Map. History of Europe conflict

19 ตุลาคม 2018
Kyiv: Russia cannot hold it's elections in Ukraine cause it violates international treaties
Durham Police says a parachutist has died after her parachute failed to open and she crash landed in Shotton Colliery
The EU supports the reform process in Ukraine, providing around €250 million annually – the new Ambassador
Number of suicides in England and Wales reaches 15-year high according to the latest figures
The Minister of defence of France is conducting in Tbilisi negotiations on strengthening of defensibility of Georgia
Russian forces shelling with 120 mm mortats in Shyrokyne
ATO HQ: Russian forces 14 times violated cease fire, shelling with 120 mm mortars in Novozvanivka
No way to elections in Crimea, - Poroshenko
No way to elections in Crimea, - Poroshenko
Ukraine is planning in the next 5 years to increase production of own gas
European Union finance ministers line up behind tax ruling against Apple.
Muzhenko awarded the tankers and scouts in Chernihiv region
The Commissioner of the Council of Europe criticized the policy of Latvia in the field of refugee reception
Poroshenko has promised in the Day of the movie to continue fight for the liberation of Sentsov
7 wounded as result of RPG explosion at firing range in Rivne
Russian militant, citizen of RF, ex-policeman was detained near Toretsk by national guard on Sep 8
Kyiv protests against the state Duma elections of the Russian Federation
Police detained the former employee of criminal investigation Department of Moscow in Donetsk region
Man killed in flood in Corinth, bringing toll to four
Azov on rally near KyivMiskBud
Russian military convoy near Simferopol, Crimea
French reports: Booby-trapped car found outside Marseille synagogue
MARSEILLE: 2 gas tanks found in a car near a synagogue in the 4th. Bomb disposal experts on site
Russia used thermobaric bombs during Kavkaz2016 military drills in Crimea, Ukraine
In Italy, lifeguards rescued two cats from the rubble of the ruined building, 16 days after the earthquake
Turkey welcomes Russia-US Syria ceasefire plan
The enemy firing on the all positions of frontline - Lysenko
The inmate was transferred from the Crimea to the colony in Russia, died because of lack of medical care
Video shows Russia|n Su-24 flying over the Ukrainian coast guard ship BG-62 in the Black Sea
The "renewed Minsk ceasefire" in September killed 5 Ukrainian troops and injured 16 more so far
Poroshenko to Kremlin: the elections in Ukrainian Crimea are impossible
«Kavkaz-2016» Crossing the river Don
FSB searches apartments of head of anti-corruption police Zacharchenko, and found $125M+2M euro in cash
"Azov civil corps" protests at Pechersk district court
Russian MFA wants clarification of Poroshenko words that Duma elections are not possible in Ukraine
3 Ukrainian soldiers killed, 1 wounded in ATO zone yesterday
Kaskiv asked for political asylum in Panama
Map. Situation in eastern Ukraine September 10, 2016, 00:00 EET
Unknown location
Large military convoy
RIA reports that investigators have found more than $100 million in cash stashed away in home of a Russian anti-corruption police chief.
30 ceasefire violations yesterday at Donbas
RuMOD: Strategic Forces (RVSN) launched "Topol" ICBM from Plesetsk training area
Helicopters over Beregove near Feodosiya
Poland Arrests Four Russians For Links To ISIS
It's propaganda
Russian Komsomolska Pravda published new docs "from Ukrainian ministry of defense", including docs on Ukrainian air defense units on July 2014 near Snizhne. 2 weeks to #MH17 inquiry release
IL 76 overflight over Russian drills in Crimea.
Russian Mindef video on airborne units during Caucasus-2016 drill
Eight freight train carriages fall into river as bridge collapses in Saratov Oblast.
Man severely beaten for wearing Ukrainian symbols in occupied Crimea
The Panamanian court arrested Kaskiv for 40 days - General prosecutors office
Ukraine expects to stop importing gas by 2020
Ukraine will publish an anthology of Ukrainian writers for the Junior school
Ukraine gave Merkel and Hollande a list of 45 of hostages in Donbas
Around 45 tourists are on their way to safety after spending a night stranded in cable cars over Mont Blanc
HMCSCharlottetown conducted a cooperative boarding during a NATO patrol in the Mediterranean Sea
The international poetry festival "Meridiаn Czernowitz" started in Chernivtsi
LifeNews: FSB found cache of explosives and ammunition at Kazantyp, Crimea
NATO E3CF Sentry monitoring Kaliningrad and western Belarusan airspace.
In Ukraine, to create own police Academy
Doctors starving in tents under the building of the Ministry of health
RC-135U COMBAT SENT Returning to Souda Bay from Baltic Sea mission via Bulgarian airspace.
"We are going to start building this big new wall very soon," the British immigration minister said
Film "Ukrainian sheriffs" nominated on "Oscar"
Drill of DNR group at Donbas
In Russia's Supreme Court it's demanded that PARNAS should be removed from election for hatred of Putinists.
Putin: The army should have the weapons and vehicles of a level that will reliably defend Russia from all threats.
Putin held a meeting on programme for armaments for 2018-25: discussed how much money needed to reequip the army
Crimean savagely beaten for Ukrainian symbols faces extremism charges in Crimea
US troubled by arrest of Azerbaijan opposition activist Natig Jafarli.
Russian defense minister Shoigu is in Crimea
Ukrainian forces have also started large-scale live fire exercises around Chernihiv area today
Kremlin doesn't know what caused Trasnistria decision to prepare to join Russian Federation
Moldova rejects call for Transdniester to join Russia
TASS: Russian Armed Forces use Syrian army’s experience at Kavkaz-2016 drills
FIFA ethics committee opens formal bribery case against former president Sepp Blatter
Airdefense System «Pantsir» at «ARMY-2016».
Trasnistria'n Shevchuk issue order on preparation on accession to Russian Federation
Russian ministry of finances: Reserve fund will be spent in 2017
Su-27 capsized from the truck in Belarus
New arrest made over car found with gas cylinders in Paris, source says
New arrest over car found with gas cylinders in Paris: probe source
Theresa May: "Universities should actively strengthen state school attainment"
Kyiv will host Eurovision-2017
ATO spokesperson: UA artillerists trained to deploy and conditionally shoot MLRS “Hrad”
KyivMiskBud construction company on strike, suspended all work amid clashes with activists
Col. Lysenko: In Chernihiv region, at a firing range, UA tankmen compete for being the best combat vehicle crew
ATO spox: In Sloviansk, a former female militant of so-called “DPR” surrendered to UA police
Dmitri Medvedev calls cases of delays in paying salaries awful.
Col. Lysenko: NGU cadets continue field mil exercises in Kharkiv region
Col. Lysenko: Militants opened fire at UA positions in the Mariupol sector for 11 times, including 5 with heavy weapons
ATO spox: Yesterday, 8 flights of enemy UAVs were recorded in the ATO area
ATO spokesperson: Yesterday, militants of so-called “LPR” denied OSCE access to Pionerske village close to UA-RU border
Col. Andriy Lysenko: Yesterday, one Ukrainian serviceman was killed in action, two UA soldiers were wounded in action
Col. Andriy Lysenko: Luhansk sector: hostilities occurred in Popasna area; militants were active in the night time, snipers were active
ATO spokesperson: Donetsk sector: Enemy opened fire at UA positions near Horlivka and Avdiyivka industrial area; no heavy weapons were applied
Col. Andriy Lysenko: Yesterday, in the Mariupol sector, militants shelled UA positions with mortars having fired over 60 shells
ATO spokesperson: Main “hotspot” of the Mariupol sector – Maryinka where militants opened fire from 6 till 10 PM
International train derails in northwest Spain, killing at least 4 people
The number of people killed in the train derailment in Porriño rises to at least 4 at least 50 injured
Police and national guard are being deployed to Pechersky police station in Kyiv
Ongoing Counter-terror operation in Southern Dagestan. Another officer wounded
Croatia elections: Milanovic continues usual aggressive, even rude, style of communicating
Serb leader warns Serbs in northern Kosovo may refuse to take part in census
Polish, U.S. Soldiers work together to defeat armored ‘enemies’
2 law enforcement officers injured (now in hospital), 3 activists detained by police
3 dead, 15 injured in a train accident in Porriño, train going from Vigo to Valenca do Minho Portugal
At least two people are dead and others are injured after a commuter train derailed in O Porriño in Galicia in northern Spain
At least 2 dead, others injured after passenger train derails in northwest Spain - El Mundo
Train derailed in Porrino, Spain. At least 2 dead
Ukrainian unit take part in International NATO exercises AgileSpirit in Georgia
Train crash in Porriño, Spain
Paris attack suspect pledges allegiance to ISIL - investigators
[email protected] forest firefighters beaten by masked men in Kuban after Cossacks hassle them
Several members of "Azov Civil corps" were detained
Protest near Kyivmiskbud is over. Police and national guard and "builders" on the site
Russia's Finance Ministry suggests cutting defence spending by 6%
Putin finally removes children's ombudsman Pavel Astakhov
Main suspect in Paris gas cylinder car probe swore allegiance to Islamic State: legal source
Russian Minister of Defense arrived in Crimea to take part in "key part of Kavkaz drill"
Rescue under way to free people trapped in cable cars over MontBlanc - cables being untangled and people being brought back to base of ride
Trump gave an interview to a state-owned Russian television network RT
Clashes between police and anti-illegal construction activists near Kyivmiskbud, construction company
"Grad Sviyazhsk" patrol combatant launched Kalibr land-attack cruise missile
Russian Defence Minister Shoigu arrived at occupied Crimea
The Syrian government has said Boris Johnson is ‘completely out of touch with reality’
ATO HQ: Russian forces 24 times violated ceasefire. Shelling with 82&120 mm mortars in Talakivka, Vodyane and Shyrokyne
Putin sent Kim a congratulation message for today's holiday, the one North Korea just celebrated with a nuclear test
Head of Trasnistria issue order to follow 2006 referendum on accession to Russia
CAP missions appear to be in operation from Crimea during their exercises. R-73 and R-27 AAMs
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