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22 กันยายน 2018

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Thousands of people forced to work in labor camps in the Russia-occupied East Ukraine - Deutschlandfunk
President of Moldova Dodon met President Lukashenko
Table for four. The American and French First Couples arrive for dinner at the Jules Verne in the Eiffel Tower.
Trump on Russia sanctions
@POTUS says next time he meets Putin he'll ask him who he was really for in Election 2016.
Excerpt talking about inviting Putin to the White House.
Trump on confronting Putin at G20Summit about Russia interference in Election 2016
Nice table setting for tonight's pres dinner at the Jules Verne in the Eiffel Tower.
NATO says Russia's planned military exercises risk accidents that could trigger a crisis
Near the Russian Consulate in Kharkiv protesters demanded the release of Sentsov
Clashes are reported near Maryinka
Said to be Ukrainian YPG fighter with ISIS fighters who YPG caught during battle
#HmsDuncan of @RoyalNavy at Bosphorus for @nato @SNMG_2 exercise
"She's in such good physical shape," says @POTUS complimenting wife of @EmmanuelMacron. "Beautiful."
The Trumps and Macrons will be dining at the Jules Verne in the Eiffel Tower.
Macron on Russia: "In the current environment, especially in the Middle East, it's a necessity to work together, to exchange information"
Pres Macron offers a pat on the back as he walks Pres Trump to the limo. A military band sounds a fanfare. Dinner out later.
Veselnitskaya was granted limited "special immigration parole" by Lynch to defend a Russian businessman
Asked about their fancy dinner out tonight at the Eiffel Tower, both leaders said it would be "a dinner between friends."
No mention made by either leader of the death of Nobel Peace Laureat Liu Xiaobo in Chinese custody today. And now news conference is over.
China "is a key partner to build peace all around the world," says @EmmanuelMacron responding to question from Chinese reporter.
Macron says next question should go to an American jounralist, as Trump makes the call. Trump doesn't call on American journalist.
Pres Trump calls Paris a beautiful city; feels it will be peaceful and beautiful "and I'm coming back." Macron says "you're always welcome.
Reporter asks about Trump's friend, “Jim,” who says Paris is no longer Paris — and who may or may not exist. Still no confirmation from Trump.
"We have a common red line with President Trump" says @EmmanuelMacron on no use whatsoever of chemical weapons.
Asked about past criticism of France, Pres Trump says "it’s gonna be just fine because you have a great president."
@EmmanuelMacron: "We now have a new approach on Syria because we want results" to get to the one goal of eradicating terrorism.
"You have a great leader now," says @POTUS of @EmmanuelMacron when asked about his previous critical comments on Paris.
“You better do a good job,” Trump tells Macron about keeping Paris safe. “Otherwise you’re going to make me look very bad."
[email protected]: "You're going to have a very, very peaceful and beautiful Paris."
In response to question, Pres Trump says "zero happened from the meeting." And thinks the press has "made a big deal out of it."
@EmmanuelMacron: "Important both of us have direct contact and discussions with President Putin."
“I think from a practical standpoint most people would have taken that meeting. It’s called opposition research.” — President Trump
"Most people would have taken that meeting," adds @POTUS calling "politics not the nicest business in the world."
"He took a meeting with a Russian lawyer, not a government lawyer. It was a short meeting," says @POTUS of @DonaldJTrumpJr.
“My son is a wonderful young man. He took a meeting with a Russian lawyer. Not a government lawyer, a Russian lawyer.” — President Trump
[email protected]: "Something could happen with respect to the Paris Accord, we'll see what happens."
Trump: “France helped us secure our independence. A lot of people forget.”
Trump: “Something could happen with the Paris Accord. We’ll see what happens. If it happens it’ll be wonderful. If it doesn’t that’s ok too”
@EmmanuelMacron: "We've been able to build a strong relationship."
[email protected] says Chinese authorities repeatedly denied Liu Xiaobo his choice of overseas medical treatment, says 'this was wrong'
"There's a joint willingness to continue to talk about this," adds @EmmanuelMacron.
"We have a number of disagreements" on climatechange, says @EmmanuelMacron but won't affect all other topics where views are shared.
[email protected]: "May God bless France and may God bless America."
Pres Trump applauds Pres Macron's policy of "less bureaucracy." "We can use that too," says @POTUS.
@POTUS: "Our brave soldiers will march side by side" tomorrow on #BastilleDay
President Trump: "Today President Macron and myself discussed how we can strengthen our vital security partnerships."
"We live in a very complex world. We have to respect it," says @POTUS.
"We did not become great through regulation," says @POTUS praising @EmmanuelMacron pursuit of less bureaucracy.
[email protected]: "France is America's first and oldest ally."
Discussed today strengthening "our vital security partnerships," says @POTUS.
US President Trump thanks French President Macron, saying he is “honored to be here in your beautiful country”
"France is America's first and oldest ally. A lot of people don't know that," says @POTUS.
Macron on climate change and Trump: "It is important that we continue to talk about it"
On climate policy: Macron acknowledges differences: France committed to Paris Agreement and Pres Trump will pursue his campaign promises.
@EmmanuelMacron: "The United States is extremely involved in the Iraq War" and "I am fully determined to act with him in this respect."
French President Macron says he and US President Trump have been able to talk about topics of shared interest
Pres Macron says he and Pres Trump discussed trade matters; also working together to "eradicate" terrorism; also Iraq and Syria policies.
"We also share the same intention regarding Libya," adds @EmmanuelMacron.
"We are strongly determined to take any necessary measures to root out terrorism no matter where," says @EmmanuelMacron.
"The presence of President Trumpis an excellent thing for the history of both our countries," says @EmmanuelMacron of BastilleDay
EU strongly condemns threats against journalists and media freedom in BiH
UK’s Queen Elizabeth opens new Scotland Yard
[email protected] and France's Macron hold joint news conference at Élysée palace in Paris
Mme Macron and Mrs Trump back ashore after boat ride on the Seine.
Donald Trump, on Russian TV, had effusive praise for Emin Agalarov about 10 months before presidential campaign
After their one on one, Presidents Trump and Macron joint their delegations for more talks.
Verkhovna Rada has voted to allow arrest of Mykhaylo Dobkin
Presidents Trump and Macron to hold joint news conference 1235pm/ET in the garden of the Elysee Palace.
Georgia's Prime Minister: Russia is continuing to strengthen the "line of occupation"
Moscow court sentences 5 men for Nemtsov's murder
General Prosecutor Lutsenko is asking to strip parliament immunity of MP M. Dobkin
Nice high-shot of Presidents Trump and Macron inspecting the honor guard earlier in the courtyard of Les Invalides
[email protected] visited a pediatric hospital in Paris and met with some of the hospital's young patients.
US M1 Abrams and other military vehicles spotted in Hungary today
Pres Trump's limo makes its way into Les Invalides courtyard for formal arrival ceremony.
A bridge under construction in the city of Ludvika north west of Stockholm, Sweden has collapsed, 12 people injured including 4 critically
[email protected]: Melania and I were thrilled to join the dedicated men and women of the @USEmbassyFrance, members of the U.S. Military and their families.
The voluntary exchanges on exercises don’t substitute for the mandatory transparency required under the Vienna Document - @jensstoltenberg
Russia briefed on the upcoming ZAPAD 2017 exercise and NATO briefed on Exercise Trident Javelin 2017 - @jensstoltenberg
Minsk Agreements provide the best chance of a solution to the conflict. They need to be
On Ukraine, NATO Allies and Russia continue to have fundamental disagreements - @jensstoltenberg
We had a frank and constructive discussion in the NRC on Ukraine, Afghanistan, and transparency and risk reduction - @jensstoltenberg
Bosnia was the only country at TriesteSummit that did not sign the treaty due to intentional blockade from RS.
President: I hope that the next Ukraine – EU Summits will be held in Donetsk and Yalta
Egypt, France launch joint naval exercise Cleopatra
There was conversation on range of issues between two leaders at Hamburg, diplomatic channels remain available to both sides: Indian MEA on India-China
Turkey to take measures against Greek Cypriot oil or gas exploration: FM.
The UK Government's Repeal Bill will "maximise continuity" on the day of UK's departure from the EU "where it is practical and sensible"
The UK Government has published its Repeal Bill which will repeal the 1972 European Communities Act and incorporate EU law into UK law
EU takes Poland to court over logging of ancient Bialowieza Forest, @UNESCO World Heritage site
"Please remember that London is a European resource" - the message of Jeremy Browne, City of London's representative to the EU, on Brexit
"London will remain dominant financial center of Europe," says Jeremy Browne, City of London's representative to EU, on Brexit
Ukraine-EU summit
[email protected]: Just landed in Paris, France with @FLOTUS Melania.
EU-Ukraine summit is about to begin
Rally near Verkhovna Rada - protesters are throwing smoke grenades
Near the Verkhovna Rada the participants of the rally threw a few firecrackers under the car with garbage
Avdiivka: bullet hit this morning
UK will not a pay penny more than necessary for EU exit bill - Brexit minister
Russia's borderization continues in Georgia as Russian troops put up more "border" signs in Avlevi municipality
President Donald Trump arrives in Paris for Bastille Day celebrations, talks on counterterrorism and defense
Protest near Verkhovna Rada this morning
The Egyptian Navy is using the American air defense system short-term Avenger n aboard the helicopter carrier (Mistral)
30 attacks on Ukrainian positions yesterday, 1 soldier was killed, 1 was wounded
BreitbartNews: Gorka: Clinton Campaign Sent Operatives to Ukraine Embassy to Influence Election
[email protected]: Getting rdy to leave for France @ the invitation of President Macron to celebrate & honor Bastille Day and 100yrs since U.S. entry into WWI.
WH on whether or not Trump would veto the Russia sanctions bill: “Right now, we haven’t made a determination”
"Why would he want me?" asks Pres Trump about Putin. "Because from day one, I wanted a strong military. He doesn't want to see that."
The conclusion of the joint Egyptian - French co - operation Cleopatra 2017
Trump tells Pat Robertson Syrian cease-fire has held: "That's because President Putin and President Trump made the deal, and it held."
Trump says Putin wanted Hillary to win because Trump is big on the military and energy and Hillary wanted windmills
Putin would have been happier with @HillaryClinton in the @WhiteHouse, @realDonaldTrump tells @700club.
Andy Murray, Novak Djokovic Eliminated From Wimbledon.
Russia pop star Emin involved in email story released a music video featuring Trump before he was president.
Malta votes to allow same-sex marriage
Romanian prosecutors close fraud case against former PM Ponta
Christopher Wray: "I think Russia is a foreign nation that we have to deal with very warily."
ISIS supporters urging for attacks amid its Mosul loss, most recently on Utrecht Netherlands football stadium
On Russia investigation, "I'm very committed to supporting Dir. Mueller in the special counsel investigation" per @FBI dir. nominee Wray
Metropolitan Police says one of the victims who died in the Grenfell Tower fire has been formally identified as 22-year-old Zainab Deen
Bajrang Dal and Vishva Hindu Parishad protest
Hungary to take down controversial Soros posters ahead of Netanyahu visit
A Kremlin spokesman says Moscow is "running out of patience" in its dispute over two diplomatic properties seized by the US in late 2016.
#SeaBreeze is underway in Ukraine - U.S. Navy Spec Warfare Operators and Ukrainian SOF Ready Forces are conducting airborne ops at Ochakiv
Agra (UP): Bajrang Dal and Vishva Hindu Parishad (VHP) protest against Amarnath militant attack brandishing weapons (pistol, rifle and swords)
OSCE SMM monitoring and facilitating pays off – power lines now working in Mykhailivka-Almazna; 150,000 people have electricity restored
Arrival of Angela Merkel in Trieste. Trilateral meeting with Gentiloni and @EmmanuelMacron ahead of WB6 summit
Abkhazia: 2 families from Moscow were taken hostages. 1 man killed, name is Andrey Kabanov
US Embassy in Kyiv: $25 mil in US Security Assistance to Ukraine this month, including Harris Radios for secure communications
Romania could purchase 7 Patriot PAC-3 air defense missile systems from USA
President of the Philippines Duterte: PH will keep seeking military aid from China and Russia
President of the Philippines Duterte: PH will keep seeking military aid from China and Russia
"CyberBerkut" group is back with "Clinton - Ukraine" ties connection
Hearing at Ukraine Parliament on @CPJ_Eurasia @ChristopherJM report on #WhoKilledSheremet just started
Delhi: CISF intercepted 2 Uzbek nationals with fake tickets at Indira Gandhi International Airport; handed over to police, case registered
Massive fire breaks out at Kirov Plant in St. Petersburg
MEP @CharlesTannock: Azerbaijan should agree to install @OSCE investigative mechanism in Nagorno Karabakh
Peskov: Russia will not stay calm about seizure of diplomatic property in the US without responsive measures for a long time.
The Kremlin denies reaching out to a property developer to arrange a meeting with Donald Trump Jr. during US campaign
Very strong language by EU chief Brexit negotiator @MichelBarnier: no future relationship without trust and UK recognizing financial obligation
Kommersant FM 93.6: There is no evidence of Russian interference in the US presidential elections - Lavrov.
The Russian Duma in the second reading adopted the procedure for the renunciation of Ukrainian citizenship
V-22 Osprey in Odesa for Sea Breeze 2017
[email protected] to hold a press point tomorrow following the NATO-Russia Council
ATO spox: Over the previous day of hostilities, UAF incurred no combat fatalities, 1 serviceman was WIA
Ukrainian soldier was badly wounded this morning at Zaytseve, succumbed from his wounds in hospital
Rada ratified the Agreement between Ukraine and the Police office of EU
Giant Antarctic iceberg breaks free of Larsen C ice shelf: 5,800 sq km iceberg = London X 4 / New York X 7/ Luxembourg X 2
TASS: Medvedev notes the special role of journalists in conditions of "dirty information technologies."
Kirov plant in St. Petersburg is on fire
St. Petersburg's Khlopin Institute denies radiation leak.
Sisi committed to uncovering circumstances of Regeni
Hungary's anti-Soros posters recall 'Europe's darkest hours': Soros' spokesman
Sheremet Criminal case is frozen – the Committee of journalists protection
Committee to Protect Journalists: hard to get even basic procedural info on probe into unsolved murder of journalist P. Sheremet in Ukraine
U2 just landed for @airtattoo
Early morning arrival, the USAF B-52H into Fairford
Ukrainian Naval Forces Mi-14PL helo flies past Chernomorsk beach #SeaBreeze2017
RUAF strategic bombers airborne: at least 3 planes noted
Arleigh Burke-class guided-missile destroyer #USSCarney moored in Odesa, Ukraine, during exercise Sea Breeze 2017, July 10
ATO HQ: 21 attacks on Ukrainian positions yesterday. 1 soldier was wounded
Dodon: For Moldova, it would be right to become a member of Eurasian Economical Union, but it will be decided by the people. We will have a referendum at the right time
Meeting between foreign ministers of Armenia and Azerbaijan will be held in September in New York on the sidelines of UN General Assembly
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