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19 สิงหาคม 2018

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Senator John McCain: Appreciate invite from Russia-backed rebels in E Ukraine, but I don't monitor elections of imaginary countries
Turkey won't be considered as a safe country for migrants - EU interior ministers.
The EU is still not ready to sign an agreement on joint aviation space with Ukraine - minister
Ukraine’s Antonov breaks ties with Russia
A Proton rocket has lifted off from Kazakhstan with a new Russian communications satellite.
For the last week to Dnipropetrovsk were delivered 56 wounded and 6 dead from ATO zone
Two hand grenades were found at Slavyansk Railway station
Crater from the explosion of a militants in Makiivka
Tension at Slovakian-Czech border as riot police arrive
Border closed by a wagon in Hungary Röszke
Police seal off border at Roszke – Update
Border closed at Röszke Hungary
Charlie Hebdo published a caricature of the drowned Syrian boy
Protester dress as Putin at Slovakian-Czech border.For this people NATO "dragoon crossing" convoy is no welcome
All kind of flags at the Slovakian-Czech border. Waiting for the No Welcome of NATO Dragoon Crossing convoy.
PM Orban said police will face aggression (from refugees), the job is to protect 'our culture, way of life, our sovereignty"
Dragoon Crossing coming to Slovak Republic
Refugees cheer as they are let in to Hungary at the old border crossing point in Roszke&sent w/ buses to camps. Until midnight.
Poland, Sweden sign deal to boost military ties
Tajik, Kazakh Presidents meet In Dushanbe ahead of CSTO summit
Hungarian police block main migrant crossing point from Serbia
Dozens of Hungarian police block main crossing point for refugees on border with Serbia
EU interior mins announce they've agreed on relocation of 40000 refugees
Babies and children who drowned off Greek coast were trapped in hold of boat sank
Reports of artillery shelling in Krasnohorivka
Fake elections at not controlled Ukraine territories threaten the peace - Poroshenko
Hungary police announce they have started increased controls in the whole country to prevent crime
Federal police on the boundary of Austria now also with weapons. Also this refugees are rejected, and must repent
SACEUR, General @PMBreedlove: Terrorism, Russian Aggression Concerns NATO
President Buhari leaves for France on a 3 say official visit
Porsche and Audi unveil electric cars to take on Tesla
Foreign companies have declared deep interest in broadening ties with Iran in water & power
Deutsche Bank is closing all of its Russian operations
Pope says risk that militants could sneak into Europe with refugees
Train service between Austria and Germany was restored on Monday
Berliners welcome hundreds of refugees to the German capital
Traffic slowing almost to a halt at Germany-Austria border - occasional van pulled off for checks.
Greece's Terna JV wins $335 million contract for road project in Qatar
Hasidic Jewish pilgrims for Rosh Hashanah to Uman, Ukraine donate money for Ukrainian
Fire in Yevpatoriya
Polish PM Kopacz says Poland will not accept EU's automatic quotas, will start to control its borders in case of any threat
NATO’s Submarine Warfare Exercise DYNAMIC MANTA 2015 is underway off the Sicilian coast
Activist fears police will close Roszke for most jurnos&volunteers as sec. situation deteriorates
Navalny car this morning in Kostroma
S​aakashvili says Ukraine run by 'shadow' oligarchic government
Russian Nuclear scientist Stepan Borovitsky tried to breakthrough into US Embassy in Moscow to ask political asylum
Austria will follow Germany's lead and temporarily reinstate border controls to cope with a surge in refugees, minister says
Hungarian Gripens intercept Russian Air Force An-26 over Baltic Sea
German Vice Chancellor says country can expect 1 million refugees and migrants this year
2 Ukraine soldiers killed, 2 wounded and one missing since yesterday - ATO spokesperson
The opposition in Moldova announced the picketing of state institutions and the organization of marches across the country
Serbia now says its prepared to take in more asylum seekers if people are unable to enter Hungary
British jets were last week scrambled for the seventh time this year to intercept Russian bombers near the UK
Germany expects 1 million migrants this year
Slovak interior ministry says Slovakia is introducing temporary border controls on borders with Hungary and Austria
2 soldiers were killed, 2 were wounded and 1 was missing in ATO area over past day, – speaker of ATO
NSDC convene a meeting on defense
The PARNAS party won about 2% of the votes in the elections to the Kostroma regional Duma. Processed 91% of the vote
Yashin: PARNAS could not overcome the five percent barrier due to the active opposition of the authorities
Today exercises SilverArrow starts in Latvia – troops from Denmark Canada US Germany UK improving conventional ops
Poroshenko: Ukraine will refuse to exchange Sentsov and Savchenko on the Russians Alexandrov and Erofeev
Col. Lysenko: UA tank troops` exercises continue in the Mariupol sector
ATO spox: UA reconnaissance officers found & deactivated 14 hostile mines near Hnutove village in Mariupol region
ATO spokesperson: Enemy sniper attacked UA servicemen near Maryinka
Army trucks in Nickelsdorf
Austri Vice-chancelor says "Dublin is finished" as country to send 2.200 soldiers to Slovenian border.
FEMEN demo at Muslims conference in France
In Crimea continue to spoil Putin's portraits
Hungary is calling for a Europe-wide effort to defend the borders of Greece, first point of entry into the E.U.
Austrian police expect 20.000 refugees to flock to border with Hungary today - and they can't let them in anymore
Röszke camp is being built down. Almost all refugees been sent by buses towards Austrian border, volunteers say.
Faymann announced the assistance mission of the armed forces
CZ FM Zaorálek says agreement on voluntary refugee quota is not impossible
In the Donetsk region SBU found a hiding place with lots of weapons
EU approves military action against Mediterranean people smugglers: sources
UK's Cameron pledges 20 million pounds a year for 3 years to support Syrian refugees in Lebanon
AT-HU border: 3000 migrants at Heiligenkreuz, +500 by buses every hour. 1500 migrants waiting at Nickelsdorf
F-22 Raptors returned home Saturday after completing their inaugural European Training Deployment.
US Army General Allen blames Putin & Assad for Refugee Crisis in Europe
Supply convoy from Nogino went to Donetsk and Lugansk regions
Over 29K of Hasidic pilgrims came to Uman to mark Rosh Hashanah. That's a record number
Austria opens border with Hungary
Russia begins "Center 2015" drills with 95 thousand troops, more than 7 thousand units of military equipment, up to 170 aircraft and 20 ships
More than 8,000 refugees arrived at Nickelsdorf until 7pm, the Hungary-an public TV estimates. But it could be 2-3,000 more.
Poroshenko, Obama to meet on UN General Assembly session sidelines in New York
Demonstrators in Poland chant 'Islam will be the death of Europe'
Refugee floating in the Mediterranean sea with his infant child
Belarus adapts migration legislation to the new realities of refugees
At least 7 killed in twin bomb attacks in North Cameroon
Voting on Russia’s last single voting day ahead of parliamentary elections
Ukrainian border guards has caught 8 illegal migrants on their way to Germany
Today volunteers started feeding police at Röszke who are not catered for by the state
CSU secretary general @AndiScheuer wants border control to remain until refugee problem is solved on EU level
Head of Russian election commission Churov said about attempt to hack the website of the CEC from the US before the election
One of our many supplies arrived at Röszke today to ease Refugee crisis at the border
Canadian OpUNIFIER training of Ukrainian troops underway in Yavoriv, Ukraine
Police in 6 southern Hungary counties ordered on alert, on standby for deployment within 2 hours if required
Antimaydan in Kostroma
Viktor Orban welcomed Germany's decision to reintroduce border control
Navalny: we are faced great battle tonight
New poll suggests continuing growing Swedish support for NATO membership. 41% in favor vs 39% against
Refugees in Kanjiža, Vojvodina, Serbia
Russian MoD: Ukraine kidnapped Russian military and his brother from Rostov region
Czech Republic to introduce controls at the border with Austria .
All clear given at Munich train station, no bomb found
Lugansk, exhibition of destroyed equipment
Satellite images of Russia to Kerch Crimea bridge construction progress
Turkish Coast Guard rescues 153 migrants
The "official" exit poll: United Russia 50.8 A Just Russia 14.3 Communist 13.5 LDPR 7.3 Parnas 2.6
Russian Sex Offender Uses Photo of 'Harry Potter' Character to Seek Underage Victims
Opposition PARNAS exit poll shows it's won 6% in Kostroma & seat in regional parliament
Report: ATO members are forbidden to report the fire and wounded
"Antimaidan" came to Russian city Kostroma, where elections today
Poroshenko promised to impose martial law in case of hostilities in the Donbass
Eastern European Harvest Festival, Dagenham, London
Germany reinstates border controls with immediate effect, Interior Minister Thomas de Maiziere says
Army guarding the border while refugees cross into Hungary
Der Spiegel reporting Germany is to introduce border controls, and temporarily exit Schengen, to stop refugees
Germany reintroducing border controls with Austria in response to refugee crisis
Germany sending hundreds of federal police to the border with Austria
NATO convoy Dragooncrossing on the high way close to Prague This night stay in Vyskov,Czech military base.
Small arms shooting in Mariinka
At polls in Kostroma region serious difference between official turnout count and observers' data
Big rally in Chisinau today
Majority of French people favor sending troops to Syria: poll
Putin awarded Milonov medal "For merits before Fatherland"
An Austrian police official says smugglers will search 4 alternate routes after Tuesday, possibly through Croatia/Romania
In Nizhny Novgorod, the head of the region urged today on the radio to vote for United Russia
Kostroma region leads in the number of violations at the elections - the VOICE
3 militants UAVs spotted yesterday
Voters in Kostroma region are being delivered by buses from villages
1 wounded yesterday at ATO zone, nobody killed
SecGen of @Federation visiting govt pre-registration camp inRoszke. Hungarian RedCross provide first aid here
Hungary Roszke detention camps almost empty 24hrs after @hrw exposed horrible conditions inside.
Queue at polling station in Karavaevo village
Captured election violator in Kostroma region, said he got 200 rubles from "Fair Russia"
Participants of the rally "Freedom to political prisoners" in Odessa
In the main prison of Irkutsk voted 103% of voters
Moldova: "we Demand to return the status of the state. Not stolen and usurped country"
Denmark intercepts Ru Tu-22 bombers near territorial airspace
Klimkin: Normandy talks as confrontational as they were before.
Police detain "several buses" of Crimeans & foreign citizens near polling place in Moscow region
Initial reports from Russian local elections in Kostroma: voting multiple times in multiple locations.
Source says Russia negotiators in Minsk offered to exchange Sentsov & Kolchenko for captured GRU agents in Ukraine
Drogheda factory destroyed by fire overnight
Exercises at Shyrokii Lan
Syria Palestinians from Yarmouk preparing to cross into Hungary. 'Our houses are all destroyed, we had to leave.'
500 refugees tried to walk from Roszke to Budapest or Szeged last night, w/ little success
"Dragoon Crossing" in Czech Republic
Tents at Keleti station. Budapest
MLRS GRAD drills at occupied Donbas on 10, September
USS Donald Cook DDG75 stayed 15 days at the BlackSea for SeaBreeze2015 transiting Bosphorus
Ultras burnt "DNR" flag at Shakhtar- Metallist football match
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