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21 กันยายน 2018

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Moldova 2nd round of president elections: votes almost counted
99.1% of voters in Gagauzia voted in favor for Igor Dodon
European Union foreign ministers gather to discuss the impact of Donald Trump’s election on trans-Atlantic ties
First results coming in. Dodon leading in front of Sandu by 15 points
Votes counted in Bucharest: Maia Sandu: 2.907 votes, Igor Dodon: 83 votes. #Moldova elections.
Kiselev says Trump would be acting in character if he pardoned Clinton: "He's always made sure that blondes have left him feeling satisfied"
Moldova's embassy in Moscow has already counted the votes minutes after 9PM: Igor Dodon - 2.670 votes. Maia Sandu - 323 votes
LGen Paul Wynnyk: Met with our @CanadianArmy personnel deployed in Ukraine this evening. We are proud of their service
Polling places in Moldova closed! Both Dodon and Sandu have criticised authorities for poor management of elections
Transnistria chief Shevchuk met with Patriarch Kirill
Bulgaria PM quits after his presidential nominee loses vote
Moldova elections - Maia Sandu demands resignation of the CEC chair and foreign minister for poor organization of the Diaspora vote
Exit polls say Radev wins at Bulgaria president elections
Rumen Radev, who favours stronger ties with Russia, wins Bulgaria presidential election with 58.1% of votes in run-off: unofficial results
9 PM. Polling places now closing. Massive turnout rate this time around in Moldova.
France marks Paris attacks anniversary with somber silence, reopening of Bataclan concert hall
[email protected]_Farage: 2016 Is the Year of Political Revolution
Rumen Radev, pro-Russian socialist-backed candidate wins Bulgaria's Presidential election - exit poll 58,5% - Radev. 35,7% - Tsacheva
Nigel Farage on Trump meeting: "He was relaxed and full of ideas"
[email protected]: "Hungary reduced the number of refugees coming in by 99% in one day simply by building an effective fence and policing it."
France marks Paris attacks anniversary with somber silence
Rainbow H Cargo Ship from Reni, Ukraine in Tartus, Syria
TASS: Tu-95 and Tu-160 in Engels are on combat alert, are being prepared to attack targets with bombs and cruise missiles
Irina Vlah: I'm sure tomorrow Moldova will have a statesman the President
Coming soon to supermarket shelves: Veggies grown in an underground London air raid shelter
Vlad Plahotniuc: "I voted against demagoguery, against populism"
Nigel Farage and Donald Trump have a "very productive" meeting at Trump Tower
French President @fhollande visits site of ParisAttacks on anniversary, pays respect to victims.
#Holodomor Commemoration Service at St.Patrick Cathedral in New York
High turnout in Moldova: Over a million have voted in the presidential elections by 2 PM
School classes canceled in Ivano-Frankovsk region cause of snow storm
Pro-EU candidate @sandumaiamd voted for “for those who believe in corectness, in truth, in honest work”
Homeless have VIP seats for Pope's mass in St. Peter's
EU foreign ministers to gather to grapple with Trump impact
Moldova: Reports of massive voting of citizens who living in occupied Transnistria
Almost 25% of Moldovans have already voted
Maya Sandu voted at president elections in Chisinau
Pro-Russian candidate Igor Dodon is now casting vote at his poling station
Moldova elections: Queue at polling station in Moscow
Large queues at polling stations in Varniţa, Moldova
NATO secretary Stoltenberg urges US not to deepen differences,says "going it alone isn't an option" for both,EU and US
Morning from the Argos where 797 people look to the future for the 1st time in months. They've survived the sea so nothing is impossible.
Moldova, 2nd round of presidential elections. Turnout at 11 am
Moldova elections: observer at Step-Soci, Moldova was beaten
Tomsk: fire at building where Gazpromneft-East located
Elections bus at Chisinau
275 locations/villages are without power after snowstorm in Western Ukraine
2x CanF CP140s, FAF Atlantique and US Navy 2x P8s Poseidon from RAF Lossiemouth are involved in the milops to search RuNavy submarines
ATO HQ reporting 64 ceasefire violations at Donbas yesterday
Pope Francis pushes for inclusion in race, class, religion
This year, Switzerland hosted the first ever Cybathlon - a competition linking man and machine.
[email protected]_Farage: "What we have to do is follow the example given to us over thirty years ago by Reagan and Thatcher."
Dutch police officer beaten with a bike chain by PKK supporters protesting arrest of HDP
One Right Sector fighter KIA near Debaltseve today.
Reopening of Bataclan Paris: minute of silence in honor to the 90 people killed. Sting: "We won't forget them"
Putin spokesman: Trump could build confidence with Russia by persuading NATO pull back forces from Russia's borders
Demonstrators protest US President Donald Trump in Berlin in Germany
March of Football Ultras from all Ukraine in Odesa yesterday
[email protected]_Farage: U.S. and U.K. Relations Will Improve Under President Trump
Heavy clashes East to Mariupol continue (5pm)
CO of "Adm. Kuznetsov", "Petr Velikiy" interviewed, nothing new; some ship posits false (e.g., "Muru" was never that far south)
Heavy artillery East to Mariupol
Donetsk: Butovka - Spartak - Pisky - it has started, heavy ka-booms.
Advertising on Highway "Enough. Need to act. November 15"
10 suspected ISIS members planning attacks arrested in Moscow and Saint Petersburg in Russia
Stockholm today- thousands demonstrate against Nazis
2 Ukrainian soldiers killed, 2 wounded yesterday in clashes at Donbas
2 Ukrainian soldiers killed, 2 wounded yesterday in clashes at Donbas
Mural to "Motorola" was vandalized in Belgrade
Relatives of arrested "Ukrainian saboteur" can't find him in jail in Crimea.
FSB detained suspected terrorists in Moscow and St.Petersburg
Ukrainian report on Facebook: "someone" shelled Russian positions hard twice after they hit our positions
Polish nationalists at march yesterday burnt Ukrainian flag
Ex-U.S. ambassador to Moscow @McFaul says banned from entering Russia
Fitch Upgrades Ukraine to 'B-'; Outlook Stable
Sting to reopen Paris concert hall one year after terror attacks
One year later, Paris continues to reel from deadly terrorist attack:
1 civilian killed in Bryanka
The Russian government says it maintained contact with representatives from Trump and Clinton's campaigns
The new Chernobyl sarcophagus will begin to be moved into place today.
The new Chernobyl sarcophagus will begin to be moved into place today.
1 civilian killed as result of shelling on Tonen'ke, Yasinuvata district
ATO HQ reporting 36 ceasefire violations yesterday
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