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17 กรกฎาคม 2018

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Cannon Battery fires in support of Operation Saber Guardian. Cincu, Romania
[email protected] and @USNationalGuard, Romanian Soldiers rehearse for critical medical emergency response
Moldova and Ukraine MFA reject Russia Duma accusations on blocking Transnistria
Public boat launching ramps (operated by the Red River Waterway Commission) located in Grant, Rapides, and Avoyelles Parishes have been closed due to high water caused by heavy rainfall.
[email protected]: We must determine if Trump Jr. meeting was "testing of the waters" by Russians to see if campaign "would be receptive."
Statement from Emin Algalarov's attorney says Natalia Veselnitskaya was a private attorney who wanted meeting to discuss Magnitsky Act.
On Bastille Day, Pres and Mrs Trump are guests of honor on the Champs-Élysées. Visit also honors 100th anniv of US troops in France for WWI.
Although Merkel also in Paris on Thursday @WhiteHouse says “no plan right now” to meet Germany Chancellor again there.
UK has extended invitation to @POTUS for state visit, he’s accepted and “timing being worked out,” says senior @WhiteHouse official.
Russian lawyer who met with Donald Trump Jr. says she doesn't represent the Russian government, only herself.
Per Senior WH official Trump and Macron will take questions from press on Thursday afternoon
Trump lawyer Michael Cohen tells @Isikoff there's nothing wrong with DJT Jr. soliciting Kremlin aid: “The purpose of the election is to win."
WH official confirms that plans for Pres Trump to visit the UK in the Fall delayed until next year. Scheduling problems.
“I stand by everything I said yesterday,” says @SHSanders45 on the @realDonaldTrump/Russia controversy.
On Russia matter, Sanders says the WH "would like to get this matter closed and focus on the big priorities of the American people."
It appears @POTUS won't be visiting UK this year due to "scheduling conflicts."
Mike Pence "was not aware of the meeting" between Trump Jr., Russian lawyer, spokesperson says.
Trump supporters have launched campaign to blame Ukraine, not Russia in Elections meddling
Amb Volker hard at work in Ukraine with @ICRC to support efforts to achieve peace through Minsk Agreement implementation.
Video shows rioters changing there clothes to 'civilian look' after a clash in Hamburg during G20
The North Korean government has sent thousands of its impoverished citizens to Russia to earn money for the state
Protesters are burning flares near Verkhovna Rada
Rally at Verkhovna Rada as Parliament session is ongoing. Several hundreds protesters
Planes flying low over Paris ahead of Bastille day
Heavy police presence at Verkhovna Rada as MPs are voting on lifting immunity from 6
"Azov" has shutdown the Grushevskogo street in Kyiv
Rally near Verkhovna Rada demands to lift immunity from all 5 MPs
Tomorrow in Trieste 2017 Summit on the Western Balkans under Italian Presidency.
Project11356M BSF frigate Admiral Grigorovich 494 returns from 95 days Mediterranean deployment and transits Bosphorus towards Black Sea
35 people in Europe have died of measles in the past 12 months, fueled by parents who refuse to vaccinate, WHO reports. Thousands more ill.
Russian lawyer says she was asked for information on Clinton by Trump campaign, says she didn't have any
Someone has throw firecracker at Polish Consulate in Lutsk
Alexei Navalny tells Putin to subscribe to his YouTube channel "because they tell the truth here, unlike on your lying TV."
@DonaldJTrumpJr: Media and Dems are extremely invested in the Russia story. If this nonsense meeting is all they have after a yr, I understand the desperation!
President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi receives a delegation from the Italian parliament headed by the chairman of the defense committee
Putin has visited Valaam island
Ally and partner nations participating in Sea Breeze 2017 conduct the land component opening ceremony in Shiroky Lan, Ukraine, July 10
RUAF bomber is possibly airborne
Task Force Air (TFA) 4° Eurofighter jets arrive in Bulgraia, joining the MiG-29 fighter jets to enhanced air policing
Chechnya's Union of Journalists calls Novaya Gazeta's report on 27 murders in one night "a political order".
Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny has agreed to participate in the debate with the ex-commander of "DNR" militants Girkin
The European Court of Human Rights has upheld a Belgian ban on wearing the niqab in public saying it was "necessary in a democratic society"
NATO Air Defence Exercise 'Tobruq Legacy' begins in several locations throughout Czech Republic, Lithuania and Romania
2 US Navy P-8A(168762 and 168855) have departed Sigonella to Odesa
Colonel Andriy Lysenko: Donetsk sector: enemy opened fire with grenade launchers against Avdiivka two times
16 troops dead after Marine Corps KC-130 aircraft crashes in Leflore County, Mississippi, US
Wildfire rips through area surrounding Sicilian city of Messina
Rally near Verkhovna Rada
The association agreement with Ukraine is now finally concluded, enters into force on 1 September
Military Spokesman: Lieutenant General Mahmoud Hijazi meets with the Commander of the African-American Command and the Ambassador of the United States of America to Libya
Ex-Donbass militia commander Strelkov to debate @navalny. He could learn a few video blogging tricks from him too
Ex-Donbass militia commander Strelkov to debate @navalny. He could learn a few video blogging tricks from him too
MSF: After rescuing a first boat with 133 people today, Prudence is now approaching this second wooden boat. Busy morning in the Mediterranean.
MSF: This morning at around 6am Aquarius spotted this overcrowded boat in distress with 133 people on board. They are all safe now.
Min. Witold Waszczykowski to attend OSCE informal ministerial meeting in Vienna
Russian PM Medvedev banned importing equipment for Glonass GPS system in state procurement orders
22 attacks on Ukrainian positions yesterday. 1 soldier was killed at Stanitsa Luhanska
US cruiser HUE CITY CG66, destroyer CARNEY DDG64 pierside in Odesa, Ukraine for Sea Breeze exercises
Russia plans to expel 30 U.S diplomats
Paris is up against Los Angeles in the international bid to host the 2024 Olympic games. The bid seems to be motivated by prestige, rather than financial soundness.
Sen. Coons: “Disturbing pattern” where members of the Trump campaign conveniently forgot meetings with Russians
@SenatorCollins: Met with new Chief of Defense for Montenegro, our newest @NATO ally and a longstanding partner with Maine through the @MEARNG
Sen. Warner: There’s a continuing pattern we’ve seen of Trump officials who have “conveniently forgotten” meetings with Russians
Messina surrounded by flames, people ask for more help and media coverage, Italy
Former WH cybersecurity adviser Richard Clarke: Insecure power grid leaves US vulnerable to Russian cyber threats
Zaporizhya NPP to receive nuclear fuel rods produced by Westinghouse
Shelling is reported in Maryinka, at least one house is on fire
Armenian serviceman Vazgen Poghosyan (b. 1997) was killed by Azerbaijani fire at around 5:40 p.m. on July 10.
[email protected] on @POTUS-Putin talk: "There were sanctions specific to election-meddling that I believe were discussed but not beyond that."
Germany's @Siemens plans to review all its Russia|n contracts to exclude any possibly sanctions' breaches
[email protected] on US-Russia relationship: "I think we saw that there were places of shared interests that we can work together."
[email protected] in off-camera briefing: Trump "heard Putin's denialdecided to move on from that point" to focus on other important issues.
Sarah Huckabee Sanders says Trump and Putin *did* discuss sanctions "specific to election meddling" - contradicting Trump's tweet.
Very dangerous wildfire is threatening Italy's Messina on Sicily
Smoke is still visible at burning shopping mall in Moscow
In call with Greek PM @Tsipras_EU, I reaffirmed enduring ties with Greece and congratulated him on its progress toward recovering from econ crisis
@POTUS "certainly wants to do things to protect the environment," says @SHSanders45 asked about whether he'd reconsider Paris Agreement.
Spoke to Macedonian PM @Zoran_Zaev today to congratulate him on new position; looking forward to seeing him at Adriatic Charter Summit.
"Does the president trust President Putin?" @SHSanders45, in off-camera briefing: "I haven't asked him that question."
"There wasn't" collusion with Russia by @realDonaldTrump presidential campaign, says @SHSanders45.
"We recognize that Russia is a cyber threat" but also recognize need to have discussions with adversaries, says @SHSanders45.
"Discussions may still take place," with Russia on cyber, says @SHSanders45.
"I don't know of any other meetings" @DonaldJTrumpJr had with Russians, says @SHSanders45.
1 Ukrainian soldier was killed in incident at Shirokiy Lan firing range
Outskirts of Alkhanli village. Few KMs away Fizuli, Khojavand, Karabakh
Readout of @VP Pence call with @tsipras_eu reaffirming our strong alliance with Greece.
Police are calling the death of a child in Manchester a 'tragic accident' after a series of incidents led to the death of a 2-year-old over the weekend.
[email protected] cancels plans for Ukraine flights
1 Armenian soldier was killed in Northern Karabakh during latest clashes
The real issue is how is the Govt of India engaging with China. PM did go out of his way to meet Xi Jinping in Hamburg: Anand Sharma, Congress
UK PM says "language like this has absolutely no place in politics or in today's society" after suspending party whip for MP Anne Marie Morris
[email protected] cancelled plans to start flying to Kyiv and Lviv in Oct'2017 due to contract dispute
The UK Conservative party says MP Anne Marie Morris has had the whip suspended after using the N-word in a discussion on the European Union
Lavrov held talks with "Foreign Minister" of South Ossetia Dmitry Medoyev
People chanting "Lech Wałęsa" at "miesiecznica Smoleńska"
The Department for Education says teachers' pay will remain capped at 1%
Rally at Zamkowy square in Warsaw
Siemens will sue Russia for the delivery of the turbines to the Crimea despite sanctions
Big fire at "RIO" mall in Moscow
14 wounded, at least 1 child in big fire at Shopping mall in Moscow
Publicist says he set up meeting for Trump son and Russian lawyer on behalf of his Moscow client, Emin Agalarov.
Evacuation as fire in Shopping Mall Rio in Moscow
Fire at Rio mall in Moscow. At least 14 wounded. Rescue operation is ongoing
Poroshenko says Ukraine to meet NATO standards by 2020
UK Conservative spokesman: Anne Marie Morris has apologised "unreservedly" for "any offence caused" by her "entirely unintentional" language on leaving EU with no deal
Issue of all Indian fugitives living in U.K. will be part of wide ranging agenda which will include cooperation on counter terrorism: Sources
Home Secretary Rajiv Mehrishi has gone to London for previously scheduled interaction with counterpart: Sources
UK Conservative Party is investigating MP's alleged use of 'N' word in Brexit conversation
Home secy Rajiv Mehrishi leaves for London for talks betweeb India, Britain; may discuss extradition of Vijay Mallya, ex- IPL chief Lalit Modi
UK Conservative spokesman: "We are aware of these reports, this kind of language is completely unacceptable, and we are urgently investigating"
UK MPs say Conservatives should cut ties with Anne Marie Morris after describing leaving EU with no deal as "the real n-word in the woodpile"
Additional money of budget surplus to be reallocated for defense and security - Poroshenko at NSDC
Today OSCE SMM, in coordination with JCCC, monitored ceasefire and facilitated repairs to water wells in non-govt-contr Krasnyi Lyman
Germany begins withdrawing troops from Turkish air base
Blaze breaks out at Moria refugee camp in Lesbos
Moscow is seeking to extend life of its aircraft of the Ukrainian family "Antonov", totally about 400, including Ruslan.
Relevant points from the exchange between Stoltenberg and Poroshenko today. Suggests NATO gear now installed in Ukrainian ministries and SBU
Ukraine will introduce biometric control for all citizens who cross the state border - President at the NSDC meeting
Kremlin spox says turbines at Crimean power plant are Russian-made, refuting @Reuters report on sanctions violation.
Photo: Militarymen with backpacks today in Horlivka
US issues apology to Beijing for 'Republic of China' gaffe at G20 summit in Hamburg
[email protected] on Trump Jr. Russia mtg: "From a perception standpoint it certainly raises eyebrows"
For 20 years NATO has stood by Ukraine’s side and will continue to stand with Ukraine in the long and difficult years ahead - @jensstoltenberg
Ukraine needs modern, efficient armed forces and strong, accountable, democratic institutions and leaders - @jensstoltenberg at @ua_parliament
NATO encourages Ukraine to fight against corruption, to strengthen the rule of law and be transparent in public life - @jensstoltenberg
Ukraine is a sovereign nation and it has the rightnto choose its own security arrangements - @jensstoltenberg
#USSHueCity and #USSCarney arrive in Odesa, Ukraine in support of exercise #SeaBreeze
Europe and North America are united in condemning Russia’s actions and continue supporting economic sanctions - @jensstoltenberg
Stoltenberg: Ukraine must strengthen its institutions and fight corruption. Leadership must come from President, PM and You, the people's representatives
German Interior Minister De Maiziere condemns violence and vandalism at Hamburg G20; compares extremists to "neo-Nazis and Islamist militants"
The road to NATO membership is not easy. For those who seek it, it requires dedication and substantial reform - @jensstoltenberg in Kyiv
NATO does not and will it Russia's illegal and illegitimate annexation of Crimea - @NATO Secretary General @jensstoltenberg
We are here today to show our solidarity and support for Ukraine's territorial integrity - @jensstoltenberg NATO Secretary General
@10thCAB convoys 1200 miles across Europe for exercise Saber Guardian 17
Putin 2018 calendar is already in the shops in Russia.
Ukraine's membership in NATO is a goal that's common for both the people and the authorities - Chairman @AndriyParubiy
NATO plays a key role mobilizing international community to help Ukraine counteract the Russian aggression - Chairman @AndriyParubiy
Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has said Australia and the UK will work to "speedily" agree a free trade deal after Brexit
NATO' @jensstoltenberg is at Verkhovna Rada
"We look forward to concluding a free trade agreement with the UK" after Brexit, says Australian PM Malcolm Turnbull
Australian PM Turnbull: After Brexit, Australia will attempt "as soon as possible" to secure a free trade agreement with the UK
"When Britain is attacked by terrorism, we feel it too," says Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull on latest terror attacks in UK
UK PM Theresa May calls for stronger trade ties with Australia following Brexit
Theresa May says she is "grateful for the solidarity and support" Australia showed the UK during the London terror attacks
Kremlin spox on Trump Jr. meeting with Russian lawyer: “No, we do not know who it iswe cannot track the meetings of all Russian lawyers."
USAF Tanker and F-16 Thunderbirds flypast today at RAF Mildenhall
Peskov to question if Russia plans to cut oil output below 300,000 barrels per day. No agreements in addition to existent ones
Riots in Hamburg were 'organised, orchestrated and prepared', says German Interior Minister de Maizière
Navalny supporter in Novosibirsk detained after reading the Constitution with a Russian flag.
The Kyiv government uses the myth of a Russian threat to exert influence over European politicians, Peskov says
Suweida (where Syrian gov forces has launched an offensive against the FSA) is fully part of the US-Russia ceasefire (along with Daraa and Quneitra prov.), confirmed by Lavrov.
The Kremlin has taken note of the information about the shooting of 27 people in Chechnya.
Navalny volunteer in Novorossiysk jailed for 15 days for allegedly swearing
TASS: Peskov: The situation with the cybersecurity group doesn't affect Putin's trust in Trump.
[email protected] on @POTUS's speech in Poland: "People will be talking about that speech in Poland for generations to come."
TASS: Russia and South Ossetia are concerned about Georgia's attempts to join NATO.
For the 1st time in its history @NATO opens full scale representation in a partner country. – Ukraine
The Kremlin says it is unaware of a meeting between Donald Trump's staff and a Russian lawyer during the 2016 campaign
[email protected] on Russian collusion: "People think they want to convert wishful thinking into hard evidence."
Ukraine has started a debate on the roadmap on NATO membership
NSDC to convene for secret meeting to decide plans on Donbas de-occupation
Russia Finance ministry sees $60/bbl as ceiling for oil price recovery
Military Spokesman: Egyptian and French Navy to Conduct Joint Maritime Training Activities Cleopatra 2017
Ukraine has lost 16% of it's GDP cause of Russian aggression - PM Groysman
Ukrainian UAV Meridian Spectator for border guard service
Ukrainian UAV Meridian Spectator for border guard service
NATO chief: ceasefire in the Donbas is not working, Russia should withdraw its troops
Poroshenko: No country outside NATO has a veto on Ukraine's accession to the Alliance.
Ukrainian border guards have started to use «Spectator-M» UAV
Russian MP Slutsky says LGBT issues are discussed in the West for the sole purpose of bashing Russia unfairly.
PM Groysman meets with NATO Secretary General Stoltenberg
4 Belarusian deputies supported the Declaration condemning Russia's aggression against Ukraine.
Poroshenko: Ukraine-NATO cooperation in cybersecurity is one of the key directions of cooperation
Poroshenko: integration into the Euro-Atlantic security space and accession to the @NATO is our priority
We do not recognize and will not recognize Russia's annexation of Crimea. We support the territorial integrity of Ukraine. - Stoltenberg
Poroshenko: investments in Ukraine's security is an investment in the security of NATO.
Poroshenko: NATO countries mobilize other countries in the direction of countering Russian actions
Colonel Andriy Lysenko: As per UA mil intel, confirmed casualties of the Russia-backed militants last week were 17 killed and 17 wounded
Colonel Lysenko: Donetsk sector: militants opened fire with grenade launchers and mortars at Avdiivka, having fired 20+ bombs
ATO HQ corrected casualties toll for yesterday: one soldier has died
Parliament has reportedly been evacuated following a fire alarm
Chechen officials, led by Magomed Daudov, encouraged hundreds of Chechen/Ingush citizens to go support ethnic Chechens in Leninaul, Dagestan
Kadyrov growing further out of control: appears to be supporting Chechen irredentism in west Dagestan
A military delegation from Pakistan visited Ukraine
NATO forces in Odesa for Sea Breeze 2017
Flames engulf building in London's Camden Market. The London Fire Brigade said 10 firetrucks and 70 firefighters had been sent to the site shortly after midnight Sunday when a blaze erupted near Camden Stables. It said three floors and the roof of a building within the complex were on fire.
Another batch of military equipment and ammunition purchased from Russia was delivered to Azerbaijan
Another batch of military equipment and ammunition purchased from Russia was delivered to Azerbaijan
Belgian director of Amnesty locked himself in a cage in front of Turkish embassy 2 protest arrest of his colleague in Turkey
Russia Says Smooth Exit From OPEC Agreement May Take Months
V4 plus Austria, Croatia and Slovenia FM meeting in Budapest. Interconnectivity, Ukraine & Western Balkans high on the agenda
NATO does not guarantee security on the continent without the participation of Ukraine – Poroshenko
We are here to demonstrate NATO’s firm support for the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine - @jensstoltenberg
Ukraine is the only partner participating in all NATO missions and operations including Afghanistan and Kosovo - @jensstoltenberg
Aerobatic team "Strizhi" on the eve of the 105th anniversary of RuAF made fly-by over the territory of the exhibition complex "Lenexpo" in Saint-Petersburg
UK PM May's deputy says confident can get EU repeal bill through parliament
President Poroshenko opened the meeting of the Commission Ukraine-NATO
NATO's solidarity with Ukraine. NATO supports the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine - Stoltenberg
[email protected] Sec. Stoltenberg is in Kyiv for talks with President Poroshenko
Bihar CM Nitish Kumar talked to RJD chief Lalu Prasad Yadav over the telephone yesterday: RJD
Ships of the Turkish Navy in Odesa to take part in "Sea Breeze 2017"
Russia want to allow Ukrainians to publicly renounce Ukraine to receive Russian passports
38 attacks on Ukrainian positions yesterday, no casualties
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