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21 กันยายน 2018

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Solid interactive map via @ForeignPolicy which illustrates the missile stand-off between NATO and Russia
Dem Rep. Brad Sherman has sent a letter to Loretta Lynch requesting the appointment of a Special Counsel on Russia's election interference:
A trilateral meeting in Moscow now between Turkey, Russia and Iran on Syria
2B9 Vasilek misfire in Donbass
Michael Flynn, Donald Trump’s top national security adviser, in frequent contact with Russia’s ambassador to U.S.
Pelosi: GOP lawmakers are Trump's "accomplices" on Russia
Russian forces returned 3 Ukrainian soldiers' bodies, soldiers lost near Mariupol on January 8
Paul Ryan calls Russia "a global menace" led by a "menacing" Putin
Pro AlQaeda Telegram account shared this pic for suicide attack seekers yesterday, suggesting they should bomb UK parliament.
Trump's top team don't all agree with him on Russia
"Shaking hands" in pics below show us highlights of Chinese President XiJ inping's previous visit to Europe
Serbia arrests alleged Montenegro coup plotters
Rally in St.Petersburg demands Governior Poltavchenko to resign
Rally near St.Isaac Cathedral in St.Petersburg against handover of Cathedral to Moscow Orthodox Church
UK PM May says Trump dossier author has not worked for Britain for years
Konstantin Tselms in Moscow last night. "Putin and co. get out of Ukraine!"
Classified briefing for members of the House of Representatives. Topic: Russia.
Germany invites Russian minister on EU sanctions list to G20 meeting
Greece says there will be no solution in Cyprus until the Turkish 'occupation' of the island's north ends
After PrivatBank was nationalised, the government’s share exceeded 50%
No Cyprus solution unless Turkish 'occupation' ends: Greece
Explosion heard across Marseille was a military plane which passed the sound barrier: police
Economic downturn affecting Russian ICBM programme
Flooding latest: Six severe flood warnings in Suffolk
CBI files FIR against unknown official of Air India in connection with procurement of software purchase of ₹226 cr from German software company
Sounds of explosions in Marseille France seems to be super sonic booms
Firefighters and police do not report any ongoing intervention in Marseille
Serial killer, policeman from Angarsk, raped and killed at least 85 women and a policeman since 1999
Russia Today Ruptly: Numerous reports of explosions sound heard in Marseille
“Russia says nothing exists,” @realDonaldTrump declares in Friday morning tweet storm, adding @HillaryClinton “guilty as hell.”
"DNR" group detains illegal arms dealers who are accused of trafficking Ukrainian arms.
Cyprus president says Geneva talks raise hope for solution
Several Turkey diplomats and NATO officers refuse to go home, seek asylum in Norway.
Turkey's President Erdogan says Greece "fleeing again" from a solution to Cyprus problem; says Turkey will be in Cyprus "forever"
Map: Level of terror threat across Europe
The Russian government has announced the imminent lifting of sanctions
Photos show C-130 Hercules air dropping US forces in Latvia.
Germany's Tageszeitung reports of plans to locate refugee camps in Belarus in exchange for EU financial
Refugees in Belgrade
Drills: The military of the Western military district yesterday have eliminated the consequences of emergency situations at the facility in the Leningrad region
Woman shot in shoulder in Pointe Coupee Parish; search for suspect called
Verified Twitter of Ukrainian newspaper @zn_ua was hacked
French prosecutors say to probe Renault over diesel emissions
Ceuta - Spain arrests 2 accused of connections to Islamic militants
During operation in Slavne village SBU found ammunition belongs to Russian troops
Putin and suspected chief of Vagner private military company(on the right)
78 attacks of Russian forces on Ukrainian positions on 12 January
Reactions to Tillerson's hearing on Russia's state TV ranged from "Take back his friendship medal" to "He's just faking it to be confirmed"
10pm: Debaltseve-Svitlodarsk - heavy battle
IED exploded in house in Kyiv, man minor injured
9:30PM renewed outgoing artillery shelling at Stakhahov
DNR group propaganda says Ukrainian forces used MLRS Grad near Maryinka
IMF Exec Board soon to consider assistance tranche for Ukraine worth $1.7 billion. Would send positive signal re Kyiv's reform efforts.
Kyiv Post cover for January 13, 2017
These are photos of a brochure allegedly distributed among servicemen of battalions from Chechnya that are sent to Syria
Police checks information on a mass fight in the East of Moscow
NATO E-3 Sentry, airborne early warning and control, has reportedly carried out op tasks near Kaliningrad today
Turkey, Russia sign a memorandum to coordinate their air operations against terrorist targets in Syria, Russia Defence Ministry says
Heavy clashes near Popasna, Pervomaisk, Irmino
Fighting can be heard in the Svitlodarsk bulge this evening
Marine Le Pen in Trump Tower
Per Pool: Marine Le Pen Is In Trump Tower Right Now
MSF: 123 people found drifting on an inflatable boat in the Mediterranean rescued this afternoon by Aquarius
Fiat stocks down more than 15% in Milan on possible US emissions scandal
McCain to Mattis: Putin "will never be our partner"
McCain: "Putin wants to be our enemy. He needs us as his enemy. He will never be our partner."
McCain: "Each of our last 3 presidents has had great expectations of building a partnership with the Russian gov't. Each attempt has failed."
Cyprus deal 'close,' but don't expect 'miracles': Guterres
USArmy:The Iron Ride has left Germany and entered Poland, the German flag was replaced with the Polish flag at the border
“I’ve become a lot more radical while I’ve been jailed,” said the Norwegian mass murderer
USArmy: Polish and Iron Brigade Soldiers (US) stand together during a welcome ceremony in Zagan, Poland today.
Ministry of Defense: Militants shell Ukrainian troops from artillery in Luhansk and Donetsk
Ministry of Healthcare: Ukrainians started caring more about their
Outgoing artillery shelling to the West of Yenakieve
Poland: Official welcome ceremony for @USArmy
Heavy clashes near Avdiivka: "more than usual"
Israel's Netanyahu condemns Paris peace summit as "fraud" designed to create anti-israel views
No arrivals/departures at Nice 1400-1500 UTC for security reasons
The foreign Ministry of the Russian Federation considered the deployment of US troops in the Baltic States as a provocation
Zakharova: We see the detention of Dutch journalists as the Hague’s nervous response to evidence of incompetence in the MH17 investigation
Report: Ukrainian forces gained some positions near Donetsk airport
Maryinka reports: Mortars working towards Trudovska.
Damage in Avdiivka after last night shelling
Ahead of Paris Peace Conference, Hollande says 'peace will only be made by Israelis and Palestinians, no one else'
NewsFront video of Ukrainian army positions near Spartak, Donetsk
NewsFront video of Ukrainian army positions near Spartak, Donetsk
Zakharova on TV Rain by Kyiv: Yes, that's right, I rechecked. Censorship Act, which can be called a paradox
Bosnian Serb President Dodik was denied an entry into the USA. The US Embassy in Sarajevo didn't issue him both diplomatic and tourist visa.
Zakharova: We regret that Berlin decided to follow in the steps of the US without thinking how it could affect Russian-German relations
Russian foreign ministry: deployment of US forces to Baltic region is attempt to make Trump "hostage" of hostile policy toward Russia.
Russia MFA threatening to inform Dunja Mijatovic because Ukraine cut off Russian TV channel for "Crimea is Russia" policy.
The Kremlin: US troops in Poland is a threat to Russia
In Mahachkala security forces searched 2 kindergartens in suspicious of terrorism
Russia's communications ministry will demand the internet providers to direct traffic via the controlled "points"
Polish opposition party ends blockade in parliament, stepping back in bitter standoff with ruling party.
Bamako Mali under heavy security for the Africa-France summit where 35 heads of state are attending
NATO chief says outside attempts to influence elections 'unacceptable'
Not all captives from Savchenko's list want to be handed over to "L/DNR". - Representative of Ukrainian ombudsman.
Ukrainian activist Andrey Vinogradov was detained by FSB in Crimea
Around 80 flights have been cancelled at Heathrow Airport due to bad weather conditions and passengers are being booked on other flights
Greek Govt spokesman says PM will visit Geneva if all sides want a commonly agreed solution regarding security on Cyprus
Kremlin to BBC: US tanks in Poland "threaten our interests and security. Especially as its a 3rd country building up mil presence on our borders"
ATO spokesperson: In the village near Svitlodarsk, UA servicemen from CIMIC UA helped to renovate private house damaged in hostilities
Col. Oleksandr Motuzyanyk: Recently, UA law enforcers found a huge arsenal equipped for enemy reconnaissance sabotage group
ATO spox: Over the previous day, 1 UA serviceman was killed in action, 5 UA soldiers were wounded in action
ATO spokesperson: At the frontline from Pavlopil to Shyrokyne, militants continued hostilities. Heavy weapons were not applied
Col. Oleksandr Motuzyanyk: As a result of enemy shelling of Krasnohorivka, a local resident was wounded
ATO spox: Near Maryinka and Krasnohorivka, militants fired at ATO positions over 130 mortar shells
Col. Motuzyanyk: Major “hotspot” area of the Mariupol sector yesterday: Maryinka-Krasnohorivka
ATO spokesperson: Mariupol sector: the only hostilities-free areas: Dokuchayevsk area and frontline section from Bohdanivka to Chermalyk
Col. Oleksandr Motuzyanyk: At Svitloarsk, intensity of enemy shellings decreased – 1 militants` armed provocation occurred yesterday
ATO spox: In close proximity to the Donetsk airport, militants fired with small arms
Col. Motuzyanyk: Around the occupied Horlivka, militants performed 13 shellings of Ukrainian positions
ATO spokesperson: Most powerful enemy shelling occurred in Avdiivka where, in the afternoon, militants shelled UA positions for 7 hours
Col. Oleksandr Motuzyanyk: Donetsk sector: hostilities occurred all across the frontline
ATO spox: In Stanytsia Luhanska, enemy shelled UA positions for 4 hours
Col. Motuzyanyk: Most strained military situation was near Troitske where mortars were applied
ATO spokesperson: Luhansk sector: enemy violated cease-fire government for 16 times
Col. Motuzyanyk: Yesterday, militants shelled UA positions for 62 times; mortars - actively applied, cannons – in Luhansk and Donetsk sectors
National TV Rada banned Russian channels Dojd, Teleclub
Large fire at sport-club B-tone in Sumy, nearby school is evacuated
Map. Situation in eastern Ukraine January 12, 2017, 00:00 EET
Russia's communications minister: "News about hacking in the US boosts the image of the quality of IT education in Russia"
India,Europe are both victims of terrorism, precisely because of democracy and freedom: Jean-Marc Ayrault in Delhi
It is together that we will respond to the threat of international terrorism: French Minister for Foreign Affairs Jean-Marc Ayrault in Delhi
Kranohorivka: artillery pounding to the East of village
Ukrainian forces reportedly gained new positions near Svitlodarsk
US Senate For. Relations Committee unanimously approves resolution of advice and consent supporting Montenegro’s NATO membership
FOX News says Russia has deployed more Chechen fighters to Syria
2 Russian policemen killed in clashes in Chechnya in Kurchalovski district
OSCE SMM UAV: 5 howitzers firing in direction of Svitlodarsk
OSCE SMM UAV: 5 howitzers firing in direction of Svitlodarsk
Hug: Sides in east Ukraine must urgently disengage from entry-exit checkpoints. They must also open more of them, and operate them 24/7
In the presence of Pope Francis and Palestinian President Abbas, Embassy of Palestine scheduled to be opened on Friday in Vatican .
Russian artillery hit 5-storey house in Krasnohorivka on Suvorova street, Man wounded
62 attacks of Russian forces yesterday, 1 Ukrainian soldier killed. 5 wounded
Former CIA Director James Woolsey on Russia: "We have to maintain a much firmer position than the Obama administration did."
Sec. of State nominee Rex Tillerson today on NATO: "Article 5 commitment is inviolable and the US is going to stand by that commitment"
NATO In Panic. Putin and Lukashenko arming Serbia for the coming Balkan war. Says this pro gov paper in Serbia.
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