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21 กรกฎาคม 2018

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US envoy Nikki Haley says UN vote is a 'strong day for the US, a weak day for Russia, a new day for China and doomsday for Assad'.
NATO Secretary General: We are increasing presence in eastern part of the alliance to send a signal to Russia
"Gibraltar is ours”. Before tonight's game, Leicester City fans clashed with police in Madrid
Young anti-Orbán protesters walked up and down in the city but now they settle down in the middle of Oktogon square. Pic by @indexhu
The UN describing what Russia blocked at the UNSC today.
Match day in Madrid, English vs Spanish fans shouting "Gibraltar is ours!"
Protesters stopped traffic in central Budapest, taken over Oktogon following protests at Heoes Square, Fidesz building, and parliament
Video: Ukrainian aerial reconnaissance at front-line
Video: Ukrainian aerial reconnaissance at front-line
“Right now there is a fear” for Europe because of Russia and other issues, says @POTUS answering question from Norwegian reporter.
NATO secretary-general @jensstoltenberg says he favors “a dual approach” towards Russia.
@jensstoltenberg: “We don’t want a new Cold War, we don’t want a new arms race.”
Trump dodges if his opinion of Putin changed post chemical weapons attack. Re-asked, he says "We'll see about Putin, over a period of time."
“I will be speaking with Rex Tillerson in a little while…the end result is what’s most important, not just talk,” says @POTUS on Russia.
US relationship with Russia "maybe at an all-time low,” says @POTUS.
@jensstoltenberg: “We agreed today” NATO can and must do more in the fight against terrorism.
"He did a terrific job," says POTUS of Tillerson today in Moscow.
New protests set not for tomorrow, but for Tuesday, 18 April
Protesters have gathered at full parliament square
Riot police just put masks on, protesters yelling "we are not scared" - at Hungarian parliament
And Russia vetoed resolution on Syria. 10 voted in favor, Russian vetoed
Meeting on Khan Shaykhun is opened, voting on UK US France resolution after discussion
[email protected] meeting with NATO Secretary General @jensstoltenberg now, joint press conference at 4pm
Ex @realDonaldTrump campaign chairman @PaulManafort is registering as a foreign agent, reports @AP.
Thousands of mostly young people arriving in parliament, shouting "resign", "this is the end Viktor"
Thousands of protesters shut down traffic all over central Budapest, marching calling for residents to join
Military convoy deployed in Voronezh for "Victory Parade"
"Who was giving you your manners?" Lavrov queries @mitchellreports after she asked question in bilat photo spray.
German police have discovered suspicious objects at exit of Dortmund stadium
"Look at me" and "do not you dare hurt Russia more" - representative of the Russian Federation at the United Nations today harassed his British counterpart
Despite expressions of differences, Tillerson and Lavrov shake hands at conclusion of their joint news conference.
1000s of protesters in Belgrade chanting "gov't is falling" on the 10th day of demos against Vucic.
Belarus bars MEPs from visiting the construction site of the nuclear power plant in Astravets
Lavrov to Tillerson: If you have any successful examples of when the U.S. ousted a dictator, please let me know.
Lavrov is complaining about the 1999 NATO bombing of Serbia.
Tillerson says U.S., Russia have "low level of trust," world's "foremost nuclear powers cannot have this kind of relationship"
"The 2015 Minsk agreement should be fulfilled," says Lavrov on Ukraine.
"We want an honest investigation" of the alleged Syria military sarin gas attack on civilians, says Russia foreign min. Lavrov.
There are attempts to sabotage US-Russia cooperation, says Lavrov at joint news conference in Moscow with Tillerson.
FM Lavrov: Cooperation between US and Russia would be good for the world.
Reporters in Moscow: the meeting between Russian President Putin and Sec of State Tillerson has ended,-news conference with Lavrov soon.
Protest "against dictatorship"
10th day of protests in Serbia, any demands still met
Meeting of Klimkin and foreign Minister of the Republic of Moldova:the parties confirmed mutual support of territorial integrity of Ukraine and Moldova
Bomb scare in central Sevastopol, - ownerless mobile phone were found at bus stop
Nikki Haley says 'Russia needs to side with the civilised world over the Assad regime' and says Iran is the 'chief accomplice' of the Assad regime and that Hezbollah soldiers fight alongside the regime.
Nikki Haley says Russia is 'isolating itself' from the international community by 'covering' for the Syrian government.
Thousands of Hungarians rallying in support of civil society
Putin is now meeting with US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson in Moscow.
Putin meeting Tillerson in Moscow: Kremlin to Russian agencies
France's ambassador to the UN says 'the Assad government will no longer escape punishment for its crimes'.
UK's ambassador to the UN says 'Russia has chosen the wrong side of history, but it is not too late for them to influence Assad'.
NATO Secretary General @jensstoltenberg pays respects to the fallen at the tomb of the unknown soldier at @ArlingtonNatl
UK's ambassador to the UN says 'Assad offers Russia shame and humiliation, we offer a chance to work with the international community'.
Montenegro accession will make clear that no third country (Russia) has veto power over NATO membership, says US official.
UK's ambassador to the UN says the Syrian government has 'no interest in peace and is encouraged by Russian support to keep dropping bombs'.
Today @POTUS to push @jensstoltenberg to get NATO allies to pay “their fair share of the burden of the collective defense.”
Zakharova: Reports of the alleged closing of a Ukrainian Literature Library in Moscow and the destruction of books are not true
UK's ambassador to the UN says the Security Council has been 'held to ransom by Russia's shameless support' for the Syrian government.
Zakharova: We believe Warsaw’s eagerness to politicise the tragic pages in common history to be counterproductive
Zakharova: We were perplexed by Poland’s response to new information stands in Katyn
Tillerson-Lavrov meeting over. Lasted a little over 3 hours,including working lunch. No meeting with Putin. Yet.
France, UK and US proposed new resolution on #SyriaChemicalAttack -vote this afternoon
Interfax: Lawyer of killer of Galina Starovoitova found shot in Leningrad Oblast.
Bosnian Serbs Unveil Monument to Russian War Volunteers
President @Poroshenko met with the tank brigade withdrawn from the touchline, according to the Minsk agreements
Look on Russia FM Lavrov's face as shakes SecTillerson's hand says it all
"There's no comparing atrocities," says Spicer of his Hitler/Assad comparison. "This was my mistake, my bad," he says.
Germany's Gabriel says Balkans must reform and unite to get into EU
Video of todays missiles launches and remote command
Video of todays missiles launches and remote command
Lithuanian MOD and Dutch MOD visited Rukla Range to see the state of readiness of the NATO Battlegroup (April 10).
Lukashenka signs Eurasian Econ Union's Customs Code. This follows new $1bn Moscow credit line + $600m from EEU fund.
Russia: Pilots have flown 7000 km from the southern district and have landed in Telemba, Buryatia in the Eastern Military District.
"Don't bring up Hitler. Ever." @ChrisChristie on Spicer's comparison gaffe
Dozhd: Residents of Dagestan start to complain that it's become difficult to buy ordinary food in the shops.
German prosecutors say two Islamist extremists are the focus of the Dortmund attack investigation and one of them has been detained
Police latest on Dortmund @BVB bus attack: one of explosives contained metal rods, could reach up to 100m, assume terrorist attack
Dortmund police: "We are treating this incident as a terrorist attack. An Islamic background is possible."
Probe of Dortmund blasts examining 'all leads': official
Dortmund police: "Explosives contained metal shards - we can be happy that nothing worse happened."
Tripartial contact group met in Minsk
Tripartial contact group met in Minsk
MoscowTraffic jam as Putin-Tillerson meeting 'possible to certain extent' according to Kremlin spokesman
Patriots came out onto the streets on March 26 and traitors and thieves opposed them, Alexei Navalny says.
Ukraine and Georgia agreed on a position regarding the Eastern Partnership and the further countering of Russian aggression
A Kremlin spokesman says there is certain likelihood that Russia President Putin will meet with US Sec. of State Tillerson.
Alexei Navalny says he didn't get answers about Medvedev's corruption and calls for protests on Russia Day, June 12.
Merkel 'horrified' by 'repugnant' Dortmund attack: spokesman
German Interior Minister Thomas DeMaiziere to travel to Dortmund tonight to attend BVBASM match in solidarity after @BVB bus attack
[email protected] confirms Manafort firm received at least $1.2 million listed in Ukraine "black ledger" of Yanukovych's party.
Football: Champions League security to be reinforced after Dortmund attack - UEFA
Putin: Constitution of RF disallow to deprive of citizenship for leaving to IS
Putin says that relations between the USA and Russia have 'worsened' since Donald Trump became President.
Russia-US relations have 'worsened' under Trump: Putin
ATO spox: Over the previous day of hostilities, UAF incurred no fatalities, 5 soldiers were wounded
ATO spokesperson: Donetsk sector: militants opened "disturbing" mortar fire at Verhiotorestke, Avdiivka and near Donetsk airport.
Kremlin: Putin may meet US secretary of state Tillerson.
Military in Crimea will receive the latest weapons - Shoigu
Putin says he has two main explanations for gas contamination in Syria's Idlib province
Putin says 9,000 out of 20,000 foreign ISIS fighters are Russian.
V4 foreign ministers talks have started in Warsaw at the #EUEaPWarsaw meeting
Tillerson says wants 'very open, candid and frank' talks with Lavrov
Lavrov tells Tillerson Russia wants to find out US 'real intentions'
SecState Tillerson and FM Lavrov meeting just started at Osobnyak in Moscow
Ukraine held test missile launches today
Russia's Deputy Foreign Minister says US foreign policy rhetoric is 'primitive'.
Russia's Deputy Foreign Minister says the United States' position on Syria remains a "mystery" to Moscow
Russia's Deputy Foreign Minister says U.S. rhetoric is "primitive and loutish"
Tillerson and Lavrov are discussing the possibility of establishing no-fly zones in Syria.
Police investigate Islamist connection in Dortmund bus explosion
German police probing 'Islamist link' to Dortmund blasts: report
Brexit referendum website might have been hacked: UK lawmakers
The authorities of Russia will not allow the color revolutions - Putin
RuAF strategic HF-net active today (voice cw and W-marker) - "bears"
Ukrainian Defence Forces orders 100 Bogdan-2251 tactical ambulances
EU's Juncker says Italy going in right direction: newspaper
State Department spokesman Toner yesterday on CEU bill: "we’re urging the Government of Hungary to suspend implementation of the law"
Spot Report by OSCE SMM to Ukraine (SMM): Small-arms fired close to SMM UAV near Staryi Aidar
UK Defence Secretary Michel Fallon on Jadhav: 'No country is safe from terrorism. Huge concern.'
45 attacks on Ukrainian positions yesterday, 5 wounded
Sean Spicer apologizes for Hitler comparison: "It was mistake to do that."
Occupied Luhansk reg, brand new UR-77 and UR-83P mine clearing systems amid drills
Occupied Luhansk reg, brand new UR-77 and UR-83P mine clearing systems amid drills
German police: "We must assume that this was a targeted attack against Borussia Dortmund soccer club."
State Department to Putin: "There's no false flag" in Syria
Rex Tillerson arrives in Moscow without a game plan from key allies about how to deal with Russia and Assad
Explosions near bus carrying Borussia Dortmund football team were caused by explosive devices, police say
North of Ukraine border: Russian Border Guard Service An148 from Belgorod
Several Leopard tanks heading back home from Poland/Baltics
Greece MoD @PanosKammenos: "We Greek people know that in difficult moments, the real ally was always United States"
Ninth protest against Dictatorship is over, next one is set for tomorrow
Mattis: "there is clear and present danger on southern flank which puts Greece as a front line nation" on terrorism
In Kyiv SBU exposed human parts trafficking network, several detained
Match Borussia Dortmund - Monaco canceled, new time:tomorrow at 18:45
The BVB team bus is still on the road
Match could be canceled, decision at 20:30
An explosion hits the bus of Borussia Dortmund prior to game against AS Monaco, a player is injured. Match delayed
Dortmund: Three IEDs explode near BVB bus, at least one player injured.
Reporter points out to @PressSec that Hitler indeed did use gas in WW2 — as part of genocide against 6 million Jews.
Reports are that Marc Bartra was injured after a window was smashed and he has been taken to hospital.
Explosion near the bus of the Dortmund players, on their way to the stadium, before Dortmund-Monaco this evening
Explosion near the bus of Borussia Dortmund, according to German police. Bartra is injured and is on route to the hospital. Match postponed
"Vuče, vuče, bubo lenja" - chants and songs by protesters in Belgrade
9th day of protests against Vucic in Belgrade, Serbia
Protest in Novyi Sad
Minute of silence for Dragan Mladenović from Goša factory, who committed suicide at work due to poverty
2 Ukrainian soldiers were wounded today in 23 attacks before 6pm
Trade Unionists Join Serbian Anti-Govt Protests
Trump approves Montenegro's accession to NATO: White House
Trump for expanding NATO. Not leavin it
U.S. asks G7 ministers why it should care about Ukraine conflict
Secretary Tillerson has arrived in Moscow, where he will meet with FM Lavrov, discuss Syria, DPRK, US-Russia bilateral relationship.
Tillerson in Moscow
Kashmiris protested outside the Pakistan High Commission in London, today against human rights violations in PoK and against CPEC
Gold is surging as investors remain concerned about global security risks
Poroshenko Grateful to the Secretary of state Rex Tillerson for a clear position that Washington will not allow any batch agreements on Ukraine and Syria.
Syrian Forces impose security measures + reports of arrival of Russian personnel to Dumayr Airbase in response to US strike on Shaayrat.
Secretary Tillerson arrives in Moscow
Secretary of State Tillerson is wheels down in Moscow.
Smoke near Moscow’s Vnukovo Airport, where Sec. of State Tillerson is due to land, coming from a burning garbage dump, Russian officials say
Chief of Russian General staff: chemical weapons are being brought to Khan Shaykhun, Jira airport, Eastern Ghouta and West Aleppo to further blame Syrian government in attack
NATO SG @jensstoltenberg will meet @POTUS tomorrow at the @WhiteHouse
President Poroshenko had a phone call with State Sec. Tillerson
Smoke at Moscow Vnukovo airport
Smoke is spotted outside Moscow's airport as US State Secretary Tillerson is expected to land
Russian Aviation Watchdog Says Fire Not Related To Airport. Fire Near Vnukovo Outside Airport Territory: Rosaviatsiya
Reuters photographer sees black smoke rising from airfield at Moscow’s Vnukovo airport
"It is necessary to limit the appetite". Lukashenko commented on the airstrike of the US in Syria
Reuters photographer sees black smoke in the area of planes parking in Vnukovo
Putin says his country has information about the US planning strikes in southern Damascus.
5 IEDs were defused in Derbent by security services
Russian FSB detained 5 ISIS recruiters in Tver'
Woman form Orsha was fined for online video stream
Italy president says Russia should use its influence with Syria to thwart more chemical weapons attacks there
Electrical substation is on fire in Moscow region
Italy's Mattarella says "We owe it to the Syrian people" to come up with a political solution given the death toll and ongoing crisis.
Russian President Putin holds press conference with his Italian counterpart Sergio Mattarella in Moscow.
In Helsinki signed a Memorandum on creation of the Center for counteraction to hybrid threats
Protest outside Alexander Dugin propaganda talk in Helsinki Finland today
Two Russian servicemen killed in Syria mine blast, one other injured – MoD
Czech MFA Lubomír Zaorálek‏: We appreciate Ukraine’s reform efforts. Positive changes will bring only their successful implementation.
G7 failed to agree on new sanctions against Russia
Russia's security service FSB claims to have prevented 16 terrorist attacks in 9 Russian cities in 2016
Italian foreign minister at G7: Russia must not be 'pushed into a corner' over Syria.
Ukrainian PM Groysman says he won't run for President in 2019, will came to station and vote
Ukrainian PM Groysman says he won't run for President in 2019, will came to station and vote
Near Rubtsovsk, Altay region, Russia. about 20 protesting long-haul lorry drivers set up a protest
Swedish prosecutor says decided to revoke arrest of second suspect in Stockholm truck attack
[email protected]: reforms are an issue of national security for Ukraine
Wing of Mig-29SmT transfered to Levashovo, St.Petersburg from Kursk region to attend "Victory day parade"
Col. Oleksandr Motuzyanyk: Over the previous day of hostilities, UAF incurred no fatalities, five soldiers were wounded.
ATO spox: Yesterday, 31 enemy attacks, including 6 with heavy weapons, were registered in the Mariupol sector
Russian Foreign Ministry statement: "It's clear Russian-US relations have never been so difficult since end of Cold War."
Col. Motuzyanyk: In Maryinka, 38 yo man was wounded in an enemy fire
ATO spokesperson: Near Dokuchaevsk enemy fired 30+ mortar rounds at Novotroitske and Berezne
Col. Motuzyanyk: Donetsk sector: in Avdiivka militants used mortars, having fired 50 rounds. Hostilities lasted more than 12 hours
ATO spox: Over the previous day, 27 enemy attacks, including 6 with mortar were registered in the Donetsk sector
Col. Motuzyanyk: Near Svitlodarsk, Horlivka and Donetsk airport militants systematically opened fire with small arms at UA positions
Dugin lecture in Helsinki: Next ones. Security took a backbag from some people in the front row. Now being escorted out, shouting fascists!
French foreign minister says no agreement at G7 to broaden sanctions on Russia and Syria
Alexander Dugin giving a propaganda talk in Helsinki Finland. Starts with a fight.
Dugin gives the lecture in Helsinki
VOA reports Trump has signed Montenegro NATO accession protocol, arming Tillerson for Lavrov meeting
Video from the long-haul drivers protest in Dagestan shows how large it is
Video from the long-haul drivers protest in Dagestan shows how large it is
Kremlin spox Peskov says Ivanka Trump influenced father in question of missile strike on Syria
Rally in Poltava in support of wounded in clashes at "arc"
Abrosykin: this morning Russian militants shelled Maryinka
TASS: Head of FSB calls for introduction of additional measures for border protection.
United Kingdom's inflation rate at 2.3% for March, the highest rate since 2013.
Fire rips through French migrant camp after brawl between Kurds, Afghans
Alexei Navalny appeared on his YouTube channel this morning after serving a 15-day prison sentence.
Alexei Navalny appeared on his YouTube channel this morning after serving a 15-day prison sentence.
Belarus to unveil new family of wheeled armored vehicles at MILEX-2017
In Poltava city council is blocked by activists
Wednesday: @POTUS Donald Trump will meet with NATO Secretary General @jensstoltenberg at @WhiteHouse and hold joint press conference
RuAF fighter jets are flying over Taftanaz town, Idlib
RuAF fighter jets are flying over Taftanaz  town, Idlib
Seven years after the plane crash which killed its president, Poland has resumed the search for culprits
Maryinka, children of school #2 is in bomb shelter cause of shelling
EU-NATO: Today we will sign the agreement(MoU) establishing European CoE for Countering Hybrid Threats. The work begins.
Explosion last night at Volodimirska 4, no casualties - damage for property
Explosion last night at Volodimirska 4, no casualties - damage for property
64 attacks on Ukrainian positions yesterday, 5 soldiers were wounded
Tornado Warning including Kilgore TX, Overton TX, New London TX until 8:15 PM CDT
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