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19 กรกฎาคม 2018

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RuAF crews arrive at Baltimor, Voronezh from Syria
Police cordon still in place, helicopter overhead, but police gradually leaving Forest central square
Minister of National Defense of Canada Harjit Sajjan in Ukraine
Fighting in the area of Zaitseve, many civil houses hit, fires
Ukrainian military also reportedly seized former base of militants in Dokuchaevsk
Searches now being executed on the Chausee de Neerstalle in Foret, near Place Saint-Denis Brussels
Dead suspect in Brussels raid had Kalashnikov rifle: prosecutor
Incoming shelling in Industrial area of Avdiivka
Belgian PM Charles Michel says hunt for Brussels terror suspects continues
Avdiivka is noisy, BOOMs in the industrial area.
Poland to send infantry unit to Estonia this spring
3 Ukrainian hostages freed from militants captivity
"A moment to seize not waste. We have ability to finally take steps toward ending war and bloodshed" in Syria, Kerry says about Moscow trip.
the Counter Terror operation in Brussels is over
Donetsk: Battle near Yasynuvata, explosions, shooting.
Belgian police: 1 man found dead after police raid linked to Paris terror attacks; 4 police injured.
Brussels Police: One terror suspect killed during anti terror raid on an apartment; 1-2 others fled
Protest in Macedonia
Britain’s defence attaché in Moscow apprehended while “snooping at Russian airbase"
On patrol inside Brussels Midi
[email protected] meeting w/Ukraine's President: solidarity in fighting new threats in Europe is key
14 violations of ceasefire before 6 pm today
Airport Hanover closed: According to media reports about a bomb threat aboard a #turkishairlines
It is essential that Russia sanctions continue - @johnedherbst, SFRC
To give Ukraine night-vision goggles to see the enemy, but not able to stop him - @senatormenendez on US support
Biggest anti-Orbán turnout yet in teacher-led Hungary protest movement
[email protected]: Those in Europe who don't want sanctions will point to ugly headlines in Ukraine.
Saakashvili, allies consider starting party
[email protected]: Ukraine's failure to comply w/ Minsk may be used to justify dropping sanctions. - @IanBrzezinski: Should demand it fr Russia
Trump 'said that there isn’t enough evidence to prove Russia is to blame for the downing of MH17.'
2 gunmen on the run in Belgium are barricaded inside appartment in Forest. Reports of fire on site.
[email protected]: If Europe drops sanctions, it will mean acceptance of Russia's occupation of UA. SWIFT long overdue
Unconfirmed reports that Brussels suspects are holed up inside a building where a fire has erupted
Berlin: March from Brandenburg gate toward Russia-n embassy. in the 5th year of the Syria-n revolution
New rounds of gunfire heard in Brussels suburb
Asst Sec Nuland: No election modalities in Donbas and constitutional amendments before the Kremlin and its proxies meet Minsk obligations
We met @Poroshenko, he was all about addressing corruption, we said: 'it starts with you' - @SenatorShaheen, SFRC
Canada at NATO: Sharing expertise with Ukraine's military -- one component of Canada’s support to Ukraine. #UnitedforUkraine
Unknown in camouflage uniforms stormed the building of Financial department of Rada
The FSB requests to arrest employees of Ministry of Culture
The preparation of the "Savchenko list" in coordination with Kyiv, Brussels and Washington
French interior minister says French police are taking part in Brussels police raid
Lavrov on West reaction: the Decision to cease operations in Syria is not to please somebody
Militants reporting on 10+ lightly wounded today
Minsk II remains 'the best hopenfor peace' in Ukraine - Nuland, SFRC
EU Council meeting outcome: it reaffirmed EU's unity on existing policies towards Russia
RUAF Il-76 76740 Ryazan-Taganrog
Nuland: There are still “hundreds” of pieces of heavy Russian equipment in Ukraine
Minister of Defense of Canada in L'viv region
"As Russia turns its resource elsewhere, I fear that a bloody spring is coming again to Ukraine.” - @SenJohnMcCain
Shooting in Brussels after police raid linked to Paris attacks. Reported: 3 policemen injured and 2 men on the run
Shootout in Brussels: policemen injured during terror search related to Parisattacks. 2 men on the run
Nuland: We call on Russia to release Savchenko immediately, and return her to Ukraine and to her family before it’s too late.
Police confirm shots fired during house search in Brussels. Reports: Search linked to anti-terror operation. Suspects on the run
Western countries have “no insight at all into Russia’s strategy,” says the UK foreign minister.
Ilham Aliyev: "the stronger Turkey, the stronger Azerbaijan will be"
Ukrainian military reportedly capture some points in gray zone South to Dokuchaevsk
Bosphorus Bridge in Istanbul closed due to suspicious vehicle
Lifecell mobile network is down in Avdiivka
SBU: at least 1600 Russian military were killed at Donbass
Magnitsky Act is a pro-Russian honorable law but implementation has been timid says Kara-Murza
Hate-filled graffiti appearing in Bosnian cities an unsightly reflection of ethnic divides
VHF comms consistent with RUAF Su27 fighter active in Baltic Sea
DK grant contributed 2 development of new online asset decaleration to fight corruption in Ukraine presented today
Draft law in Rada to break diplomatic ties with Russia
Poltorak ruled out the connection between the escalation in the Donbas and the withdrawal of Russian troops from Syria
Dismantling of Lenin Monument in Zaporizhie ongoing
NATO: Russia still are unable to execute fully a single point of the Minsk agreements
2 Tu-95MSs performed combat tasks over Tajikistan today
vicki kirby, who was at centre of row over anti-semitism, suspended from labour party pending investigation, party says
Russian pilot on return from Syria: "We carry out any order from our commander-in-chief."
Lifenews: Video of arrest of British diplomat spies". "The spies were illegally making video and photos of Mozdok air base.
All-Russian interethnic youth Union pickets FBK of Navalny
Putin says that Russians approve of police repression if it serves the public
Russia troops back from Syria on cold, blustery day in Veronezh, 500km South of Moscow
In Dnipropetrovsk region SBU detained the organizer of the "Pro-Russian underground"
First Su-34 from Syria landed near Voronezh
Col. Motuzyanyk: Canadians completed training of 70 Ukrainian military engineers according to NATO standards
Col. Oleksandr Motuzyanyk: enemy tank was active near Bakhmut road in the Luhansk sector by firing over 20 shells at UA positions
ATO spokesperson: Yesterday, Ukrainian Armed Forces did not incur any casualties; 2 servicemen were wounded
ATO spox: Mariupol sector: militants shelled UA positions with mortars and a tank across the frontline from Krasnohorivka to Maryinka
Berlin police say danger over. Residents close to area in Charlottenburg where car exploded told it's safe to open windows again
Berlin police says bomb disposal unit now checking remains of exploded car. Driver dead. No one reported injured Germany
Berlin police say an explosive device went off inside or on the car as it drive towards the centre of town from Charlottenburg area Germany
Berlin car explosion in Charlottenberg. Police have closed off nearby roads and told residents to stay indoors
Putin says crime grew 9% last year, every second crime unresolved.
Driver Dies In Apparent Car Bomb In Berlin According To Police
Breivik gives Nazi salute on return to court
Homeward bound! B-52s return to US after particpating in several European military exercises
First Su-34 group arrived at Voronezh from Syria
Ukr parliament passed the last law from free visa package on electronic declarations inc. criminal responsibility.
Hundreds of refugees enter FYROM
Berlin police say apparent explosion inside car and driver killed. Picture of scene
The terrorists despite the agreement opened fire in the direction of the Donetsk filter station
Unknown location
Russian tanks in barn at Donbass instead bulls
Report: new group of Russia instructors arrived in Donetsk. Lots of security, no disguise whatsoever.
British ambassador @JudithGoughFCO opens a LGBTI conference in Kyiv
RUAF Tu-154 85563 from Rostov is heading towards Moscow.
RUAF An-124 82014 Chkalovsky-Sescha
8090 khz activity on Russian strategic bomber voice net
More than 40,000 migrants are stranded in Greece. Smugglers are now offering new routes.
Vice-Chairman of the OSCE SMM Alexander Hug in the Bundestag: 90% of the territories, to which we do not have access, under the control of the separatists
42 attacks of Russian militants yesteday, used tanks near Novotroitske
Twelve people died in a fire in a residential house in Bashkiria
US intell confirms Umar the Chechen, ISIS emir of War, died of wounds after US airstrike on March 4
Awe-inspiring resilience. After the river, some 600 refugees detained, deported back to Greece today. Idomeni
Putin and US President Obama discussed the Syrian settlement and the situation in Ukraine
It's rumor, not confirmed information, possible fake or hoax
Terrorist Bezler is reportedly captured near Volnovakha few days ago
Terrorist Bezler is reportedly captured near Volnovakha few days ago
Donetsk: Urals along Livoberezhna fr/Svitloho Shlyakhu
Polish minister says foul play behind president's jet crash
The EU has urged banks of Europe to refrain from placement of Russian Eurobonds
Germany says Russia-n withdrawal from Syria increases pressure on Assad
Poroshenko urged the Parliament to support changes to the law on electronic Declaration
Avdiivka under attack of Russian militants
Avdiivka under attack of Russian militants
Peskov: Putin did not discuss with Assad his fate
Pegida rally in Dresden
In Rostov-on-don from the police Department stole 246 weapons pcs
Greece: A man holds a baby as migrants and refugees cross a river near Idomeni to reach Macedonia
Human beings are being transported from FYROM to Greece in covered military trucks
It's propaganda
After reporting Syria withdrwl, 1Kanal runs piece on Ukraine army shelling in DNR
Donetsk now - railway station and airport area very noisy
Vinnitsa right now. Demanding the resignation and arrest of head of regional police
2,000+ terrorists killed, 209 oil production and refinery objects destroyed – def minister
G06 [Russian Intel] is currently delivering a 107-group message to Eastern Europe, the first one on that schedule since September 2015.
Assad agreed with Putin on Moscow withdrawing forces from Syria: Kremlin
Dutch Consul General in Istanbul: My wife just came home, 19.15, red eyes, burning throat, as there was tear gas down in Sishane metro. A first. No idea what happened.
Four French nationals killed in Sunday's Ivory Coast resort attack
Volnovakha can hear heavy explosions. Not that loud for a very long time, locals say.
ATO HQ: shelling of Chinese journalists is fake
Radio Poland: Polish defence minister hints at terrorism in 2010 plane crash at Smolensk
RUAF bomber c/s 58342 in contact with U/I ground station
Died Demikhov — one of the founders of MHER and the main leader of Sobianin "Youth parliamentary"
Macedonia soldiers are trying to make new fence next to the river
Stakhanov: artillery heard in the direction of Bahmutka highway
Hundreds of refugees trying to cross the boarders FYROM/woman children and babies through the river/risking their lives
Bomb threat in Kharkiv region administration
TASS: "Journos fr/RF, China and DNR came under shelling by UA servicemen in Donbas" allegedly in Zaytseve, no injuries
Horlivka: Mayorsk area is under tank fire, Zaytseve: ongoing serious battle w/use of heavy armament since yday evening
Today Poroshenko meets various political leaders to end the political crisis. Ongoing meeting with @andriy_sadovyi - acc Pres spox
A man with a child tries to walk through the river to reach the other side. Idomeni
One Ukraine soldier killed, one wounded in fighting yesterday. Number of attacks decreased to 38. Every second attack with heavy weapons.
Corsair SS926 has declared an emergency and returning to Paris
Few dozen Greek police just tried and failed to block 100s of refugees breaking out of Idomeni. March continues
Switzerland to provide accommodation modules to OSCE SMM monitors. Handover ceremony tomorrow
Rally near government building in Minsk, Belarus
Rally in Minsk
Rally in Minsk
#ExoMars lift off
Russian State Duma wants to impose sanctions against Hillary Clinton
New signs of resistance to Russian occupation in Yalta, occupied Crimea
3 refugees drowned in the Suva Reka river in their attempt to cross it, 23 were rescued and were taken to Gevgelija, Macedonia.
Apartment of a soldier involved in the arrest of the Russian GRU was attacked by unknown
ExoMars countdown: Launch personnel instructed to prepare for ventilation of propellant tanks on Proton rocket
Construction of scaffolding around Lenin monument in Zaporizhie
Militants shelled Maryinka checkpoint
150 activists gathered in Magdeburg + 250 on spont. #antifademo in Halle after far right party won 24,2% in elections
44 violations of ceasefire yesterday
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