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23 กันยายน 2018

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A spokesman for the Kremlin says "Russia is being demonized"
ATO HQ: GRADs again used against Avdiivka
Russia TV right now: "The whole history of mankind is the history of war! Let's rehearse in the Middle East!" (Applaus).
Russia TV right now: "We will deceive you in the West!" (Applaus).
Fighting in the area of Lohvynove-Kalynivka, heavy artillery works
Clashes at Svitlodarsk bulge
Anti-corruption march today in Bucharest
Clashes between Dokuchaevsk and Novotroitske
Total 46 detained in Belarus during "Social parasitism" marches - map
Police: in Kharkiv region foiled attempt to block railway connection by group of radicals
Kremlin Spokesman: Russia Impatient With Trump Administration
Turkey's Erdogan calls on international organisations to impose sanctions on the Netherlands
Turkey's Erdogan says Netherlands acting like a 'banana republic'
[email protected]_Farage: "Who in this world puts the interest of their next-door neighbor's family above the interest of theirs?"
German finance minister says row with Turkey makes economic aid difficult
[email protected]_Farage: "It might be better if people like Clinton and Blair stop moaning and recognize that the world has changed."
Stanytsia Luhanska: queue at the checkpoint today
Again several GRAD missiles launched from the area of Donetsk pass-by road
Rally of Turks in Amsterdam
Russia deploys more Italian-made Iveco LMV tactical vehicles to Syria.
Belarus TV now scaring protesters with "KGB", "consequences of Maidan"
Makiivka: MLRS GRAD outgoing fire near closed Ordzhonikidze mine
German minister links Essen security alert to Islamic State
Britain has a Brexit backup plan if talks fail, says minister
Makiivka: reports of surface-to-air missile launch
Denmark's PM asked Turkish counterpart @BA_Yildirim to postpone a planned visit due to tensions between Ankara and the Netherlands
Dutch PM: Turkish president must stop provocation, apologise for comments
Total 8 people were detained in Orsha, including journalists
Turkey will take steps against the Netherlands until it apologizes: minister
Turkey will take steps against the Netherlands until it apologizes: minister
Fillon's party apologises for anti-Semitic attack on French rival Macron
Putin spokesman: Clinton advisers met with Russian ambassador "lots" of times
Fire in Luhansk today
Nasta Piliuhina: I was released. Galina Abakunchik from @svaboda still in police
Retired Rogachev policeman: Protests around the country show that people have stopped being afraid.
Boris Johnson claims Russia was behind plot to assassinate PM of Montenegro as he warns of Putin's 'dirty tricks'
Ukraine Army Intelligence (GUR) warns Russia has send news crews to Donetsk and its vicinity.
Donbas blockade: riot police deployed at blockade checkpoint at Kupyansk
Russian Il-76 landing at Taganrog
Man who read "Donetsk Republic declaration" in April 2014 Vladimir Makovich died in Donetsk
Up to 500 people protesting in Rahachow, Gomel' region
Denmark postpones Turkey Prime Minister's visit to Copenhagen after Ankara's tensions with other European countries.
Small crowd, maybe 100 people, demonstrate peacefully in front of Dutch consulate in Istanbul. Netherlands flag up.
"The biggest rally in Rahachow ever" - many said
Dutch Foreign Ministry says Turkish authorities are responsible for safety of diplomats in Turkey
Dutch PM @markrutte says biggest problem is Turkish gov talking about Turkish citizens in Netherlands. "They are Dutch citizens," he says
The mayor of Maladzyechna went to protesters - was booed
Belsat journalists was detained at the entrance to Rogachev
Çavuşoğlu‏: Replied questions of the media in Metz. We underline once again: An apology from the Netherlands is not enough.
As a result of an artillery strike on the strongpoint of the armed forces of Armenia, the enemy has lost up to 5 servicemen
Activist and several journalists were detained in Orsha
President Erdoğan says those who attack my citizens with dogs in the Netherlands will pay the price
Azerbaijan defense minister says armed forces destroyed enemy checkpoint
Police raid in Offenburg, Germany. Possible attack on Night club prevented
People gathering in Orsha despite random detention by police across city
People gathering in Orsha despite random detention by police across city
Up to 700 people in Babruisk, in chants now demanding resignation of government and Lukashenko
People gathered in Brest, though action was not planned. Police on the site
In Babrujsk, Belarus, hundreds join protest today against "social vagabond" tax and poor economic conditions
Police of Luhansk region is on high alert cause of information of possible terror attacks
No water and no electricity in Avdiivka after attacks
Chemical plant "TolyattiAzot" is on fire in Tolyatti
Polish memorial in Pidkamin' of L'viv region was vandalized
Fire at Tolyatti chemical plant still not contained
40 detained in riots in Batumi
Protest in Orsha, Viterbsk region
Damage in Avdiivka after yesterdays shelling
Damage at Oktyabrska street 60b in Maryinka this morning
Heavy police presence continues this morning before blocked Dutch consulate in Istanbul, Turkey.
75 attacks on Ukrainian positions yesterday, 2 soldiers killed in clashes with Russian scout group
[email protected]: WSJ: Authorities questioning contractors over CIA leaks
[email protected]: IETF releases statement on CIA leaks #Vault7
Sporadic clashes now all around Turkey Consulate compound, Rotterdam, Netherlands
Dutch police use water cannon, horses to break up Turkish rally
Rotterdam: water-cannon in action near Turkish consulate
Clashes between protesters and police in Rotterdam
Turkish Minister confirms in tweet that Dutch police are escorting her out to German border near Nijmegen
Rotterdam: Water cannon arrived
Tense situation near Turkish Consulate in Rotterdam
Dutch Police helicopter following the Turkish Minister of Families as she is driven to the German border
First reports of clashes of protesters with police near Turkish consulate in Rotterdam
[email protected]: CIA virus creation rules show obsession with avoiding US attribution for its attacks and evading forensic analysis
Police convoy carrying detained Turkish minister leaves scene near consulate
Turkey's family affairs minister emerges from armored vehicle, is taken to another vehicle by police officers
Dutch media report that police are considering towing Turkish Minister's car as she will not exit the vehicle.
Rotterdam Mayor Ahmed Aboutaleb has issued an emergency order for the entire city center, ordering protesters to leave - official
Jesse Klaver, the Leftist party leader of GroenLinks says he 100% supports his government in preventing a visit from Turkish foreign minister
Dutch authorities have declared Turkey's family minister an 'undesirable alien', which is why she is being arrested and deported - RTL News
Dutch police have now arrested Turkish female minister near Rotterdam consulate, according to Dutch media
[email protected]: RT @Timcast: PROBLEMS WITH SWEDISH MEDIA: via @YouTube
Dutch authorities have decided to arrest Turkey's family minister and deport her to Germany; operation to arrest her underway
Minister Kaya is non-grata, anti-terror police department is going to try to arrest the minister by breaking open the armored car.
Police operation underway near the armored vehicle of Turkey's family minister, who is refusing to leave the Netherlands - NOS
Some of the security of minister Kaya have been taken by Dutch police. Kaya remains in her car next to the consulate.
Rotterdam: State of emergency zone around Turkish consulate accrording to Dutch press agency ANP now extended to the whole city center
Meanwhile in Düsseldorf, Germany crowd gathered in front of Dutch Consulate chanting "Nazi Holland".
Russian diplomats finding out circumstances of death of citizen of the Russian Federation in Canada after police stop
Jimi Varshanidze, whose violent detention by police resulted in riots in Batumi, describes what happened
Jimi Varshanidze, whose violent detention by police resulted in riots in Batumi, describes what happened
Aerial view of rally in Rotterdam
Batumi: protesters demand local police chief to resign
Water cannon arrived in front of Embassy of Netherlands in Ankara
Riots in Batumi. Ajara's public health minister: 24 injured, incl. 11 police
Demonstrators still (trying to) arrive in Rotterdam center. Some people say they will stay here all night. Helicopter circling for hours.
Heavily-armed police unit arrives near Turkish consulate in Rotterdam
Rotterdam: Special police at convoy of Turkish Minister
Protest against Slovakia's far-right extremists in Bratislava today.
In Batumi clashes between police and demonstrators – Georgia
Batumi: several police cars were set on fire
[email protected]: RT @Snowden: Harvard finds computer flaws -- such as those @CIA hid from US companies -- are increasingly found by other hackers.
Georgia: A police car was overturned during clashes in Batumi.
Coningsby: Typhoons been put on standby, believed to be Engines Running and awaiting further instruction.
Clashes in Batumi as protesters were against parking penalty
Turkey’s opposition leader calls for airport sit-in after Netherlands cancels FM’s flight
Turkish nationalist leader Bahçeli calls for to join the protest.
[email protected]: RT @radiopublicaEC: Descarga el libro Ecuador en la mira, de @e_vold y asómbrate con las revelaciones de #Wikileaks
Crowd slowly growing outside Consulate General of the Netherlands in Istanbul and Embassy in Ankara.
Dutch police has attacked Turkish A Haber reporter with dogs in Rotterdam
Israeli Counter-terrorism agency feared that the IS is going to carry out chemical attacks in Europe in the coming months.
A police officer of the BAC was violently hit in the face. Marseille
Scene in front of Dutch Consulate General of the Netherlands in Istanbul Turkey
Up to 1500 now gathered at Turkey consulate in Rotterdam
Reports of protests/disturbances in Batumi; apparently aimed against police brutality, protestors demand resignation of local police chief
Turkey Izmir - 1 man arrested. Was in contact with Berlin attacker Anis Amri. The man is German, with Jordanian roots.
[email protected]: Example of what hacking acceleration alone could do:
Dutch police asks Turkish minister @drbetulsayan to leave the country
Police patrol was attacked in Dagestan, 1 policeman wounded
[email protected]: In light of CIA plans to hack car control systems an urgent study should be made of the assassination risk posed by different models #Vault7
‘Excellent decision’ to bar Turkish FM Cavusoglu from landing – Wilders
Netherlands embassy, consulate in Turkey now also reported closed off due to security issues.
Russian forces shelled water pumping station between Vasylivka and Kruta Balka
Reuters quotes @MFATurkey sources saying residences of Dutch ambassador, other top envoys closed off for "security reasons."
[email protected]: RT @WLTaskForce: You are the WikiLeaks task force.
Turkish police don't allow people to enter or exit Dutch consulate in Istanbul
Deported Turkish family minister: Turkey wants EU countries, especially Netherlands 'to return back to democracy values soon'.
Clashes in Batumi with police
Turkey tells Dutch gov that their treatment to Turkish officials will create serious social, economic and political implications
Size of crowd outside Turkish consulate in Rotterdam now estimated to be approx. 500, was 50 about an hour ago
Donetsk: damage at Ahromeeva 10
12yo boy killed in grenade explosion in Vuhledar, found it while coming to home from school. Donetsk region
Turkish Foreign Ministry asked Dutch government not to send its Ambassador back to Ankara for a period of time
Pinsk: video of attempt to detain Maxim Fillipovich from his camera
Pinsk: video of attempt to detain Maxim Fillipovich from his camera
FM Çavuşoğlu arrives at French airport to attend Turkish rally in Metz
Minister Kaya: Dutch authorities say as a Turkish minister, I am forbidden to enter the Turkish consulate, even by walking
Tukrish minister is behind the building of the Turkish Consulate in Rotterdam. Police is not allowing her to get inside the Consulate.
Family Min. Kaya: We are about to reach the Turkish consulate building in Rotterdam, these attempts can't stop our democratic rallies
Italy: Naples protests against campaign visit by Far-Right 'Northern League' leader
Dutch police briefly detain Turkish news agency AA and TV channel TRT crew, force them to go back to Germany. Police accompany them
Video: Avdiivka after shelling
Video: Avdiivka after shelling
Turkish Consul-General in Rotterdam tells media that Dutch police stopped Turkish Family Minister at Netherlands border
in Batumi the riots, people are trying to capture the police station - because of the exorbitant fines
in Batumi the riots, people are trying to capture the police station - because of the exorbitant fines
Dutch police will accompany the Turkish delegation to the German border
Russia and Egypt reached agreement on final protocol for Air Security
Belarus: big rally today in Pinsk
Dutch police deport EU citizens of Turkish descent out of Netherlands w/o showing a reason, activist says
Poland says will 'play rough' with EU after Tusk vote
Dutch police stop Turkish convoy outside Rotterdam, wrongly believing that Turkish Minister was among them, holding them for no reason.
A lot of Turks have gathered in front of the Turkish consulate
Russians shelling civil houses in Avdiivka
[email protected]: Julian Assange on Signal, Telegram and the New York Times
Convoy of the Turkish minister is halted in Rotterdam
[email protected]: CIA: Virus scanner F-Secure a "lower tier product that causes us minimal difficulty"
[email protected] in Strasbourg told by French authorities that the Turkish foreign minister is now expected in France on Sunday
Turkey FM: This [denying entry to country] is a reflection of their [Dutch gov't leaders] anti-Turk, anti-Islam, racist and fascist policies
LNR group claimed that Ukraine halt water supply to them
Fires near Avdiivka -photo from Donetsk railway station
Police order mall in German city of Essen not to open after receiving credible tips of imminent attack.
Police in Rotterdam block road leading to Turkish consulate
Baltimore: The shooting happened on W. Hamburg Street near S. Hanover Street. Officers found a man suffering from a gunshot wound to the chest. He was taken to an area hospital, but died shortly after arrival
Erdoğan said that the "Netherlands should now think about how their planes will land in Turkey, they are Nazi remnants; fascists"
39 attacks on Ukrainian positions before 6pm today
[email protected]: CNN: @ggreenwald on CIA #Vault7
OSCE: As has been constantly predicted by the OSCE SMM, the Donetsk Filtration Station is again offline due to shelling
Demo for Francesco Lorusso in Bologna now continues with students' and grassroots movements' march
Naples, Napoli - clashes, teargases and hydrants against demo protesting vs. the racist and xenophobic #salvini #maiconsalvini #11M
Dutch PM says Turkish FM may come in to see tulips and museums, Turkey FM promises to send new ones to turn racists into men.
FM Çavuşoğlu: "If they [the Dutch] behave like men, we'll send them new tulips."
Germany Essen - 2 men have meanwhile been arrested in Oberhausen.
"NotParasites march" in Pinsk
About 700 people came to Togliatti for a rally against repeal of benefits
205th Air Defense Battalion from Romania is deploying 100 personnel abroad for the first time on a NATO deployment - To Poland
Exercise Real Thaw: American soldiers fires mortars on the range in Santa Margarida, Portugal.
Rotterdam's mayor Ahmad Abou Taleb who is "Muslim" asked Dutch Gov to ban Turkish FM from landing in Netherland
Turkish Foreign Ministry has summoned the Netherlands ambassador to Turkey
Hundreds out in Bratislava, Slovakia, as Antifa rally starts to protest against rising neo-Nazi movement and party.
Erdogan forbids the Netherland's airplanes to land on Turkish territory beginning April 16
Turkish president brands the Dutch "Nazi remnants and fascists" as row over cancelled Rotterdam rally escalates
President Erdoğan: Let's see how diplomatic planes from the Netherlands will land in Turkey from now on
Pres. Erdoğan: Turkish citizens will give the best response to Netherlands' landing revoke on referendum
German police order mall to stay closed after receiving credible tips of imminent attack
[email protected]: RT @WLTaskForce: Former CIA director Petraeus says US spies have damaged their relationship with Silicon Valley again #Vault7
Dutch PM's reason for withdrawing Turkish FM's landing rights in the Netherlands
The Netherlands stops Turkey FM's plane from landing: official
[email protected]: Leaked video: Mormon Elders obsess on media-homosexual-WikiLeaks conspiracy
[email protected]: RT @Timcast: Last Night in Sweden: Talking the issues Sweden faces
Spot Report by OSCE SMM: Incoming mortar rounds explode near SMM in Pikuzy
Holland cancels Turkish foreign minister's flight. Comes after threats of Turkish sanctions if they did
[email protected]: Fefe: Attribuierung von Cyber-Angriffen war schon immer Bullshit
Credibility of Congress' Russia probes still in question
[email protected]: CIA whistleblower John Kiriakou & spy expert James Bamford talk to Tom Hartman about CIA #Vault7
Russia's ambassador to the UN, who collapsed in his office last month, died from a heart attack, officials say.
107 attacks on Ukrainian positions yesterday, 2 Ukrainian soldiers killed, 15 were wounded.
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