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18 กรกฎาคม 2018

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Russian tanks in Zelene near Illovaysk
Heavy explosions in area of Krasnohorivka - Mar'inka
#Avdiivka: Heavy salvos
PKK Supporters attacked Turkish association in Sweden
#Sweden Söderhamn: 1 was killed in asylum accommodation 3 were injured
Turkish #TK271 to Chișinău got to Moldova but has returned to Istanbul (@OsmanlicaAdam) - @NewsHazbail
Russian media watchdog restricted access to Ukrainian news website "Ukrainska pravda"
5.0 earthquake, 17km ENE of Novyy Uoyan, Russia. 2016-02-14 04:31:47 at epicenter (26m ago, depth 22km).
Shelling at Krasnohorivka-Mar'inka
Four million barrels of Iranian oil are destined for Europe in the coming 24 hours
Head of #Ukraine Greek Catholic Church Svyatoslav on statement of #PopeFrancis and Kirill: "People feel betrayed by Vatican".
Rally in Moscow in support of church construction. "More churches - less gays"
"Troya" militants show video as one of DNR commanders lashes to death civilian
Pro-#Putin rallies in Munich end up just the same as in #Russia
Lavrov says Syria ceasefire more likely to fail than succeed
Russian militants damaged a car with a tank at Ternove
In Tula died 85 y.o. creator of MLRS Grad, Smerch, Uragan Genadiy Denezhkin
300 demonstrators walked through #Sofia today to protest against the far-right Lukov march
Battle heard in all districts of Horlivka. Smoke over Shiroke
#Donetsk: Pisky, Opytne, Donetsk airport - shooting and mortars
#AdriaticBalticBlackSea Initiative informal meeting at the #MSC2016
In Odessa SBU detained patrol policewoman who trading meth
#MSC2016 conversation of minister #Waszczykowski with President of @AtlanticCouncil
In Donetsk region SBU found another cache of weapons
Workers at Russia's tank maker "Uralvagonzavod" on strike
Workers at Russia's tank maker Uralvagonzavod on strike
Russian propaganda agency Sputnik opens Latvian version
‘In 2015 we had 600,000 migrants pass through Serbia’
Several big malls are evacuated in Moscow cause of bomb threat
New cruise missile ship "Zelenyi Dol" leaves for Syria from occupied Sevastopol
New cruise missile ship Zelenyi Dol leaves for Syria from occupied Sevastopol
Rally in Kharkiv
Tomorrow @JohnKerry will visit Albania. 1548 police officers will make sure he will stay safe.
Syrians protest against the Russian/Assad air attacks on #Aleppo in front of the French MFA #Paris.
#MSF doctors treating 12 incidents of violence per week #calais #jungle including on people as young as 12
Saakashvili: Looking forward to the next Atlantic Council report #PutinAtWar, @MaksCzuperski is preparing
Kafranbel, Idlib: Saudia and Turkey Keep Talking while Putin is Destroying Syria
Warship "Zeleny Dol" with "Caliber" went to the Mediterranean
Began negotiations Poroshenko with U.S. Secretary of state Kerry
Lavrov gave follow-up to Medvedev's speech - relations btw Russia and West are lower than during Cold War. #MSC2016
In downtown Munich, just steps away from #MSC2016 venue, protestors gather for main demonstration against conference
Russia sanctions stay in force until Ukraine agreement implemented: Kerry
ATO spox: #Russia troops conduct military drills near Shyrokyne and in Crimea, training for deployment from the sea
ATO spox: SBU detained 2 “DPR” militants. 1 “LPR” militants voluntarily agreed to cooperate with #Ukraine law enforcement
ATO spox: #Russia supplies arms to its proxies: 200 tons of ammo to heavy artillery, fuel, weapons to Ilovaisk, Luhansk, Hartsyzk
ATO spox: Ukrainian Armed Forces didn’t incur casualties, 2 servicemen wounded in action in last 24 hours
Dialogue with Russia should continue. After it withdraws its troops from Ukraine and stop bombing Aleppo - Poroshenko
Poroshenko running down the list of things Russia hasn't done. Sanctions are not punishment, but instrument to keep Russia at table #MSC2016
The President of Poland in #Munich: However, the issue of security in the East, in the Russian policy towards Ukraine, it seems that the most important thing.
"I share @poroshenko's words that Russia wants to split EU" - @MartinSchulz
Lavrov stressed the necessity of constitutional reform in Ukraine
Poroshenko: Mr Putin this is not a civil war in Ukraine, this is your aggression!"
#Ukraine president @poroshenko: "The greatest danger for Europeans is an alternative #Europe with alternative values" #MSC2016
@poroshenko "hundreds of Ukrainians gave their lives just to live in #Europe. Just for that." #europeanvalues #MSC2016
Finish Pres Niinisto: We should work hard to find lowest common denominator, because Russia is there - from Syria to Arctic. Always #MSC2016
Lithuanian president Grybauskaitė sees "different civilizations", "we are not able to understand each other" with Russia #MSC2016
Poroshenko participates in the Munich security conference #MSC2016
Athens: Protest against planned social security reform and pension cuts about to head to Syntagma in solidarity with farmers
At the talks in the Normandy format for the first time raised the issue of the Crimea
Russian activists @CITeam_ru: Russian artillery support the offensive of Assad on the ground
President @AndrzejDuda attends the @MunSecConf to discuss #EU and #NATO security ahead of @NATOsummits in #Warsaw
Other 2 new Su-30SMs on their route to Millerovo (31 fighter regiment, Rostov region)
RUS PM Medvedev at #MSC2016: "sanctions against RUS make no sense, lead nowhere. RUS committed to Minsk agreement!"
#MSC16 #Russia PM #Medvedev emphasises damage of sanctions to #EU (and Russia) and #Kiev 's non implementation of #Minsk (autonomy, amnesty)
Before Lavrov left Klimkin showed satellite pics of new tanks coming to Ukraine for offensive
Medvedev describes Ukraine, Moldova, Balkans as all "on the brink": threat to EU and Russia alike, also Libya, refugees, terrorism #MSC2016
Are we in 2016 or 1962 asks Prime Minister of #Russia Medvedev at #MSC2016
#Medvedev: trade megablocs threaten the universal character of trade rules #MSC2016
Moldova Appeal Court frees activist Anatol Mătăsaru from preventive arrest
Russian PM Medvedev at #MSC2016: "NATO policy against Russia unfriendly, we are sliding back to the cold war"
Munich - French PM Valls says Russian bombing of civilians in #Syria must stop
Another 'major attack' in Europe 'is a certainty': French PM
Medwedew emphasizes crises in Europa: no economic growth , refugee crisis, "civil war in Ukraine" #MSC2016
FM #Steinmeier after Normandy meeting on #Ukraine: Can't wait forever for implementation of #Minsk. We must persist in our efforts!
French PM on Syria. "We need to organize a real ceasefire." Latest agreement must be followed by action. #MSC2016
Stoltenberg strong line on Russia. Will strengthen deterrence. Won't be intimidated by nuclear exercises. Borders will be protected #MSC2016
#Italian FM says #referendum is #Kurdish decision, keep in mind regional stability
Outgoing fire from Petrovka district of #Donetsk
Lavrov, #NATO chief @jensstoltenberg agree to consider reconvening NATO-#Russia Council, suspended after #Crimea annexation.
"For NATO, circumstances under which nukes might be contemplated remote. But no one can think they can be used conventional conflict" - NATO SG #MSC2016
NATO'S @jensstoltenberg says alliance "doesn't want a new Cold War" with Russia #MSC2016
#MSC2016 NATO SecGen @jensstoltenberg choses to focus his speech on Russia, with South+new NATO op to be discussed in Q+A @MunSecConf
#NATO SG @jensstolenberg delivers a keynote speech at the Munich Security Conference: @MunSecConf #MSC16
Lavrov without comments left Normandy talks in 30 minutes
German FM: #MSC2016 is usually about external crises, but now internal crises are inextricably linked.
The Sound of War, in Pisky, Donetsk Oblast
The Sound of War, in Pisky, Donetsk Oblast
Early bird at #MSC2016: Normandy meeting w/ #Germany #France #Russia and #Ukraine this morning at Bayrischer Hof.
Ukrainian schoolboy created "social network for Novorosiya army" and gathered more 2000 profiles of Russian terrorists. Handed data to "Myrotvorets"
RUAF strategic air force sw net up with voice traffic and W marker. Tu95/160 activity continues.
In Munich started the "Norman meeting" at the Ministerial level
Russian artillery near Debaltseve
Russian border guard open fire on "smugglers" on Ukrainian border in Rostov region
Russian militants in Novoazovs'k on 21 Jan
Evening demonstration in #Arbin in the eastern #Damascus suburbs demanding unity of the factions #Syria
Evening demonstration in Arbin in the eastern Damascus suburbs demanding unity of the factions Syria
We should hold national referendum and join NATO, - Ukraine’s first President Kravchuk
Trenches at kinder-garden in occupied part of Zaitseve/Horlivka
Portman, Durbin, Shaheen, and Senate #Ukraine Caucus Reaffirm Commitment to Help #Ukraine Take on Corruption
Zika virus persisted in man's semen for 2 months, health officials say #ZikaVirus
#Pope and #Patriarch deplore hostility in #Ukraine: "we invite our Churches in Ukraine not support any further development of the conflict."
In the center of Moscow floating restaurant "La Barge" caught fire
2 Su-30SM (#26 #28) arrived today to unit near Millerovo
Parishioners of the mosque in Shamhala compain about a ban on Friday prayers
#MSC2016: @FedericaMog @jensstoltenberg discuss #EU #NATO coordination re #migration
"Titushki" tried to de-block Russian truck in TransCarpathian region
Titushki tried to de-block Russian truck in TransCarpathian region
#EU HRVP @FedericaMog meeting w Prime Minister of #Georgia @KvirikashviliGi today, in margins of #MSC2016
Refurbished AN-22
Finnish President Niinistö and Russia's Putin to meet in Russia this Easter.
Norwegian Police Chief Demands Police Officers Granted Power To Expel Migrants At Borders
PEGIDA demo reaches #Dorstfeld district in #Dortmund #Germany.
#PopeFrancis and #Russia's Patriarch kiss each other at first meeting between their two Churches
Meeting in #Cuba of #Pope Francis and the Patriarch of the Russian orthodox Church #Kirill
There is heavy fighting in #Mariinka again, non stop shooting and explosions
Pope Francis lands in Cuba for first-ever papal meeting with head of Russian Orthodox Church
Battle at #Maryinka since over half hour, like yesteday evening
Readout of @VP's call tonight with #Ukraine President @Poroshenko from @WhiteHouse
Russia confiscated an entire factory from Ukraine, moved it to Russia to manufacture train parts
#Russia was behind the December attack that caused widespread power outages in #Ukraine, a U.S. official said.
Interpol refuses Russian Red Notice for Khodorkovsky
5 children have been seriously injured in Liverpool after being ran over by a car
Russian terrorist Girkin at meeting of his club: Russian troops will be defeated by Turks
Russian terrorist Girkin at meeting of his club: Russian troops will be defeated by Turks
F-15s to Finland as USAF boosts Europe deployments to deter Russia
Greek farmers protest, burn tires at #Syntagma square in #Athens
Greek farmers protest, burn tires at Syntagma square in Athens
US proposed a joint air force training and Finland accepted. F-15s to Finland.
#Syria #Iraq: Number of Foreign Fighters from EU per country of origin
Schengen zone: EU gives Greece deadline on borders
Protesting farmers driving their tractors through the streets of Athens
Patriarch Kirill at the meeting with Raul Castro: Heroism is a spiritual concept
Russia has delivered 24 Pantsir-S1 units to Iraq
Clashes at illegal construction in Kyiv
#Bosnia's state prosecution wants #Pavlovic and 3 other suspects detained for 30 days
Chief Intelligence Dept of the @DefenceUA: Information on preparation to offensive action at ATO troops obtained
A court in London sentenced the banker Pugachev to two years in prison for contempt of court
Poroshenko and Biden discussed by telephone the cooperation with the IMF and the pressure on Russia
Moscow court rejects lawsuit against Putin from Kremlin critic Navalny
Switzerland: air Traffic is disturbed at Geneva airport due to heavy snow
Russia could impose fines for "how to use Proxy/Tor/VPN" instructions
"The Kremlin Crimean Tatar genocide repeats" - Ukraine Foreign Ministry
#Turkey police detained #France photo journalist Gael Cloarec in southeastern district #Nusaybin
Su-27 flights at occupied Bel'bek AB during sudden Russian southern military district readiness check
Chubarov surprised by the silence of the Crimean mufti in connection with searches of Muslims in Crimea
#EU colleagues ask #Ukraine to step back from the (so far metaphorical) political ledge.
Syria’s #Assad says France must change ‘destructive policies’
French defense minister says Syria peace plan can only work if Russia ends bombing
The Russian foreign Ministry: Lavrov discussed with Jens Stoltenberg, the possibility of Council Russia – NATO
Ukrainian journo gets death threat: 'One more hit piece and your monument will stand next to (murdered) Gongadze's.'
German defence minister decries capitulation of continent of 500million in face of 2.5million refugees #MSC2016
#Germany's army #Bundeswehr 2 train refugees in civilian jobs to help rebuild #Syria - DefMin #VonderLeyen #msc2016
#MSC2016 begins. Many leaders to discuss the world's many problems
Political tycoon of old squad @TymoshenkoUA andexSBU chief #Nalyvaichenko together to fight corruption
The rocket "Iskander-M" hit the target at a distance of 300 km during drills
Tactical drills of mountain-infantry brigade:
In Crimea continuing the searches in the homes of Crimean Tatars
PM @Yatsenyuk_AP celebrates Ukraine's first winter w/o Russian gas
Crimean Tatars flag raised near Ukrainian MFA
Nothing criminal found at Ilya Yashin car, police seized reports few Putin.War
#Greece: after farmers pelted police with tomatoes, people emerge to collect them of the street
#Austria Foreign Minister in #Skopje:Border will be closed to #refugees in months, advises #Macedonia to do the same
Rally in Donetsk today
Russian military: readiness exercises concluded, troops returning to bases.
"High court" of "DNR" sentenced prisoner to death for a first time
One Ukrainian military wounded at Zolote after shelling with 120mm mortars
Mortar shelling in Zolote. There are casualties
Medvedchuk gathering separatists meetings in Kyiv again. Reportedly - guarded by National guard
Ansar al-Islam with mortars for system from the former Yugoslavia, very clear markings
Ansar al-Islam with mortars for system from the former Yugoslavia, very clear markings
It's propaganda
#Zakharchenko: #Kyiv is ready for the resumption of full-scale hostilities, moving military equippment to the line of contact
Russian MoD channel Zvezda claims #Ukraine deploying S-300 SAM systems to the east
#Izmail, #Odesa region: #Lenin's statue dismantled
Merkel's liberal refugee policy 'unsustainable in long-term': France's PM
Britain's Independent daily drops print edition: owner
Tarik Hassane was charged with preparing a terrorist act by planning, and sourcing a weapon for an attack in the Uk
Traffic advice on Kerch-Simferopol: to avoid highway cause of military vehicles transportation
#Munich - NATO Sec Gen Stoltenberg says welcomes Syria ceasefire plan, must be fully implemented
Police blocked car of Russian dissident Ilya Yashin, said that they have info on weapons
S-300/S-400 missile cache detected in port of Sevastopol by @informnapalm
In the morning Russia deployed artillery and MLRS in Northern Crimea - Lysenko
"Not only a deal on paper, but concrete action" @FedericaMog comments tonight's meeting on Syria
In Sevastopol demolished the first of almost a thousand small shops
#Greece Demonstration against the pension reform in #Athens
Kyiv refused to consider as twin-cities Moscow, St. Petersburg and Volgograd
Greece: #Farmers clash with police over pension reform in #Athens
Central Bank of Russia announced its readiness to put in the risk scenario oil = $ 25
On the EU border, Karelia residents live without toilet or running water. Putin only cares about Syria, they say
In Berdyansk removed monument to Lenin
Russian trucks blocked in Volyn region today
Col. Lysenko: Police patrol regiment underwent military trainings in Luhansk region
2 Ukrainian soldiers and 1 civilian were injured in (pro-)#Russian attacks in eastern #Ukraine on Thursday
6 Russian military killed, 12 wounded yesterday in ATO zone - Ukr. Military intel.
On the border of Ukraine queues of trucks from Russia
SBU detained Russian propagandist in Kostyantynivka
SBU detained Russian propagandist in Kostyantynivka
Levada poll: 82% of Russians admitted that country is in economic crisis
Outside MinAgric at #farmers protest, Greece
Kyiv complains to Tel-Aviv about Israeli MP's visit to Crimea.
#PropagandaFOM Kearly: propaganda for war isn't about freedom of expression. It's a matter for the security council.
Clashes between #FSA #Shuhada_alIslam and #SAA in #Darayya fronts #Syria
Clashes between FSA Shuhada_alIslam and SAA in Darayya fronts Syria
OSCE Dep. Head of Mission Stohr: legal gaps for abuse of propaganda should be filled.
Crimean Tatar activists demand from the Foreign Ministry reaction to the detentions and searches in Crimea
Helicopter drills during sudden check of Russian south military district
Steffan de Mistura's face when Kerry says parties have agreed to "cease hostilities within a week's time" #Syria
#Farmers at MinAgric #Athens #Greece
2 TOS-1 were spotted on Luhansk-Rovenky highway tonight
53 Ceasefire violations yesterday at Donbas
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