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22 กรกฎาคม 2018

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Pres Trump spotlights he not only met yesterday with Russia's Lavrov, but with Ukraine FM Klimkin too.
Italian police seize 37 million tramadol pills worth $75 million from India bound for Da'ish militants in Libya.
#SpringStorm17 in Estonia continues - Bundeswehr has arrived
Venezuelan demonstrators hold protest outside Embassy of #Venezuela in #Barcelona.
Belarus sent a song in Belarusian to #Eurovision2017 song contest in Kyiv
Massive protest of Venezuelans against Maduro in Madrid
Suspected Russia-backed hackers have launched exploratory cyber attacks against the energy networks of the Baltic states
Man, who attacked activists on 9 May in Dnipro city, receives 60 days arrest
2nd semi-final of Eurovision started in Kyiv
2nd semi-final of Eurovision started in Kyiv
Sanders defends not allowing US journalists to cover the Trump-Lavrov meeting: “Proper protocol was followed”
Sanders on the Russia investigation: We want it to end soon so we can focus on things Americans actually care about
“Proper protocol was followed” allowing Russia government photographer into @POTUS meeting with Lavrov (where US press pool excluded.)
"The more we inform our people of what the Russians are trying to do and how they are trying to impact our thinking...the better"-DNI Coats
Russia's nuclear weapons infrastructure on the Kola Peninsula is expanding.
Photos of the @bundeswehrInfo at the #StrongEurope #TankChallenge
Parts of missile that exploded over Donetsk today(some anti-air)
Soldiers in @3ABCT4ID at the #StrongEurope #TankChallenge at @7thATC: @USArmyEurope @USArmy
Brexit will be so damaging that UK will try to rejoin EU, Scottish minister says
White House official on Russia's release of Oval Office photos: 'They tricked us'
FBI disputes press reports: We have "adequate resources" for Russia probe
"It's clear though the Russians have upped their game using social media and other opportunities in ways we haven't seen before"-DNI Coats
All US intel chiefs affirm Jan 27 assessment/conclusions of Russia interference in #Election2016
Russia "exerts military and diplomatic pressure to coerce Ukraine into implementing Moscow's interpretation of "Minsk agreement, per Coats
Russia goal to maintain influence over Kyiv, "frustrating Ukraine's attempt to integrate into Western institutions...unchanged" per Coats
Separatists confirm Kremlin’s direct role in managing insurgency in East Ukraine, hand-picking separatist leaders.
Clashes between police and protesters in Kyiv
Team Ukraine crushes a car at the Strong Europe Tank Challenge
The attacker threw a grenade near a cafe in Makhachkala - there are victims
Chief of Russian "MIA Rossiya Segodnya" Kisilyov was injured in Crimea
Results now at Tank Challenge Strong Europe
"Russia's direct interference in Democratic processes arnd the globe is a direct assault" per @MarkWarner "1 of the top worldwide threats"
[email protected]' "actions this week cost us an opportunity to get at the truth at least for today" per @MarkWarner re: Russia investigation
Macron's party rejects French ex-PM Valls: official
Russia "full-scope cyber actor...a major threat to US Gvt, military, diplomatic, commercial, and critical infrastructure" per @ODNI statement
EU's Timmermans says room for dialogue with Poland over rule of law
Russian opposition leader Navalny is back to Moscow from Barcelona
Kosovo's president calls parliamentary election for June 11
Trump: “Great relationship with Merkel, one of the best. In fact so good she invited my daughter over.”
WH furious over Russian government photos of Trump meeting with Lavrov/Kislyak. "They tricked us," an official said of Russians "They lie."
Nationalists rally in Kyiv demand to punish those who responsible for disturbances on May 9
The Prime Minister, Binali Yildirim, met with U.S. Secretary of Defense James Mattis in London.
Geolocation: New positions east Telmanovo (47.41 38.06) - starts 7/2016 - 2 MBTs on wikimapia
EU's Barnier says wants Brexit talks without 'aggressivity'
Map of European countries where Ukrainians won't need visas
Staffan de Mistura, @UN special envoy for Syria says their priority for the Syrian people is to stop the killing
SG @jensstoltenberg and Chancellor Merkel prepare for NATOmeeting. Talks continue even after the press conference.
Well-known St. Petersburg protester, old lady born in 1945, was shouted at for her anti-war signs on May 9. Someone said, "Let's kill her!"
Merkel: Germany not 'first in line' to boost troops in Afghanistan
Indian Foreign Services officer Vinay Mohan Kwatra appointed as the next ambassador of India to France
Kremlin says feels 'cautious optimism' after Trump meeting with Lavrov
All Allies are members of Coalition to defeat ISIL. NATO is supporting the Coalition with AWACS surveillance planes - @jensstoltenberg
NATO will take decisions on future of Afghanistan mission soon and will continue to train, advise & assist local forces - @jensstoltenberg
“Burden-sharing is not just about money. It is also about modern capabilities and contributions to NATO missions & operations” - @jensstoltenberg
Col. Oleksandr Motuzyanyk: Over the previous day, UAF incurred no fatalities, one serviceman was wounded
NATO SG @jensstoltenberg thanks Chancellor Merkel for excellent meeting, looks forward to see her at NATO meeting
Col. Motuzyanyk: Donetsk sector: militants opened low-intensity mortar fire in Avdiivka area and at Zaitseve
SG @jensstoltenberg thanks Germany for outstanding contribs to international peace and security & NATO operations from Afghanistan to Kosovo & Aegean Sea
Ukraine's National Police chief has called a meeting of all investigators involved in Sheremet case to go over @OCCRP film findings.
Putin signs a decree against online anonymity.
India, France ties will continue to strengthen: Indian President Pranab Mukherjee to France's new President-elect @EmmanuelMacron
FC-31 two versions comparison
[email protected] says @amisomsomalia soldiers protect our global security not only Somali officials
President @M_Farmaajo vows that his adminstration will defeat Al Shabab with the next years
Turchinov: at "Zapad 2017" drills Russia will train attack on Lithuania and Poland
UK PM Theresa May officially opens the London Somali conference in London
Chernihiv: police exposed human trafficking group
Destroyer USS Oscar Austin (DDG-79) arrived in port Constana, Romania
Montenegro NATO Accession Protocol has been ratified
Catch up on the third day of Strong Europe Tank Challenge action at @7thATC.
Catch up on the third day of Strong Europe Tank Challenge action at @7thATC.
Deputy Foreign Minister Anatoly Antonov has been proposed to the Russian Duma as ambassador to the United States.
London: Indian Road Transport Minister Nitin Gadkari at the market opening ceremony at London Stock Exchange
EU minister council approved visa-free regime with Ukraine
37 attacks on Ukrainian positions yesterday, 1 soldier was wounded
Fallon dismisses report of worsening relations between May and Hammond
More than 100 people reportedly rescued overnight in Lesvos. Photo shows a dozen at port, some still wrapped in foil blankets
EU sharply cuts Greece growth forecast amid bailout row
EU sharply cuts Greece growth forecast amid bailout row
The judge keeps saying that Ruslan Sokolovsky insulted Islam as well as Christianity, and committed deliberate crimes on several occasions.
Finnish president Niinistö: Finland can't give any security guarantees to Estonia as we have them neither
Russia's internet regulator @roscomnadzor obliged @Opera and @Vimeo to supply users data to the FSB
Office of "Opposition bloc" was burnt in Dnipro
Searches at house of Riza Izetov
Searches at Crimeantatars in Storohonivka village in Crimea
Ukraine FM Klimkin met with U.S President Trump and VP Pence
VP Pence: Today I met with Foreign Minister @PavloKlimkin and emphasized unwavering U.S. support for Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity.
Bernard-Henri Lévy attacked in Belgrade Serbia
"Killing Pavel" - journalists investigation
Killing Pavel - journalists investigation
Nearly 500 migrants (including 277 Moroccan) crammed on a boat were intercepted by the coast guards near Libya
25 wounded after the match between Atletico and Real Madrid
US Soldiers teach Ukrainian troops how to employ RPGs at Yavoriv Combat Training Center
Court in the Netherlands rules that Russia deliberately brought Yukos to bankruptcy
Photo: Putin playing hockey
Sweden, upping military funding, seeks US cooperation
Albanian police arrested Kastriot Myftaraj for calling on people to kill Croatian head of EU Delegation,
Laptop ban expanded to all European flights to US
Heavy clashes with police at UGMA, Barcelona, Anzoátegui
MFA Klimkin hopes Trump administration will find the arguments to force Russia follow their commitments
Tornado Warning including Mount Pleasant IA, New London IA, Birmingham IA until 3:30 PM CDT
Prime Minister Boyko Borissov’s new cabinet nominated Mariya Gabriel for the post of EU
Irish PM says to address his future as leader next week: sources
Barricades at the Univ Autònoma of Barcelona during student protest calling on 30% reduction in tuition fees
French Minister @BCazeneuve has submitted the government resignation to the president @fhollande
Sec Tillerson and Russian FM Lavrov confirmed Minsk agreements remain sole path to peace in Ukraine
Putin on Comey firing: 'We had nothing to do with that"
Opposition is gathering at France square to walk to Supreme Tribunal of Justice(TSJ)
Big rally against president Zeman in Prague
MP Omar Gonzalez was wounded in the head with a tear-gas canister in clashes in #Barcelona
Greece among issues to be discussed during G7 summit in Bari, confirms US Treasury official
Reports of renewed clashes near Dokuchaevsk
Tillerson and Russia FM Lavrov restated support for the UN-led political process in Geneva ,enduring resolution of Syria Crisis
Donetsk: clashes with artillery in the Northern Part of city. Avdiivka, Yakovlivka, Mineralne
Trump urges Russia to ‘rein in’ Syria’s Assad, and Iran.
Readout of President Donald J. Trump’s Meeting with Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov of Russia
Russian FM Lavrov says reports of Moscow meddling in US 'fabrications'
Wenceslas square, Prague, Czech Republic: protest against President Zeman and FinMin Babis has just begun.
Trump administration are business people and dialogue can be free from ideological bias: Russian FM at a press briefing after the meeting
Trump wants 'mutually beneficial' relations with Russia: Lavrov
Rally in Dnipro today against police actions
IMF likely to take part in Greek bailout, Slovak finance minister says
President Hashim Thaci has dissolved the parliament of Kosovo
US President Donald Trump has met w Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov at the White House. Trump said the meeting was “very good.”
Photos of Trump's meeting with Lavrov and Kislyak just hit the Getty wire and they're all credited to Russian news agency TASS
Trump says meeting with Russia's Lavrov 'very good'
Pool brought into the Oval. It's Trump and Kissinger.
Rally in Dnipro city, many veterans of ATO
Trump meets Lavrov
Ambassador Kislyak and President Trump
Turchinov: Signed a strategic document on cooperation between Ukraine and Turkey military industries
USAF E-4 Doomsday plane tailnr. 74-0787 is overhead the Netherlands direct London Stansted Airport. US Secr. Defense Mattis on board.
Russian foreign minister arrives at White House to meet Trump
In Chernyhiv region police found a package with grenades
Turkey needs to sort out price issues with Russia on S-400 missiles, defense minister says
Ukrainian army shutdown Russian forces quadcopter
Ukrainian army shutdown Russian forces quadcopter
Kosovo government falls, snap election to follow
Georgian PM @KvirikashviliGI met with @POTUS and @VP, who emphasized importance of Georgia's global security contributions
Russian FM Lavrov jokes about Comey firing
Lavrov - Tillerson talks started in Washington
Prime Minister Theresa May campaigns in the Midlands
Tillerson meets with Russian foreign minister
Macedonia will become NATO's 30th member - Zaev
The Kremlin says there was only one foreign head of state at the Victory Day parade because it wasn't an important anniversary.
Condoleezza Rice: "Clearly, the relationship with the Russians is not in good shape" because of Russian policy
The U.S. military will increase its ability observe Russian troop movements near the Baltic states during a large military exercise planned by Moscow this summer, U.S. defense officials said.
Russia will increase spending on FIFA2018 World Cup to ₽643.6 bn ($11 bn), mostly on stadiums and transport
Dnipro mayor Filatov warns of growing corruption and destabilisation in this key city near Ukraine's war zone
Serbia to bring issue over “Greater Albania” in front of the UN, minister says
Thousands march to protest EU interference in Skopje
Austrian Vice-Chancellor Reinhold Mitterlehner resigns
Police operation in Paris against maniac, not terror related
Assad urges Belarusians not to yield to ‘Western Nazism’
First public demonstration of "Platform-O". Chassis K-7350 8x8nK-78504 8x8
Col. Lysenko: Yesterday, at Dnipro hospital, a UA serviceman died of wounds incurred on April 30 as a result of sniper attack
Germany Defence Minister Ursula von der Leyen promises full investigation of right-wing extremism in Bundeswehr plus faster and more efficient reporting
UK prosecutors say no charges over alleged expenses fraud by the Conservative party from 2015 election
NATO assessing Afghan troop request, to decide within weeks: Stoltenberg
In Poland, PO leader Grzegorz Schetyna says he is against taking in refugees; adds it is party's official stance.
U.S. criticizes Russian build-up near Baltic states
Putin convened National Security council to discuss Trump-Lavrov meeting
[email protected] with @theresa_may in London
Facing a more unstable world, UK stands by commitment of 2% GDP defence spending. Other Allies following suit - @jensstoltenberg
UK is leading by example in defence spending and in providing capabilities to NATO operations and missions - @jensstoltenberg
Kosovo national elections on June 18th.
[email protected] and @theresa_may discussed upcoming NATO meeting 2 main topics: fairer burden sharing and fight vs terrorism
Ukrainian soldier on destroyed Russian tank near Horlivka: "it went on dangerous distance of 600 meters and got into flames"
The Polish Leopard 2A5 tank platoon in action at the #StrongEurope #TankChallenge at @7thATC's Grafenwoehr Training Area
The Russian consumer watchdog approves imports of 20 types of Moldovan wine.
Lifenews: DNR demands Google and Apple to add their flag to emojis
A man with a psychological history is entrenched in an apartment of the 15th district of Paris. Police on the site
German police arrest several suspects in anti-terror raids in Leipzig
AeroReconnaissance dropped thousands of leaflets over the occupied Horlivka
AeroReconnaissance dropped thousands of leaflets over the occupied Horlivka
PM Narendra Modi meets Russian Deputy PM Dmitry Rogozin
Top French Socialist Hamon says to launch new left-wing movement
Rosneft oil company's top execs get bonuses of 1.5 billion roubles, 100 times more than last year.
Azerbaijani and Armenians clashed at "Immortal regiment" march in Moscow cause of Nagorny Karabakh flag
Azerbaijani and Armenians clashed at Immortal regiment march in Moscow cause of Nagorny Karabakh flag
Ukrainian team at Strong Europe Tank Challenge 2017 - 2 day
Ukrainian team at Strong Europe Tank Challenge 2017 - 2 day
Dnipro city and region police chiefs were fired, chief of patrol police of Dnipro city appointed as acting head
Russian MP Vasily Tarasyuk dies in unclear circumstances while on holiday in Israel. He belonged to Zhirinovsky's LDPR.
General Prosecutor Lutsenko: investigation launched on cooperation between "titushki" and police yesterday in Dnipro city
Minister of Internal Affairs fired chief of Dnipropetrovs'k region police
Removal of FIFA ethics team is 'setback in fight against corruption', says chief investigator Borbely
Mayor of Dnipro city Filatov: the police released the detainees
PM Narendra Modi will be going to St Petersburg for Indo-Russia summit in the month of June: EAM Sushma Swaraj
Relations with Russia is one of the strongest pillars of India's foreign policy: EAM Sushma Swaraj
Kyiv Pride 2017, an equality event, is planned by LGBT activists for 9-18 June: 5,000 participants
External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj met Russian Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin in Delhi
In the village near Odessa staged a parade with Russian and Soviet flags
70 attacks on Ukrainian positions yesterday, 1 Ukrainian soldier was killed, 2 wounded
Journalists suspect ex-SBU employee Igor Ustimenko in involvement in Pavlo Sheremet murder
Journalists suspect ex-SBU employee Igor Ustimenko in involvement in Pavlo Sheremet murder
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