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22 กันยายน 2018

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Donetsk: seldom salvos and machine gun sounds come from the airport direction, usual harassing fire
Slovenia to clamp down on migrant border entries
Situation in eastern Ukraine at worst point in months: OSCE's Zannier
"Informnapalm" activists ID'ed crews of Russian airforce bombers in Syria
A French Mirage jet made a forced landing at Paphos airport
Virgin Atlantic flight from London to New York returns after pilot hurt in laser incident
Ukrainian marines with heavy weapons arrived at Zmiiny island
The bank HSBC has announced its headquarters will remain in the UK following a meeting of its directors
Spain: Demo in Madrid against state repression and criminalization of resistance
Spain: Demo in Madrid against state repression  and  criminalization of resistance
Suspended ex-head of Russia's scandal-mired anti doping agency Rusada has died suddenly, apparently of heart attack
[email protected] met also the leader of the opposition in Albania
Tear gas on Kos: Protesters clash with police at rally against refugee center construction
Donetsk: Fightings at outskirts of Petrovsky and Kyivsky districts
Sweden: Man Shot During Pro-Kurdish Demonstration In Fittja
Mayorsk: fighting with artillery
Stakhanov. Artillery heard. 3 guns
Horlivka: Again one can hear shots or some heavy landings in the west
Donetsk: battle sounds coming from Pisky
Donetsk: battle sounds coming from Pisky
Large Russian military convoy in Crimea
Large Russian military convoy in Crimea
Turkey will continue striking Russian-backed Syrian Kurdish YPG forces, as they spark refugee rush, PM Davutoglu tells Germany’s Merkel
Explosion at gas station in Grozny, Chechnya after fire
Donetsk: militia shelling from Kuprina St., Military college
It's propaganda
Zhirinovsky: wars with Russia always turn bad for Turkey. It's a tradition
Donetsk - in Staromykhailvka two houses on fire after the militia's bombardment
Explosion at gas station in Grozny
In Sumy activists blocking Russian trucks
Gas station exploded in Grozny after it caught fire
Turkey will continue to strike YPG in Syria, Davutoglu tells German Chancellor Merkel
Donetsk. Battle at Pisky-Airport
Russian TV retells history of Turkish atrocities, using word "karateli" ( punishers) - favourite term for Ukr forces
Full @WhiteHouse Readout of President @BarackObama's Call with Russian President Putin
Convoy of tanks passed through Staromykhailivka
Donetsk railway station area: outgoing heavy shelling
Czech PM says ready to protect Balkan borders in migrant crisis
Night time fighting between Ukrainian and Russian forces in Mar'inka
Night time fighting between Ukrainian and Russian forces in Mar'inka
Russian military in Horlivka
Dozens of guns and 240K+bullets seized after 3 British/Iraqi arrested in Greece
Putin ally Irina Bokova eyed to become next UN secretary-general
Jakob Denzinger, suspected former Nazi prison guard at Auschwitz, dies in Croatia at age 92.
Turkey must be a part of transatlantic trade deal: EU minister
Russia blocked all truck with Ukrainian license plates
A packed Trafalgar Square celebrating #ChineseNewYear2016
Taxi explodes outside Glasgow airport
300-350 people at rally against racism in Dresden Neustadt
Taxi on fire at Glasgow Airport
Zeleny Dol is Project 21631 at Bosphorus
It's propaganda
Basurin from DNR terror group claims that Ukrainian forces attacked them 101 times
Rally in Donetsk today
Kyiv: driver under influence hit police car
Ukrainian intel: GRADs and artillery spotted in occupied eastern Ukraine near Donetsk and Alchevs'k
KOD is dancing in front of Presidential Palace, Warsaw
100 Russian truck were blocked in Zhitomir region
Protesters shutdown Hreshyatyk, demand make it pedestrians only on weekends again
Kharkiv: rally of anarkho-feminists
Russian propaganda goes really really wild. "Journalists" estimate how long it would take RU army to invade Warsaw, Berlin
2500 Russian paratroopers start 5 day exe on Estonian and Latvian @NATO borders
Greek police arrested three Iraqi-born UK citizens with a guns, 20,000 bullets and other explosive devices
Switzerland says it will mediate between Saudi Arabia and Iran in an attempt to solve the diplomatic war between the two countries
Atmosphere of Valentine's day in Plock
Austrian police arrested two suspects in Salzburg with links to November #Parisattacks, both men have admitted to the allegations
More protests in Russia: Muscovites rallying against Mayor's new development plan in one of districts
In the center of Zaporizhye volunteer donuts fair in support of military
Dutch Foreign Minister Koenders visits Macedonia
Greek police arrest three Iraqi Kurds with guns, ammunition
ATO spox: UA had no KIA, 7 WIA yesterday
Former Syrian PM: Europe thrived out of ashes of WWII with strength, decisiveness, action. All missing today on Syria
ATO spox: Residents of occupied Klynkyne village stopped Russia regulars from marauding private households, attempted to lynch them
ATO spox: Ukraine military intelligence reports of Russia casualties in eastern Ukraine – 1 KIA, 1 wounded
Chaos at Charles de Gaulle as security pushes crowd of 300 back from passport control
Militants tried to storm Ukraine positions near Krasnohorivka twice, 5 soldiers wounded
France; 4 injured in an accident at Aigremont, near Alès
Greece:Around 2,000 locals in protest against Kos "hot spot"
Saudi FM: Russia will fail in protecting Bashar al Assad in Syria
ATO HQ: militants got orders to actively use mortars
Putin's appetite growing with the eating says @SenJohnMcCain #MSC2016 on #PutinAtWar in Syria
Sen McCain: Putin wants to use Syria as a "live fire exercise" to improve his military and divide US and Europe #MSC2016
In "DNR" declared that "Minsk" can take years
Erebuni Rus airbase in Armenia
Putin, Obama discussed #Minsk agreements on #Ukraine
Czech border control at Macedonian border. #Gevgelija Czech Republic is one of the Visegrad countries.
Five British men have been killed in a car crash in Sweden, reports it was four members of the @Viola_Beach and their manager
Phone call between Putin and Obama to discuss the situation in Syria
Under the Pskov paratroopers held large-scale exercises
#NATO doesn't have sanctions, but Minsk agreements are crucial, Pszczel @NATOmoscow on Russia, at NATO PA
2 RuAF Il-76 (76743 and 76749) landed on Kirovskoye about 07:55 and 08:05 UTC
Artist Ai Weiwei has draped Berlin's concert hall w 14,000 refugee life jackets
Mobilization in Kirov
Russian militants in Horlivka
Russia: This weekend's Kommersant newspaper a bumper edition. All five inserts devoted to new bankrupcies
In the North-West of Moscow warehouse of a large automobile dealership is on fire
Mortar shelling heard in area Dokuchaevsk-Novotroitske
69 ceasefire violations at Donbass yesterday
French PM rejects permanent quota system for refugees
PM @Ahmet_Davutoglu says attacks on #Aleppo target #Turkey and Europe, claims #Germany's Merkel & #Netherlands (EU presidency) agree on that.
NATO Deputy SecGen: Russia's Anti-Access/Area-Denial Build-Up Is Biggest Worry
Russian tanks in Zelene near Illovaysk
Heavy explosions in area of Krasnohorivka - Mar'inka
#Avdiivka: Heavy salvos
PKK Supporters attacked Turkish association in Sweden
#Sweden Söderhamn: 1 was killed in asylum accommodation 3 were injured
Turkish #TK271 to Chișinău got to Moldova but has returned to Istanbul (@OsmanlicaAdam) - @NewsHazbail
Russian media watchdog restricted access to Ukrainian news website "Ukrainska pravda"
5.0 earthquake, 17km ENE of Novyy Uoyan, Russia. 2016-02-14 04:31:47 at epicenter (26m ago, depth 22km).
Shelling at Krasnohorivka-Mar'inka
Four million barrels of Iranian oil are destined for Europe in the coming 24 hours
Head of #Ukraine Greek Catholic Church Svyatoslav on statement of #PopeFrancis and Kirill: "People feel betrayed by Vatican".
Rally in Moscow in support of church construction. "More churches - less gays"
"Troya" militants show video as one of DNR commanders lashes to death civilian
Pro-#Putin rallies in Munich end up just the same as in #Russia
Lavrov says Syria ceasefire more likely to fail than succeed
Russian militants damaged a car with a tank at Ternove
In Tula died 85 y.o. creator of MLRS Grad, Smerch, Uragan Genadiy Denezhkin
300 demonstrators walked through #Sofia today to protest against the far-right Lukov march
Battle heard in all districts of Horlivka. Smoke over Shiroke
#Donetsk: Pisky, Opytne, Donetsk airport - shooting and mortars
#AdriaticBalticBlackSea Initiative informal meeting at the #MSC2016
In Odessa SBU detained patrol policewoman who trading meth
#MSC2016 conversation of minister #Waszczykowski with President of @AtlanticCouncil
In Donetsk region SBU found another cache of weapons
Workers at Russia's tank maker "Uralvagonzavod" on strike
Workers at Russia's tank maker Uralvagonzavod on strike
Russian propaganda agency Sputnik opens Latvian version
‘In 2015 we had 600,000 migrants pass through Serbia’
Several big malls are evacuated in Moscow cause of bomb threat
New cruise missile ship "Zelenyi Dol" leaves for Syria from occupied Sevastopol
New cruise missile ship Zelenyi Dol leaves for Syria from occupied Sevastopol
Rally in Kharkiv
Tomorrow @JohnKerry will visit Albania. 1548 police officers will make sure he will stay safe.
Syrians protest against the Russian/Assad air attacks on #Aleppo in front of the French MFA #Paris.
#MSF doctors treating 12 incidents of violence per week #calais #jungle including on people as young as 12
Saakashvili: Looking forward to the next Atlantic Council report #PutinAtWar, @MaksCzuperski is preparing
Kafranbel, Idlib: Saudia and Turkey Keep Talking while Putin is Destroying Syria
Warship "Zeleny Dol" with "Caliber" went to the Mediterranean
Began negotiations Poroshenko with U.S. Secretary of state Kerry
Lavrov gave follow-up to Medvedev's speech - relations btw Russia and West are lower than during Cold War. #MSC2016
In downtown Munich, just steps away from #MSC2016 venue, protestors gather for main demonstration against conference
Russia sanctions stay in force until Ukraine agreement implemented: Kerry
ATO spox: #Russia troops conduct military drills near Shyrokyne and in Crimea, training for deployment from the sea
ATO spox: SBU detained 2 “DPR” militants. 1 “LPR” militants voluntarily agreed to cooperate with #Ukraine law enforcement
ATO spox: #Russia supplies arms to its proxies: 200 tons of ammo to heavy artillery, fuel, weapons to Ilovaisk, Luhansk, Hartsyzk
ATO spox: Ukrainian Armed Forces didn’t incur casualties, 2 servicemen wounded in action in last 24 hours
Dialogue with Russia should continue. After it withdraws its troops from Ukraine and stop bombing Aleppo - Poroshenko
Poroshenko running down the list of things Russia hasn't done. Sanctions are not punishment, but instrument to keep Russia at table #MSC2016
The President of Poland in #Munich: However, the issue of security in the East, in the Russian policy towards Ukraine, it seems that the most important thing.
"I share @poroshenko's words that Russia wants to split EU" - @MartinSchulz
Lavrov stressed the necessity of constitutional reform in Ukraine
Poroshenko: Mr Putin this is not a civil war in Ukraine, this is your aggression!"
#Ukraine president @poroshenko: "The greatest danger for Europeans is an alternative #Europe with alternative values" #MSC2016
@poroshenko "hundreds of Ukrainians gave their lives just to live in #Europe. Just for that." #europeanvalues #MSC2016
Finish Pres Niinisto: We should work hard to find lowest common denominator, because Russia is there - from Syria to Arctic. Always #MSC2016
Lithuanian president Grybauskaitė sees "different civilizations", "we are not able to understand each other" with Russia #MSC2016
Poroshenko participates in the Munich security conference #MSC2016
Athens: Protest against planned social security reform and pension cuts about to head to Syntagma in solidarity with farmers
At the talks in the Normandy format for the first time raised the issue of the Crimea
Russian activists @CITeam_ru: Russian artillery support the offensive of Assad on the ground
President @AndrzejDuda attends the @MunSecConf to discuss #EU and #NATO security ahead of @NATOsummits in #Warsaw
Other 2 new Su-30SMs on their route to Millerovo (31 fighter regiment, Rostov region)
RUS PM Medvedev at #MSC2016: "sanctions against RUS make no sense, lead nowhere. RUS committed to Minsk agreement!"
#MSC16 #Russia PM #Medvedev emphasises damage of sanctions to #EU (and Russia) and #Kiev 's non implementation of #Minsk (autonomy, amnesty)
Before Lavrov left Klimkin showed satellite pics of new tanks coming to Ukraine for offensive
Medvedev describes Ukraine, Moldova, Balkans as all "on the brink": threat to EU and Russia alike, also Libya, refugees, terrorism #MSC2016
Are we in 2016 or 1962 asks Prime Minister of #Russia Medvedev at #MSC2016
#Medvedev: trade megablocs threaten the universal character of trade rules #MSC2016
Moldova Appeal Court frees activist Anatol Mătăsaru from preventive arrest
Russian PM Medvedev at #MSC2016: "NATO policy against Russia unfriendly, we are sliding back to the cold war"
Munich - French PM Valls says Russian bombing of civilians in #Syria must stop
Another 'major attack' in Europe 'is a certainty': French PM
Medwedew emphasizes crises in Europa: no economic growth , refugee crisis, "civil war in Ukraine" #MSC2016
FM #Steinmeier after Normandy meeting on #Ukraine: Can't wait forever for implementation of #Minsk. We must persist in our efforts!
French PM on Syria. "We need to organize a real ceasefire." Latest agreement must be followed by action. #MSC2016
Stoltenberg strong line on Russia. Will strengthen deterrence. Won't be intimidated by nuclear exercises. Borders will be protected #MSC2016
#Italian FM says #referendum is #Kurdish decision, keep in mind regional stability
Outgoing fire from Petrovka district of #Donetsk
Lavrov, #NATO chief @jensstoltenberg agree to consider reconvening NATO-#Russia Council, suspended after #Crimea annexation.
"For NATO, circumstances under which nukes might be contemplated remote. But no one can think they can be used conventional conflict" - NATO SG #MSC2016
NATO'S @jensstoltenberg says alliance "doesn't want a new Cold War" with Russia #MSC2016
#MSC2016 NATO SecGen @jensstoltenberg choses to focus his speech on Russia, with South+new NATO op to be discussed in Q+A @MunSecConf
#NATO SG @jensstolenberg delivers a keynote speech at the Munich Security Conference: @MunSecConf #MSC16
Lavrov without comments left Normandy talks in 30 minutes
German FM: #MSC2016 is usually about external crises, but now internal crises are inextricably linked.
The Sound of War, in Pisky, Donetsk Oblast
The Sound of War, in Pisky, Donetsk Oblast
Early bird at #MSC2016: Normandy meeting w/ #Germany #France #Russia and #Ukraine this morning at Bayrischer Hof.
Ukrainian schoolboy created "social network for Novorosiya army" and gathered more 2000 profiles of Russian terrorists. Handed data to "Myrotvorets"
RUAF strategic air force sw net up with voice traffic and W marker. Tu95/160 activity continues.
In Munich started the "Norman meeting" at the Ministerial level
Russian artillery near Debaltseve
Russian border guard open fire on "smugglers" on Ukrainian border in Rostov region
Russian militants in Novoazovs'k on 21 Jan
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