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22 มิถุนายน 2018

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#Germany: Police preparing eviction of newly occupied building for refugee center in Frankfurt
Russia denies its helicopter violated Georgian airspace
Gun linked to #Paris attack came through Delray Beach in South Florida
Killed fighter today in SBU anti-terror operation in Kyiv is "Right Sector" fighter
'Islamic State' graffiti appears in Serb town of Zubin Potok, #Kosovo, in second such incident in three months
This is the largest fire in Moscow over the past 25 years. 15, 000 m2
#Donetsk "authorities" want oust #Lviv chocolate shop as they refused to serve "mayor" in front of Russia 24 channel cameras
#Germany: Frankfurt activists have occupied a building creating a self-organized social center for refugees #1012ffm
Russian EMERCOM workers in vacation ordered back to extinguish fire at Tushino plant
Bridge over the Siversky Donets is being repaired with the help of EU funding.
French host says 'extremely close' to UN climate accord
Two men detained in #Finland over #ISIS executions in #Tikrit #Iraq
Russian forces D-30 artillery training in eastern Ukraine
Russian forces D-30 artillery training in eastern Ukraine
Shooting in Kyiv. 1 wounded
#Horlivka, Mortars under 80mm have begun firing about 30 minutes ago from the DNR positions towards UA positions
USS #BULKELEY (DDG 84) passex'ing Tuesday with #Albanian CG ILIRIA (P 151), a good-looking Damen boat
Fire at plant in Tushino, Moscow
Finland: Russian helicopter violates Finnish airspace
#Syrian activists report drone strike in #Raqqa on Rawand Taher, a Danish #ISIS leader allegedly involved in the #ParisAttack
#China and #Azerbaijan sign MOU on construction of the #SilkRoad Economic Belt
Gen. Hodges: "They [#Russia] definitely have the ability to do both [#Syria and #Ukraine], should they need to"
Battle in #Opytne-#Avdiivka area. Small arms and heavy booms
Rally at highway Sumy-Kharkiv. Agrarians protest against tax changes
#Switzerland Evacuation of the station #Renens. Cause of a suspicious package, according to the police
Two floors of a burning building collapsed at a factory in Tushino
Police Operation in progress at the train station of Renens. Evacuated for a suspicious package, according to the police
Fire at Tushinski plant in Moscow
Syrian refugees walk along the roads of the town of Idomeni, northern Greece to cross the border and enter Macedonia
#Egypt naval commander receives Type-209 submarine from #Germany
Latest,09/12: #OSCE SMM recorded number of ceasefire violations, mostly near #Donetsk airp.
Power line connecting Macedonia, Albania to be constructed
Border guards in #Bardonnex on maximum alert
Polish Eurosceptic populist politician Janusz Korwin-Mikke visiting Russia-annexed Crimea and meeting its "leader"
#UNSC meeting on Ukraine on Friday at 10:00am (NY time)
[email protected] banquet is now being held at #Stockholm City Hall, #Sweden. Guests arriving at the venue.
German Tornados landed on Airbase #Incirlik
Chelyabinsk airport is on lockdown
In Kyiv activists picket the Russian Embassy against the occupation of Crimea
SBU anti-terror raid in Krasnohorivka. 85 suspects detained
SBU anti-terror raid in Krasnohorivka. 85 suspects detained
SBU prevented terror attack in Luhansk region
Bosnia: Five arrested for crimes against Bosniaks
British Airways #BA272 has medical emergency on board. Landing in 20 mins
Geneva, UN compound on maximum alert as authorities search for Paris terror suspects
Playing with fear: Viktor Orbán w/ Trump and Le Pen on the cover of The Economist
#Bosnia's RS entity: today's arrest of five Serbs indicted for war crimes in Bosanski Novi a 'violation of police co-operation'.
[email protected]/@aavst assistant @gdekak goes to pro-Kremlin @ntvru and promises to tell "secrets of the opposition."
British Airways #BA272 from San Diego to London Heathrow is declaring an emergency
International observers say fighting in eastern #Ukraine continues despite ongoing ceasefire
Hollande calls for unity as French parties divided over tackling National Front
Russian helicopter violated Georgian airspace
Poroshenko: I Express my condolences to the family of the deceased on this night, fighter of the special forces "alpha" Andrey Kuzmenko.
Tu-154 escorted with 4 jets
Attacks in Paris - searches in #Geneva where the alert level is raised
Attacks in Paris - searches in Geneva where the alert level is raised
2 #Ukraine soldiers killed, 10 wounded in the last 24 hours. A killed Georgian volunteer was probably not counted in official toll.
Police in #Geneva #Switzerland have raised the level of alert, searching for four men possibly related to the #ParisAttacks
One Russian saboteur was detained in raid operation in Kharkiv
'Still difficulties' in climate talks, especially finance: Hollande #COP21
Azerbaijani tanks shell positions in Nagorno-Karabakh
BBC woman at RT Moscow debate tries to say the BBC's mission is to be impartial. George Galloway repeatedly shouts "RUBBISH" from audience.
Slovenian ruling coalition meeting on Sunday to discuss security, including police strike
The block Trump from the UK petition to Parliament now has over 400,000 signatures
Polish conservatives plan 'patriotic' Hollywood film to boost image
Johannes Hahn ‏Meeting w. Speaker of #Serbian Parliament, M.#Gojković. Stressed that reform measures are in #citizens' interest
Near #Kyiv @ServiceSsu found a cache w/GLs RPG-26 and a flamethrower RPO-A Shmel,Russian-manufactured
CIA warned of attacks against Russians in Turkey
SBU has informed Russia about the detention of Russians in a anti-terror raid operation
Minister @KSzczerski: a Conversation with @David_Cameron concerned, among other things, security and geopolitics.
OSCE opens observers station in Debaltseve
#Luftwaffe planes have taken off from two bases in Germany, headed for Turkey - then #Syria
Zakharova: NATO, as an Alliance are best able to be silent together
It's propaganda
DNR group: Kyiv security forces fired at night the Northern outskirts of Gorlovka
RT 10yrs conf. Kiselev gives Simonyan flowers: "RT does professional journalism unlike others who wage info wars"
In the suburbs of Kyiv SBU found a cache with a rocket-propelled grenade launchers RPG-26 and thermobaric RPO-A Shmel
Artillery and tanks used at Karabakh
20 buses have arrived at #Idomeni this morning. Those who cannot cross the border are sent back to Athens
Russian MFA: Statement from Ankara remind the existence of helpless rage
[email protected] :#Georgia will restore its territorial integrity while I am alive"
It's propaganda
Yanukovych: Turchynov, Paruby and Pashinsky are behind shooting on Maidan
It's propaganda Czech President is well-known cause of his pro-Kremlin position. Anti-Ukrainian claims previously
Czech President: "Turkey Not Wanted in EU, A Terrorist State"
Swedish migration minister: ‘Sweden has hit its limit. Denmark has not’
#Albanian Opposition Fined for Protest Damage
National Guard in Kharkov detained the drug dealer
Russian security forces searches flat of Crimean journalist Roman Spiridonov
In #Sevastopol vandalized pointer to the Memorial to Turkish soldiers
Armenian armed forces, located in Armenia`s Berkaber village of Ijevan region subjected to fire the positions of Azerbaijani armed forces located in Gizilhajili village of Gazakh region.
Ukrainian MLRS in Odessa
Ukrainian MLRS in Odessa
#Saakashvili: Irakly Kutelia fr/Georgia together w/Alex Boldyryov and Andriy Kupriyanov perished near #Opytne
The Deputy head of the OSCE mission Hug announced the beginning of work of observers base in Debaltseve
Russian Forbes Woman editor resigns: The new owner wants "something lighter"
German Defense Minister U. von der Leyen: Debate is growing in #Germany over the possible ground operation in #Syria
DNR's Russia-backed militia attacked Ukraine's positions near #Donetsk - now with tanks
30 RU attacks overnight
Congressman Costa: We must do more to secure ceasefire. #NKPeace #Karabakh
[email protected]: Premier @BeataSzydlo and Prime Minister @David_Cameron began the talks
Today visit in #Tirana of #NATO Sec. Gen. @jensstoltenberg to meet w/ President Nishani, PM @ediramaal, FM @ditmirbushati and MD @MimiKodheli
Anti-terror raid in Kyiv continues. Captured 6 suspects, 3 - Russian citizens. 1 killed. Seized arsenal of weapons
SBU SOF "Alfa" officer killed in raid on Russian terrorist group in Kyiv
#Madonna at Place de la République, Paris, France
#Turkey concerned by #Russia’s increase of #military #equipment in #Armenia
The Il-76 78830 from Syria to Chkalovsky. Without code.
#Armenian Assembly Celebrates Nagorno #Karabakh/#Artsakh Independence on Capitol Hill #DC
Cumbria Police urge Glenridding residents not to attend scene of flooding
On combat duty in the Arctic took up anti-aircraft missile regiment of the air defense of the Northern fleet
JCCC: Russian Militants hit Ukrainian positions near Zoryane, SE to Hirnyk, with MLRS GRAD
Levada-center: almost half of Muscovites supported the protest
Poroshenko decided to withdraw Yuriy Sergeev from the post of permanent Representative of Ukraine at #UN
French prosecutors open investigation into awarding of 2021 World Athletics Championship to U.S. city of Eugene
MLRS attack from "Brick plant" on Krasnohorivka like yesterday
#Opytne, Donetsk - Ukrainian vehicle exploded on Russian road side bomb, 2 KIA, 7 WIA.
Italy blocking prolongation of Russia / Ukraine sanctions at COREPER ( ambassadorial) meeting, some other Member Stares silently supporting
Greek police remove some 2,300 #refugeesGr from Greek-Fyrom border
Poroshenko has appointed ex-Ambassador of Ukraine to Russia Yelchenko as representative to the UN
A big boom from east tonight. #Mariupol #Ukraine
Between #Optyne and #Donetsk airport flashes can be seen followed by the sound of something heavy (not GL).
Police say #Idomeni op over, 2300 migrants bussed back to Athens. M/while 17 boats arrived in #Lesbos. Ppl also head to Athens
Demo for #refugeesGR in #thessaloniki
Demo protesting today's events in #Idomeni just started in #Thessaloniki. Hundreds joined today's call.
A car with servicemen was blown up in the Donetsk region. The number of wounded is specified, - the speaker of the ATO
Participants of CSTO meeting supported Russian actions in Syria and condemned Turkish
In Moscow meeting of Military.Committee under the Council of defense Ministers of the #CSTO countries
The text of the agreement on simplification of visa regime between Belarus and the EU is ready for signing
Border open again; buses arriving. Still people coming on these buses not from Syria, Afghanistan or Iraq #idomeni
Textbooks treating Kosovo as independent “won’t happen” – says Serbian FM Ivica Dacic.
Ukrainian MLRS arrived in Odessa
Group brought back from Macedonia using fake papers, police confirm they will be sent back to Athens now
Again blackout reported in part of Crimea
Casualties in Opytne after 120mm mortar attack
It's rumor, not confirmed information, possible fake or hoax
Report of 2 killed, 4 wounded in mortar attack on Opytne
Alleged beneficiaries of stolen Magnitsky money ran up a $50K hotel and bar bill while being deposing in Manhattan
Russian media watchdog will consider mobile application ban
British International School in #Budapest #Hungary was evacuated by special forces due to a terror threat.
"Christmas tree" over Gothenburg
#Gripen Christmas tree over #Gothenburg, Sweden
Environment Agency has urged communities in northern England to remain vigilant as more rain is forecast and flood recovery continues
Turkish officials: #Russia has suspended a nuclear reactor project for #Turkey
Vladimir Putin instructed the Cabinet to sue Ukraine for non-payment of debt
Another Paris attacker named, had been in Syria -Foued Mohamed-Aggad,23yo
Assange will take part in RT discussion on surveillance in Moscow tomorrow by video link.
At least 15 120mm mines hit Ukrainian positions today in Pisky
German Chancellor Angela Merkel named "Person of the Year" by TIME Magazine
Russian militants attack with mortar
Russian militants attack with mortar
Head of executive committee wants return death penalty in Russia
Racist calendar in Russian store
Leyla Yunus released in Azerbaijan
#Khodorkovsky: it's coup d'état in Russia, made by Putin
Khodorkovsky: since my mother died, I have no obligations to the Russian authorities "not to engage in politics".
#Idomeni will be almost completely empty now
Khodorkovsky: There is a letter addressed to President Putin from me, I have pledged not to participate in political life.
Khodorkovsky: Russian revolution is inevitable
Teenage terrorism suspect detained in Romania
Flooding in Saint-Petersburg
Volkswagen says carbon emission claims proven to be unfounded
ATO spox: law enforcers blocked militant smuggling of counterfeit cigarettes to Horlivka and uncovered arms cache
ATO spox: Ukrainian Armed Forces didn’t incur any casualties; five were wounded in action
ATO spox: Ukrainian servicemen observed 2 flights of militant UAVs in Donetsk region
Russia’s PM: Syria mission no burden on budget
Idomeni: Two journalists were temporarily detained, media were obstructed from recording the eviction
#Idomeni is absolutely surrounded by police. People are being put on buses and no one understands what is coming next.
PiS MP says organizing anti-gov protest = "calling for breaking of democracy".
At least 12 dead as migrant boat sinks off Farmakonissi
Citizens of #Ukraine and #Georgia won't need visas to travel to #EU from summer 2016, according to diplomats.
Russian PM Medvedev: Turkey give Russia reason to start war, but Putin decided not to declare
National Guard in Mariupol
In Baku arrested the leader of the Azerbaijan opposition
Medvedev: concerning the return of 3 billion dollars by Ukraine. We will sue and default Ukraine.
#Russia #trolling discussed in #EP. important discussion. Transparency and Public debate best weapon
Russian PM Medvedev: Blackout in Crimea is genocide!
Police block volunteers and journalists from accessing #Idomeni. We're told MSF was allowed back to assess situation
Medvedev: The government's task is to spend reserves, and to avoid being left with empty pockets.
#Medvedev says #Russia had to invest in military because it was necessary and will stick to plan to modernize 70% by 2020.
MSF still trying to get in - roads blocked - to take unaccompanied children out. #idomeni
Nadya and Vera Savchenko in Russian "court"
More than 9,000 killed since start of Ukraine conflict: UN
Vira #Savchenko, Nadiya's sister arrives in Donetsk court (Russia) to testify
Slavonski Brod, #Croatia: A busy morning here as refugees go through different processes #Europe
#OSCE Special Monitoring Mission to Ukraine opens Forward Patrol Base in Horlivka
This Iranian man Vahid was batoned by Greek police after he refused to leave his tent, his friend says #idomeni
Twelve UNHCR buses just left. About 600 people. #Idomeni
A lot of police at #idomeni #eidomeni this morning, 'removing' those deemed to be economic migrants.
Albania PM @ediramaal interviewed by @LeMondeFr: "The extreme right in EU and Daesh are sides of the same coin"
39 #Russia|n ceasefire violations overnight. #Ukraine positions attacked with heavy machine guns, 82mm, 120mm mortars, tanks and GRADs
In Kramatorsk sappers defused newly planted trip-wire bombs
#Donetsk. Kyivskyi ds - smwh to west by the railway periodically small arms and grenade launchers can be heard
Explosion in Roshen candyshop in Kharkiv
#Kharkiv. There was an explosion near the Roshen store in the shopping center DAFI
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