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20 กันยายน 2018

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#Hungary's #Orbán a poster at #Pegida/Legida =Leipzig rally
Macedonia Prime Minister Gruevski meets Vice President Biden, says US support for #Macedonia NATO, EU membership will be very important going forward
Russia says it is ready to arm its Balkan ally Serbia
David Bowie's death dominates newspaper front pages
Bird's eye view of the #DavidBowie crowd in Brixton, south London, where he was born
Russia Bombs Offices of American NGO Syrian Emergency Task Force in Syria
Glossy diaspora mag '#Ukrainian Chicago' celebrates 1st anniversary
#Connewitz: convoy of police at Bornaische Straße #le1101
Roads Leipzig-Connewitz are closed after riots
#Legida march is finished
police arrests suspects of #connewitz vandalism and leads them into police detention bus
"Komsomolska pravda in Ukraine" changed name to "KP in Ukraine"
Almost every single store front damaged at Wolfgang-Heinze-Str in #Connewitz Leipzig
Massive police presence in Plagwitz, Leipzig
Kerry and Lavrov in phone call discussed Minsk agreements
Anti-LEGIDa demo in Leipzig
Big Legida rally in Leipzig Today between 2500-3400
Right-wing protesters broke windows in Connewitz district of Leizpig
Body of a man was found in the landing gear of an Air France Boeing 777 at Paris ORY
Gas explosion in Mariupol - 2 wounded
Ukrainian Ambassador: Poroshenko will visit U.S. in March
UniCredit reaches deal to sell Ukraine business UkrSotsBank to ABHH, Luxemburg part of Russia's Alfa Group.
Heavy fire in apartments block in Voronezh
Kuchma have talks with Gryzlov in Kyiv
Heavy gas explosion and fire in block of flats in Voronezh
Heavy fire in house in Voronezh. At least 5 wounded
Argentinian and Barcelona super star Lionel Messi wins the Ballon d'Or for a fifth time.
Thousands Of Candles Lit In Leipzig To Symbolize Tolerance, Peace And As A Warm Welcome For Refugees #NoLegida
MSF: We have permission to build a camp at #GrandeSynthe. It'll be finished in 4 weeks and house 2500 #people.
Teen who attacked #Jewish teacher in #France with machete says acted in name of #ISIS
Presumably ISIS terrorist attempted to stab worshippers next to Marseille synagogue, no injures
Russian RTS stock exchange index collapsed
Elite police unit arrests three suspected IS sympathizers in raids on Velika Kladuša in #Bosnia's far northwest
Projectile exploded at firing range in Chernyhiv region, when metal scrap hunters tried to get it
Large police presence in Leipzig as city prepares for #Legida demonstration as well as counter-protests.
New Russian MoD map as of 11/1/16
Poroshenko met with servicemen of 44th artillery brigade
NATO: #Russia says #NATO missile defence a threat.Untrue.Geography and physics make this impossible
New program of air-borne troops study
Russian gen-staff claims about reinforcement of Syrian militants from Turkey
Meanwhile, state media in #Serbia says a 4-year-old #Syria refugee died at its Preševo reception centre this morning from a heart condition
SBU found another cache of weapons: grenades and RPGs in Dopropillya
#Putin: "the #sanctions are severely harming #Russia"
Austrian Airlines flight from Vienna to JFK diverted to #Newfoundland yesterday over passenger disturbance,35 year Israeli citizen arrested
OSCE setting-up CCTV cameras in Shirokine to film shellings
Russian police looking for No Pants in metro flash mob
Militants fired at least 10 mines with 82-mm mortars from Kominternovo to Vodyane
#Libya: a cargo plane of #Italy has arrived on #Misrata airport to transport wounded of the #Zliten attack to #Rome
New Putin's representative on peace process in Ukraine Gryzlov arrived in Kyiv
At bus station "Kurakhovo" Police detained man with 15 grenades in the bag
Militants shelled Vodyane near Mariupol
Unknown location
SBU detained militant of "Sparta" group
SBU detained militant of Sparta group
Italian military personnel Misrata airport, Libya, to transfer in Rome some injured in last week's attack in Zliten
US Marines train with Bulgarian and Romanian #Allies during Exercise Platinum Lion 16-2 at Novo Selo Training Area
Militants from "Troya" threatening to blown up Dangerous object in Russia in case if their demands won't be met
RAF aircraft conducted 4 missions against IS in #Syria on Sunday using Brimstone missiles in country for first time - Downing St
Authorities to remove razor-wire on #Slovenia border with #Croatia due to threat of flooding
Migrant flows to EU 'still way too high', EU official tells Turkey
Shadow attorney general Catherine McKinnell resigns over Labour's direction under Jeremy Corbyn
Airplane of gov. company "Russia" arrived in Borispil
Ukrainian MP Tymchuk: Russian militants pushing weapons from "2nd echelon" closer to front
Tank drills in Krasnodar region of Russia
ATO spox: Yesterday near #Zaitsevo one UAF servicemen KIA and 1 WIA as a result of RU shelling.
5 Canadian Mechanized Brigade Group up for Canada's military training mission in #Ukraine
Pope Francis urges Europe to keep welcoming migrants
Belgium: Heavy toll this weekend on the roads of the province of Namur
Farewell to Ukrainian soldier "Barney" at Maidan
One year on, #Paris marks million-strong #CharlieHebdo rally
Stoltenberg: Hunky Dory, Ziggy Stardust, Low, Heroes. David Bowie's last album is written, but the melodies will linger on forever. A true legend.
The controllers prevented a collision of a business jet and military Tu-134 100 km from Vnukovo
Putin says he wants global cooperation against terrorism
Unknown men stage attacks on immigrants in downtown Cologne
Serbia PM Aleksandar Vucic meets with Rogozin, says Serbia "won't be easy target"
France: 12 departments in orange alert: waves, flooding and violent wind
ATO press center reported 21 #ceasefire violations yesterday. At Troitske UAF positions came under fire from tanks.
Vladimir Putin: We have not occupied anyone, not one person died as a result of events in Crimea
Vladimir Putin: We have not occupied anyone, not one person died as a result of events in Crimea
It's rumor, not confirmed information, possible fake or hoax
Report: Flu virus strain that spreading over Donbass is possible "specially modified"
#Kaczynski also assures crowd that the gov is getting closer to discover the truth about the #Smolensk plane crash
#Kaczynski: No words, especially words uttered by German lips, will stop us. We will carry out Lech Kaczynski 's plan to the last #Poland
Fireworks at Warsaw's Palace of Science and Culture tonight
Russian militant commander "Botsman" reportedly died in Horlivka "cause of pneumonia"
Murder in Istanbul: Kremlin's hand suspected in shooting of Chechen Rebel Abdulvakhid Edelgireyev
Dutch Government Delegation Meets Kurdish Leaders
It's propaganda
New finding of Russian propaganda: "Russian pilot was executed in Kyiv restaurant"
#ParisAttacks ringleader traveled from Belgium to UK despite being one of most wanted #IS terrorists
#Finland's police welcome vigilante groups such as Soldiers of Odin created in response to #migration crisis
Celebration in Gdans'k
#Russia's weather forecasts include Kyiv and Genichesk (along with Moscow) as part of Russian Plain (Russkaya Ravnina)
Russian MFA Spox compared words of Poroshenko aide Biryukov "You shouldn't hate Russian citizens, just don't care like small insects" to Nazi Germany claims
The Libyan National Army (LNA) claims France carried out airstrikes against #ISIS in Sirte and Bin Jawad
Support for Israel in Warsaw, Poland
"Civil war" in "DNR" - SOF unit Troya under siege of "regular forces" for 12 days
Civil war in DNR - SOF unit Troya under siege of regular forces for 12 days
Russian GRU SOF while hijacking Ukrainian drilling rigs in Black Sea in December
#France: arson attacks against 2 churches at Seine Et Marne #Paris; Police investigating
RU defense mag editor @i_korotchenko demands #Ukraine returns as #Russia vassal or "perish from the world map"
1st pic of ISIS terrorist who was shot dead after he launched a knife attack on a Paris police station last thursday
10 violations of ceasefire during day today
Rise in French women joining ISIS group ranks as jihadists target female recruits
Cologne police say New Year mob violence cases rise to 516
#Germany’s left-wing party @dieLinke talks to pro #Russia|n separatist and calls for war against #Ukraine during convention
#Crimea. The national anthem of Ukraine on embankment of Yalta near graffiti with Putin
Spain. Carles Puigdemont, the catalan designated, wants to start the process of secession from Spain
Shooting and flares in Stakhanov/Almazna
Catalonia's leader-to-be calls for independence process to start
16-year-old boy fatally stabbed after attending a birthday party at a social club in #Woodford has been named as Charlie Kutuyampo
Ukraine refused to buy Russian gas cause of price
Kyiv may impose ban on trucks cause of snow storm
#Cologne sex mob attack now counts over 500, reports to the police as of today
Spain. The Catalan Parliament convened to validate the inauguration of a new president
In the centre of Kazan detained the man who fired the softgun on cars
In Lviv ambulance hit a tram. 1 wounded
Farewell ceremony with killed Ukrainian soldier in Dzerzhins'k
Crowds continue gathering at pl. de la Republique Paris
Sweden's Skavsta Airport reopens after brief powder scare, airport says - statement
Shooting at restaurant in Carpathians. Right sector members involved. Police cordoned off area
In Yalta near house where Crimean-Tatars lives burnt 2 cars
"Minsk 3 has been launched." - Ukrainian representative in peace talks
#Poland FM invites #Germany ambo for talks over German politicians anti-Polish remarks
Flights halted at Skavsta Airport in Sweden after discovery of suspicious package in a passenger's hand baggage
Stockholm’s Skavsta Airport evacuated after explosive substance found inside baggage.
Aksenov: Ukraine needs to build fraternal relations with Russia
#Serbia has granted Hollywood actor Steven Seagal a passport, only weeks after he entered the country: reports
Activists from #Croatia and #Slovenia meet on their border to cut through razor-wire erected to stop would-be migrants
PMs of #Finland and #Sweden in joint statement: “The most serious threat to European security since Cold War"
Truck on fire near border of Ukraine
ATO spox: Two UAF servicemen KIA yesterday, near #Mayorsk
225 kgs of Turkish tangerines destroyed in Stavropol
225 kgs of Turkish tangerines destroyed in Stavropol
Russia will launch two times more ballistic missiles in 2016
New mural in Kyiv - in support for renaming Lepse blvd to Vaclav Havel blvd
Militants commander "A cat" Kononov was killed yesterday in the center of Donetsk by sniper
Disembarkation on tiny island of Agathonisi, pop: 120. There are now c 250 refugees there too
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