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18 สิงหาคม 2018

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Russian S300 Air Defence System spotted inside Ukraine on 27-2-2015 image in Google Earth
Protest in support of Vyshgorod mayor, who was detained with 1M euro bribe
Brussels: 'Man in hat': Plan was to target passengers going to Tel Aviv, U.S.
26yo Ukrainian soldier in Mechnikova hospital after mortar mine hit
Anti-terror operation near Mahachkala. First use of "Punisher" armored vehicle
Police withdraw as the protest ends
Siberia's Putin Cafe.
Germany denies Paris attack suspect Abdeslam had papers on German nuclear research center
Peaceful protest near Parliament
Rarely-seen cruise missile submarine FLORIDA (SSGN 728) in/3 Apr, out/10 Apr Souda Bay, Crete for crew exchange
Poland summons Russian ambassador over 'simulated attacks' in Baltic Sea
Monténégro: NATO Accession Protocol to be signed on 19 May
'No justice, no peace' they shout, challenging police to drop their shields
Explosion in Pervomaisk
Donetsk. Battle in Pisky area (Volvo center), assault rifles, machine guns, grenade launchers.
Riot police are out in force and heavily armed
Police and protesters scuffled in front of VMRO in Skopje, but crowd is slowly retreating
Yasynuvata. UAV was shot down w/AAS, fell down in bakery area n[maybe just usual evening pointless AA-gun fire]
Protesters toss flares at riot police outside ex-Macedonia PM's party offices as anger grows over wire-tap scandal
Demonstrators moving towards govt building in Skopje to continue protest
US has lodged complaint with Russia via American Military Attaché in Moscow about Russian aircraft buzzing US Navy destroyer
Macedonian former police chief Stojance Angelov tells ralliers "no one will hit you"
Skopje: The crowd of protesters seen from above outside VMRO's HQ
U.S. Ambassador in Ukraine @GeoffPyatt is ready to cooperate with Vladimir Groisman and his team
Riot police fire tear gas at protesters in Skopje, Macedonia
RUAF Il-76 departed Chkalovsky now heading to Gulf of Finland an further to Chernyakhovsk, Kaliningrad
[email protected] on "decision" by Russia'n occupational authorities to suspend activities of Mejlis in Crimea
RUAF Tu-154 85605 from Chkalovsky to Armenia. Note denied access to AZ airspace.
[email protected] on Russia's military camps for training terrorists and fighters of illegal armed groups
Vladimir Elchenko: the ban of the Mejlis - the genocide of Crimean Tatar
Dzhemilev: Ban of Mejlis is a Declaration of war on the Crimean Tatar
ATO Updates: Militants shoot from 152-mm artillery near Avdiivka, prohibted by the Minsk
Turchinov told Duda about the situation at Donbas
Jaresko: Judicial reform biggest anti-corruption step needed in Ukraine; should have started earlier; need constitutional changes for this
First meeting of new Cabinet
[email protected] has found four Dutch paintings stolen from the Hoorn Museum in 2005.
Polish Official Urges NATO To Speak To Moscow 'From Position Of Strength'
Alexander Vershbow: NATO will never accept Russia’s occupation of Crimea as in clear breach of international law, w/ harsh impact on people, minorities
Anti-OSCE protest in Luhansk today
Russian "internal troops" at Yasinuvata-Avdiivka industrial zone
USS DonaldCook in #LTU demonstrates shared commitment to promote safety and stability in the region
Russia will investigate Browder for killing Magnitsky
Unknown location
SBU detained head of one of districts of Kyiv region for 1 million euro bribe
Erofeyeev at court said that he went to Donbass as volunteer not GRU officer
Russian forces became active at Luhansk frontline
Russian pilots at Erebuni preparing for airshow in Yerevan
#ksf2016: Michael Carpenter: Russia is not fulfilling even basics on Minsk agreement and spreading false narratives.
US will maintain sanctions against Russia until Minsk is fully implemented Michael Carpenter, Dep.Assist Secr. Of Defense #ksf2016
Yerevan: Protests at Russian Embassy in Armenia over arms sales to Azerbaijan
Putin backs @poroshenko's proposal to arm @OSCE_SMM in Donbas
Woman says she doesn't associate Europe with safety. Putin says it is safer in Siberia and not in Brussels or Paris
Gas explosion at Tenerife
Greek air force engage in military exercises on border with Macedonia
War planes flying over Idomeni are Greek, order by Min of Defense Kammenos 2 conduct military exercises.
Putin: "There will be no active battle actions will be in Donbas"
"We need a stable, prosperous Ukraine, we expect that it will be" — Putin
Putin: It's all Ukraine's fault. They haven't passed constitutional reform
Poland considers Russia as an aggressor and condemns actions in Crimea and Donbass - Polish MFA at meeting with @Turchynov
Armenians breaks ceasefire again. 1 junior sergeant Ahmadov Rustam Oruj was KIA
One more monument of Communists' era was removed in Zaporizhie
Idomeni: terrified children scream, burst into tears as low flying Greek helicopters scream overhead
President of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev speaking at OICSummit in Istanbul
Woman from Zaporizhie region stored 43,5 kgs of low-enrichment uranium at her home
Putin: in our view Turkey is not fighting extremists but rather cooperating w/it. In fact they have civil war in the South
Building collapse in LosCristianos, Tenerife due to gas explosion
Ex-PM Yatseniuk: Russia is a threat to the entire free world
Ex-PM Yatseniuk: Russia is a threat to the entire free world
Verhkovna Rada voted for new Cabinet
European Parliament approves sharing air passenger data to fight terror
Police storms into the HQ of Ikea Russia near Moscow to remove documents
Abortion on covers of Poland's weeklies. Top two say: "God's safe?" and "Your tummy, your business".
One Ukrainian soldier killed, one wounded in ATO zone
Putin to Crimeans: You are inviting us for holidays, do you guarantee the weather will be fine? Crimeans: Yes, we guarantee
Turkey's President called on Islamic countries to show solidarity with the Crimean Tatars
Putin addressed by a woman from Crimea: We have blackouts, but it's ok - our children spend less time with their gadgets
Q to Putin: If Poroshenko and Erdogan are drowning, who would you save first? A: If somebody decided to drown, you can’t save them
Russian police forces killed 3 suspected terrorists in Dagestan
Andriy Parubiy is a new speaker of Ukrainian parliament
Putin says it's hard to distinguish between Syrian opposition and radical jihadists near Aleppo
Putin said that Palmyra was liberated by the army of Assad
Putin says Kudrin will work on planning Russia's strategic development in the presidential council of experts
SBU detained explosives dealer in Zhitomir region
Some kind of brawl at Verkhovna Rada
Putin admitted that the problem of the state of Russian roads worsened
Clean-up time on Lesbos for Pope Frances before he meets the 3000 people held here waiting for asylum process
Annual Putin's Q&A session in Russia
MEPs write letter to Putin > "We will never recognise the illegal and fabricated verdict against Nadiya Savchenko"
Ukraine's parliament dismissed Arseniy Yatsenyuk, appointed Volodymyr Groysman a new prime minister.
Three unidentified helicopter flew from Kaliningrad on Tuesday. Flying low without radar detection for few minutes in Lithuania
Today and tomorrow: 9th Kyiv Security Forum
Police in Serbia arrest six suspected of human trafficking illegal migrants on route from Kosovo to Hungary
Greek Air Force video of Acropolis fly past with U.S. jets
Russian tanks in Alchevs'k
The new government will hold a course on European and Euro-Atlantic integration, President
Would like to sincerely thank the previous Government and @Yatsenyuk_AP for personal contribution to the resolution of the political crisis - Poroshenko
Yatsenyuk (April 14): I ask you to accept my resignation. Great things are wating for us ahead.
Poroshenko at Rada: Moscow committing real genocide against Russian-speaking Ukrainians
Today is the second anniversary of the beginning of ATO in Ukraine is a hybrid war of the Kremlin against Ukraine
Mariupol highway is closed after night shelling
Poroshenko proposed Groisman as Prime Minister, Klimkin – Foreign Minister, Poltorak as Minister of Defense
80 attacks of Russian forces on Ukrainian positions in last 24 hours
New footage of alleged police brutality during tonight's protest in Macedonia against the president
New footage of alleged police brutality during tonight's protest in Macedonia against the president
Demonstrators smash the front of the president's office in Macedonia before riot police make forceful arrests
Protests in Bitola as well. Macedonia
Ukrainian military in Avdiivka
Protesters Throw Eggs at Russian Embassy in Yerevan
Armenia FM: Karabakh will never be part of Azerbaijan
EU Johannes Hahn on Skopje: "Call upon all political parties and responsible citizens to refrain from acts of violence"
Shelling Heard In Starohnativka
Images from the incident with Su-24 in Baltic Sea
2 Russian Su-24 jets have made "simulated attack" passes near US navy guided missile destroyer in the Baltic Sea
12 people detained in protests, one journalist injured, says Macedonia police
According to the Skopje police 12 people have been detained tonight and one journalist was injured
VMRO with a statement accusing opposition leader Zaev of the clashes tonight, saying he will answer for it. Macedonia
Video of Russian Su-24 flying near USS Donald Cook in Baltic Sea
The Russian Su-24 appears to be unmarked, no insignia
Russian special forces instructors landed on demilitarized Svalbard, Norway considers as breach of sovereignty.
Bulgaria'n civic militia hunting refugees
Bulgaria'n civic militia hunting refugees
Khartsyzk 2 tank convoys, 1 from IIlovaysk, 2nd by Zuhres, 10-12 units, either tow. Makiivka, or to Khanzhenkovo
Donetsk. Heavy shelling
German newspaper Hannoversche Allgemeine reports that 1 of the Paris attackers had plans of the nuclear power plant Lülich in his apartment
Protesters Are Being Arrested By Police In Skopje
Windows have been broken also on the justice ministry and several other locations in Macedonian capital of Skopje
MH17 - Google Earth has July 16th 2014 imagery of Zuhres where you can see a truck parked
MOD: Armenian side suffered overall 92 casualties at Karabakh
LITPOLUKRBRIG will take part in drills Anakonda 16 in Poland this June
Details from @US_EUCOM on USSDonaldCook encounter with aggressive Russian aircraft in Baltic Sea April 11-12
A Russian Ka-27 Helix helicopter hovers over the Navy destroyer Donald Cook Tuesday in the Baltic Sea
Massive protest in Skopje
[email protected] takes over the Chairmanship of the @OSCE Forum nfor Security Co-operation (FSC)
It's rumor, not confirmed information, possible fake or hoax
Ukr Tornado batt fighter says their base near Kyiv is stormed now by "unknown"
France Germany and UK all urge Russia to FreeSavchenko & allow independent medical access to Nadiya Savchenko.
Skopje: Protesters now outside President's office throwing flares at the building and booing
Hundreds protest in Macedonia capital in support of prosecution after president pardons all in wire-tapping scandal
Police raid operation in village near Machachkala suspended for the night
Prince William and Kate Middleton feed baby elephants and rhinos at Assam’s Kaziranga National Park
"If you don't scream nobody will hear you!" #RefugeesGr form Katsikas camp
The crowd of protesters in Skopje is now numbered in the thousands, chanting "send mafia to jail"
The traffic jam on the highway to Ioannina is getting longer. More people joining the protest in Kartsikas
Macedonian police used tear gas against migrants
Poroshenko on Crimean Tatar Majilis: one way to stop these violations of human rights - to deoccupy Crimea
Protests continue in Skopje for the second day
ISIS identify the names of the Bruxelles attackers in their new version of Dabiq magazine
Macedonian police fire tear gas at migrants on Greek border
Russian bans Crimean Tatar Mezhilis
Baltic: Russian SU attack aircraft passes within 33 feet of American destroyer USS Donald Cook.
US official says "simulated attack" by Russian jets in international waters is one of the most aggressive acts in recent memory
Coalition proposed Groysman as new PM
Russian jets 'simulate attack' on US warships in international waters
OSCE recorded mortar shelling in Kominternove
U.S. Defense official: Russian fighter jets flew very closely over USS Donald Cook in international waters in Baltic Sea
Russian SU-24 jets were not armed but flew so close to U.S. destroyer they created a 'wake in the water' - U.S. Defense official
32 attacks of Russian forces on Ukrainian positions before 6 pm
3 gunmen were killed during operation in Leninkent, Dagestan. Police seized the house, but operation is suspended for the night
[email protected]: We are concerned about health of N. Savchenko. Still waiting for Russia's reaction concerning medical exam by GER doctors
Russian fighter jets in extremely close overflights with U.S. destroyer
Turkey arrests two Russian agents over killing of Chechen
France: Parisian protesters build barricades as labour reform protests continue
France: Parisian protesters build barricades as labour reform protests continue
Authorities in Bulgaria say several individuals, who posted videos of themselves "hunting" refugees, were arrested
Morek in Hama province under Assad regime artillery
Morek in Hama province under Assad regime artillery
Col. Andriy Lysenko: Recently, militants took hostage UN mission employee with diplomatic immunity and keep him captive in Donetsk
ATO spox: Yesterday, Ukrainian Armed Forces did not incur any casualties; 8 servicemen were wounded in action
ISIS has released photos and information of Brussles attackers: Abu Sulayman and Abu Walid al-Baljiki
ATO spox: Yesterday enemy artillery shelling damaged school in Avdiyivka
Scouts CVO on exercises carried out an operation in the rear of the simulated enemy
United Nations calls for immediate release of UN staff member held captive in Donetsk
Two ‘Russian spies’ caught in Istanbul
Shelling in Vodyane
Among many other fortifications a 7km long anti-tank ditch visible near Mariupol. March 2015
Anti-terror operation is ongoing in Mahachkala
Parliament speaker Volodymyr Groysman stated that he is ready to form a new government
New Ukraine's Cabinet is likely to have 6 Vice-PMs - in charge of Reforms, Economy, ATO, Eurointegration, Social policy, humanitarian block
Conf. @NATO and SE Europe: Challenges and Perspectives. Opening remarks & welcome speech by FM @Petrit Selimi
Ukraine urging Donetsk terrorists to free UN employee, captured by them on 8 Apr in Donetsk
Dozens of Russian BMP and MT-LB on the move in occupied Donetsk region
Dozens of Russian BMP and MT-LB on the move in occupied Donetsk region
One more body of killed Armenian soldier found
Estonia to host a record number of US troops in Saber Strike exercise
Russia-1 on possible new PM Groysman, "He is a Jew, 38 years"
Russia-1 on possible new PM Groysman, He is a Jew, 38 years
[email protected]_SMM to instal new cameras, obs. teams in Zaitseve and other frontline villages
.@OSCE_SMM to instal new cameras, obs. teams in Zaitseve and other frontline villages
"DNR" training ground near Ilovaisk
DNR training ground near Ilovaisk
87 ceasefire violations by Russian militants yesterday, at 1am today Zaitseve was attacked with 152mm artillery
Massive night artillery/MLRS drills at Russian East
Military truck in Donetsk
Monument to Lenin was removed in Barvinkove, Kharkiv region
"Narodny Front" could exit Cabinet and talks on coalition - Avakov
Operation on Schiphol national airport in The Netherlands has ended. Dutch media report 7 arrests. Netherlands
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