids re Nice event
BFMTV: truck run over people for 2km #Nice
Video of the truck running people down in Nice
Death Toll In Nice Rises To 73 - Le Figaro Quotes Police Source
Police have reportedly found weapons and bombs inside the truck that a terrorist rammed into the crowds in Nice France
White House: Pres. Obama has been briefed on Nice mass casualty incident; will receive updates from his national security team.
French Interior Ministry triggers "ORSEC plan" to tackle major emergency situation #Nice
Trump: Another horrific attack, this time in Nice, France. Many dead and injured. When will we learn? It is only getting worse.
No hostage situation at the moment in Nice attack - French interior ministry spokesman
According to @itele another individual neutralized by the police in the restaurant Buffalo Grill, place Massena. Nice
Facebook has activated its safety check-in for Nice, France.
It's rumor, not confirmed information, possible fake or hoax
In social media German IS fighters talking about Nice as "Operation"
Another picture of the truck that run over dozens of people in Nice. Windshield riddled with bullets
Black smoke near Eiffel Tower – reports
Death toll of Nice attack could hit over 60
Police: operation is ongoing. Stay indoors
AFP: French President Hollande returns to Paris to convene a crisis meeting
#Nice "Truck was had zigzag pattern with an intent to kill" says a witness
Nice Mayor's office - everyone stay calm and stay at home
Fire at the Eiffel tower
Deputy Perfect of Nice: some 30 killed, about 100 wounded in ramming terror attack
Nice prefect: Several dozen dead and a hundred injured
NICE: The Interior ministry calls to follow the instructions of the police
Police: fire near Eiffel Tower is due to technical accident with fireworks truck. Not terror related
Nice - BFMTV reporter speaks of hostage situation at Meridien Hotel
Officials asking everyone in area of Nice, France, to stay inside as likely terror attack underway
Officials asking everyone in area of Nice, France, to stay inside as likely terror attack underway
There was reportedly more than 1 terrorist in the truck, police exchanged gunfire with the fighters in the truck during the attack
Possible hostage situation at one of the hotels at Nice promenade
Police of Paris, informs the public about the cancellation of the #14juillet fireworks
The number of killed in the terrorist ramming attack in Nice France is much higher than 11, pic of the truck
From 30 to 50 dead in attack in Nice, according to BFMTV
Mayor of Nice says "appears dozens may have been killed" after vehicle drove into #BastilleDay fireworks crowd
Nice- Gunfire heard in Quartier de la Madeleine
Many dead in attack in Nice, France
Photo of the truck that rammed into the crowd in Nice, France
Nice: gunfire exchange reported
Truck Drives Into Crowd During Bastille Day In Nice, France; Casualties Reported -
French Police Confirms Terror Attack In France's Nice, Itele Says
Vehicle Crashes Into Crowd At Beach Front In Nice, France. Several Injured
NICE: the prefecture of The Alpes-Maritimes evokes an attack, urges residents to shelter in place
#Nice: A vehicle drove into the crowd on the Promenade des Anglais, there are victims
Dozens Injured after truck Drives into Crowd During Bastille Day In Nice, France in what is believed to be a terror attack. Reports of 12 dead
Artillery duel near Yasynuvata - Avdiivka now.
‘I’m ready to work, I know you are – let’s go’ – Kerry during meeting with Putin in Moscow
New British FM Boris Johnson booed at French embassy in London at his first public event
Kerry-Putin meeting in Moscow
Kerry: we have a lot of Syria and a lot of work today
The meeting of the U.S.-Russia will discuss about Donbass and Syria
Victoria Nuland in the Kremlin
The meeting of Putin and Kerry has began
John Kerry in the Kremlin
Prime Minister Trudeau congratulates Lieutenant-General Paul Wynnyk who today assumed command of the @CanadianArmy.
Leaving EU 'does not mean leaving Europe': UK's Boris Johnson
Prokopchuk at OSCE PC: Human rights situation in occupued Crimea remains extremely worrisome
Ukraine AF Su-25 caught on fire at Starokonstyantyniv, pilot safely ejected
Small clashes in central Kyiv near Trade unions house
Avdiivka: early launch of heavy hostilities today
Zakharova: The current Montenegro authorities will bear full responsibility for the consequences of their anti-Russian stance
Teacher who taped mouths of first-graders fined in Perm.
In other pertinent news: Drone disrupts Ukraine's parliament session
Zakharova: At NRC meeting, we defined NATO’s efforts to strengthen Kyiv’s military and NATO military exercises in Ukraine as destructive
The armed forces of Ukraine conducted exercises "Summer storm - 2016"
Donetsk Petrovka, Jul13-14 night shelling aftermath
New Navalny investigation show how Russian Vice-PM Shuvalov use private jet for his dogs travels
Russian Tu-22M3 long-range bombers again attack ISIL targets in Syria - Defense Ministry
LNR-leak: Russian troops could move outside scope of @OSCE, because OSCE used fixed schedules for drone patrolling
Navalny and FBK team show that Russian vice-PM Shuvalov use private jets for his dogs
Yasinuvata: smoke over Vasilyivka
French Foreign Minister says his country wants credible partner and that Boris Johnson 'lied' and has 'his back against the wall'
President of Ukraine Poroshenko backs return of Nagorny Karabakh under Azerbaijan control
DNR group reporting on 450 attacks on their positions yesterday
#14juillet France marks Bastille Day
Ilham Aliyev condemned the seizure of the Crimea
No rate cute, no QE, says Bank of England as official data on economic activity "not yet available"
Ukrainian army "Summer storming" Dnipro river
Bank of England is expected to cut interest rates by 0.25% at midday GMT
EU to expand its anti-trust probe of Google to include the company's advertising business.
Shopping centre roof collapsed in Kemerovo.
In eastern Ukraine, @UNHumanRights says, "impunity for killings remains rampant, encouraging their perpetuation."
Police found weapons and "Ceaser portrait" during searches at house of Kharkiv corrupt official
The police found the gun that shot protesters from Majdan
In Minsk, the subgroup on safety considering the agreement on the separation of the sides
Digital Future invests in US-Ukrainian startups Attendify and Rallyware
Vandals cut down 6-foot cross in Tatarstan
ATO spox: SBU detained arms dealer in Zhytomyr region who tried to sell a pistol delivered from the ATO area
ATO spox: Ukrainian police detained one militant and one militant agitator
ATO spox: One more militant decided to cooperate with Ukrainian law enforcers under SBU rehabilitation program
Putin spox Peskov: "I don't know if there any Pokemons in Kremlin, not allowed to catch there anyway"
ATO spox: Intel: Russia moved 2 tanks, 2 IFVs, 5 fuel tanks to Ilovaisk. Additional 7 fuel tanks, 3 train carriages w/ ammo to Khartsyzsk
ATO: Yesterday 1 Ukrainian serviceman KIA, 6 WIA
ATO spox: Militant causlties: 6 KIA, 9 WIA
ATO spox: Militants launched mortar shelling of Krasnohorivka school yesterday
ATO spokesperson: Yesterday, because of militants` shelling, a local was killed in Avdiyivka and a resident of Maryinka was wounded
ATO spox: UA mil intel reports, 2 tanks, 2 BMPs, 2 MLRS Hrad units 5 fuel tankers arrived to Ilovaysk
Peskov: New start in contacts with London gives hope for improvement in relations.
The Ukrainian military has recorded several flights of enemy drones. One of them flew from Taganrog, Russia – Speaker of the AP
ATO spox: Mariupol sector: Militants fired from 152 mm howitzers, mortars along Krasnohorivka-Maryinka front and by Shyrokyne
ATO spox: Intelligence: Militants moved 3 Msta-B 152 mm artillery pieces and 3 Grads to Makiivka
ATO spox: Hostile snipers twice violated ceasefire near Pivdenne village
ATO spox: Donetsk sector: Militant opened fire by Avdiivka, Opytne-Pisky. Used mortars along the whole front
ATO spox: Two major hot spots in Luhansk region: Stanytsia Luhanska and Novotoshkivske. Overall, 5 ceasefire violations; 1 featured mortars
Presidents Poroshenko and Aliyev agreed to combine the resource potential of Azerbaijan and transit of Ukraine in the energy sector
EU's Schulz says new UK cabinet risks 'dangerously vicious cycle' for Europe
Russia postpones launch of teleportation. No money
Michael Gove has been sacked from Government and will not to be appointed to Theresa May's cabinet
Azov activists in Kyiv came at Communist party meeting
ICYMI: NATO SG @jensstoltenberg's press conference following yesterday's NATO-Russia Council meeting
Ukrainian military aviation on drill all over Ukraine
Summer storm drill continues
Summer storm drill continues
US cable on new UK Foreign Minister @BorisJohnson
Ukraine's parliament renames Kirovohrad into Kropyvnytsky
Moscow thunderstorm injures 9, tears down over 1,000 trees
Perm': Russian army officers awarded Donbas militants
#14juillet2016 parade in Paris
Burnt grain near Maryinka
From Ireland to South Africa, BlackLivesMatter movement goes global after recent shootings
Weapons of Heavenly hundred massacre
L'viv region: Explosive device destroyed car, killed 3
Russia hopes Boris Johnson will have fewer 'anti-Russian complexes' 'compared to his predecessor' as Foreign Sec.
Road accident in Kyiv
Developer of FIFA2018 Zenit Arena suspended construction works due to insufficient funding
Five people were injured in the collapse of a building in Kemerovo
ASEM11 business summit: EU-Asia: A message of partnership
Georgia is Europe.Georgians are European.Europe is our past and will be our [email protected] at @ConferencBatumi
Hackers attacked Russian Mindef, got some financial documents
Poroshenko mey President of Azerbaijan Aliev
After night shelling in Krasnohorivka, now silence
72 ceasefire violations on 13 July in Donbas
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