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18 สิงหาคม 2018

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Biden to Groisman: You have made already much, but you need even more to do
Belgium reporter and a hooligan on live television this evening
Tear gas at Opera Lille #EURO2016
Tear gas fired, huge numbers running. Lille
French police now chasing English fans. Teargas is being fired #euro2016 #Lille
French police have charged at England fans in Lille following a tense stand-off #EURO2016
Chaotic scenes as police charge and banger goes off Lille
Police charging at England fans, flares and bangers being lit. Lille
Late goals from Griezmann and Payet book France's place in last 16 of Euro2016 #FRA #ALB
Tense Situation at Lille #EURO2016
While @USSHARRYSTRUMAN is in 6thFleet, they continue to project power ashore against terrorists and violent extremists
#EURO2016 Griezmann and Payet save FRA with 2 late goals in the dying minutes against ALB France 2 - Albania 0
Lille Police preparing to take stronger measures?
Egyptian government says it has found EgyptAir 804 wreckage
Plain clothed units arrive with CS gas. England and Wales fans retreat. Slow motion cat and mouse in centre of Lille
Romania vs Switzerland at Euro 2016 1-1
Cafe owners have locked up their chairs in Lille
US and Polish troops work together to evacuate 50 simulated injured soldiers on Exercise
Lille as tensions emerged after Rus SVK game #Euro2016
Small section of ENG fans move to taunt police and RUS supporters. Then turn back, urged to retreat by some in group
British police spotter teams on scene as some trouble breaks out in Lille city centre EURO2016
Police fire tear gas to clear area.
England fans and Russian fans chasing one another. Police on the move.
Vicious fighting has broken out between RUS and SVK fans in Lille.
Lille: RUS fans milling around main sq now, ENG WAL fans moved into different square. Police penning them in. Starting to get tense.
The Swiss fans are in great voice as they march to the Parc des Princes
Emergency Turkish Airlines #TK17 Boeing 777 landed in Copenhagen, Denmark
Russian fans light flares at game with Slovakia
SUI VS ROU at the Parc Des Princes
Ukrainian officer cadets break down language barriers during #OpUNIFIER training
[email protected]_SMM observed high level of violence in Donetsk region with nearly 400 explosions during daytime of 14 June
@UEFA spokesman tells that flare in Russian end does not count as "crowd disturbance." Russia presumably safe.
EURO2016 more and more people around the stade Velodrome before France - Albania
Russia lost 1-2 to Slovakia
Amaq released Larossi Abballa's message after stabbing a French cop and his wife to death
ROU and SUI  fans marching to Parc des princes,Paris
The England squad having a look at the Stade Bollaert-Delelis in Lens ahead of #ENGWAL
[email protected] infographic provides quick rundown on 30 Ukrainians still held in Russia
Russian scores and fan lights flare in stands. Smoke in section.
2-1 #RUS  VS #SVK    
Russian fans flare after goal 1-2
Arsenal of weapons was found in Sergiev Pasad
Rus MoD refutes statement by Jens Stoltenberg about alleged "breaching military transparency in Europe" by RF
Foreign special services step up online ops targeting Russia - top security official
IT worker at Panama Papers firm arrested in Geneva: report
Surkov will arrive in Minsk to discuss the settlement at the Donbass
The Kurdish national council in SY organized demonstration in Berlin in solidarity with the detainees in PYD jails
Moscow summons French envoy over Russian fans detention during #EURO2016
Romanian fans on their way to Parc des Princes
ALB snipers during Anakonda16 exercise in @Polska.
SVK scored second. Hamsik
#Anakonda16 @USArmy HIMARS in action
#EURO2016 - Slovakia's midfielder Vladimir Weiss celebrates a goal during match Russia vs Slovakia
Russian media:In Lille police detained citizen of Ukraine with baseball bats. Car with Rus plates, lives in Russia for a long time
Russia 0-2 Slovakia (Hamšík 45) #EURO2016 #RUSSVK
Slovakia are up 2-0 thanks to an absolute stunner by Hamsik. #EURO2016 RUS SVK
Croatian mechanized comp.„GROMOVI“ successfully tested their weapon systems prior to the final serial of #Anakonda16
1-0 #SVK #RUS
Stade Pierre-Mauroy, Lille: Weiss scores against Russia. Russia 0-1 Slovakia
A U.S. B-52 Bombers conducted live fire exercise and struck targets in Gotland, Sweden
Russian «Yaroslav Mudry» guard ship replenished storages in Malta
Gen.Rayan F. Gonsalves,@USArmy @4thInfDiv commander, with CRO Armed Forces personnel during Anakonda16 exercise.
The 2nd Battalion @MercianRegiment engage in close quarter battle training with @NATO allies in Poland
IslamicState Claims Resp. for Murder of Police Officer, Wife in Magnanville near Paris
Croatia deputy PM and HDZ leader Tomislav Karamarko set to resign after commission finds he has conflict of interest
CAF and Polish soldiers fast-rope from a Polish helicopter onto a building for ex ANAKONDA16 on OpREASSURANCE
Re: Ukraine, @NATO has stood up trust funds to help the Ukrainian armed forces.
Syrian MFA: SAA facing SOF of France and Germany
NATO Mindef: "There is no ceasefire" in eastern Ukraine says Ukraine's Defence Minister.
In city of Dnipro SBU seized large arsenal of weapons: over 100 firearms, 2 RPO-A Schmel
In city of Dnipro SBU seized large arsenal of weapons: over 100 firearms, 2 RPO-A Schmel
A typical day at #Anakonda16 in Wędrzyn, Poland
Russia is preparing offensive on Ukraine - Turchynov
Senior Belgian CT official tells CNN that after further investigation intel about ISIS cell on way to Belgium/France proved groundless.
Major shelling in a residential area on the edge of Donetsk. OSCE inspects the damage
Patriot in downtown Torun #Anakonda16
DefMin @ Macierewicz_A with US Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter in Brussels NATO @DeptofDefense
French official says police have been alerted that small extremist groups could be en route to France, Belgium to stage attacks.
Exercise #BALTOPS16 Polisharmy troops receiving instructions prior an Amphibious landing operation
Lit-Pol-Ukr brigade @MNBHQ moved on to the next step of the training scenario Anakonda16
A vehicle of infantry BWP-1 of the Polish Army in the exercise Anakonda16, in Nowa Deba, Poland
Sweden: Exercise Baltops 2016; The US, UK, Italy, Sweden and France are involved.
NATO steps up support for Ukraine with Comprehensive Package of Assistance #DefMin
French president threatens ban on demos after Paris violence: spokesman
Kremlin says wants to restore good relations with Turkey but Ankara must first take certain steps
Lavrov accused France of violating the rights of Russian fans
Moscow calls detention of Russian fans in France 'unacceptable'
Brussels policemen advised to carry their weapons at home
Security sources say a IS cell left Syria 10 days ago, their target is France and Belgium, planning attacks
2 UA servicemen KIA and 7 WIA in the warzone in southeast Ukraine over the last 24h - official
ATO spox: Intel on militant casualties June 10-13: 11 KIA, 21 WIA. Lost 3 tanks, 2 self-prop howi, 3 artillery, 5 mortars, 2 APC by Maryinka
ATO spox: Tankmen of UA Airborne Forces practice tanks operating skills in the firing range in Zhytomyr region
ATOspox: Intelligence report of militant casualties on June 10-13: 21 KIA, 15 WIA.Lost 2 tanks, 2 self-prop howitzer, 5 trucks near Avdiivka
ATO spox: Three militants WIA yesterday. Intelligence uncovered their names: Igor Dudarev, Igor Malytsky, Nikolai Stepanov
Two Ukrainian servicemen KIA near Pavlopil. 7 servicemen WIA in the areas of Pavlopil, Maryinka, Zaitseve
ATO spox: Militants fired from tanks twice near Krasnohorivka.
ATO spox: 13-yrs-old girl was injured as a result of militant shelling of Chermalyk
ATO spox: Mariupol sec: Skirmishes near Pavlopil. Militants used artillery, mortars, grenade launchers. Other hot spots: Maryinka, Taramchuk
3Para @TheParachuteReg @BritishArmy combat jump at 600ft with @82ndABNDiv @USArmyEurope #swiftresponse
"Putin" at #BattleOfTheThames
SecDef reinforces the importance of continued progress in Ukraine’s comprehensive defense reforms. U.S. stands with Ukraine.
NATO ministers boost assistance to Ukraine; SecDef Carter meets w/Defense Minister Poltorak
Saudia SV21 to New York is declaring an emergency over North Ireland
Azerbaijani defense minister meets Russian counterpart
Farage flotilla forced to pass under Tower Bridge with IN banners draped over it.
Contact sub-groups meeting in Minsk
NATO demands Russia withdraw forces, equipment from Ukraine: alliance chief
Break-in by two who attacked security guards at gov's seat Rosenbad. Aftonbladet indicating they might be protesters
Minsk Agreements remain the path to sustainable solution in Ukraine. Urgent they be implemented by all parties - NATO SG @jensstoltenberg
NATO will not recognize illegal annexation of Crimea and will continue to call on Russia to stop destabilizing Ukraine - @jensstoltenberg
Another brawl in Verkhovna Rada
Russia’s decision to accept Ukrainian journalists motivated by considerations of humanism
Artillery fire in training #Anakonda16
Russian activist @leonidvolkov was detained by police for demo near Russian Senate
Polish airborne troops at Ramstein AB for Swift Response drill
2nd day of NATO DefMin started for @Macierewicz_A with a meeting with his Ukrainian counterpart General Poltorak
Consequences of attack on Krasnohorivka
58 ceasefire violations yesterday at Donbas
UK: Should the United Kingdom remain or leave the the EU? BMG poll: Remain - 48% (-1), leave - 52% (+1)
Groysman is visiting USA
Another fighting in Lille last night between #Eng and #Rus fans
#BA802 has had a rapid decent and is returning to the UK at 9,000ft
[email protected]: “A spokesman for the Kremlin is denying that the Russian gov’t was involved with the DNC hack.”
Felt earthquake M3.3 strikes 2 km SW of Katowice (Poland)
Sharapova appeals against two-year doping ban
Elysée: Hollande/Obama call followed “homophobic killings” in Orlando and murder of police officers in Maganville
More than 26 people were injured during #LoiTravail labor reform protests in France
More than 26 people were injured during LoiTravail labor reform protests in France
Reports: Russian forces deployed 30 tanks on Avdiivka front, preparing to storm the city
Cars on fire in Paris amid #LoiTravail riots
Two cars burned to the ground by anti-capitalist in Paris
Riots in Paris: several cars on fire at Rue Saint-Maur
Explosion in Kyiv - someone thrown explosives into the house
Explosion in Kyiv: no wounded, house is evacuated
Lyon fanzone right now
Burnt vehicle after riots at Place de la République
Russian forces convoy in Luhansk
Russian forces convoy in Luhansk
English fans and Russian flag
Iceland Getinmysson scores first goal at Euro 1-1 at #PORISL
The PASSEX w/ #USSPorter helped improve maritime capabilities Between US and Romania in BlackSea
Anti-riot police converge on PlaceDeLaRepublique as plume of black smoke rises from burning vehicle after demo.
A car on fire at Republic square in Paris today
Nani goal at #POR vs #ISL #PORISL
Maryinka: Hearyng heavy (battle) at Krasnohorivka
Stade Geoffroy Guichard: Nani scores 1-0 Portugal vs Island
2 Ukrainian soldiers killed, 1 injured in fighting at Pavlopil'
Italy has deployed SAMP/T surface-to-air missile (SAM) unit in Turkey for NATO mission
Civilians in Chermalyk came under Russian forces shelling, - National Police
Funeral of killed Right sector fighters in Kyiv
Russia fan spitting out his gumshield as he's arrested by French police in Lille
Austria 0-2 Hungary (Stieber 87)
Horlika, Shiroka Balka: Explosions, Fighting, Smoke
Dragovic is sent off off for Aut after getting his second yellow. 0-1 in Austria - Hungary at Stade Matmut Atlantique,
Lille: Photos from the scene.
Video of a paratrooper using reserve parachute to save his life during Anakonda16 airdrop
2 Russian fans have now been arrested in the city
England and Wales fans facing off against Russian hooligans in Lille
“We agreed that at NATOsummit we will recognize cyberspace as operational domain, just like air, sea and land” –SG @jensstoltenberg
Russian fans and England and Wales fans kicking it off in Lille.
Two Russian fans arrested in Lille city centre. Reaction on SSNHQ
Tel'manove: war heard
At least 40 injured, 58 arrested in Paris anti-labor reform protests – police
Tanks at Anakonda16
Fighting increases after top Russian officials meet with the so-called DPR - Colonel Aleksandr
Football Stadium in St. Etienne France evacuated ahead of the Portugal-Iceland game due to fire alarm
Stadium in St. Etienne evacuated
Inside the #manif14juin protests in Paris: teargas, football and hatred of the LoiTravail.
Map of the location of the attempted murder of a high school girl in Rennes
Stade Matmut Atlantique in Bordeaux: Austria - Hungary. Alaba's made a positive start for AUT, hitting a post within a minute + testing Király from close range. #EURO2016
RU hackers so thoroughly compromised DNC’s sys they were also able to read all email and chat traffic, said DNC officials & security experts.
Gennadiy Afanasyev to foreign media: I'd been tortured, hurt, seen many ppl go through similar agony. I ask you not to abandon sanctions
Afanasiev and Soloshenko in Kyiv
Russian govt hackers penetrated DNC database and stole oppo research on Trump
Major fire breaking out in Liverpool near city centre
OSCE monitors recorded hits at Avdiivka coke-coal plant
#LoiTravail protester sprays RT cam with black ink
Armenian Parliament Avoids Vote On Air-Defense Deal With Russia
#Anakonda16 Join Firing Exercise
Defence Attachés from 30 different nations inc. Japan, Slovakia and Belarus gather for #Anakonda16 tactical display
Glyschynska and Didenko, which were exchanged for Afansiev and Soloshenko, already in Moscow
Officials say 43 Russian football supporters are in custody in France following violence at #Euro2016
Edinburgh airport being evacuated
43 Russian football supporters in custody in France: officials
#manif14juin - Ruptly's producers attacked by police following heavy clashes in Paris
Avdiivka: incoming hits
Putin has signed decrees about pardon Afanasyev and Soloshenko
Exercises for ships with chemists on #Anakonda16
Belgium - Transgender Stabbed In Etterbeek By "Members Of IS"
Head of Russian fans tweets that 1 English fan dead- everyone of delegation is detained on this case
All Russian fans will be delivered to Marseille by police trucks
ECB would announce commitment to maintain market liquidity if Britain votes to leave EU - sources
Prosecutor: LarossiAballa suspected of trying to send fighters to Syria. Calls were tapped, tracked with GPS but not enough to arrest him.
Prosecutor: Aballa convicted of terror charges in Sep 2013 but freed because of time served. New investigation into him began in Feb 2016.
Paris prosecutor: During attack, Larossi Aballa posted 13 minute Facebook live video. Police found list of targets including public figures
Paris prosecutor says killer of 2 police officers claimed allegiance to ISIS and was responding to call to "kill unbelievers in their homes"
In Volyn region SBU seized AN-2 used for smuggling
The Russian government plane flew from Gostomel to Russia
Soloshenko and Afanasyev in Ukraine after Rus-Ukraine swap
Afanasiev and Soloshenko in the Ukrainian plane with Tsegolgo and Irina Gerashchenko
Reservists will be called up during Russian readiness and mobilization exercise
Afanasiev and Soloshenko already fly to Ukraine from Moscow – Poroshenko
Five cases of Zika virus confirmed in Russia
GoPro footage of Russia|n hooligans in Marseille
GoPro footage of Russia|n hooligans in Marseille
Russia's military snapcheck to affect all military districts — defense ministry
Explosion at the power plant near Kyiv in Ukrainka
Russian forces in Donbas reporting on 488 cases of shelling of DNR org. positions over 24 hours
Two Russian fan-girls freed as RF consul arrived
[email protected] SecDef and @fikriisik had a good discussion on ISIL, terrorism, Afghanistan and more.
Sports min: Russia wont appeal against the UEFA fine/suspended disqualification.
International football tournament in Węgorzewo. US Army birthday at #Anakonda16
Russian plane has landed at an airport of Gostomel for exchange
Message published by Larossi Aballa, the Magnanville attacker on his facebook
Russia have been handed a suspended disqualification from EURO2016 and €150,000 fine by Uefa
Paris attacker, Larossi Abballas, issued its crime scene live via Facebook. Photo before entered the house of victims
Prosecutor of Paris, François Molins will hold a press conference at 14.15
Russian special plane already in Ukraine
Ukrainian troops at #Anakonda16
Ukrainian troops at Anakonda16
HUN in Bordeaux
SBU detained militant of "DNR", who was recruiting mercenaries for terrorists
ATO spox: Lithuanian-Polish-Ukrainian brigade demonstrated combat skills at Anaconda2016
Kremlin spokesman has called on Russian sporting officials and groups to use all of their influence to ensure Russia fans behave at #Euro2016
Kremlin urges Russian fans at Euro 2016 not to react to 'provocations'
Kremlin urges Russian fans at Euro 2016 not to react to 'provocations'
NATO DEFMIN @jensstoltenberg "We are going to increase our presence even more in the BlackSea region."
ATO spox: Ukraine’s military engineers deactivated 800 OED laid by militants in the ATO area over the last week
No KIA, 6 WIA among UA servicemen in the southeast Ukraine over the last 24h - officials
ATO spox:Border Guard found artillery projectile, 3 grenades c/p Zolote, Luhansk region. More ammo by Kostiantynivka
ATO spox: Ukraine’s law-enfocement, border guards detained 4 militants. One more voluntarily surrendered to the police
ATO spox: Militants moved Grad multiple missile launchers from Makiivka to Yasynuvata
ATO spox: Militant casualties: 4 KIA, 3 WIA. They were part of reconnaissance groups active in Avdiivka area and Mariupol sector
ATO spox: Six Ukrainian servicemen were wounded in action, no casualties
ATO spox: Militants used howitzers on the South of Donetsk sec by Kamyanka, mortars by Krasnohotivka. Overall: 134 mines, 26 artillery ammo
ATO spox: Donetsk sector: Hot spots in Avdiivka area and outskirts of Horlivka. Militants used mortars and 152 mm artillery
ATO spox: Russia-backed militants violated ceasefire three times in Luhansk sector near Bohuslavske village and Novotroyitske
#Ankonda16 is in full swing demonstrating the readiness and interoperability of the team #SkySoldiers
Killer of French policeman and his partner broadcast attack live on Facebook, source says
4 soldiers of 46 brigade wounded in Maryinka yesterday
French officials say attacker who carried out killing of policeman and his wife in Magnanville shot a video of incident
French PM @manuelvalls says some football fans "will be deported because some people cannot stay on national territory"
Turkish PM says will never change anti-terrorism laws even if it causes visa-free travel deal for Turks to collapse
EU envoy to Turkey resigns after row with Turkish government: official
29 Russians fans will be deported anyway
Hacked intranet of Russian 1st channel show new info on Russian Buk that shot down MH17
Ukrainian plane flight to the Vkukovo for the exchange Soloshenko and Afanasyev
Russia orders snap military drills.
French police put on the equipment, take the tasers to assault the Russian fans
Putin ordered un-planned revision check of Military forces
French minister warns of continued threat after 2 police die
Funnel Cloud forming over Allen Hill Co. Kildare 13.6.16
French President holds emergency meeting after twin murder of claimed by ISIS at Magnanville
ISIS attacker from near Paris: "The EURO2016 will be a graveyard."
Few kms high fire in Donetsk tonight
Sources say suspect who killed a policeman and his wife in Magnanville in northern France had been sentenced for links to jihadis
Russia saying terrorist attacks in Kazakhstan directed from Syria
Police ordered Russian fans to get out of bus. They refused. SOF preparing to enforce it
Killing of policeman and companion near Paris was "terrorist attack" - French govt
The fire in Donetsk this night
French special forces have blocked the Russian fans to check them
French police blocked Russian fans near Lille
The court arrested Kurchenko co-worker, the pledge - 200 million UAH
40 ceasefire violations at Donbas yesterday
In a video posted on facebook, Larossi Abballa says he "answered al-Adnani [ISIS's spokesperson]'s call" France
The attacker, Larossi Abballa, was sentenced to three years in prison in 2013 for being linked to a jihadist network France
ISIS Claimed responsibility for the attack in France
Dock workers at landmark port of Le Havre, France, join protests against labor laws
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