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18 กันยายน 2018

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RAF Jets Scrambled After "Act Of Russian Aggression" In Baltic Skies
Many reports of renewed military action in Northern Donetsk. Possible some drills
Karabakh Ombudsman Melikyan urges Eurovision organizers not to enter intl relations
Cannonade heard in Donetsk
The former head of Russia’s anti-doping lab reportedly details elaborate cheating plot at Sochi Olympics
Jamala - 1944 at Eurovision 2016 Photo
Funeral and final respects for Anton Erygin a Russian soldier who was killed in Syria - Voronezh House of Officers
Video: Putin and UAZ Patriot
“Colourful Revolution” demands for the resignation of Ivanov
US Embassy: Re-convene Parliament and Cancel Elections
Protests in Macedonia
General broke UAZ Patriot while demo to Putin
264 votes. Lutsenko is Ukraine's new prosecutor general
Security services of the occupied Crimea accused Ilmi Umerov in encroachment on the territorial integrity of the Russian Federation
Former mayor of Bakhchisarai, Ilmi Umerov, arrested. Protests in of Crimean Tatars
The entrance to the metro station Saint-François-Xavier #LoiTravail #manif12mai
'Chemical incident' near Liverpool Street sparks evacuation in heart of the City
SBU seized 6000 MDMA tablets in Kyiv
Zakharova:Moscow closely follows developments in Brazil where an impeachment trial against #DilmaRousseff @dilmabr has begun
Zakharova: Russia has repeatedly highlighted the danger of missile defence scenario going bad, but our concerns are still ignored
Zakharova: We still view destructive missile defence actions by the US and allies as a direct international and regional security threat
Zakharova: Russian and Hungarian FMs will discuss bilateral ties, terrorism, Russia’s relations with EU and NATO, migration crisis, Ukraine
Militants tried to shot down OSCE UAV near Dokuchaevsk
Deputy Chairman of the Mejlis Ilmi Umerov was detained by the FSB
[email protected]'s Crimea website blocked in Russia
Poroshenko in the Rada
In Parliament the fight has begun
Brawl in Verkhovna Rada
In order to vote for Lutsenko as prosecutor gen,special addition of Holos Ukrainy was published so the law'll enter into force today
On the Russian air base of Erebuni in Armenia began joint drills of fighter and army aviation
Paris: Gas, pepper spray, bottles, stones flying around
Italian Coast Guard rescued 2 boats with +400 people, mostly Syrian refugees. They drifted several days after leaving Egypt.
Chechnya’s acting head calls attack on checkpoint in Grozny isolated case
Today in Bakhchysarai, Crimea
[email protected]: We call on combined Russia-separatist forces to end their provocations + fully respect the ceasefire.
Crackdown on Crimean tatars continues in Crimea
European Parliament condemns Russia's persecution of Crimea Tatars
Pawn Storm: Russian hackers target German Chancellor Angela Merkel's CDU party
FM Comanescu at the ribbon cutting ceremony of the AegisAshore missile defence site at Deveselu
1st meeting of Commissioner @Avramopoulos with Deputy PM in charge of EU Klympush-Tsintsadze during his visit to UA.
Dep SecDef, Romanian PM and NATO SG after AegisAshore inauguration at Deveselu Romania
Secretary @JohnKerry and British FM @PHammondMP meet with European bank leaders
Protesting with walking aid
Russia: Western MD, Recon Units have started training behind simulated enemy lines at the Alabino Range.
Mechnikov Hospital, Dnipropetrovsk - Trauma Center for ATO thanks their nurses
FM Steinmeier on Berlin Normandy Format talks: Progress towards enhancing security in eastern Ukraine
Juncker on EU-Turkey migrant deal: Deal won't be done unless conditions are met
Protesters paintballing pres. Ivanov pic at the Govt building
US-Romanian BMD site in Deveselu is now operational
Bayonne: strong explosion in a recycling plant
Kremlin spox asks not to say criminal case vs rare independent media outlet is politically motivated
US missile defence system in Romania a 'threat to Russia's security': Kremlin
ATO spox: Ukrainian police, military engineers, emergency services trained to deactivate explosives in Mariupol
Erdogan lashes out at EU 'hypocrisy', refuses to bow to key condition on visas
NATO @jensstoltenberg at Deveselu: Today AEGIS Ashore system declared certified for operations = crucial moment for TransAtlantic security
ATO spox: Ukrainian mil intel: Militants in Novoazovsk tried to lynch Russian officer Ayur Galanov for delivering obsolete ammo
ATO spox: Ukrainian military intelligence reported about militant casualties: 1 KIA, 1 WIA
Col. Oleksandr Motuzyanyk: Ukrainian Armed Forces didn’t suffer any casualties in the last 24 hours
In Voronezh say goodbye to the Russian military who was killed in Syria
"Parade" in Donetsk yesterday
New footage from July 17th shows the Buk that shot down MH17 east of Donetsk
New footage from July 17th shows the Buk that shot down MH17 east of Donetsk
US, UK troops hold joint military exercises in Georgia
15 ceasefire violations by militants at Donbas yesterday
Drone with flyers over Donetsk
Celebration of "Republic's day" in Donetsk today
Celebration of Republic's day in Donetsk today
Normandy Four FMs agree "int`l component" should be present in Donbas
Navy shadow Russian frigate through UK waters
Russia claims that power bridge from Kuban' to Crimea is finished
In Moscow burns "the House of Cinema"
Sharp increase in fighting in Ukraine. One soldier killed, three soldiers and two civilians wounded, army reports
Tank-monument in Chernivtsi was painted "To Moscow!"
Comey said today the FBI is "monitoring" the Lesin investigation but deferring to DC Police
Ukraine recovers 17 paintings stolen from Verona museum
In Chechnya burnt down the houses of Shamil Dzhanaraliev and Ahmed Yalovy, attackers of a checkpoint in Grozny on May 9
Ukrainian border guards found 17 paintings stolen from the Museum of Verona
Right now in Helsinki: the demo @FinUkr to support #FreeSavchenko
Tornado in Ternopil' region
Polish and Danish Leopard 2A5 tanks at the Strong Europe Tank Challenge (SETC) in Germany
Polish  and  Danish Leopard 2A5 tanks at the Strong Europe Tank Challenge (SETC) in Germany
NormandyFour prepare concrete security proposals for Ukraine ContactGroup — Lavrov
Journalist of Meduza Azar was detained in Grozny for 2 hours
SPKRs for UNSC open debate on countering terrorism. Among them- Steven Crown from @Microsoft on use of social media
Ukrainian will respond to deployment of new Russian bases on it's borders
Russian "Donbass" militants in Moscow
SBU found another 3 caches of weapons at Donbass
Britain terrorists threat raised from Northern Ireland extremists
In Poltava was found hanged journalist of Anatoly Melezhik
Est PM in Helsinki: Nord Stream 2 would increase Western Europe's dependence on energy
Yesterday Poland's @prezydentpl visited Petawawa thanking Cnd soldiers for Op.Reassurance
[email protected]_RFoM Mijatovic condemns attack on TV crew in Prishtinё
FM Steinmeier on goals of today’s NormandyFormat talks: Extent truce+make progress with pol. process
Russian frigate Admiral Grigorovich in the North sea
InformNapalm and hacker groups FalconsFlame, Trinity suspends it's activity due to release of personal data release of journalists accredited in "DNR"
Near Volnovaha was found destroyed Russian T- 72 and banned anti-personnel mines
The cause of the fire at Dong Xuan Asian market remains unknown, details on injuries have not yet been announced
Journalists demand from Kyiv to investigate the publication of accreditation data from the Donbass on the site "Peacemaker"
Ukraine asked the UN to recognize the deportation of Crimean Tatars as genocide
Today, Zhirinovsky wants to create a Minister of Propaganda
The government fired Eka Zguladze - the interior Minister Avakov
Armenian PM: Too early to recognize Nagorno-Karabakh's independence
Sergey Lavrov met w/ German FM Frank-Walter Steinmeier in Berlin before the FM's Normandy Format meeting started
Sergey Lavrov arrived at Villa Borsig (Berlin, Germany) to take part in Normandy Format ministerial meeting
ISIS has apparently executed a Russian woman who they say was spying for FSB.
Smoke billows from Dong Xuan Asian market in Berlin
The police surveyed the territory allegedly was fired from a helicopter near Kyiv. Found only 1 burnt bush
ATO spox: SBU and police uncovered arms cache in Berezove village, Donetsk region: grenade launcher, TNT, ammo
ATO spox: Ukrainian military intelligence reported of exodus of militants. 70 RU National Guards arrived to prevent further desertion
ATO spox: 2 civilian power plant workers in Shchastya, Luhansk region were injured after underbarrel grenade explosion
ATO spox: One Ukrainian servicemen KIA, 3 were wounded in action in the last 24 hours. All casualties due to mine explosion
ATO spox: Militants in Donetsk sector violated ceasefire 4 times in Luhanske, Avdiivka. Shot from IFV
"Myrotvorets" has published the list of accredited journalists in "DNR"
An unknown helicopter fired shells at a house in Kozyn, near Kiev, where President Poroshenko's house is
Phosphorus shell used by Armenia
[email protected]: banned ammunition w/ chemical composition(white phosphorus) used by Armenia found by ANAMA in frontline area
Manhunt for two people ‘plotting attacks on London hotels, airport and shopping centre’
Russian bid to blacklist Syria-n Jaish al-Islam (Army of Islam) and Ahrar al-Sham blocked at UN by US, UK & France
Russian hackers attacked website of L'viv state administration
Today's military exercises in Georgia
In Novosibirsk court starts on Artyom Loskutov. His is being tried second time for a week to punish for Monstration
Dozens of buses with people arrive to Donetsk this morning
AKP MP: if European parliament makes wrong decision on visa liberalisation, we will send over the refugees
Several columns of buses with people on the way to Donetsk. Up to hundred passed Makiivka. Possible for rally
11 ceasefire violations yesterday at Donbass
The fight over the sausage has been in the shop in Rostov
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