Map. History of Europe conflict

21 February 2018


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Poland - Artillery, MLRS column seen passing central Siekierkowski Bridge in Warsaw -- witnesses
[email protected] says it's "very likely" hackers read his email. Local officials say they're vulnerable too
Police detained titushkas near illegal building in Kyiv
EU says escalation in eastern Ukraine violates Minsk peace deal
Journalists in Azerbaijan say ‘sense of impunity’ behind recent fatal beatings
Avdeevka - shelling with heavy artillery
Russia to substitute military hardware imports from EU by 2021 — deputy PM
Intense shelling just started in Starohnativka again, smoke rising in the outskirts
Military truck with soldiers in Donetsk center
Destruction of sanctions fat in Kaliningrad
NATO trains Georgia troops on the new tank polygon near Tbilisi
The US Air Force will deploy 12 A10 Thunderbolt "Warthogs" to Europe this fall
Dagestanis have shot down a Russian helicopter in Gimry
Dagestanis have shot down a Russian helicopter in Gimry
Russia backs Jeremy Corbyn in Labour leadership contest
Georgia showcases new tank training area
Kazakh police detain anti-corruption protesters
Migrants clash with police on Greek island of Kos as tensions flare
The Euro rose above 71 ruble for the first time since the end of February
Russian forces filmed their own failed attack on Ukrainian positions: 2 APCs lost, min 1 WIA
Russian forces filmed their own failed attack on Ukrainian positions: 2 APCs lost, min 1 WIA
In Germany crashed U.S. military aircraft
Police beat Afghan, Syrian migrants on Greek island of Kos, mayor warns of ‘bloodshed’
The Russian foreign Ministry: Russia regrets that warlike rhetoric of Kyiv intensifies
In Dnipropetrovsk SBU discovered a cache of explosives and ammunition
In Dnipropetrovsk SBU discovered a cache of explosives and ammunition
DSB and JIT announce they are examining possible Buk missile parts found in the MH17 wreckage
U.S. military jet crashes in southern Germany
Militants fired 39 mortar shells on Mariinka checkpoint. Also a militant was detained at Berezove CP - Border Service
In the occupied Armyansk destroyed some tons of food from EU
In the occupied Armyansk destroyed some tons of food from EU
Russian Security Counci:l "Ukraine´s strategy is a long-lasting conflict with Russia"
In Dagestan, killed the leader of the "Caucasus Emirate" Suleymanov
Rus training camps in Luhansk and Debatlseve areas
Dmitry Medvedev proposes to limit number of cattle in private farms of Russians
1 Ukr serviceman was KIA in the last day, 13 were WIA - ATO spox
ATO spox: 9 flights of enemy UAVs were recorded within the military operation area
Four militants killed during a special operation in Dagestan
US F-16 crashes near Bayreuth; pilot ejected
Number of combined Russian-separatist forces in eastern Ukraine is estimated at 42,000-43,000 men - Defence Ministry
Pabrade, Lithuania - A UH-60M Black Hawk helicopter lifts off during training btwn US & Lithuanian forces.
Donetsk now
Michael Fallon warns Ukraine war remains 'red hot' as he pledges more British military help
Journalist killed in Azerbaijan after Facebook comments
Ukraine announces it has changed its rules of engagement, giving troops greater freedom to 'fire for effect".
Detained Colonel of SBU giving secret information to militants of DNR
Donetsk column of Russian military equipment
Donetsk column of Russian military equipment
Avdiivka is out of power
General Staff HQ: Ukraine armed forces received an order to use artillery against Russian forces
[email protected] condemns Minsk agreement violations, arson of @OSCE vehicles in Donetsk.
Heavy explosions can be heard in Shyrokyne direction
Yasinovataya without power
Georgia accused Russia in further moving of border
Destruction in Krasnohorivka
Heavy artillery attack on Starohnativka
Poroshenko orders urgent Normandy Four Donbas
Reports that Tel'manove was shelled from Styla
"DNR": we will return withdrawn military vehicles to positions, in case of offensive
Artillery shelling near Straohnativka all day long
Baikal, the world's deepest lake shrouded in smoke, swimmers covered in ash
Smoke over Tel'manove after shelling
Pregnant Swedish teen captured by ISIS in Syria
Fighting terror from France’s military outpost in Niger
Two people have been killed and another seriously injured in a knife attack at the Ikea Store in Sweden
Reports of MLRS Grad shelling in Telmanovo
Greek coast guard rescues 1,417 migrants over 3 days
Turchynov: Russia prepares bloody provocation in the East of Ukraine
Poland establishes a UAV-dedicated airbase
ATO General Staff establishes linkage between the military escalation and arrival of general Lentsov to Donbas.
Emergency mode introduced in Gelendzhik due to forest fire
1 Ukr serviceman was KIA, 16 were WIA, 1 MIA - ATO spox Col. Lysenko
In Kharkiv Zmiivska TPP stopped - out of fuel
Greece closes in on third bailout deal
President Poroshenko held a meeting with security forces chiefs because of the deteriorating situation in the ATO
Starobeshevo district, Russian self-propelled artillery
Vehicle with military plates and Russian military inside
7 Ukrainian troops killed, 11 injured in heavy fighting near Bilo Kam`yanka
UK accuses Spain of violating Gibraltar sovereignty
MFA: the peace process on the verge of collapse, Russia needs to take immediate action
Preliminary info: 4 KIA (1-72th brig, 3-DUK), 4 WIA
The battle near the Bila Kam'yanka - enemy destroyed, but couldn't capture foothold
7 Ukrainian troops got injured in battles East of Starohnativka this night. Result was recapture of heights + enemy losses.
The General staff accused the General Lentsov of RF in coordinating the actions of the militants
Heavy battles near Volnovakha since 4am with 400 Russian & artillery. 4 Ukraine soldiers KIA
MFA of Ukraine will inform EU, NATO, OSCE about escalation at Donbas
ATO forces took Novolaspa there is heavy fighting, there are losses