Map. History of Europe conflict

22 November 2017
Arrest threat prompts British ex-lawmaker to appear in court
Czech delegation returns to Prague after fruitless Lebanon visit
ISIL attacks on sexual minorities on UN meeting agenda focusing on gay rights
French economy stagnates in second quarter
Euro-area Economy Grew 0.3% In Second Quarter Vs 0.4% Estimate
"America is the world's leading terrorist state and proud of it" says the Stop the War coalition, chairman Jeremy Corbyn
British Transport Police says all platforms have reopened at King's Cross station and a man has been arrested over a drugs offence
Train held at Kings Cross then suddenly armed police everywhere surrounding a guy
Man detained as King's Cross station is evacuated over 'ongoing incident'
London - Security incident at Kings Cross station - witnesses
2 groups involved in the kidnapping of Tomislav Salopek
Segment of the BerlinWall in DC
Protesters set up Gaza beach against Tel Aviv Sur Seine in Paris
In the Czech Republic carried out massive explosion at the refinery from Unipetrol.
Swedish prosecutor drops investigation into some of the Julian Assange allegations, because the time limit has now expired
Explosion and then a fire in the oil refinery of Unipetrol
Baby, sleeping in the open air in Lesbos, 62% of boat arrivals are from Syria, Afghanistan or Eritrea
All eyes on Italian bonds after ydays flash crash in BTP 10y Future that triggered vol break
Japan climbers killed on Matterhorn
The German 2-year yield is hitting its lowest level ever.
European stocks fall further after China pushes yuan lower again
Protesters rally in Barcelona against suspicious migrant death in Saloun
Italian navy rescues migrants, survivors say 50 feared missing
Standing NATO Maritime Group 2: Turkish patrol aircraft & ship TCG Yildirim during tactical a manoeuvre exercise.
Pearson has agreed to sell its 50% stake in The Economist Group for $731 million, partly to Exor SpA.
The US Air Force will deploy 12 A10 Thunderbolt "Warthogs" to Europe this fall
Russia backs Jeremy Corbyn in Labour leadership contest
In Germany crashed U.S. military aircraft
Police beat Afghan, Syrian migrants on Greek island of Kos, mayor warns of ‘bloodshed’
U.S. military jet crashes in southern Germany