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18 กรกฎาคม 2018

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US troops standing with Croatian T-72 tanks.
Russian strategic aviation is still active
Governor @SaakashviliM declared state of emergency in Odesa region
LNR group war games in Russian-occupied Luhansk
LNR group war games in Russian-occupied Luhansk
Chemnitz: reports indicate that Albakr committed suicide in prison custody
The terror suspect Jaber Albakr is dead
Lavrov on Iskanders in Kaliningrad: We place our weapons on our land, but US puts F35 planes with nuclear bombs near our borders.
15 callsigns were active on Russian strategic networks today
Jaber Albakr says the 3 Syrians who helped to detain Albakr in Leipzig are involved in the bomb plot
France creates National Guard to combat terror threat
France's Hollande sees a 'problem with Islam', according to new book
Russia is ordering its officials and citizens to fly home as soon as possible. This comes after Pres Putin cancelled his visit to Paris
Germany: Catholic Church to pay compensation to Regensburg abuse victims
David Cameron's former aide criticised by Government conflict of interest
Floods in Odesa as storm rages
Putin calls allegations of war crimes in Syria ‘rhetoric’
9:20pm shelling of Vodyane, artillery, mortars
Google creates AI program that uses reasoning to navigate the London tube
France's Hollande criticises huge U.S. fines against corporate Europe
5th UA channel: "152mm SPGs attacked Vodyane from Sakhanka, few houses are on fire, there are injuried"
Kerry and Lavrov to resume talks on Syria despite war crimes row
French mayor sparks row with anti-migrant posters
Many Catalans associate the Spanish holiday with the government of dictator Franco, which brutally repressed
Feminist collective founded in Cork gains international attention
Putin ally tells Americans: vote Trump or face nuclear war
US, France sought to 'promote anti-Russian hysteria' with SC resolution - Putin
Advisor to Turkish PM: Russia, Turkey only states that oppose collapse of Syria
It's propaganda
Basurin of DNR group reporting about Ukrainian assault attempt. 60 soldiers: Poles+Georgians+Ukrainians, claimed 15 dead, 25 wounded. 2 Rus dead, 3 wounded
Nuclear power needed for climate change: IAEA director
British PM @theresa_may to human traffickers: "We are coming after you"
Mariupol: non-stop shelling to the East
Ukraine MOD says it will resume withdrawal of weapons from front line near Stanytsia Luhanska on October 13, "despite ongoing shelling."
Boris calls for protests outside Russian Embassy, one guy shows up
Wear a veil or be French: Hollande shocks with views on Muslims and migrants
Putin dismisses accusations of meddling in U.S. election
German govt approves more troops for NATO mission in Turkey
Gays and Catholicism: Case of church employee’s firing illustrates confusion over Pope Francis' tone
President @fhollande admits ‘problem with Islam’ in French society
Somebody won €500,000 in the Budget Day EuroMillions draw
Russia announces first Syria talks since US freeze
Anti-fascist activists march through Barcelona on Spanish national day
Azerbaijan Navy 'OPV "Saar 62" class launching Rafael Spike NLOS missile - "Saar 62" fitted with a Spike eight-cell launcher
US investigators believe Russia behind cyberattacks on contractor for Florida's election system, voter data exposed -US officials
Labour demands answers from Theresa May on 170 questions about leaving the EU
Enormous shelling now near Vodyane East to Mariupol
PACE: Russia is responsible for protecting people in the occupied Donbas and Crimea
Incoming artillery shelling near Shyrokyne for an hour
Second day in a row reports of single GRAD rockets fired east of Mariupol
Fallen tree in Odesa after storm
President Porosheko had a phone call with @VP Biden on implementation of Minsk agreements
Odesa storm peak is set for 9pm
Russian aircraft carrier Admiral Kuznetsov is moving but it still needs some sea trials be4 starting the trip towards Syria. (MiG-29KR)
2 killed as result of storm in Odesa
Nigel Farage criticised for defending Donald Trump by Ukip MEPs
Video: Putin admitted "we have to protect Russian-speaking population at Donbas"
Night Fighting in Maryinka
Russian RIA Novosti: US will redeploy ISIL from Mosul to Syria
"FreeSushchenko" reads sign at @UKRINFORM offices. Ukrainian Journalist Roman Sushchenko was detained by Russia and charged with espionage.
Intense fighting in Avdiivka's Industrial Zone. Fire burning, tracers arcing through the air, and the flashes of landing explosives.
National Guard creation gets green light in France
EU could relax or eliminate some visa requirements for Tunisians in return for EU-Tunisia readmission deal
"There are so many pussies around your presidential campaign on both sides." Lavrov certainly has a way with words.
Putin says U.S. hacking scandal not in Russia's interests
Storm in Odesa
India, Russia likely to sign deal to produce Kamov helicopters
Amazing turn out for Muslims against terrorism in Oxford Street. Most common sense demo in London for ages
Vladimir Putin: 'US prefers diktat to dialog"
Germany to impose strict welfare curbs for EU immigrants
SYRIA: French, Dutch and Polish nationals being held in internment camp in for former ISIS fighters. - BBC
Turkey fears Russia-US war over Syria
Kosovo’s parliament passed a resolution calling for Serbia to release the Mitrovica police director
Project 667BDRM Delfin-class ballistic missile submarine Novomoskovsk launched SLBM SS-N-23 Sineva from Barents Sea
Daughter of Fedor Emelyanenko was attacked in Moscow by unknown. She is in hospital
TASS: Lavrov says there is too much pussy in the US election campaign.
Putin on Russia's isolation: They don't have the engine or the fuel to go around our borders! What isolation?!
Putin: we know who bombed aid convoy - one of the groups
Putin: We wanted to talk to Paris, but they rushed to Washington, threw out a resolution and created hysterics.
Russia launched RT-2PM Topol/ SS-25 Sickle from Plesetsk
Putin: We would like good relations with the US, but it's impossible to have a dialogue with them now. They just want to dictate everything.
Putin: It isn't Russia that is sabotaging the Minsk accords on Ukraine, Kyiv itself isn't trying to implement them.
Putin: Russia was "forced to defend the Russian-speaking population in Donbass" in 2014
Fighting between Talakivka and Bezimene. Mortars, self-propelled artillery, machine guns
"The Friends of Ukraine" group calls on the EU and the US to bolster their support to Ukraine
SLBM from nuclear-powered ballistic missile submarine Georgiy Pobedonosets hit target at "Chiza range" in Northern Russia
Croat President highlights Russian threat in London
It's propaganda
Russian "DNR Propaganda" account: Ukrainian forces launched offensive at Promka of Avdiivka and Petrovsky district of Donetsk
Kalmar class(Delta-III) K-433 Georgiy Pobedonosets launched SLBM
Austrian presidential hopeful tightens security after death threat
Theresa May insists she is working to "encourage and retain" the British steel industry
A Belarusian programmer designed and built an affordable prosthetic arm for his dad.
According to "DNR" group, "Ukrainian troops get on an offensive in south Donetsk region"
UK company unveils fully-automated robotic kitchen that can replicate techniques of top chefs and create its own recipes
Storm in Odesa: a tree hit the bus
Swiss open criminal case against Falcon Private Bank
Russia May Offer $4b in 2017 Eurobonds to Exchange Issues: BBG
Sergii Ryzhenko of Mechnikova in Dnipro: another blood drive for newly arrive ATO pts. Vol's incl cadets @MVS_UA_en
Theresa May insists that the government never intended to "name and shame" foreign workers PMQs
Austria will not reach the limit of 37,500 that the gov't set for accepting refugees, 28,000 claims received so far
Killer clown 'with fake gun' arrested by armed police
VladimirPutin 'too embarrassed' to come to Paris: French foreign minister
Lloyds axing more than 1,200 jobs
Germany's top court hears challenge to EU-Canada trade deal
British PM May allows MPs to scrutinise Brexit plan
UK PM spokeswoman says there will be no vote in parliament on triggering formal Brexit negotiations with EU
FSB opened criminal case against Crimean activist Suleyman Kadyrov
Ukrainian jets in Chuhuiv
ATO spox: NGU servicemen performed exercises on radio, chemical and biological protection
Col. Lysenko: In Chernihiv region, UA tankmen of the NGU successfully completed their tactical military exercises
ATO spox: Yesterday, no single UA serviceman was killed in action; however, 4 Ukrainian soldiers were wounded in action
Col. Lysenko: Five flights of enemy UAVs were recorded yesterday in the ATO area
Col. Andriy Lysenko: Luhansk sector: cease-fire government in Stanytsia Luhanska breached – militants shelled UA positions there
ATO spokesperson: Hostilities in Popasna area continued, enemy applied mortars in particular
Since 10AM this morning, almost all areas in Mariupol can listen to heavy 152-mm artillery shelling of Shyrokyne
Daylight artillery attack east to Mariupol
Latest Russian Police raid of Crimea Tatar village in the outskirts of Simferopol
Dagestan, Gubden: 3 killed as result of police operation, 1 suspected militant, his wife and brother
Crane sunk at Kerch, Occupied Crimea
Talakivka-Kominternove area - shelling still ongoing
The three refugees have been hailed as heroes
First stage of Russia-Serbia drill "Bars-2016"
Russian military drills are not signals or threats - Shoigu
Crane collapsed in Odesa as storm rages
Russia's upper house ratifies deal on air base in Syria
Lawyers representing the main terror suspect of the Paris attacks have said they will no longer be defending him
FSB took Ayder Saledinov and Emil Dzhemadenov away
FSB searches houses of Crimean Tatars, several detained
8033 kHz Russian Strategic Voice Net active again
"intentionally attacking a hospital amounts to a war crime. It is time justice is done" - Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson on Aleppo and Syria
Russian strategic intercontinental missile launches expected pretty soon
Another USAF RC-135S COBRA BALL noted near Kamchatka Peninsula
ATO HQ: 44 ceasefire violations at Donbas yesterday
ATO HQ: Russian forces 44 times violated ceasefire, shelling with 122&152mm artillery and 82&120mm mortars
USAF RC-135S COBRA BALL telemetry intellgince aircraft noted at Barents Sea
[email protected] Strong reponse from Ukraine interior minister to Hollande: security ahead of elections in Donbas, not the other way round
Military convoy on M7 highway
Military convoy on M7 highway
A neo-Nazi group held a secret rally for more than 350 people in Cambridgeshire. Police are now investigating.
Clashes reported in Yasynuvata, Gorlovka, Shyrokyne, Makiivka, Avdiivka, Krasnohorivka, Marinka
Avdiivka recently, UA return fire
Avdiivka recently, UA return fire
Donetsk - explosions in the airport area now.
Avdiivka - UAF is returning the fire, heavy
Kremlin denying reports of recommendations to official to bring kids back to Russia
Russian forces shelling strongly in Makiivka, Yagodka
10PM Shyrokyno - the shelling continues
Russian forces shelled once in Kadiivka
LNR group commander Plotnitsky says BBC, Radio Liberty websites blocked in "rebel" occupied zone because they "might inspire extremism and sabotage."
Artillery shelling on "Promka" of Avdiivka
Artillery shelling on Promka of Avdiivka
Phantom: remotely controlled mini armored vehicle developed in Ukraine
Phantom: remotely controlled mini armored vehicle developed in Ukraine
On U.S. response to Russian hacking @PressSec says, "It is unlikely that our response would be announced in advance"
D-30 howitzers shelling Industrial zone of Avdiivka
E-3 AWACS today in Riga
Google warned Russian activists and journalists about the attempts of the security services to crack them
Avdiivka: heavy shelling since 9:30pm at Industrial area. Likely artillery from Lisne village of Makiivka
Photo: convoy of Ukrainian troops
The Kremlin and Russia's upper house of parl. say they know nothing of a recommendation that relatives abroad return home
"There are a range of responses available to the president," says @PressSec, in response to Russian hacking on US.
Ukrainian tank at Novooleksiivka
RUAF strategic bombers airborne
MP Mustafa Nayem: "Minsk agreement, on which we are being pushed - the betrayal of our soldiers"
Japanese IT giant Fujitsu says will cut 1,800 jobs in Britain
Il-76 Ivanovo - Bel'bek
Russian officials were advised to bring children studying abroad back to Russia
Evidence points to Russian responsibility for attack on aid convoy in Syria, says UK foreign minister
Tonight's the knight: Rod Stewart becomes Sir Rod at palace
taly halts Rome bid for 2024 Olympics
SBU detained "fan of Russia" in Dnipro
SBU detained fan of Russia in Dnipro
Vodyane (east of Mariupol): Artillery is working
Andrew Mitchell sets out six failings that he thinks have resulted in the Syria crisis #AleppoDebate
Another Russia warship Caesar Kunikov a Ropucha-class landing ship leaves Sevastapol Crimea for Syria
No fly zones could be enforced to allow aid drops from the air, says British MP @GradySNP #AleppoDebate
On October 15–16, Vladimir Putin will visit India
Russia launched anti-ship missile Bal during drill
Syrian man seized in Germany was planning ISIS bomb attack
Europa-Center on fire in Berlin
No injuries reported from fire on roof of @Europa_Center #Berlin.
Peskov: not enough conditions for Normandy 4 meeting
Putin cancels Paris visit: Kremlin
Aerial reconnaissance spotted Russian forces tanks in 14 kms from frontline(Minsk requires 25)
President @Poroshenko, Chancellor Merkel, President @fhollande discussed dates for the Normandy 4 summit in Berlin
ATO spox: Marines performed mil exercises on overcoming water barrier
Col. Lysenko: UA paratroopers completed brigade tactical military exercises
Col. Lysenko: Yesterday, three flights of enemy UAVs were recorded in the Luhansk and Mariupol sectors
ATO spox: Yesterday, 2 UA Servicemen were killed in action, 8 – were wounded, 3 – got concussions
Tornado sweeps through Zakynthos
Today: "Bal" CDCM missile launched + frigate "Muromets" launched SAM against surface targets
Putin to skip Paris visit amid diplomatic rift over Syria
Russia's President Putin postpones next week's visit to France amid row over Syria, media report
[email protected]: sanctions against Russia should be in force until end of Russian aggression in Ukraine. Additional sanctions should be imposed for Syria
Il-76 from Tver to Rostov
SBU detained ex-officer of SBU in attempt to sell classified information to Russia
The Pound Is Now Below $1.23.
Russia-Turkey meetings in Istanbul
Putin: Russia, Turkey call for urgent end to bloodshed in Syria
ATO HQ: Russian forces 47 times violated ceasefire, shelling with 122&152mm artillery in Talakivka, Bedyanske&Shyrokyne
47 attacks by Ru militants on UA positions, heavy weapons used
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