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26 กันยายน 2018

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Paris, TX.: Police officers arrested 16 people while answering 381 calls for service
Chalmette: woman fatally shot her husband before killing herself the St. Bernard Parish
Police: 20 of 43 detained at blockade were freed
Police detain Bosnian terror suspect in St. Pölten, Austria, linked to group of four men and one teenager arrested last week
USAF WC135C Constant Phoenix nuke sniffer - Last position logged passing over Israel at 31,000ft
Russia appears to have deployed special forces to an airbase in western Egypt near the border with Libya in recent days, U.S., Egyptian and diplomatic sources say
All detained in Donetsk region activists were freed after "questioning"
Convoys of Russian military near Ukrainian border in Rostov region
[email protected]: Dutch election iWednesday. Here are 1392 documents from WikiLeaks archives referencing right-populist Geert Wilders
Protests in Chernivtsi and Vinnitsa, burning tires in support of occupied territories blockade
UK parliament approves final Brexit bill without amendments, allowing the prime minister to trigger Article 50
2nd Il-76 transport from Pskov to Marynovka to Dzhankoi
"Europe has not kept promises on migrant deal, for us, that agreement has ended": Turkish Deputy PM
Azov guarding wall at Sberbank branch in Kyiv
RuAF Il-76 transport from Marinovka to Dzhankoy
Austrian Chancellor Kern says; If a Turkish minister wanted to come to Austria to campaign for the referendum We would try to prohibit this
Spanish President to visit Brazil on 24-25 April. Get to know more
Stun-grenades, tear gas used as riots breaks out in Athens, Greece.
Turkey says Dutch ambassador can't return, will advise parliament to withdraw from Dutch-Turkish friendship group
Turkey halts all high-level political discussions with the Netherlands
Deputy PM Kurtulmuş: Council of Ministers has decided to bar the Dutch ambassador from returning to Turkey
Greece: Clashes in Athens after cops attack protest in solidarity with evicted #squatsGR
Moment when Dutch DSI Units disarmed the Bodyguards of Turkey Minister Kaya in Rotterdam Netherlands
Activists protesting at Volyn Region state administration
Rally at Presidential Administration, protesters chanting "Shame!"
National Guard blocked access to Presidential administration
Clashes near Olenivka, Dokuchaevsk
Rally in support of "Donbass blockade" is going from Maidan Nezalezhnosti to Presidential Administration of Ukraine
Syrian Turkmens message to Netherlands: (Eng-Sub)
Police operation in Toretsk - only local citizens allowed
Merkel says Erdogan comments 'absurd': spokesman
RC-135W Heading down the east coast, returning to RAF Mildenhall
Kharkiv activists asks President @poroshenko not to use force against blockade
British MPs approve bill to trigger Brexit
RUAF Su-34s from Voronezh deployed to Besovets, Petrozavodsk.
Activists are gathering now in Kharkiv to join Donbass blockade
Erdogan accuses Merkel of 'supporting terrorists'
Turkish President Erdoğan on Turkish TV addresses German chancellor Merkel, following support for Netherlands: Shame on you
Photos: weapons seized by National Guard and SBU
[email protected]: Wonder why most US journalists are toothless? Look at the beliefs of those training them #CIA #Vault7
Merkel Cancels Meeting With Trump, Snowstorm Cited -Spokesman
[email protected]: RT @tedlieu: @BradMossEsq Section 702 of FISA allows IC to capture info on US citizens w/o a warrant & have that used in court. We need to…
[email protected]: RT @Snowden: As a DNI analyst at NTOC-H, I often read internet traffic to or from the US; no warrant needed. @RandPaul is right:
SBU on crackdown on activists: Cause of increased terror threat in Donetsk region, to prevent attacks SBU detained armed group of 43 persons. 8 guns seized
Turkey's Erdogan slams Merkel for siding with Netherlands, accuses Germany of supporting terrorism
152mm artillery is active at Svitlodarsk
Turkish President Erdogan says will go to European Court of Human Rights over Netherlands dispute
Volunteer from Kyiv region was wounded in Avdiivka
Police today dispersed "blockade of Donbass" checkpoint
Jean Asselborn and FM Pavlo Klimkin visited Mariupol
US President Trumpand German Chancellor Merkel agreed to postpone their first meeting. It's now scheduled for Friday
Sean Spicer: President Trump and German Chancellor Angela Merkel's meeting has been rescheduled for March 17
[email protected]: Meeting with Germany Chancellor postponed until March 17, due to weather concerns.
Russia: 3000 soldiers and 700 pieces of hardware executed a march of 1000km to get to the Astrakhan Oblast, now at the Ashuluk range.
Geert Wilders, in TV debate ahead of Wednesday's elections, says the Netherlands leaving the EU "is the best thing that could happen to us"
[email protected]: Terrified talk in US national security circles that WikiLeaks is going to publish many CIA or NSA intercepts of Merkel tonight or tomorrow.
Russian military aircraft (MiG-31s/Su-24s) were urgently transferred to Western Siberia after a sudden check
The EU has stated that it does not recognize so-called elections, which held the separatists in Abkhazia
Large military convoy today on Kerch-Feodosia highway
Large military convoy today on  Kerch-Feodosia highway
Athens, Greece: Police evict 2 squats, 7 anarchists and over 100 refugees detained
Earlier today, Secretary Tillerson hosted Greece's Minister of Foreign Affairs Nikos Kotzias at @StateDept.
Norwegian journalist was attacked in Istanbul whom they mistook to be Dutch
Leader of the Labour Party Corbyn says he would not oppose a second Scottish independence referendum
Again shelling in Avdiivka
Syrian Turkmens message to Netherlands
Foreign Min. Kotzias satisfied with first meeting with US Secy of State Tillerson, had chance to present Greek views, his analysis on region
[email protected]: CIA advertises internships. Whistleblowing opportunity?
Theresa May, asked about a second Scottish referendum, says "politics is not a game"
UK will not let lawmakers tie May's hands in Brexit talks - spokesman
Two U.N. officials of U.S., Swedish nationality kidnapped in central Congo
EC president Donald Tusk has said he won't be able to testify at a district prosecutor's office in Warsaw
Reportedly 30 detained at "Kryvyi Torets" Donbas blockade checkpoint during police crackdown
Damage in Krasnohorivka after last night shelling
Avdiivka: heavy shelling at Butovka mine starting 4pm
Ukrainian Foreign Minister Klimkin says Yulia Samoilova, Russia's Eurovision entrant, should be treated like anyone else who entered Crimea.
As far as I know he resigned because Odisha results (zila parishad) weren't good: Brijesh Kalappa on AICC Gen Secy BK Hariprasad's resignation
Turkey threatens to review the refugee agreement with the European Union, Turkish EU minister reveals.
Dutch PM Rutte says nationalist Wilders could win election
Video: Fareed Zakaria explores why Putin is the most powerful man in the world
Turkey not trying to influence Dutch elections: Dutch PM
The Prime Minister of Netherlands Mark Rutte says we can't negotiate with Turkey under their threats.
Dutch PM Rutte: elections are quarter finals in fight against populists. Half finals in France. Finals in Germany
We will never negotiate under threats from the Turkish government - Dutch PM Rutte
Sweden edges up military spending, says more to come
Downing Street: A second Scottish independence referendum "would be divisive and cause huge economic uncertainty at the worst possible time"
Scotland independence vote would be 'divisive': Downing St
In the center of Kyiv activists barricaded the entrance with concrete blocks to Russia's Sberbank - 46, Vladimirskaya Str
NATO leaders will discuss in May how the Alliance is adapting to new security challenges, says SecGen
Russians attacking Avdiivka with GRAD
Russians attacking Avdiivka with GRAD
EU calls on Turkey to refrain from "excessive statements" following Nazi comments regarding Dutch
Military echelon in Krasnodar yesterday
Turkey will 'surely have sanctions' against the Netherlands: minister
NATO, European Union urge Turkey to de-escalate tensions amid diplomatic row with the Netherlands
NATO chief urges Turkey, allies to 'de-escalate' tensions
Scotland first minister Sturgeon says Scotland to seek new independence referendum in 2018 / 2019
[email protected]: "If there's any lesson learned from Afghanistan, it's that [NATO] should have started earlier to train local troops"
NATO is strong because it is able to adapt. When the world is changing, NATO is changing, says @jensstoltenberg
NATO chief says increased defence spending 'essential' to US ties
[email protected]: Burden sharing is not just about spending more, but spending better. We must invest in new capabilities
Scotland to make request for new independence referendum: Sturgeon
[email protected]: We reaffirmed pledge to invest more in defense. In 2016, 23 Allies increased defense expenditure in real terms
FSB detained two Crimean human rights defenders
UK government has not moved an inch towards compromise, Scotland has hit brick wall - Sturgeon
NATO SecGen @jensstoltenberg: "Cyber attacks are a global threat"
[email protected]: "cyber is a growing threat and NATO is making good progress" fighting ave 500 attacks/month, 60% up over 2015
[email protected] launches NATO annual report under what he calls greatest challenges in alliance history
NATO SecGen @jensstoltenberg presents 2016 Annual Report
British, Australian nationals jailed in Bali for murder of policeman
Col. Lysenko: Donetsk sector: Avdiivka and adjacent positions remain the hotspot. Enemy used mortars, tanks and even Grads
Kremlin spokesperson Peskov; We are tired of the continues allegations that U.S President Trump and his team may have connections to Russia
The "ex-President" of Abkhazia Ankvab wins the "parliamentary elections" in the first round
Ukrainian writer Zhadan says he is not allowed to go to ATO zone to perform at military unit, suspects cause of blockade
Rotterdam Mayor Ahmed Aboutaleb to Turkey in Saturday; "Those are not Turkish citizens, they are Dutch citizens living in the Netherlands"
Dutch warn citizens in Turkey to take care amid 'diplomatic tensions'
Turkey tells Netherlands in diplomatic notes that treatment of Turkish Minister is breach of Vienna Convention
Turkey summons Dutch charge d'affaires third time amid crisis with the Netherlands
"DNR group" declared Minsk contact line as "state border"
Chief of Russian National Guard declared snap battle readiness check
Russia launched a surprise inspection of troops at bases in Armenia and Abkhazia
German lawmakers call for withdrawal of Bundeswehr troops from Turkey
South Military district of Russia declared battle alert due to snap readiness check
82 attacks on Ukrainian positions yesterday, 5 Ukrainian soldiers were wounded
A spokesman for the Kremlin says "Russia is being demonized"
ATO HQ: GRADs again used against Avdiivka
Russia TV right now: "The whole history of mankind is the history of war! Let's rehearse in the Middle East!" (Applaus).
Russia TV right now: "We will deceive you in the West!" (Applaus).
Fighting in the area of Lohvynove-Kalynivka, heavy artillery works
Clashes at Svitlodarsk bulge
Anti-corruption march today in Bucharest
Clashes between Dokuchaevsk and Novotroitske
Total 46 detained in Belarus during "Social parasitism" marches - map
Police: in Kharkiv region foiled attempt to block railway connection by group of radicals
Kremlin Spokesman: Russia Impatient With Trump Administration
Turkey's Erdogan calls on international organisations to impose sanctions on the Netherlands
Turkey's Erdogan says Netherlands acting like a 'banana republic'
[email protected]_Farage: "Who in this world puts the interest of their next-door neighbor's family above the interest of theirs?"
German finance minister says row with Turkey makes economic aid difficult
[email protected]_Farage: "It might be better if people like Clinton and Blair stop moaning and recognize that the world has changed."
Stanytsia Luhanska: queue at the checkpoint today
Again several GRAD missiles launched from the area of Donetsk pass-by road
Rally of Turks in Amsterdam
Russia deploys more Italian-made Iveco LMV tactical vehicles to Syria.
Belarus TV now scaring protesters with "KGB", "consequences of Maidan"
Makiivka: MLRS GRAD outgoing fire near closed Ordzhonikidze mine
German minister links Essen security alert to Islamic State
Britain has a Brexit backup plan if talks fail, says minister
Makiivka: reports of surface-to-air missile launch
Denmark's PM asked Turkish counterpart @BA_Yildirim to postpone a planned visit due to tensions between Ankara and the Netherlands
Dutch PM: Turkish president must stop provocation, apologise for comments
Total 8 people were detained in Orsha, including journalists
Turkey will take steps against the Netherlands until it apologizes: minister
Turkey will take steps against the Netherlands until it apologizes: minister
Fillon's party apologises for anti-Semitic attack on French rival Macron
Putin spokesman: Clinton advisers met with Russian ambassador "lots" of times
Fire in Luhansk today
Nasta Piliuhina: I was released. Galina Abakunchik from @svaboda still in police
Retired Rogachev policeman: Protests around the country show that people have stopped being afraid.
Boris Johnson claims Russia was behind plot to assassinate PM of Montenegro as he warns of Putin's 'dirty tricks'
Ukraine Army Intelligence (GUR) warns Russia has send news crews to Donetsk and its vicinity.
Donbas blockade: riot police deployed at blockade checkpoint at Kupyansk
Russian Il-76 landing at Taganrog
Man who read "Donetsk Republic declaration" in April 2014 Vladimir Makovich died in Donetsk
Up to 500 people protesting in Rahachow, Gomel' region
Denmark postpones Turkey Prime Minister's visit to Copenhagen after Ankara's tensions with other European countries.
Small crowd, maybe 100 people, demonstrate peacefully in front of Dutch consulate in Istanbul. Netherlands flag up.
"The biggest rally in Rahachow ever" - many said
Dutch Foreign Ministry says Turkish authorities are responsible for safety of diplomats in Turkey
Dutch PM @markrutte says biggest problem is Turkish gov talking about Turkish citizens in Netherlands. "They are Dutch citizens," he says
The mayor of Maladzyechna went to protesters - was booed
Belsat journalists was detained at the entrance to Rogachev
Çavuşoğlu‏: Replied questions of the media in Metz. We underline once again: An apology from the Netherlands is not enough.
As a result of an artillery strike on the strongpoint of the armed forces of Armenia, the enemy has lost up to 5 servicemen
Activist and several journalists were detained in Orsha
President Erdoğan says those who attack my citizens with dogs in the Netherlands will pay the price
Azerbaijan defense minister says armed forces destroyed enemy checkpoint
Police raid in Offenburg, Germany. Possible attack on Night club prevented
People gathering in Orsha despite random detention by police across city
People gathering in Orsha despite random detention by police across city
Up to 700 people in Babruisk, in chants now demanding resignation of government and Lukashenko
People gathered in Brest, though action was not planned. Police on the site
In Babrujsk, Belarus, hundreds join protest today against "social vagabond" tax and poor economic conditions
Police of Luhansk region is on high alert cause of information of possible terror attacks
No water and no electricity in Avdiivka after attacks
Chemical plant "TolyattiAzot" is on fire in Tolyatti
Polish memorial in Pidkamin' of L'viv region was vandalized
Fire at Tolyatti chemical plant still not contained
40 detained in riots in Batumi
Protest in Orsha, Viterbsk region
Damage in Avdiivka after yesterdays shelling
Damage at Oktyabrska street 60b in Maryinka this morning
Heavy police presence continues this morning before blocked Dutch consulate in Istanbul, Turkey.
75 attacks on Ukrainian positions yesterday, 2 soldiers killed in clashes with Russian scout group
[email protected]: WSJ: Authorities questioning contractors over CIA leaks
[email protected]: IETF releases statement on CIA leaks #Vault7
Sporadic clashes now all around Turkey Consulate compound, Rotterdam, Netherlands
Dutch police use water cannon, horses to break up Turkish rally
Rotterdam: water-cannon in action near Turkish consulate
Clashes between protesters and police in Rotterdam
Turkish Minister confirms in tweet that Dutch police are escorting her out to German border near Nijmegen
Rotterdam: Water cannon arrived
Tense situation near Turkish Consulate in Rotterdam
Dutch Police helicopter following the Turkish Minister of Families as she is driven to the German border
First reports of clashes of protesters with police near Turkish consulate in Rotterdam
[email protected]: CIA virus creation rules show obsession with avoiding US attribution for its attacks and evading forensic analysis
Police convoy carrying detained Turkish minister leaves scene near consulate
Turkey's family affairs minister emerges from armored vehicle, is taken to another vehicle by police officers
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