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16 สิงหาคม 2018

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China's #Sinopec to pay $1.3bln for 10% stake in Russia's energy giant Sibur and to acquire another 10% in next 3 yrs
"LNR" group not allowed UNHCR convoy to territories controlled by them
"War regime" in Crimea - everyone have to share resources
MLRS hit at Lozovske
Russian Expert: Turkish seiner could pose a real threat to the battle ship
MLRS GRAD shelling from Kirovsky district of Donetsk
Tag on photo "Donetsk militia"
The Minsk peace process ‘is the only game in town’ for Russia, Ukraine - @GermanyDiplo's Ukraine taskforce
"Nothing can stop us now" despite election defeat, says defiant far-right National Front leader Marine Le Pen
French PM says danger of far-right remains despite poll defeat
The Maidan massacre investigation is part of larger failure to restore justice in Ukraine - @NoahSneider
Exit polls show National Front failed to win a single region in 2nd round of French elections
2nd round of French regional elections by regions
France's far-right National Front loses in regional elections run-off, fails to win any region - exit polls
Outside the former Olympic facilities, where the trapped in #Greece, as economic #migrants, stay
Turkish fishermen claims that they haven't approached Russian ship
Hot in front of the House of Jarosław Kaczyński. "Drake to Moscow"- chanting part of the crowd.
Belgium: At least 13 injured as blast destroys building facade in #Verviers
Belgium: At least 13 injured as blast destroys building facade in Verviers
15 attacks on Ukrainian positions during day
The explosion in #Verviers #Belgium might have been the result of a gas leak
Explosion rocks #Hodimont neighborhood in #Verviers Belgium, people run away after the blast [vid:@hiislerlimani]
#Turkish army bans staff from taking holidays in #Russia
Gulf Air #GF3 has declared an emergency inbound to Heathrow
Unknown location
Russian tank at Donbas
One month after terror attacks - this is the scene today #Paris
Pro-gov rally in Gdansk
#Zaitsevo - shootout, small arms, mortars. #Horlivka
Rally at plac Na Rozdrożu, Warsaw, Poland
Banner on today's pro-PiS manifestation in Warsaw
We want a sovereign Hungary, the preservation of our Christian culture and traditions, the Europe of nations – László Kövér #FideszCongress
Several thousands gathered again in Kryvyi Rih against ex Party of Regions mayor Vilkul and fraud on local #elections.
Fire at psychiatric facility kills 23 in Russia
Stop the War says that anti-IS intervention came b/c of "false story" of genocide against Yazidis
Jesus flag at Law and Justice rally in Warsaw
Armenia claims to shotdown Azerbaijan UAV at Artsah
Hungarian flag at Law and Justice rally in Warsaw
US #Paratrooper coaches Ukrainian Land Forces soldier on how to employ a hand grenade ISO #FearlessGuardian II
Very impressive turnout for #Poland pro-government march in Warsaw
"Equality" parade in Podgorica
Russia summons Turkish military envoy citing 'incident' in Aegean: defence ministry
At PiS rally in Warsaw. Chant: "Jarosław!"
The Russian ship fired warning shots at Turkish
Speaker: "No banking cats and no left wingers will scare us away"
Nearly 60,000 people in Ukraine will receive aid this winter from @UNHCRUkraine
Rostov-on-Don B-237 hoisted Russian Navy naval ensign Andreevsky and Formation Commander flags but no courtesy Turkish flag.
Canisters of Kalibr-NK missiles onboard newly built small missile ship Serpukhov
#SBU uncovered a cache, 120grenades+11000SA cartridges in a forest area near #Severodonetsk
Large assembly today in Kryvyi Rih
Rally against test-commissions near MIA of corrupt ex-police
At small-size missile ships #BSF #Serpukhov and Zeleny Dol raised naval flags. Occupied Sevastopol
@GeoffPyatt - Time for new #Ukraine to emerge is now
Militants shelled Shirokino with RPG
Four people were killed in a plane crash in the Stavropol region
Easyjet #U21902 from Tenerife delays landing to Manchester due to a possible engine flame out
Protest trucks in St. Petersburg
In the Crimea remain without electricity more than 250 thousand people
At least 4 dead in neurological hospital blaze in Russia, up to 17 patients still unaccounted for
Militants opened provocative fire at #Maryinka checkpoint.
[email protected]: "Full implementation... will help delay or avoid some of the worst consequences of climate change."
President Obama delivers a statement on the global climate
Banner at Rou Jones Jr fight. "Ukraine is Russia. Alyaska is Russia"
Rally in #Montenegro against #Nato membership reportedly attended by thousands, 11 days after it was invited to join
Polish soldier teaches Canadian troops how to set up detonators in sequence. Nowa Dęba, #Poland
Russian Air Force #RuAF transit US airspace #RA85655
At least 2 dead in neurological hospital fire in central Russia
Near Voronezh burns psycho-neurological hospital, there are victims
Russia: UN's Ukraine meeting shouldn't discuss human rights
Brateevo. After tense situation between police and truckers. All leaving
In Montenegro protest against joining NATO: Podgorica, Montenegro — Chanting "Russia, Russia"
In Montenegro protest against joining NATO: Podgorica, Montenegro — Chanting Russia, Russia
Arrested Syrians had no toxic gas: Geneva prosecutor
Test success keeps SM-3 program on track for deployment in Romania later this year
Firings with Russian S-400 #Airdefense #Missile System in Southern #Russia
Key points of the Paris #COP21 climate agreement
Rally in Montenegro Demands NATO Referendum
Some people gathered in Podgorica tonight to protest agsinst #Montenegro's membership in #NATO. Chants against #Kosovo too
#Denmark donating €2 mil to fight #corruption in #Kosovo
#COP21 a historic moment #AccordDeParis adopted
Truck drivers demand to hold referendum in Russia
Truck drivers demand to hold referendum in Russia
COP21: 195 nations adopt historic Paris pact to stop global warming
Today, on the Greek island of Lesbos. #refugees
EURO 2016: 6 groups of the final phase (10 June-10 July)
Major outcomes of #COP21
2 cars explodes at #A32 #Heerenveen, Netherlands
"Anti-war" demo in London today
#AirFrance flight #af166 Paris-Bangkok diverted to Munich for medical emergency
#le1212 Police Fights Fires W/ Water Cannon Truck In Leipzig Connewitz
U.S. asks Germany for more military help in fight against #ISIS: German magazine report.
Anti-fascists set barricades to interrupt anti-migrants march
Air France #AF166 to Bangkok is diverting to Munich - reason unknown
Militants now reporting that Dryomov is still alive, though badly wounded
The Russian Embassy in Prague was picketed against the "imperialist policy of the Kremlin"
Fire at Arndtstraße, Leipzig, Germany #le1212
Launch of #Sineva intercontinental ballistic missile from submerged Verkhoturye submarine
Police used water-cannon at #le1212
Burning barricade at Leipzig #le1212
Clashes in Leipzig at #le1212
Anti-migrants rally
Burning barricades along the Karl-Liebknecht-Straße
#Armenia Parliament: We shall support exercise of #Karabakh’s right to #selfdetermination
Swiss confirm arrest of two suspects of Syrian origin in jihadist probe
Andriy Kuzmenko's ("Alfa" serviceman killed in #Kyiv while detaining Russian diversionists) funeral
Leipzig: burning trashbins at #le1212 demo
Pyrotechnics at clashes in Leipzig
Police clashed with protesters in Leipzig
Fire at Anti-migrants rally in Leipzig.
Curfew declared in Stakhanov after Dryomov murder
#Climatejustice rally starting near Eiffel Tower, 1h before #COP21 convenes to potentially agree on deal
Historic climate deal presented in Paris
#Poland democracy protest march ends outside Presidential palace, Warsaw. Officials say 20,000+ took part
"LNR" promising to punish killers of Dryomov
Planned UN climate accord a big blow to fossil fuels: Greenpeace
Spanish police arrest resident in north-African enclave of Ceuta onnsuspicion of recruiting for #ISIS.
Protest at Arthur-Hoffmann-Straße, Leipzig, Germany
Last night a boat of 350 arrived on Lesvos
Clashes of "antifa" with police in Leipzig
"Who does not jump is a duck" chants crowd on Warsaw democracy protest outside #Poland parliament. Fowl language
Families, young and old at #Warsaw rally against new govt interference with constitutional tribunal #Poland
Hungarian Justice Minister László Trócsányi meets his Polish counterpart, Zbigniew Ziobro this Monday in Budapest
Warsaw crowd chanting "Protect democracy" and "Andrzej Duda, you won't succeed", referring to Polish president
New Polish Railways head Kowalski is also an associate of Putin's tool Mateusz Piskorski and a former MP from the League of Polish Families.
Rally in Warsaw
#Redlines of #climatejustice being drawn across #Paris
All #Kremtrolls today promote tv show where "planted" ex-editor of EchoOfMoscow rubbishes Russian opposition; call her "Snowden in a skirt"
#ATO spokesperson: 1 KIA, 2 WIA in action within 24hrs
In Constitution day of Russia "NOD" pro-Putin thugs protesting against acting in RF "US Constitution"
Warsaw anti-govt protestors waving #EU and #Poland flags chanting "democracy"
It's rumor, not confirmed information, possible fake or hoax
Report: Pavel Dremov, one of leaders of militants was killed in car explosion
"Dear citizens, please leave the area". Constitution day in Moscow.
Hostage-taking at a supermarket in #Penvénan. 9 employees have been released but attackers still at large.
People near Kon'kovo metro station shut down the road against construction of hotel near by
Protests in Moscow in Constitution day. At least 20 detained already
In Moscow detained activists-participants of the pickets, arrested the leader of the Yabloko party
Hostage situation reported in a supermarket in #Penvenan, France
#Employees at #Carrefour #Market in #Penvenan, #France, #Attacked, taken as #Hostages by #Gunmen
Lithuania ceased rail links between Vilnius and Moscow
Heavy police presence on Constitution day in Moscow
The police say they have an order to write down the information about everyone who talks to lorry drivers.
#ClimateJusticePeace preparations at Place des Vosges
Russian Delta-IV class sub Verhoturye launched SLBM R-29RMU Sineva/ SS-N-23 Skiff from Barents sea
Francois #Hollande will join climate talks after draft deal is agreed
Tu-214R Reconnaissance flight in Southern Russia yesterday
NATO Opponents Plan Rally in Montenegro #Balkans
#MIA: Suspect in double murder in #Marinka detained in Odessa
Almost 50 attack on Ukrainian positions last night
Final draft of Paris climate agreement is ready and will be presented at 5:30a ET
Security Council resolution renews authorization of EU-led Multinational Stabilization Force in #Bosnia for a year
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