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25 กันยายน 2018

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The result of a special operation in Derbent: Two policemen were killed and 15 wounded, the number of dead bandits is specified
Car on fire in Donetsk after explosion
Sloviansk and Kramatorsk, Donbas cities that were occupied in 2014, welcome new patrol police
In Donetsk explosion in front of city hall. Reportedly 1 killed
In Donetsk explosion in front of city hall
ISIS has claimed responsibility for the deaths of policemen in Derbent
TASS source: no possibility to stop fighting at Moscow's cemetery
Reports of 12 killed in fighting at Hovanske cemetery
Over 500 people taking part in fighting/shooting at Moscow's cemetery
Dzhemilev arrived in Stockholm to support @jamala
In the shootout at the cemetery in Moscow killed a police officer
Special police operation in Derbent, Dagestan
New police in Kramatorsk
Truck drivers shutdown Odesa-Kyiv highway
Mass fighting at Moscow cemetery with shooting
JIT has notified new images MH17
Rogozin: meeting with Putin reviewed the readiness of defense enterprises to mobilize
French Reaper #UAV in #Sahel region
Ukraine says bodies of eight Russian troops at morgue.
#lennartmeri10 In order to avoid accidents between military around Baltics,NATO ready to coordinate.Russia does not respond
In Leningrad region the helicopter fell into the lake
Searches continue in houses of Crimean Tatars
Cyber likely to be declared a domain of warfare at NATO Warsaw summit. Nations have to take responsibility. #lennartmeri10
NATO DepSecGen Vershbow: much more vocal and irresponsible rhetoric from Russia on using nuke weapons. #lennartmeri10 conf
Russia and Ukraine will be at the centre of attention at the @Eurovision in Stockholm tonight.
Sweden DefMin Hultqvist: Russian aggression vs Ukraine is major sec threat. If we stop talking about it we'll be part of Rus policy
Swedish FM Hultqvist: Crimea is the main reason for the problems with the European security, cannot be accepted and forgotten #lennartmeri10
Swedish DefMin Hultqvist clear eyed on Russia: "We cannot accept what Russia has done in Ukraine."
NATO facing long-term competition fr Russia, even if Minsk is implemented, Strategic partner behind says @NATOdsg
Drills of Mykolaiv air-borne troops
20 ceasefire violations yesterday
Ukraine and Turkey agreed on a joint military action plan in the Black Sea
Readout of @VP Biden’s Call with President Petro Poroshenko (@poroshenko) of Ukraine
Earthquake felt in Dagestan
Swe PM Löfven "We will not recognize the illegal annexation of Crimea, nor accept Russian aggression in Ukraine"
Russia allowed homegrown radicals to go and fight in Syria
Biden talks w/ Ukraine prez and PM, says nothing on journo data leak/absurd charges, welcomes appt of Lutsenko.
It's rumor, not confirmed information, possible fake or hoax
Avdiivka Promka: UA have 5 lightly wounded
Cutting ribbon @auctionexport Zaporizhia,Ukraine's 1st electric car dealer.Canadian coowner V Khrystych looks on
Canada calls on all parties to respect ceasefire in Donbass region of Ukraine and MinskAgreements
Startfor on Buk that shot down MH17
Reformers flee Ukraine govt, disappointed by lack of progress against corruption and oligarchs
Kosovo admitted to world football governing body FIFA, opening the way for 2018 World Cup qualifiers
[email protected] awarding a medal to @carlbildt "future Secretary general of NATO" #lennartmeri10
Russia new forward operating base in Palmyra Syria visible in @DigitalGlobe satelitte imagery
Shots of today's downed Azerbaijan drone in Armenia's south
In Kyiv presented the national anthem of the Crimean Tatars "Ant etkenmen" in two languages
In Kyiv presented the national anthem of the Crimean Tatars Ant etkenmen in two languages
Satellite imagery obtained by Stratfor sheds light on the July 2014 downing of Flight MH17.
Putin ordered Rogozin to fix the tie
Putin ordered Rogozin to fix a tie
Missile Shield in Europe - map
The state Duma adopted in the first reading the law on exit visas
A Polish show of force, newly proud after breaking ground on new missile defense site the Poles are now hosting
[email protected]_rbc journos @sukharewskaya, @Siranush_sha, and Maria Firs react to firing of tenacious newspaper's top editors.
'Trump-Putin kiss' graffiti goes viral — @AFP Lithuania
OSCE’s Hug: In past week, so-called “DPR” member pointed weapon at an SMM patrol as it passed through Lukove, NE of Mariupol Ukraine
Hug: This week OSCE monitors faced restrictions on their movement, harassment, intimidation and threats (mainly in non-govt controlled areas)
OSCE’s Hug: Aerial surveillance imagery available to OSCE monitors revealed presence of 4 tanks in so-called “DPR”-controlled Donetsk city
Russian drones have repeatedly violated Poland's airspace, says Polish Defense Minister Antoni Macierewicz
Hug: Every evening/night last week SMM recorded high no. of explosions and other signs of fighting S/SE of govt-cont. Svitlodarsk Ukraine
OSCE’s Hug: Sides have moved heavy weapons out of holdings sites, and positioned heavy weapons in the security zone
Russia is not going to exchange it's GRU officers
Putin: Russia is doing everything to prevent a large-scale military conflicts
Azerbaijani soldier killed in Karabakh border clash
Russian President Putin says US missile shield in Europe is clear violation of arms treaty,forcing Russia to consider tackling the threat
Putin: the Russian TV are truthful, informative and interesting
All executives of RBK are fired
Clashes at Kyiv parking
Active scene near Putnam and Dubuque sts. A Manchester officer shot near here. Search for the suspect ongoing
Customs officials protesting in Warsaw today. Hundreds just marched past Plac Zbawiciela in their steely uniforms and caps.
In the Pskov region began a joint exercise with the Air Assault Battalion and army aviation of West Military district
Russia dismisses doping allegations
Armenian Air Defense shot down a UAV over Vayots Tsor region - Army spokesman.
A new law would enable Russia to ban citizens from leaving by diktat with no court order. Exit visas by another name
Cherkasy Region administration is on lockdown due to bomb threat
In Parliament there was a fight over the speech of the MP in the Russian language
Police freed Navalny
Riot police on the site of clashes at Parking in Kyiv
Riot police on the site of clashes at Parking in Kyiv
Navalny at police station
Russian opposition leader Navalny is detained by police in Southern Russia in anti-ISIS operation
Ukraine says it will boycott Eurovision 2017 if Russia wins on Saturday
Navalny and team are being investigated now for ties with ISIS.
Belgium will join the anti Islamic State coalition and launch air-strikes against the Islamic State in Syria; PM spokesperson
German intelligence agency claims Russia is behind series of cyber attacks on Germany
The Embassy is closely following yesterday’s outrageous arrests of Crimean Tatar leaders. Russia’s repression of Crimean Tatars must stop.
ATO spox: Ukrainian airborne snipers take part in military drills in Zhytomyr region
ATO spox: Policemen detained arms trader who stored illegal weapons, ammo in Kharkiv
ATO spox: Ukrainian mil intel: Russian artillery regiment arrived to reinforce “LPR” proxy forces
ATO spox: 2 Ukrainian servicemen near Leninske village were wounded as as result of grenade explosion
ATO spox: Militants violated ceasefire 3 times near Krymske village and Popasna area in Luhansk sector. Used IFV once
ATO spox: Militants fired from 82 and 120 mm mortars in Avdiivka area, Donetsk sector. Shelling contunued for 2 hours
Col. Andriy Lysenko: Ukrainian Armed Forces didn’t suffer any casualties in action in the last 24 hours
Police bomb disposal unit checked the suitcase outside Oslo synagogue, all clear given and the cordon has been lifted in the are.
In Chechnya burned the house of the villager, who complained to Putin at the horrible corruption and Kadyrov as a whole
RAF Typhoon jets scramble to intercept three Russian aircraft approaching Baltic airspace
The vote at the FIFA congress in Mexico City comes after the Football Federation of Kosovo applied for membership on March 15
Mirotvorets, website with information on all Russian terrorists involved in fighting in Ukraine suspended it's activity after critics from Ukrainian government
Ukraine remains among top 10 countries with largest internal displacement
RUAF Il-76 76649 Taganrog-Kursk
Helicopters over Yevpatoriya
Poklonskaya demands to completely block "the Crimea. Realities"
"DAESH BANK" - "Bank of ISIS" projected on the embassy of Saudi Arabia in Berlin
10 ceasefire violations in Ukraine in last 24 hours
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